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Rental Car Overdue

How the scam works:

(with video below) You have been doing your job with a car that you rented for a few days. It is Friday and you have to return the vehicle. As you are giving back the keys and waiting for them to check the vehicle, they present you with an invoice that has $80 more on it than you expected.

When you query this, they tell you that you were supposed to bring the car back by noon, not now, at 4PM. You didn't know about it because they never mentioned the time of return in the beginning. They either invented the "late charges fee" on the spot, had it written on a very small sign behind the desk or had it in the fine print.

Watch the video below to learn great tips on how to get the best deals on rental cars and find cheap car hire.

How To Get The Best Deals On Rental Cars Video

How to avoid:

Just like all the other rental scams, this one invites you to use the best rental companies out there. If you are about to travel and want to book a car soon, rely only on the best car hire companies you know and verify them online, through forums, social media, or friends who used them.

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