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Beware of the PayPal Money Generator Scam

Beware of a new fraudulent movement online known as the PayPal Money Generator, also known as the PayPal Money Adder trap. It is one of the latest PayPal scams perpetrated online, so make sure you don’t fall for it. Let me explain.

Due to the development of artificial intelligence, there are various ways to make money online. However, this opportunity created room for cybercrooks to come into the game, leading to a proliferation of scams. So, how does this PayPal Money Generator scam work?

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There are three variations of the PayPal Money Adder Scam. Below is a screenshot of the most common scam display you may see.

paypal money adder

How Does the PayPal Money Adder Scam Work?

First, let me say this: The real PayPal has nothing to do with this scam. It’s just criminals using the brand’s name. That said, the PayPal Money Adder, also known as the PayPal Money Generator, is an app that promises to add real money to your account.

The scammers claim to have created an AI machine adding funds to any PayPal account. Their ads even show a demo of the user’s interface and how it works, so it’s highly believable.

To get the benefits, those interested must pay for this ‘service,’ usually 10% of the amount added. So, using a typical example, if you use the PayPal Money Generator to get $3,000 transferred to your PayPal account, you need to pay $300 to the AI machine. Sounds tempting, right?

The cybercriminals advertise the app to you under the guise of providing you with an amount of money up to $5,000, pending certain conditions, while, in reality, you get nothing at all. 

What’s even worse is that criminals also use many fake websites, acting as third parties endorsing the effectiveness of the PayPal Money Generator. If you look online for the app, you may see praises and testimonials from prominent websites. Of course, it’s all a lie.

So, what do scammers get?

Let’s look at a few variations of the PayPal Money Adder scam. Specifically, what you risk if you fall for this scam.

Watch the video below to see the full PayPal Money Adder scam exposed, featuring the 3 ways you could fall victim – or keep reading:

1. Stealing Directly From Your PayPal Account

The main reason why PayPal Money Generator scammers engage in this scam is to steal vital information from users. Under the simple reason for registering you on the app, crooks ask for your email. 

Days or weeks later, you receive an email that asks you to solve a problem with your PayPal account. Along these lines, attempts will be made to secure your login information. It may be in the form of a login page, or they may ask directly.

The login is a fake PayPal page, and you won’t be logging into your account. You will only provide scammers with all the information needed to steal money from your account, which could also lead to identity theft.

Avoid any links to your bank or PayPal accounts sent through your email. Most of them are for malicious intent. To access your actual actual actual PayPal account, navigate to the web address of the real platform.

They are the only ones authorized to make any changes to your account. They must also keep your information safe, or you will risk losing money.

2. Selling Your Email Address

The easiest way for the PayPal Money Adder scammers to benefit from this scheme is to get users to pay for the app. Then, these people will run away with the money before the victims can even ask to get their money back.

I mentioned the collection on the email addresses above. Gathering email addresses may seem harmless, but it benefits the crooks operating the PayPal Money Generator scam.

The email addresses, the good ones, are worth quite a lot. When done with collating all of the required addresses, they are sold in bulk for a lot of money to companies who will fill up your email with various spam messages.

3. Fake Upgrades, New Versions, and Promotions

The PayPal Money Generator scam is pretty easy to fall victim to. It is because you may think you’re on the real PayPal app without knowing that scammers are looking to hurt you.

Certain scammers go the extra mile to create fake PayPal apps. With the advancement of technology and software services, online tools are easy to make.

Don’t be deceived because these apps look much like the original ones, featuring even the PayPal logo. They also look professional and have lots of positive reviews about it.

free paypal money generator

These are done through not-to-be-trusted websites claiming to be financial world experts, so beware. Without knowing, victims download this app and provide scammers with all their vital info.

The real PayPal is a trustworthy payment platform and is safe to use, but these counterfeit apps are designed to defraud you of your personal information and cause you financial losses.

Occasionally, the PayPal Money Adder app is presented to you with an invitation for an upgrade, a new version, or a promotional offer. It is usually advertised as the best deal available, but it isn’t. It’s a scheme that could cost you more than you ever imagined.

It Appears To Be a PayPal Official Partner

Many people fall victim to this scam because the PayPal Money Generator app looks like it’s an official partner of the real PayPal app.

The best advice for you is always to check the official website to confirm if the promotion you’re being offered is genuine, which will not happen, as PayPal doesn’t typically have any.

Confirm the source of the web address before inputting personal information. It may be a scam if it’s different from where you’re used to logging in. Also, check online for various warnings.

Keep yourself armed with information because scammers are known to change their tactics to catch even more unsuspecting people.

If you feel a website might be suspicious, feel free to verify it using our unique Scam Detector validator. Click to check scam websites or insert domain below:

PayPal Money Generator Scam: How To Report

Warn your family and friends know about these scams. Feel free to share the article if it was helpful. However, you can report scammers and any suspicious activity officially to the Federal Trade Commission (most important), the Office of the Inspector General, and the FBI Internet Complaint Center by using the pages below:

Report To The FTC
Submit Claim To The Office of the Inspector General
Report To The FBI Internet Complaints Center

How To Protect Yourself More

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