Save Your Dollar: Car Rental Insurance Fees

Save a Dollar: Car Rental Insurance Fees Fraud – How It Works

Renting a car seems to be more popular by the day. It is mostly because the prices went down over time, while the quality of the vehicles has increased proportionally. However, there are many rental companies that use deceiving practices in order to victimize de clients. The Save Your Dollar: Car Rental Insurance Fees Scam is one of the most common rental car scams out there.

Whether you’re considering renting from Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, Dollar Rent a Car, Budget, Alamo, Thrifty or – especially – smaller companies, educate yourself on how to have a legitimate deal. How does the scam work?

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Watch the video below to see the Car Rental Insurance Scam exposed:

Car Rental Insurance Scam Video

Let’s take a deeper look at the two scenarios.


Scenario 1. Mandatory Insurance Fee

You are about to rent a car and the agent at the desk requires you to pay a mandatory insurance fee. You think about it and eventually are okay with that, since insurance is important, right?

What you don’t know is that your credit card – whether Visa, Mastercard or American Express – has auto insurance incorporated already! The rental company is just trying to get more money by asking for this.

handing keys dollar car rental insurance fees


Verify your credit card’s benefits and see if the rental car is covered. Most credit card companies cover auto insurance, although this fact is not commonly known. Of course, the agent knows, but he gets a commission for selling you the extra insurance.


Scenario 2. Stapled Contract To Hide The Fine Print

Don’t get us wrong, most of the rental car companies are legitimate and fair, but imagine this:

You are about to rent a car and do your research online. There is a vehicle there that you really like. You call the company, tell them what you want and mention there is now need for insurance, and go there.

The desk agent is a friendly gentleman who gets you to sign the contract, folds it and staples it, so you won’t get to see the fine print. Nicely folded and easier to carry in an envelope, you don’t pay attention to the details.

Then one day, when you get your credit card statement in the mail, you notice that you were overcharged $180, although you said no auto insurance is needed.

Car Rental Insurance Fees Scam: How To Avoid

Everytime you rent a car, look for what your credit card covers. Always, always, always – check the fine print. It is “fine” for a reason.

Don’t rely hundred percent on what you ask for, but on what you see in front of you, on the agreement. Try to rent from the most reputable companies. Look for complaints by typing in your search engine the name of the company plus location in the city you’re in.

Watch the video below to learn other great tips on how to get the best deals on rental cars and find cheap car hire.

How To Get The Best Deals On Rental Cars Video


Car Rental Insurance Scam: How To Report

Warn your family and friends about this scam by sharing it on social media. You can also officially report the questionable car rental companies to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


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  1. Hi I wanted to bring to your attention fraud that might be a eye opener. Google Seven Auto Orlando and reviews and you will see what they are doing. Issue DiscoverCars sends customer to websites like seven auto Orlando (God knows how many more name’s sake companies they have) who show too good to be true price of rentals in Orlando. Customers pay ½ of registration fee to discover cars. When customer land at airport, they have to take shuttle to go to seven auto, which is almost 20 min away from airport. AT Seven Auto, customer finds many already waiting and when there turn comes. 1) SevenAuto ask for insurance declaration and ask customer to show insurance from 5 companies and that too 300k property damage liability coverage or else customer have to take their insurance. 2) In my case, I had auto insurance from AAA for 100k which 90% usually keep. hardly 1% keep 300k property damage. 3) IF you try to change insurance same time, then they ask you to have it for past 15 days so bottom line a. Customer either have to take uber to go back and if they do this, they not only waste their time, but also loose uber fee, and also lose money they paid to b. Have to pay whopping insurance, which they call GAP insurance! c. i. In my case, discover car asking me to provide first 6 digit and deceleration page to get refund. ii. Who in USA ask for first 6 digits. iii. Having 6 digit and then last 4 will make most credit card # which they can sell to spammers iv. And best part, they show their voucher page after customer paid ½ amount. v. After all, who reads fine print which they claim they have provided before customer paid them half. 4) So can you cover this story and bring attention to media on this. Please check reviews on seven auto

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