List of Scamming Websites

List of Scamming Websites 2024: Add Your Experience

We have received so many online shopping fraud complaints in the last few weeks that we decided to publish this page for public awareness and consumer protection. You can add your bad experience – if you have one – in the comments section below. Please contribute to the list of scamming websites we are collecting there in 2024. We will explain in this article how the crooks pull their fraudulent moves, so feel free to expose the names of questionable businesses. Report fake online shops or Facebook Marketplace scams at the end of this material.

In this article, we’ll expose the scammers’ style. We will also tell you how to remove you information from the Internet successfully after an online fraud, so criminals don’t sell it to third parties. Plus, how to detect a fake site.

Let’s begin.

We will start with a couple of examples, but first, here is a question: do you know how to tell if a website or a profile is fake?

How To Tell If a Website Is Fake

The best way to avoid all the fake e-commerce sites is to easily detect them and block them at the same time. How to do that? Use one of the three ways below:

1. Just like magic, there is a tool that notifies you if a website is real or not. Install a browser extension called Guardio HERE (we tested it, it works and is worth every penny). It automatically blocks 100x more harmful websites than competitors and 10x more malicious downloads than any other security tool. Crazy effective.

2. If you feel a website might be suspicious, feel free to verify it using our unique Scam Detector website validator below:

3. Watch the video below and see how to check if a website is legit:


Meanwhile, if you decide to take your complaint online through social media, make sure you don’t fall for the Fake Customer Representative Scam. Let’s carry on with some examples of fake platforms.

Fake Online Shopping Websites: You Buy The Item But Never Get It

Let’s get into it. The first example of a fake online shopping website is the type of ‘business’ that has a great site with many good-looking products, whether they are electronics, gadgets, clothes, or accessories. It makes you buy an item but then – although you get a confirmation of your purchase – you will not get it delivered (watch out for the FedEx Text Message Scam or Black Friday Scams).

But there is more.

Let’s take the case of Michael D. who sent us this: “ is a scam site. I ordered a splash drone and never received it. They even gave a fake USPS tracking number. When you track it, it reads USPS currently awaiting the package. I’ve sent them several emails and called without receiving any response.”

Below there are some screenshots of Michael’s purchased item correspondence with

list of scamming websites

“Where Can I Buy Fake Designer Clothes Online”? If You Could Only Receive Them…

Clothing is a category that makes a lot of victims in the online shopping world. What’s interesting is that many people even acknowledge the fact that most websites sell counterfeit consumer goods. However, they rather buy fakes as long as they look good or if the reviews are fine (watch out for the Amazon Vine scam). We were asked several times questions like this one: “Where can I buy fake designer clothes online? What’s the best fake designer clothes website that people reported to you?”

Well, if you want to buy replicas, that’s fine, but at least make sure you get what you paid for. There are a bunch of scammers who feature beautiful clothes on their websites, but when you purchase anything you will never get it. The target market of the online clothing store scammers is definitely the ladies.

Here is a recent Instagram scammer list – and let’s look into more examples.

It is the case of Ellen R., as well: “ on Facebook is a huge scam! They take your money but don’t send you the products you paid for!”, said Ellen in a message to Scam Detector.

“They said they received my order and will respond in 24 hours, which they didn’t. I paid by credit card. I have seen too late that many people have reported”

List of Scamming Websites 2023: What To Do Before Buying

What to do before purchasing online? One rule of thumb is to always check the company owning the website on the Internet by adding the word ‘scam’ or ‘complaint’ in the search engine. Also, look for all their names on the BBB listings – if they have a profile there.

What’s your story? Add in the Comments section below your experience and write down the names of the scammers you dealt with. Also, here is another tip you can use below.

How to Find Out If a Profile Is Fake

Here is some good news. Watch the video below to see how you can easily identify if a profile contacting you on social media is a fake.


How To Remove Your Information From The Internet

Websites that take your payment online do more than just that. As a result, your personal information is listed all over the Internet. Let us explain. Every time you visit a website, enable cookies or download an app, these companies collect your personal data without your knowledge. Then they sell it to third parties, including financial institutions, medicare companies, etc. It’s a fact. Your harvested personal data is used not only for spam emails, targeted ads, and telemarketing calls but for changing your financial monthly rates too. Luckily, we have even more good news.

If you wonder how to remove personal information from Internet, you should get Incogni, see below . It is a trustworthy powerful privacy tool that requests your data removal from almost a hundred brokers on your behalf. The service is verified by our staff and is legitimate. For the price of a coffee a month, it’s the best investment you can make preventing your identity theft. Click below to remove your personal data from the Internet:

button remove data online


Scam Websites: How To Report Them

Warn your family and friends about this list of scamming websites by sharing this article using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

IMPORTANT: Here’s The Best Way To Protect Yourself

For the end of the article we left a very powerful and important advice. After the increased amount of online fraud happening since the pandemic started, we’ve been asked many times what the most effective ways to stay safe online are. After experiencing and testing many fraud prevention platforms online, we we would recommend you to get Surfshark. Here is why:

  1. They have an award-winning VPN service, protecting your privacy, securing your identity, and preventing third parties from tracking your device. They have a super aggressive antivirus program. It offers you effective protection from viruses and zero-day threats, a lightweight, clean, and easy-to-use app, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  2. Killer feature: They will notify you when your personal info is leaked online.
  3. They help you hide your online searches, which will get you purely organic search results, free from ads and tracking. You know when you search, for example, for a flight and the next time you look at the same search the prices are higher? With Surfshark, this is not happening.

Awesome, right? Last but not least, Surfshark offers 76% off + two months free to the Scam Detector readers. You can get the deal HERE.

Did You Lose Money To A Scam?

Also, if you are a victim of a scam, we might be able to help recover your funds. Click HERE to fill a form if you lost money to crypto fraud or click HERE if you lost more than $1,000 to any other type of scam (fake eCommerce site, PayPal, WhatsApp, facebook, etc) .

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Verify a website below

Are you just about to make a purchase online? See if the website is legit with our validator:


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selma hrynchuk
Selma HrynchukSelma is a fraud prevention specialist renowned for her expertise in private eye investigations and a remarkable partnership with law enforcement agencies. Beyond her investigative triumphs, her public speaking engagements and written works have empowered countless individuals to protect themselves and stay ahead of deceptive schemes. Selma's legacy shines as a tenacious agent of change, unyielding in her commitment to battling fraud and ensuring a safer world for all.

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  3. Just found out that my mum and I got scammed and i’m pretty pissed off about it. like there’s some real people out there who need help so scams don’t sit well with me. basically, I found out about Ian Rafalko because I happened to know a close friend of his. he was the one who told me about Ian’s situation and being the kind of guy i am i thought i’d help out a bit by sending the link out. but what a bunch of BS this was. turns out, according to his friend, Ian hasn’t spent any of that $7000 on any mental health treatments which is what he was asking for on this gofundme.

    Like where did my money go?? random stuff? I started to wonder after there was no updates or any real proof. No mention on his streams either. I guess Im the idiot for donating without looking into it more first? Also we reported it to GoFundMe…. like how do ppl get away with this kinda thing? Wish I had read about this first.

  4. My mom and I were looking for a dog toy to see if someone had it to purchase. It was hard to find as its no longer being made. I found a site that had the toy we wanted available. It took me a while to find a website because it was sold out at most places. the website is My mom was unable to find it I was looking at on her computer so I type it in on her computer. It said they had a lot of available of the dog toy we wanted to get. She decides to purchase it from them and in order to checkout you have to go to this page where you are given a paypal invoice which she paid with her credit card. Shortly she gets an invoice from paypal saying the payment was addressed to nothing bundt cakes so that is when we realized it was a scam. She had to call discover to get a new card because of the fake purchase. I never fall for the fake sites and I’m always trying to be careful in case there its a scam but I didn’t realize it until it was too late. Now I’ve learned that my mom and I need to be extra careful when ordering things online to make sure that we don’t get scammed.

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  6. Umm, this webpage itself is a scam. Clickbait title that offers a list of websites but instead just hawks a bunch of kooky products without providing the ‘list’.

    At least I blocked all your paid advert slots though, wouldn’t be right to get money via a dishonest pretence would it?

  7. Watch out for Popmira’s Facebook advertising. I bought a dress and paid extra to have it delivered quickly. All up $66.41. This is where it hit me: “Use the Messaging menu to shop. After placing an order, you can sign up for order updates in Messenger.”

  8. Avoid Yarddiant web lounge at all cost. They are scammers / will not test the basics of what they do, instead they scam you saying it works to get paid.

  9. Please do not order anything from, they are scammers and will just take your money. I placed an order for some Yellowstone items back on January 3, 2023, never received item or refund. Spent several days back and forth with their customer service and received a refund of $1.84 and a threat that my account could be closed due to asking for a refund.

  10. Tristartv Luton. A company that scams IT’s employees. Promised £25k salery but get just £12k, no training, bully boss with bad breath screaming at you at all times, no chance of progression, no help at all!

  11. Beware of Huusk Japan knives! I ordered from their super impressive ads about these supposed chef knife! So I ordered 1 knife and 1 sheath! 4 knives and 4 sheaths show up! So now the part in trying to retun them! I did some checking and they claim these are Japan hand made knives and sharp as hell, maybe you’ve seen their ads where they cross slice a pineapple several swipes and it’s still standing upright, well turn out these are not hand made of superior steel but are mass produced in central China! Now back to the return, they sent me the form and in reading it I will be charged a 15% restocking fee! Now the best part of what turns out to be a scam, their phone # is in Alabama, the package I got was from New York but they are based in Lithuania where I must return them to! I did some checking and the cheapest was UPS and would cost me $82.51 to retun them! So here I am stuck with some give-aways!

  12. Another product from I found different products, and they all scam under $60.00. From The folding stroller safe & light
    $39.90, toys, whisky, Cuban cigars, Their MO is to set a fake chines map of proof of delivery, and they ask for you to file a claim with the USPS.

  13. I personally made a mistake on the website, and using the chat function my funds were not lost, were located, and sent to the correct address! I could have lost 5,000 euros but instead was so happily surprised with the wonderful customer service I received. Would highly recommend, Freddictine at consultant dot com. they are trustworthy, genuine, and go above and beyond to insure customer satisfaction. Thank you again.

  14. Thomas Schoonover
    I was ripped off when I tried to checkout the page sent me to paypal and I sent money to a charles Jones. There is no way to contact anyone in the company or thru PayPal. Paypal says I sent the money and there is nothing they can do about it. That makes Paypal complicent in the scam. Don’t try to order from

    1. Dungus Mumbfust

      idk… sounds like you were complicit — oh, sorry, “complicent [sic]” — in the scam yourself. You’re the dingus who sent money to some random guy through PayPal. Like, what do you expect, right?

  15. sell IPTV services. They are a scam when it comes to being a reseller!
    They take $290 from you for 10 credits and set you up with a reseller panel. In my case I used 3 credits before they blocked access to the panel and stopped answering all messages via email or whatsapp. I am now blocked on whatsapp.
    They are based in Morocco and use 2 different numbers, one business in UK +44 1789 334444 and one personal +212 699 091500
    The Paypal account they use for payments is
    No names were provided.
    I hope that this information is useful to others to stop them making the same mistake I did!

  16. In 2009, Bitcoin was created by an individual or group of individuals under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

    It is the first decentralized digital currency and became popular due to its low transaction fees, pseudo-anonymity, decentralized nature, and
    its ability to prevent double-spending.

  17. Paypal is a scam supporter. Blaroken sent me a jacket I didn’t order, not even the same color, and Paypal supported the Blaroken scam site, insisting I return the item at my expense (half the cost of the item) back to China. Paypal Canada is just as dirty as the scam.

  18. Fortune Coins Casino is a scam

    I tried for a month to get verified so that I could cash out my very small win. They kept giving me the run around by asking me to send them the same documents that I had already sent multiple times. So if you get REALLY lucky and get a small win, they won’t verify your account so you can’t cash it out.

    I suspect that they are selling the the banking and personal information that they are collecting.

  19. I?m amazed, I have to admit. Rarely do I come across a blog that?s both equally educative and amusing,
    and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head.
    The issue is an issue that not enough men and women are speaking intelligently about.

    I’m very happy that I found this in my search for something relating to this.

  20. and sell golf carts as a scam. Unfortunately I found out the hard way. They even send you to and you get a shipping invoice. After paying for shipping you lose all contact and the shipment never goes off “hold” status.

  21. is hiding it’s location and full name thus customer is unable to know whether to expect to pay Customs duty or not. This shady website also does not respond to inquiries and is known to steal materials from other websites.

    Seven different scam websites with the same stock photos have been identified. They are allegedly run by the same names (Lisa R Boone & Timothy Powell). The websites seem to originate from Pakistan and claim to be marketing companies. They use the site to rip off money from unsuspecting victims, and the sites should be shut down by Google. Here is a complete list of their websites, some of which are still “under construction” with dummy texts :
    ​ (currently “under construction” as stated on the website)​
    Please note:
    * All the websites use the same stock photos
    * has a Pakistan number on the website – +92303304987
    * Google needs to BLOCK the IP addresses where these scam websites are originating from, to protect unsuspecting users.

  23. lauren Michelle

    GoldmanCFD/CryptoFX is a big scam, They scammed me for quite an amount of dollars, they keep asking for more deposits, and many excuses, when i requested for my withdrawal, and they did not allow me to withdraw my money from them not until i got referred to a recovery expert, and to God be the glory i was able to withdraw my money from them with of the help of the recovery expert, Mr Brandon Linton who helped me to recover my money back, he and his recovery action group of companies are experts in recovering every stolen online crypto asset. btc, if you notice any scam, you can also contact his email, or in case if you have been scammed and you are confused with getting your money back, contact his email, he will help you get your money back from the scammers, the way he did for me.

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  26. Quark Express has taken my $385 for purchasing their software and
    now I am finding it is unusable. My subscription was until Oct 2022.
    now Cannot open my documents. I have used their software since 1983.
    They have More validation codes, passwords, licence numbers, all bogus
    Terrible company, they moved to India and are now crooks.

  27. Anyone traded cryto Derivatives or options using the site
    We traded and have problem pulling money out.

  28. Do not use the site It is a scam. I was trying to find some mining pools and a lady I know by the name of Ailing told me about it. I transferred most of my money out of a wallet I had. i only left 150.00 USDT in it. Around day 16 I checked my wallet and the money was gone and the site shutdown.

  29. John Coffield

    I am feeling that I am being scammed. An agent that claims he is with USAID and claims I am on the Winners list and eligible to get some “FREE MONEY” in various amounts. I chose to ask for $150,000.00. I have paid a lot of FEES but am having a problem getting any money. always a need for a FEE.

    Can you advise me. Is this Scam?

  30. is a scam. Do not use one of their “traders” and don’t invest. They promise high returns but then don’t pay out unless you pay a hefty fee upfront. If you email trying to get your earnings and call them out on anything they threaten lawsuits.

  31. Ordered 2 pairs shoes from sunfloral UK shoes beg June paid £39.98. Non delivery by mid June so contacted them by email three times eventually told they had been shipped. One pair,inferior quality, like shoes you might buy on a street stall in China, which is where they have come from. Only one pair. So do notbut from this company because if you do not contact them they do not send shoes.

  32. Gabriel Brown

    Beware of Jayefab (Ig & Facebook handle) he advertises Dodge Magnum product designs offering individuals to purchase a custom made part and requires an upfront preorder fee of the entire amount. His strategy is to delay the work with apologetic excuses as long as possible to insure that you don’t meet paypal’s 180 refund policy as well as your bank. Eventually if you don’t act fast enough to retrieve your money he’ll block you from all aspects of communication kissing that never created part from the start away and your money.

  33. I would like to know if there are fraud checking engines to download or detect a fraudulent email (retrieving info) or site.
    Thank you very much.

  34. Georgi Georgiev

    I want to report website:
    They are selling accounts and stuff from the game lordsmobile. I wanted to buy account from their website and I choosed account #18. The price was 125$, but they offered me a discount and told me to pay 100$ to their PayPal account and write down that I’m paying for account #18. That’s what I did and just a minute later they stopped responding to me. They received the money and didn’t send me anything. They said that they will send me user ID and password 5 minutes after they receive the payment. I found out that they trick me, so I report them. There are some account on their website that cost more than 1000$. They tricked me with 100$ two days ago, but they may trick someone else with much more. Please investigate their website and stop them from tricking other people.

  35. Donella R Lawson

    Still didnt find a list of Facebook market place scam. Was looking to see if Baby E-Commerce was fake. Already got scammed out of 69,99 on there and paypal did nothing. Proection went out the window,

    1. Gabriel Brown

      Beware of Jayefab (Ig & Facebook handle) he advertises Dodge Magnum product designs offering individuals to purchase a custom made part and requires an upfront preorder fee of the entire amount. His strategy is to delay the work with apologetic excuses as long as possible to insure that you don’t meet paypal’s 180 refund policy as well as your bank. Eventually if you don’t act fast enough to retrieve your money he’ll block you from all aspects of communication kissing that never created part from the start away and your money.

  36. I used the QR code to pay for my vehicle registration I got in the mail, turns out a web link was in that QR code and tried to scam my credit card. So beware of your QR codes on your vehicle registration letters.

  37. Robert Küpper

    I made a purchase on line from and received confirmation of order along with a dubious confirmation of payment email stating that the actual amount would be different due to the currency exchange rate and after a few days without any further confirmation of “item sent” email I tried to contact them but they made no attempt to reply to my emails. My account was debited for more than the purchase price of the goods (two pairs of mens shoes) and still nothing to indicate the goods were being sent. After approaching my bank, they investigated the transaction and reported that the goods I purchased on an Australian website were from an overseas source, that the money was converted into Euros and transferred to a company in Italy and that the goods were sent from an address in China. Which I still have not received. The real Rieker shoe factory is in Germany and do not supply the Australian market. They only send their products to Europe and the UK. The biggest giveaway was the so called Rieker Australia website having no .AU just .COM. The website looked and functioned as you would expect and the price range of their products were comparable to normal pricing.
    My warning is is a totally FAKE website, do not purchase anything from it.

  38. Beware of it is an absolute scam. Of course they only take Zelle payments. Once you buy the puppy they of course need a thermally controlled crate for a $1550 rental and if that’s not enough insurance and vaccines are $2100.
    These crooks need to be stopped.

  39. What about, is this a scam site?

    Also: ~ is this a legit site or not?

  40. Patricia Ann Crease

    Can you tell me if “Bodscience” data processing job advertised on Facebook is a scam?

  41. Ordered from OMGshoping but cancelled the next day. I was told on two separate occasions a refund was coming in 2 days and then tomorrow but nothing. They’ve gone silent and won’t reply to my multiple emails and WhatsApp messages. Thankfully not a great deal of money but feel very ripped off. I’m on welfare so it feels very low. Hopefully the bank can help. PLEASE STEER CLEAR.

  42. Ulf Dunberger

    I tried to purchase an item from and used PayPal.
    They acknowleged the payent but I did not receive an order confirmation, and when I looged in to the newly created account it showed that my I hasd no pending order.
    So I sent an e-mail to their address and two days later I receicved an e-mail from the e-mail system indivcation that my e-mail couldn’t be delivered in spite of repeated attempts, and their mailserver does not respond.
    So I logged in on and submitted the website address it indicated that the owner is located in Kuala Lumpor in spite of that the website indicate that the company’s address is Beallsville Ohio.
    So I contacted PayPal and filed a claim for a refund. This is the reason I use PayPal when buying online from merchants that are not wildly known as legitimate businesses.

  43. I was scammed by an investment website , through the assistance of fundsrecoverypro I was able to recover all I invested as well as the profit.

    1. May I ask which site scammed you? I’ve been scammed too and trying to figure out how to report them and get my funds back.

  44. I wanted an amazon gift card, since I wanted to send a amazon gift card to someone anonymously, I though of buying it from third party site. I googled it and came upon a site called SECURELY.IN. So on April 23, 2022, I brought a amazon gift card of 11000 Indian rupees. It was supposed to be delivered in my email but it did not come. upon constantly asking them vis support chat they changed the order status to refunded and told me they will refund my amount on April 30, 2022. But even after a week I did not get refund, I tried contacting them but till now there is no reply from them. No refund, no reply. Spread this so other people will not get spammed on that site

  45. Patty Severson

    There was a Chinese co from china that offered heaters that heated up fast. I ordered two of them I looked up the complaints on these they were know to catch on fire. They did not look like the picture I first. Saw I was going to send them back like pay pal told me too to get the refund. They cost 100.00 $. To ship them back would cot 50.00. This makes me angry because I thought pay pal would back you up It definitely was a scam and get my money back to me. Not in this case if said ni never received them they would of payed me back in this case let them get the money back that’s what I thought pay pal did

    1. Eric Ehresman

      PayPal has gotten really bad about helping customers recover their money, I ordered some tractor parts, which I never received, seller wouldn’t reply to me and they provided a fake UPS tracking number to PayPal, so PayPal refused to look into the problem any further and I was out the money, they stated that it is no longer their policy to look into things that are not delivered, when given a tracking number.

    1. Yes this one Newthorpeservices.Top is.Is A scam. I can’t even search Anything when I do type anything thing nothing appears check this site

    2. Generator Arena, a website run by Indonesians according to the information I was able to dig up. Paid over $800 US for a Honda generator in Jan 2022. I still haven’t received it. PayPal immediately refunded me today when I filed a dispute, as of April 2022. Avoid them like the plague.

    3. Shopwsde space
      their prices for Ebikes are crazy like $24 to $78 like they say to good to be please look into this one thankyou Glenn

    4. Carl Runefelt Youtube Channel Youve Won a Prize contact on Telegram. They even hide comments youve made when you log in on different acount you cant see them but in the accc you made comment you can still see them.

    5. Not sure if this is a scam got
      Is this company a scam
      Thank You for your help

    6. hi, I ordered something online through it also came up as I have emailed them several times for a tracking number with no response, then I saw that website was for sale. can you tell me if this was a real website or did a scam and I lost my money?

  46. has anyone ever heard of big fly limited? i ordered a patio set for cheap, got a real looking receipt, but i have heard nothing since, no shipping/tracking info and cant get ahold of anyone!

    1. Hello, I’m the owner of and we’re not a scam at all! We started our business in 2012! For any questions you can contact us 24/7 via live chat on our website.

  47. I’m an artist, and I occasionally search the web for people using my art. I found a website using one the other day, I contacted them and the page was taken down, but I’m not done with them (my signature was obliterated in the image). Evidently, it’s one of many “mirror” sites that sell products but never ship anything. Total ruse. Everything about the site is fake – reviews that don’t work (300-something, all 5 star), a physical address that’s for a Tommy Hilfiger store in Indiana while the host server is in Denmark, there are Facebook and other links that don’t work – it’s all a scam.

  48. I feel like an idiot, a deal was too good to be true. I am usually more savvy, but clicked a link on facbook that I thought was from Guitar Center for a clearance (again, too good to be true). Used paypal and the whole time thought I was on the legit site, since I follow them on FB anyway.
    Pretty sure I will never receive the product and PayPal does not seem interested until it does not come… how long, weeks? How many more people will be scammed and by then they perpetrators will be long gone I assume.
    Totally my fault taking the bait and not noticing the URL but still…

  49. Hello Dear, you are a good guide for fake websites. I am Investing money in many websites but Scams occur on all websites. Then I am not interested in any website. You are sharing the all scammy website. Thanks for your guidelines.

  50. “Oluminate Oval Ring Light” Scam on Facebook. Oluminate has been on Facebook for about a year. I ordered the product before Christmas 2021 and today it has been more than a month and no product. I have emailed them 3 times with no response and no working telephone. I also cannot find where they have an office. BEWARE, OF THIS SCAM.

  51. If you are shopping on Pinterest, DO NOT make any purchases from! I ordered  a glass sculpture made with 32% optical lead crystal, optical crystal, and dichroic glass. What I received was a plastic cube with either paper or vinyl decals applied to the inside of the plastic box. I contacted their customer service about a refund–crickets. The link below will take you to my Pinterest board where several others have replied that they, too, have been ripped off by this vendor.

  52. Jeremy Thompson

    There’s this lady her name is Tessa she she’s a psychopath she’s going around using her Google account to scam people and threaten them. Report her Google account to Google and make sure you report her to the FBI tell the FBI that she will try to scam you and she will threaten you.

  53. I’ve had messages from ‘ claiming to be Royal Mail having a parcel that I needed to pay postage for but usually all my messages from Royal Mail are emailed to me. This time of year people order online a lot, like me, but very wary to pay the £2 ‘postage’ they say I need to pay

  54. A member of a FB group, who is a local contractor says this following copy/paste is valid…I know it isn’t. How do I find the source or report it?
    G̱O̱O̱Ḏ ṈE̱W̱S̱.̱.̱.̱.̱.̱ ̱Ṯẖe̱ “̱Methodist church “̱ s̱ṯi̱ḻḻ g̱i̱v̱i̱ṉg̱ O̱u̱ṯ $̱7̱5̱0̱ ṯo̱ ṯẖe̱ f̱i̱ṟs̱ṯ 5̱0̱ p̱e̱o̱p̱ḻe̱ ṯo̱ c̱o̱m̱m̱e̱ṉṯs̱ (̱CASH)̱.̱.̱.̱.̱ J̱u̱s̱ṯ ḻi̱ḵe̱ w̱e̱ ḏi̱ḏ y̱e̱s̱ṯe̱ṟḏa̱y̱.̱ I̱ṯ i̱s̱1̱0̱0̱%̱ ṟe̱a̱ḻ.̱ I̱ṯ i̱s̱ s̱ṯa̱ṟṯs̱ ṉo̱w̱⏰̱?̱?̱?̱?̱.̱ ̱C̱o̱ṉg̱ṟa̱ṯu̱ḻa̱ṯi̱o̱ṉs̱ ṯo̱ ṯẖe̱ y̱e̱s̱ṯe̱ṟḏa̱y̱ w̱i̱ṉṉe̱ṟs̱.̱
    follow my first comment

  55. Klevr Footwear is FRAUDSTERS and should not be allowed to trade. My shoes were delivered to me from China to NZ then exported back to China over a 109-day timeframe. The shoes are in China somewhere? Klevr advertises payment in US$ and contact in Canada but the shipment comes from a dropshipping Chinese seller. The website deceives the customer. Trying to locate either of them is virtually impossible. All I can do is warn buyers and expose this company and all the names they trade under, probably due to bad ratings they need to constantly rebrand. I am sure they have plenty more company names, as there are some similarities, it’s just a case of matching them up.
    Komfee Footwear,,,,  
    Klevr Footwear,, Bags – Komfee, 
    My advice is to avoid any of the places above. If you do have more information that could assist me in bringing these guys down, never to trade, please comment on this site. Thanks.

  56. I recently ordered $374.99 worth of Kansas City Chief Sweatshirts from I have not received them, their phone is disconnected and I have no way to get in touch with them. They didn’t even send me a receipt for the order or an order number. Please help.

    1. If you used a credit card, call them and have them reverse the charges and file a dispute. Be sure to have your credit statement with the charge on it. They will need to know the date the charge was posted and the name of the business that received the payment. I hope you can get your money back.

  57. The Japanese used car market is very popular in Central Africa. has taken advantage of that and is using unsuspecting people as sales representatives. They sound Indian and will convince you everything is fine until it is impossible to follow them up.

  58. is a scam I think. When I call the phone number, always voicemail and the address shows up as Sam’s Club on the map. Also, random items with really low prices.

    Looks more like the room that forgot to post things for sale! They show up in web searches for obscure items my case was specs on an unfamiliar amp I saw posted locally. Go to the site which it showed in the search as 1 of many models they have with a price of $35. The site has no such thing (sold out, yea sure) then I click on every link they provide at the site; Automotive, electronics, beauty, etc.. not a single item is shown. The site has a date of 2020 so it’s not brand new but I looked at the web designer link since it is the only thing that lead anywhere and it’s a South African based company. I hate to say it but why is Africa making the world know not to trust them? I mean it’s almost automatically in your mind as soon as you see anything on the web that has anything to do with Africa you know to stop and close the page before something happens that will involve your security being breached or some type of link will be associated to you and you’ll be bothered and bombarded with scams!

  60. If you lost money to a scammer, there’s a chance you can get your money back, ship a detailed mail and open a case with specialist that have once helped me before : Skiz at TracRefund dotCom, He focuses on handling online scams and assist offer reimbursement to their victims with the usage of disputes, tracking down digital fingerprints, cyber evaluation and thorough research.

  61. I was scammed by Octavia shihtzu puppies She stole 850 dollars from me. I never received the puppy. She won’t answer my emails. She took money off an American express cards without the information on the back!

  62. I purchased and item from the site yesterday for the first time. The site says one item person. After making the purchase, I attempted to make another, it was denied.Im wasn’t sure if one item per person is per day or infinite, so I went back today to purchase an item and was denied. If its one per day, then I need to try again in a few hours. They show paypal and credits cards as options, but when checking out, only accepts paypal. The purchase I made yesterday was debited via paypal to my bank account. I believe its a scam as the payment via paypal shows up as an instant transfer via paypal on my bank statement. BUT, the receipt that paypal emailed me shows an instant transfer to a person named BRANDON BROWN, WITH AN EMAIL ADDRESS The receipt also shows an invoice ID number and a transaction ID number. Also on the receipt is a section that reads, Description. In this description section ir reads the following verbatim: Alltheitemsinyourshoppingbasket(seedetailsinthestoreandonyourstorereceipt). This whole receipt with all its info allegedly came from paypal. At the bottom of the receipt it has a section: Issues with this transaction? You have 180 days from the date of the transaction to open a dispute in the resolution center. 
    I’m not sure if this really came from paypal, and am not too confident in the site “” 
    Also everything they sell is the same price of $99.00 and free 5-7 day shipping. My final assessment is Im am most likely out the $99.00 and hope like hell they do not have access to my financials, etc. Maybe I am wrong, but me thinks not.. If all they get is only my $99.0, then it was a cheap lesson learned, and I shoud have known better…. There is no free lunch

  63. Ive ordered a book from slimmingworld01in August. Ive contacted the email address to ask why Ive not received it yet.
    As yet I’ve received no reply.
    Who or where to I contact to check if this is genuine or not ?
    It was an advert on facebook

    1. I have a couple of website from Facebook market screwing me around first one is the selling Amazon returned tools. I purchased the large pallet with up to 50 pieces on it. Well I recieved a drill in taped up cardboard not a pallet of tools. I’ll post my other out comes there not looking good. I want to stop these basterd

  64. Stay away from the following websites:

    The first one sends you to the second one to “register” to download a driver for piece of hardware.
    The second one signs you up for a monthly subscription for $59.95 to a bogus website; it is virtually impossible to cancel the subscription which they trick you into signing up for.
    Stay away from them both.

    1. Just ring your bank and tell them not to send any money to them that simple your Bank will look into it, if you have every right to cancel it and they dont let you then your bank will fix that by not sending your Money to them.

  65. I ordered a pair of Clarks Shoe on Facebook. I used my personal Mastercard but the order was sent to PayPal SUAIMEI which is a fraud. Talked to Clarks and they didn’t recognize the order number and got no help from PayPal. My credit card company is handling it now. No more ordering anything on Facebook!

    1. I just had this same problem! Thought it was Clark’s shoes but when I used PayPal the name SUAMEI came up as the payment info. I finally got a pair of shoes about 4 weeks after I bought them. They are not Clark’s and they are some cheap China brand. Not happy at all!

      1. Yes, I had exactly the same experience. My cheap shoes arrived yesterday, no paperwork inside, and even worse they don’t fit. I paid with my PayPal account. I guess I’ll try contacting my credit card company through which my PayPal is paid, and see if there’s any help there.

  66. Has anyone tried to order 12,000K generator from and tacking number thru post office says delivered in or at mail box.

    1. It’s a scam. My husband works for USPS. He said they got a notice that scammers are using the same tracking number for several items and when people check for delivery it says delivered but they never got anything.

      1. I ordered from fashiontalbots 2times in November 2022 still never received anything they have no phone and they don’t respond to email so I am out $$$ I could have really used I knew better but I thought it was a good deal but it was not now I feel used I live on a small income so this really was hurtful but hopefully I have learned my lesson I was really looking forward to getting the orders oh well?

  67. Transcribe Anywhere transcription training. Promotes by using clickbait articles to mislead people to the main “course”. Janet Shaughnessy claims (and falls back on) being AAERT approved, by further investigation with them revealed that they pretty much allow anyone that pays a fee to be on their website listed as an “approved” program. Transcribe Anywhere is not a Better Business Bureau company so most complaints are going unlisted publicly. But there are a lot of complaints and Transcribe Anywhere has been reported to the FTC.
    Scamming people who are looking for legit work is the worst.

  68. I ordered a wig from a company called Tokiya. I have been tracking it and it now says my order has been delayed and I can’t seem to get a reply from them. So after reading your scam checks I now believe it is a fake site. I don’t know what to do as I just want my money back

    I had ordered an electric bike and a hover board and a small washing machine online, the bikes were supposed to help stop global warming , or slow it down if alot of people start riding theese to work and school etc, instead of driving, on nice days!!! I fell for the bull-s**t , the washer was eneergy efficiant. So anyways 400.00 later, I payed online threw what i thought was paypal and I guess they were good bc there was nothing in the records of paypal my tracking number was fake, So my daughter is upset im down 400.00 and no washer still bc those low lives scammed us ….. Anyways plz careful guys bc i did not get my order and the website is now “OUT OF ORDER” AND THE EMAIL IS A FAKE EMAIL BC I COME BACK WITH A MESSAGE SAYING IT IS NOT RECOGNIZED….I GUESS YOU LIVE AND LEARN… THANKS

  70. Eccoeushoes is a scam.
    ecco is a well known German brand selling over the EU. This website has some wonderful offers, takes your money but good never arrive.
    my bank is trying to reverse the transaction.
    Red flags : links to Twitter, FB etc are just a single image. No contact details published. No business address published. No way to contact from website.


    1. Pinterest is worse, than facebook, we just gonna have to wise up,
      like my granny always said, if it sounds to good to be true, then its not
      nothing free in life child

    2. IMO, facebook is just as guilty for alowing it to happen, they have been informed many times about ad’s that are ripping people off, yet they never pull them. Class action suit time!!

    3. Christine Howard

      I think we should start to hold Facebook responsible for neglect in approving advertisements that are scams. Then maybe they will do a better job in assessing those companies, they are just as liable as the scammer and getting paid to not do anything for consumers.

  72. Linda's Carolina

    Please stay away from this company as much as possible. I have been trading with them for 6 months and I lost about $75,000.00 with them. The account manager assigned to me was constantly manipulating me and advising me to make bad trade choices so I lose money only for me to find out that my losses were beneficial to my account manager and the company. I still didn’t mind then until they finally closed my account and restricted me from withdrawals after I made a very huge deposit. It was really devasting and heartless losing all my fortune to this company during this trading period. I couldn’t bear the loss so I had to search for a way to get my money back at least I found this recovering expert who assisted me in sorting my ordeals with this broker. I expose this broker as much as I can so I can help other victims or intending victims out there.

      1. Omg we have scammers trying to scam, scam victims.. are you guys not reading this bs.. I checked it out, fake as McDonald’s chicken

    1. You sound like a scammer trying to scam, scam victims, which would make you as low as low can go.. you didn’t mind being scammed by accounts manager, what a joke, so you deposited a large amount.. really mate that is so unbelievable bad, just low and desperate ..

    2. So all this story and you never even tell us the name of the company and person or website or phone number that did this? How stupid do you think people are? Oh I guess that this is the best place to pull this scam since you already know some of the easy prey may be found here.
      Just trying to imagine why there are these so called internet detectives out there that are devoting their lives to help recover other people’s losses for them. In a sea of crooks there’s some saviors who mean no harm and will magically recover money that every other legit organization in the world has already told you that it’s nearly impossible to recover just because of the way the are all using the system in such a way that they can’t be traced. But somehow these cyber elites have tools that government agencies have no access to or even know of anything that could possibly go back in time to grab that info for these victims.
      Of anyone is falling for this after they’ve already been scammed once, you deserve it. Use common sense, this is simply part 2 of your scamming expirence. If you said the 1st time was a learning experience and your reading these scams and hitting links here you haven’t learned much at all!
      I mean who gives away $75k and then says they weren’t mad until…WTF!?!

  73. “If you want to buy replicas, that’s fine.”
    No, no it’s not. In fact, quite the opposite. Interpol, the FBI, and separate countries’ legal entities along with LVMH and other large companies have formed their own task forces to assist to putting a stop to counterfeit luxury items – ahem, “replicas.” They’re made with literal slave labor by children sold to the factories or trafficked women and often in Shenzen where many factories are in China (though some factories are in former Soviet countries).
    Said factories are filthy with hazardous chemicals, human and animal waste, and the workers aren’t given proper food and rest – all of this is mixed into your “replicas.” All of this is mixed into your fake-up and stitched into your handbags and shoes you insisted on buying to impress your friends. Thankfully, more and more of these fakes are being seized at the border, at flea markets, at “purse parties,” but unfortunately counterfeiters are still quite adept at shutting down factories in an instant and reopening them on the other side of town – which is also why shops pop up on Amazon so quickly. So aside from being out of a few bucks and not getting your knockoff Neverfull, a poor woman and her young kids are getting trafficked to yet another dirty factory under the threat of violence (or worse) while hungry, sleep deprived, and sick (remember to add the threat of COVID to everything else here and think of how badly you need a “deal!).
    So no, it’s not “fine” to shop for your “replicas.” Do better.

  74. Wiklrn is a scam. They actually shipped me a $2 set of headphones! I paid for a replacement heater for a TV Stand though…lots of promises on a refund. Months later, nothing. Pure scam, and scum.

  75. BEWARE!: &
    These two scamming sites work together.
    I ordered diet pills from Wired money via Zelle to pay for them. I promptly received an email with a Tracking number for a shipping company called They are also a scamming website. The shipping site will contact you saying your package is on hold and you need to pay a 100% refundable insurance fee to bypass scanning for your discreet package. And once your package clears and is delivered, the fee is refunded. But once you send the fee they ghost you as well.
    Anyway, my order was over two weeks ago and they were supposed to be overnight delivery. Have not received the diet pills and cannot get in touch with customer service for either site.
    Names and emails I have found through domain registrar & WHOIS info for these two sites: Farran Dante –, & Mike Gesh –

  76. A couple of friends ordered an extremely large bean bag from a company advertising on Facebook called backioo.
    They’ve been waiting for months but no delivery

  77. A very terrible experience from the scamming fake website called who’s name is also…I purchased a leather jacket for $260…never got it. I got sent a fake tracking number and FedEx said they never received the package…I called them 3 times and they lied to me about everything they told me-I will never get my $260 back…..definitely thieves robbers and scams….stay away from MensUSA…..they are not legit and steal your money!

  78. Scam Detector Team

    I agree with what the other team member said and scams are horrible but only YOU? can stop scams and remember if you get a call from a scammer hangup and block the scammer.

  79. I ordered “silver” dollars from website Gelottery. They came individually packaged in plastic coin containers. Each coin was polished correctly as uncirculated coin would look. The first issue was the front and back were slightly misaligned. The second and most important issue was that the coins were strongly attracted to a magnet as silver is not attracted to magnets.

  80. .TOP KITCHEN SPOT scams by offering a knife sharpener for $4.95, taking all credit card info and when order is completed, discloses a very expensive shipping charge

  81. i ordered a samsung 2 in 1 folding phone for 79.95 from a company called bomolle that advertised on a solitaire sight, they sent a confirmation email & said they were getting my order ready for shipment & they would email me when it shipped, that was march 3rd. i have left 3 emails requesting an approximate date my phone would be shipped without a reply & the link to ‘visit our store’ on their emai says sight cant be reached as it also does when you click on the link that says ‘view your order’. i’m not sure what to do now?

  82. Beware of online game – Amaze To Link by David Liu.

  83. if you get a call that you will be charged $399 for your next computer repair/ GeekSquad…BEWARE! They send you to a site bestbuy76.weebly FRAUD ALERT and ask you for your information…

  84. Nigerians never give up. one girl calling herself itzmsdebbie or Debbie Wilson from lagos will send you masturbation videos to show her love. just be prepared to finance her adventures. She loves old men, she says, but doesn’t like work. She uses all kinds of filters to make herself pretty but in reality she’s quite homely. She brags about her sexual prowess and how much she loves to suck dick. She’s entertaining but expensive. just beware her hand is reaching for your wallet.

    1. That’s just you thinking with your brain in your dick instead of the one between your ears.. sounds like you paid for services rendered.. Nigerians are patient scammers, the Indians are abusive volatile and abusive..

  85. Beware of this scammer.
    Sammy Dale ( aka Sam Dean ) from the UK.
    Ex owner of a company called Smilegroup Sweden AB in Stockholm, Sweden and a company in Miami : Smile Group Worldwide HQ ( 429 Lennox Avenue, Miami Beach ) USA, as he wrote on his email.
    Total amount scammed was USD 3514.50
    Instagram names :
    ( previous names are mr.essdee, mr.sammydee and mr.sammy.dee )
    Cellphone +44 779060060

  86. This guy is a romance scammer and recently catfished a widow and scammed her out of nearly $30k. His fake/front website is email he provided is and and his claimed to be phone number is 719-759-9816 which is also listed on his website. He calls from that number and claims he can control my internet network and wont release it unless i pay him in Bitcoin on his website wallet. FBI and IC3 have been notified. Stay away from and anyone associated with it. The phone calls and threats are all day and night long and now this guy has all of my identity and I have no idea if he will just show up at my house or what. This is just heart breaking and terrifying at the same time… I lost the money to a romance scammer i get it, but i just want to get this out so others do not fall for it!

    1. Christ Follower Christian Sister

      Online scams are just that; no one is coming to your house. Change your phone number and STOP allowing fear to control THIS temporary, very short human life you now have.
      WAKE UP to the fact that you’ll never find INTERNAL peace, EXTERNALLY… because it just doesn’t work that way! Fix your eyes on the greatest love –offered to us ALL by the one & only sinless human being who died FOR ALL OF US sinners– by opening that one book that God breathed to life via His many hand-picked, human authors. Use your God given free-will to chose to value your forever life OVER THIS VERY SHORT ONE.
      HOPING you (and all who read this) will be able to recognize that this truth IS the soul-insurance we all need, must understand and heed… so says “He.”
      In Jesus name, I pray. ??
      ?? ✝️

  87. I have a deduction for 279.00 dollars from some company called Protection from Texas. Is this a legitement company or a spam and what is the business

  88. Watch out for They somehow got a hold of my credit card info and charged almost $119.00 for facecream! I had to dispute the charge with my credit card but the fraud website claimed to have proof that I ordered….the proof? They knew my address!!!So would anyone who googled my name. I’m currently opening up a THIRD dispute with Synchronicity Bank as they keep putting the charge back on my account. Its so frustrating to have to fight with my own credit card company to prove this fraud.

    1. I had something similar, I check my credit card statement and I had TWO charges that I didn’t authorize on my credit card for $136 and $135 for some bogus face cream that I didn’t buy. Turns out when I purchased one Hair care product legitimately they signed me up for some bullshit “subscription” for face products without my actual agreeing to it and just charge people’s cards and hope they don’t notice or check the statements. I had to call my card company and report fraud. I had to fight with them as well over these charges like you did. Then they told me I had to contact the company to have the charges reversed instead of labelling it fraud!!! I had to track down a number and I had a hard time even finding them. When I called the company that I made the original order from they said they didn’t give card numbers out but they did say they were affiliated with the fraudulent one and it must have just been a mistake. I had to make three different calls to track down the jerks that had the face cream charges and they told me they “shipped” my product that I ordered and wouldn’t refund me. I didn’t even buy two face cream products and they got me information from the other legitimate purchase. So they basically get your address and “ship” you a product and charge you for it… and won’t refund it because it’s been “shipped”. I never ever did get any actual product in the mail OR refund. The fraudulent company that did the scam was called Rare Refinery. So everyone beware if you see some bogus charges or Are thinking about making a purchase from the “legitimate” company they are affiliated with.

  89. is a pure scam. Those who have written good reviews aren’t real customers. They won’t answer the phone nor emails. The address is a personal home in Australia, it says it ships from California, payment goes to a non legit paper company called Lacia (close to that spelling) and they ship a small parcel to Florida to say they delivered it. I’m trying to get PayPal to work with me and I’m going to the post office later today to report what’s going on. The USPS says it’s being delivered to it’s destination today. Since it has a tracking number and was picked up. I’m going to find out the address it was shipped from and address sent to, then see if the post office will make a photo copy of the package delivered. Once I have all that..I’m turning them in and maybe contact the news here in my area, Good Morning America if they accept and Florida in the area it’s delivered and see if they might get the police involved as well as the city it came from. I hope you read this before buying. 02-05-21

  90. Hello everyone. My name is Cris Avenido. Stay away from this website -> They are a deceptive chain referral scheme of people. I wanted to recover my investment money amounting to $1,850 approximately from this fraud website and also to stop their scamming activities in victimizing more people. Last Dec 1, 2020, I first met this lady from South Carolina through Facebook who then she had introduced me to investing in their Bitcoin mining platform website. From then on, I had a series of fund transfers to their bitcoin wallet address indicated on the site. Supposedly, my initial plan was only to invest within 24 hours then make the withdrawal afterward. But what happened was at first I was eventually lured into making more succeeding transfer of funds into their platform believing that each time the transfer has been made I would then get my profit real soon. This is due to their so many reasons of delays and excuses that they claim such as card maintenance, Christmas bonus, levy, IRS, shipping fee, etc. until it came to a point that I realized it is a scam. It was only last Jan 17, 2021, that I have stopped putting in more money into their platform. I told them that I would report and expose their online scamming activity and make them pay. Please if anyone knows who can help me return my scammed money back. Please contact me at WhatsApp/Telegram (63) 09953117010. Any inputs would be highly appreciated.

    1. I was devastated when i lost my hard earned funds to this platform, until i came across Thehacks who helped me hack through their database and reverted and recovered all my funds back to my account….. Their service is second to none, hurry now and file your case with them. Thank me later
      You can reach them Via email (

  91. I paid “Hackers Spyville” before the job. And they vanished without make the job. They are scammers. Don’t deal with their.

  92. I ordered a puzzle from this website that advertised in Instagram and paid via paypal . The shop then sent me an email with my order number and an SF tracking number which does not exist in the SF Express freight system. In the email I got there were buttons for View Order and Visit our Store and both open an error page saying this shop is unavailable. Found out its based in China . Now am trying to get a refund because I have written to their and not getting an answer.

  93. scam

    I have a Fake website selling toys using a closed business website and address. Watch out for it is a fake website offering in demand toys at reduced prices . Registered address 138 Westbourne Grove , Westcliffe -on-Sea Ltd SSO 9TY appears as company details along with a mobile phone number. Contacted number and lady called back to say she closed her business down last year and her details are being used by scammers. She reported to police but website still up.

  94. Overindulge is a scam. I ordered a spin brush on 10/15/2020 and never received it. I have contacted them. If I don’t hear back from them within a couple of days I’m going to contact my bank who will refund the money and get it back from the scam company.

  95. is a scam site. They won’t send you your product. Also, they send you a tracking number that says your item was delivered on the day it was purchased. I submitted a refund request through PayPal and won my case.

  96. Guzop Company or I was looking at a Ninja hot air on counter toaster/oven.. I was price shopping and this one was the lowest priced offered from other online retailers. They had pics of many other home goods.. and while it was the lowest price it was still above $230 (the highest was $299 for the same oven) it all seemed very normal and it was over $100 so free shipping was part of the deal. Now it was unusual to me that I was going to pay through PayPal with my credit card (I do not have a PayPal account) and there was no other choice I just thought it was away to try to get you to get a PayPal account. It didn’t hit me until the very end when I paid that I didn’t get any information on shipping , it sort of just disappeared. But I thought maybe they were going to send it to me in an email or text seeing as how I supplied both upon the purchase. It gave me an uneasy feeling but it wasn’t until I received an email from PayPal a little later telling me a FedEx number to trace my package. When I pulled up the FedEx app to trace my package it was told to me that I had received my package two hours after I made the order. I got a hold of FedEx as I was disputing this and they said it had been delivered to my house which was absolutely not true. I was also given this message in the PayPal email;
    DINH DINH VU added shipping details. Please note that the tracking information and shipping status are shown exactly as the seller entered them.
    The funny thing is I never saw this name (DINH DINH VU) while I was looking through the website.
    And it said; If you have questions about the shipment, please contact –
    I tried a few times to get a hold of who ever uneedless to say I never received a response
    I made this purchase on the 1st of Dec today is the tenth.. Also the website has since Disappeared .
    there is more but all I can say is

  97. After replying to a fedex type text message survey, it sent me to a variety of sites for a free gift that was not free. I chose which turned out to be a recurring subscription fee. I canceled but they sent it anyway.

  98. Can someone tell me if this website is legit? I ordered a hoverboard on there. I got the tracking number that was sent to FedEx. They seen it was created but haven’t heard anything yet. It shows the order in the shopify app as well. I’m just worried that it is not real not. I checked in google transparency report and it came back safe but still have a feeling

  99. I got scammed from I payed for two scooters and two hoverboards. Totaling around 250 dollars. I never received my merchandise. I’m in the process of trying to seek retaliation.

  100. Is FINANCE TIMES USA a scam? I just received my credit card bill only to discover a charge of $1999.00 to the above name. I have never heard of them of from them until the charge. How can they get away with this.

  101. Hello,
    I bought a winter boot on this website on 26th Nov through PayPal. I received a confirmation email telling me I will receive a tracking number. Next day I receive an email from “Sarah” with their support email telling me the color I ordered is sold out and if I want another color. I replied several times to that email and got only undelivered email messages for all my replies. I never got any other messages I tried contacting the Facebook account riemot but it is throwing an automatic message. I could not find any link when searching for “riemot scam” or “riemot complaint” in Google. But I have to face it, I got scammed.
    There is an Amazon store selling these products as well.
    Thank you

  102. Please be aware that the following site PMV Fashion Designs is a scam. I’ve reported this site to the FBI & FTC as well as ICANN as they are impersonating me and these nefarious scammers have also attempted creating multiple LinkedIn profiles impersonating me as well.

    1. Letsvesti is Scam 100%. The domain name was registered just a few weeks ago. It’s typical for websites that promise “earning money”.

  103. This site offers you an iPhone through Amazon if you sign up for their “movies” service. They are totally a scam – you can’t get a hold of them. They charged my credit card 1.99 (their 3-day trial) using the name HAIRSPRAY. Xorive is a scam!

  104. Zolucky scam, bad products!!!!

    I’ve recently made a purchase from the Zolucky website – The prices were very reasonable and I was skeptical, but went ahead. I received the items in very poor condition — badly made, already falling apart. I requested to return the for a refund. I received an email from a person, not the store, and was told if I didn’t respond within 7 days, they would consider the matter closed. Since her email was rejected as spam, it took me 5 days to find it. The email told me the return center is in China (although the goods were sent from the US), I would have to pay return postage and customs fees. These would amount to more than the cost of the goods. Then I was told I would get no refund until they received and inspected the returned goods. Since they were already in poor condition when I received them, I can only assume they would be rejected for return.
    They offered a 15% credit if I would just drop the return. They said it was for “repairing or altering the goods.”

  105. I ordered and paid thru Paypal a lifelike dog. The Co. was Toygear. I went thru Paypal to report them because I paid 27.99 including shipping and all I got was a dollar store stuffed dog that did nothing. Paypal was helpful and the CO. offered me 6.00 back. I refused. Paypal wanted me to report it to law enforcement and upload stuff .I don’t know how to do that so I closed the case. I read where many people were scammed by this Co. Just want to make it known.

  106. Gifeco false advertising

    This website advertised “Waldorf” dolls, when I received my purchase it was a cheap dollar store doll without any of the features (clothes etc). I have tried to get my money back and post a review but they won’t allow it.

  107. I am looking to find out if there are any open/closed dispute with transactions with the website which may be a Chinese held company that may or may not be a scam. I would appreciate any heads up about problems before buying any of the products that they are listing. Thanks!

  108. Jessica Sullivan along with MUTU charm seem to be scams, I have not recie items and now the Alicharm website is completely gone! Any others experience this? Suggestions?

  109. A site called stylishthingzshop is a scam. Website is I made a purchase in August i never recieved it. I reached out several times.Once i got a we opened an investigation with USPS and we should have a response on Monday. This was weeks ago.I kept reaching out no response so i finally filed a complaint with my bank. I got my money back in 3 days from the complaint.

  110. I would like to report Khora Store, website: Offering a mini printer, the product will never arrive. I will be happy to email you the pictures and evidence I have recorded. Their phone numbers and addresses are not in the same place. Their image was stolen from the website (a picture of a French startup team was stolen). Of course, emails are not answered, they are forbidden on Facebook ….

  111. I saw an offer that provided a free sample of some hemp oil and capsules and I was to pay only the postage. And to make it even better the postage would be donated to the presidents campaign fund. I got a charge on my credit card for $120.99. Come to find out that in the fine print the actual cost of the product was $108.94 and $91.87. When the company was notified I was told that they gave me a discount of $40 on each item resulting $120.99 cost to me. The company is Prime Green CBO, Beware if you are ordering any product from this company and make sure you read all the fine print and purchase agreement which is where I made my mistake I was told.

  112. Retro Backpack
    I have ordered an item over a month ago and still nothing. I am concerned that this is a scam website. Should someone come back to me I will remove my post but until I am concerned.

  113. Fashions wood scam!!

    I have placed an order via website payment option was only advanced online. I have paid via mobikvik app 2 days back but till now have not received any tracking details or any other information.
    I am really worried if it is scam.

  114. Deltamunitions is a fake website. They will ask you for your FFL info like a real business, but then pressure you to buy their products immediately. They will not accept credit. Do not give them anything. Once payment is submitted, the chat with them is over. Still cannot believe the website is still up.

  115. is a scam. They have pictures of particular products and end up delivery things that you haven’t purchased that too of low quality and there is absolutely no way of returning it back as they don’t respond to emails. Be aware

  116. Clothapparels displayed on my Credit statement .Email was listed as They gave me a order number and Pyment number . Never received product or was I able to contact the customer service. Lost 63$.

  117. This company is selling Portable power supplies for 70 dollars on facebook. Everywhere else those portable power supply sell for 1000 dollars and up. The company states they are in Portland Oregon, but the credit card is processed in China. facebook has them listed coming from the Virgin Islands.

  118. Hashim Lafond scam

    I previously ordered a jacket from on 10/04/2020, I waited 2 weeks for a tracking number before reaching out. I did receive a response, however it was just another estimated time the product would be shipped (10/29/2020). Here we are 11/02/2020 and they have completely stopped all communication.

  119. Richard R Walden is a scam website. They advertise on Facebook and claim to obtain lost, unclaimed and unopened packages from the postal service in which nobody knows what is inside the package. They offer to sell you those lost, unclaimed packages for a price depending on the size of the package you want. Prices start at around $30.00 for a standard size package. Their website shows consumers opening these packages to find iPhones and Apple watches and other expensive electronics. This is all fake.
    In reality when you purchase a package from them 6 to 8 weeks later you will receive a small package from China with a 3-5 dollar cheap item inside. I paid for the standard package and received a small roll of tape. Another customer spent over $130.00 on a large sized package and received a string of LED lights worth $7.00
    Everything comes from China and they have duped 100’s of customers. They change their websites name often. The latest change was from to

  120. You should always read the company info at the bottom of the ad. A sentence like this under “Return Policy” is a flashing red light that it’s probably fake: We accept the cancellation of the order before the product is shipped or product. 
    Here’s another red light sentence: return shipping costs are paid by the buyer. (Hint: lowercase r instead of Capital R in return.)
    Legitimate companies pay big bucks for advertising and proofreading. Bad grammar and punctuation is a sign to flee before you buy.

  121. is a scam website. The are pretending to sell products that they copied and pasted off real websites. Do not give these people your information -It’s a scam. The have nothing to sell, just a fake site with pictures.

  122. is nothing more than a promo site for the Cupid group of dating sites! Believe nothing there, and go with your gut…. A lot of their sites do shady stuff!

  123. I’m curious to find if the site is legitimate or not. If offers a way to pay through PayPal which makes me think it’s legit but prices that makes me think it’s not. Can anyone tell me

  124. Beware of ads for Rothy’s flats. I purchased a paint at full retail price, $125.00. The following morning an ad for Rothy’s appeared in my inbox. Eighty percent off for limited inventory of six colors of the “same” item. I ordered two pair. Later, I checked the link to no avail. I disputed the transaction with Amex. Kefan, the “vendor” said there was evidence of signed receipt on the specific date while I was traveling 1500 miles away. Later, I determined that I had received a package from China on that date with three pair of very ugly socks and was thrilled that my husband had put the package aside. Postmark and package with photos and ugly socks in place of Cinderella shoes proved my case.

  125. i ordered and paid for an Urn for my late Daughters ashes mid September 2020 .I have done everything to reach them for update on my order to no avail.This has caused great distress to my granddaughter and myself .the company are EBRISELUB

  126. ordered a watch and bands through an ad for Fit Bit watch.. never received confirmation, never received watch. Credit Card was charged.. AD still comes up on MSN. com.. company code 855-3271779

  127. Hello Every One My name is Adnan Sami please be aware an Indian Programmer who is using name of Abhishek Gupta and Rohan Gupta having number +91 92052 23269 is scamming peoples in the name of Programming. He did my little project then i send him money in Advance to perform my full project after that he Blocks me… He is a SCAMMER please be ware like these kind of Humanity Dogs.

  128. NEVER buy anything from Facebook ads.
    when playing games on Facebook, any ads that have to do with Facebook.

  129. Retro Back Pack
    I have ordered an item over a month ago and still nothing. I am concerned that this is a scam website. Should someone come back to me I will remove my post but until I am concerned.

  130. I just wanted to tell you that is a fraud website and Robert Lee is stealing your money if you actually make a deposit. Several clients have lost their money when cancelling a purchase and Robert Lee offers to get the money back once its resold, but unfortunately they will keep your money and decline any kind of refund. Spread the warning around the world not to use this service.

  131. ATTEMPT FRAUD BY – please stop their behavior!
    Through an ad with offers on Facebook, I came across this page and ordered one item from I contacted them afterwards to make sure they would ship the ordered item and nothing else.
    It resulted in me getting my money back.
    The reason I contacted them avr that I came to remember the same advertising and bad experience from this “web-shop” (
    It was the same advertising and similar procedure as from
    What I received from was anything but the equipment they pretended to sell.
    They sent an empty box that I can not use for anything – marked value USD 5 – they charged USD 37.98
    They still refuse to refund the falsely charged money.

  132. Beware of online scammers They sent me a poor quality item which I tried to return. They gave me a fake return address and have stopped responding to my emails. They have also blocked my account and deleted all my comments on their website. This is a dodgy company based in China pretending to be a trustowrthy European / USA website. Avoid all these online shopping scams. Most companies advertising on facebook are scammers. If they don’t have a genuine phone number avoid them like the plague

  133. I couldn’t decide if there were ads in your article or if they were supposed to be examples of scams but how apropos. There were two “ads” for the company Callabuy. Their clothing is very similar to other clothing sites so I did an internet search and they are a scam site. Too funny, their ads running in your article.

  134. I had ordered a handy opener tool from a company called SHAZALE OR SHAZULE, item has been paid for that was 6 weeks ago sent a couple of emails asking for delivery date but I am getting no replies so I am assuming the company is fake . I have lost $30 on the deal which I could not really afford as I am on a pension, but lesson learnt check first.

  135. Beware of Worldtrade1 online. The store advertised on Facebook. I purchased a table and chairs using PayPal on July 5, 2020. Needless to say, I’ve never received the items and my emails have not received a response.

  136. Philippe Landmann

    I ordered a set of cast iron pans at I got a pair of cheap and broken sunglasses instead…
    The offer was crazy cheap and I took the chance "just to check it out". I also wondered how this heavy package of cast iron pans will be shipped. Now I know how… – they don’t send it at all! Since the payment was via PayPal I was ready to take the risk.

  137. Mihail Tabakaev – This is a scam site. I have applied for withdrawal from it 931$ but support answered me that I should have at least 5000$ on my deposit.
    But this restriction didn’t written there. Besides this site are almost equal to Red-bentley.
    Both of them didn’t have contact information. Don’t deposit your money there or be ready to loose all of them!
    Actually I knew about this site from one Chinese girl (Wang Jing, her English name is Anna, tel. number: +86 133 2301 9227) with who I chatted about 1-2 months.
    She introduced me to her "teacher" (Yang Rui, tel. number: +86 159 3015 5678) who taught her how to make money on stock market.
    But in rality they are scummers ready to steal all money you intend to invest in stock market. First day I redoubled my basic funds.
    The second day I tried to withdraw a half of my deposit but it was in vain. The other 1000$ were lost by the bad opening and closing positions (thanks to the "teacher"!).
    So, people don’t be so trustful to the new friends you had made in the internet!

  138. I thought something was to good to be true so as I saw the item for 99 dollars I knew I wanted it. As I ordered it, the website took me to a weird Visa like page. I entered my card information but noticed it wouldn’t work. Seems my bank has blocked my card because the website was from an unknown company. Glad that my bank did that since I wasn’t thinking straight. Also weird is they sent me an email that I have purchased the item in which I haven’t. So don’t go to sapritmarket as the website is a total scam, selling items at very good cheap prices.

  139. Found a link on Facebook with a clearance sale for nike shoes, looked totally legit and very , advised me that if I purchased over 700 rand , shipping with be free , and the shoes went for 99 rand a pair , to make a long story short they debited the amount, just to debit a shipping free more than the order purchase and emailed me to say that due to foreign exchange I got billed again, where as the site stated otherwise

  140. Timberland mshops, they are advertising on instagram and selling timberland shoes for 20$. If you are stupid enough to order, like I was, you will get a cheap fake gucci scarf, hahahaha.

  141. Beware of fake surgical consultant and care credit scam! She cannot finance you for cared credit @tiffanymaiyon is claiming to have an llc called Bella dream body llc Tiffany Maiyon also knows as Tiffany Monique lofton is a fraud and will take your funds and you will never here from her Belladreanbody

  142. I ordered from website jacket.classicodd a jacket from my daughter never received it but also fake sunglasses, fak website jacket classicodd, you will receive sunglasses wort nothing . parcel is coming from china , so these is a total scam and fraud !!

  143. All of this are Fraudent people and have fake shops.
    WhatsApp : +66806291453
    WHATSAPP: +201116233754
    WHATSAPP: +44 7404662201
    SKYPE ID: tradelinestorez
    EMAIL: tradelinestorez
    EMAIL: tradelinestore01
    A&B Freightlinc.
    WhatsApp: +18017340151
    WeChat: +13852008667

    Also known as Zander Girl and Veronica Brava. Scammed myself and a lot of other people out of money. Never sent the headbands we ordered and shut down their precious website zandergirl They just opened the new website and are still scamming people out of money.

  145. Went on a site that wasn’t secure for Dr Martens boots-URL is Reoiy. The boots were veryncheap so I should’ve known better. I did receive a pair of Rayban sunglasses instead. I can only contact them if I sign up but I don’t want to give them anymore information.

  146. Mr Michael Swallow is a completely fake shopping site. I ordered a board game, received confirmation of payment, and never heard anything from them again. I confirmed with my bank that payment was made and have sent several emails but received no reply. Do not touch them with a giant Clown stick. I kind of knew I was taking a risk but I really wanted the item, which is probably what they bank on. I see the web page for the item (of which there is only one copy) is still up Boxdelicates top. I suppose this non-existant item must be quite a little earner for the scammer. Anyway I seem not to have lost anything more than the money I paid. There have been no unusual transactions or the like. remember the name and the name of the scammer (which should have sounded alarm bells) "Jin Dong Say"

  147. DO NOT USE They say they are an Australian outlet toy store but send item to Californian address even though they sent me tracking information saying it was going to my Australian address. No response from merchant. They used a random ABN to set up. DODGY!!!

  148. I wish to advise potential purchasers of astronomy goods online. The company Cyclops Optics in Hong Kong is not genuine. In July 6th I purchased a camera from this company and paid for it plus shipping in full. To date they have not responded to my e-mails and messages/enquiries concerning my order status.

  149. ordered a lifelike baby doll advertised as 17 inches long. What was received was less than 3 inches long.Cost was 41.98 including shipping.The item weas advertised on facebook.Have pictures of original email acknowledging order and of item received. A total ripoff..

  150. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please I am from Germany and searching a bank *first century bank* located in Buckley I found the place of the summit bank, but not really the bank…… with
    I payed a lot and only can find an advertising agency.. All I was searching on controlling websides through the last weeks. Could anyone really help me. No one is there could help me… I am a serious woman and you can know more about. I am 69 years old and in the trust. Thank you for giving a sign. Best Regards Ruth Golica

  151. Andrew Bharath

    Invest 200us in saw on their website after 2 weeks that I made 3150us. However I had to deposit 250 us dollars as fees to withdraw my funds. I sent 250us dollars. Now I have to send 650us dollars because I am a fxtrader which I refused. So they are ignoring my request for my 250us dollars refund. Any suggestions?

  152. Darren Hutchinson

    beware of I bought Lego off them only to receive a cheap pair of knockoff sunglasses. when they finally answered email they blame everyone else and then offer no name palstic or a fraction of the money spent as a refund

  153. Fake website Callestore


  154. Beware of I ordered a sewing machine. At the time, it displayed a local address claiming to be in the United States. After several weeks of no item, I checked with the company via email and they provided a tracking number for the order and said to be patient because shipping was delayed due to corona. When ordered, I paid for 3-5 day shipping as it was supposed to be a birthday gift for my daughter. When I questioned a second time, they gave me a tracking number and reported that it had been delivered. Instead of receiving the sewing machine, I received a pack of kn95 masks. When I tried to visit the website, the website no longer existed and none of my emails have since been answered.
    I had the same exact issue ordering plexiglass on the same day from . They sent me 1 mask from China.

  155. Beware of this SCAMMER !!!
    He scammed us for total amount of USD 3514.50

    We delivered his order, he received it and ran away. Didn’t pay the commercial invoice.

    Real Name : Sammy Dale
    Phone : +44 7790 600600

    Bank Account name : Sam Dean
    Account No. : 890 – 80 – 517

    Instagram : mr.essdee ( was mrsammydee and mr.sammy.dee )

    He is selling fashion on Instgram with alias name : luxxorr_

    His account on has been removed permanently due to our report.
    ( under name : sarahelizabeth90 )

  156. Avoid HalifaxCourier

    I want to inform you about the Halifax courier and Security Company that deceived me with a service for the delivery of a shipment from Burkina Faso to Bulgaria. The company has a fake website www Beware, their website looks very good and even have a physical address, which is deceiving

  157. I was with $3300 by diptradex. You invest and by time to withdraw they say there is a problem you must make another a deposit but they just don’t pay out where can I report them or what can I do

  158. is a scam website used by by a fake forex trader on Instagram under user ID johanne_fx_trade247. This person scams people into ‘investing’ in bitcoin by posting supposed impressive returns and testimonials on Instagram, and uses the website to trick people into thinking it is official and they can watch their account grow by posting fake daily profits. Avoid at all costs unless you want to lose your money.

  159. I bought a 6.0 cubic ft freezer from a retailer through I didn’t question it, because it was through wal mart. I paid $353.13 for this freezer, including a 3 year protection plan. I recieved a confirmation email. Then I received an email stating that my order has shipped. It stated that my freezer would be delivered May 7th. After not receiving my freezer, I checked the tracking information. It stated that my freezer was awaiting acceptance in Boca Raton Florida. I kept rechecking this information & after 3 weeks, it was the same. I tried calling the company, it just rang & rang. So I tried sending an email & got an error message. I went on the company’s web site & sent a message through their customer service form. Everything failed. The company is called wholesale values. After looking this company up on line, I found hundreds of reviews that were the same situation as mine. They bought a freezer, never received it & can’t get a hold of the company!! These scam places are unacceptable! I am a recently disabled woman & can not afford this lost money!!!

  160. Anna Sutcliffe

    I get bombarded with messages from Norton security saying my computer is at risk I need to update. We have not used Norton for the last 18 years or more. In addition I get photos popping up in the right hand bottom corner of my screen with half naked girls who are looking for sex. How do I get rid of this?

  161. Anna Sutcliffe

    I get bombarded with messages from showing girls who are looking for sex on line. HOw do I get rid of this?

  162. michael pavlov is a fake website. fake alabama phone number, fake omaha address belonging to some other company

  163. christine brown

    on Face book market place a company were advertising they were genuine sellers for Doc martins boots so after reading what i thought was a genuine seller ordered 2 pairs of Doc martin made boots and paid by credit card the seller was and i then got another email as instructed from their payment team of the cost in euros I have just been to check my account when the site was no longer available the other website has anyone else used this site?

  164. In general, don’t purchase anything from a website that ends in a weird or alternative domain name (e.g. *.club; *.xyz; *.store), doesn’t spell everything perfectly and consistently throughout their website, offers an odd/unusual mix of random products, cannot locate the model number of the supposed item posted on Google anywhere, no traceable street address or phone number, located in a nondescript generic business park in "nowhere", inconsistent fonts/lettering/faked or copied pictures, and anything else that tells you to suspect the legitimacy of the online store in which you are shopping. If you’ve never heard of the store and also cannot find it listed or amply reviewed elsewhere online with hundreds (preferably thousands) of legit reviews, then forget buying from it.

  165. Sara Fitzgerald-Wallace

    Stay away from this is an online scam store buying googlead ads to make it look legit.
    Has an address phone and email listed to make it look good. However the phone number is a VOIP from Alabama that never connects. The address takes you to a Metal manufacturing company in Michigan.
    I send an email asking for invoice info no answer.
    Called my credit card company and reported scam and stop payment to company. Lo and behold a magic email saying my order is processing awaiting payment.


  167. purport to offer from 0.48% profit on a daily basis on investments over $1000. They say that they accept funds from a variety of sources like bank transfer, credit card etc but these all fail and the cheapest option with no fees ends up being Bitcoin (untraceable). After they have your money their support never replies again. The website is well designed and elaborate with a footnote containing affiliations to USA financial institutions, registered address in Wall Street and organisation numbers. It’s good.

  168. Beware of the X Drone HD website! Here is their scamming website:

    This the web where I bought the drone, I knew that the product is very different than the product they show in a video, then because has a 30-day money-back I ask then the address to send back, they didn’t in any way I sent back the product to the address in the label but now the sent me email answering this is not the right address, now they sent an address and insurance must be pay with the return.Every time they put excuse to back the product either they asked me a video to show what was wrong.

  169. I looked up’s toll free number online and found this website;
    and called the number listed on it for customer support which is; 888-927-2779 and the man said he was with amazon customer support. I complained about a product that came wrong and he asked me to give him a three part authentication which involved ordering three products on Amazon and then he asked me to give him certain numbers on those orders. I told that is not how they normally do this and he said that it was due to the Corona virus pandemic. He then said that I wouldn’t be charged for the items I was ordering and they would be automatically deleted. Soon afterwards I got an email from Amazon stating that my account had been hacked and would have to redo my password to sign in again after an hour. So I called the scammers back and told them what happened and accused him of being a scammer and he promptly hung up on me. I called back again and we got into a verbal argument so I cursed him out and hung up on him. This time he called me back on another number (888-694-6932 and started to curse me out and so I hung up and blocked both of their numbers.

  170. Stop the criminals

    I am sick with all these fake online fraud, someone please do something esapcially now during coronavirus. here are some scammer websites, watch out: Glamshell, Nicediscount, Gear Quake, theWarmystore.

  171. Roselinlin scam

    Stay away from Roselinlin clothing. All the Roselinlin reviews are terrible. Try to buy and see, arghhhh. They don’t deliver the cloths you buy!

  172. Beware of a online store called goodgo or goodgogo they are a total scam! They advertise one product then ship something totally inferior instead. In my case I ordered two radio controlled duct fan jets that normally cost in the $700 – $900 range advertised for $10. As yes you guessed it.. I received two small infrared controlled toy helicopters worth maybe about 5 dollars. There are many scams on phone playable games. Carefully research before you buy!

  173. Has anyone heard of TV Buddy? Does this stream anything without charge? It says can netflicks or Amazon prime video for example no subscription fees. Seems too good to be true! Money back g and can pay by PayPal.

  174. hi , wondering if anyone can tel me if a binary broker called is a scam or legit company
    thanks for any help

  175. My husband ordered a tool set from a website posted on Facebook for a good deal. Paid by credit card, received a follow up email confirming his order. The next day he had many more “store” websites posted on Facebook very similar. He got suspicious and went to the confirmation email. When he clicked on the “track your order” button, he got a message saying “oops, something went wrong” and could no longer track his order. On the bottom of the email there was an email address with so many letters, it seemed bogus and it stated the site was powered by Shopify. He had read the information originally with the “about us” company info and all of their regulations and rules, which seemed pretty legal. But he did not check for any reviews and in checking the other sites, there were none. Some of the sites were:

    Popinshow, (email),

    Pheaukn, powered by Shopify, email

    Shoptimized LSJFDIO Designed by Booster theme


    These are what has shown up so far. What a mess!

  176. and are scam sites. They offer products at less than half manufacturing costs to steal your credit card information. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE PRODUCT. They have been reported to the FTC and the FBI Internet Crime Division.

  177. I purchase a Wall Street Journal through a third-party seller I paid for a full year but they did not pay WSJ for it. Instead, they paid three installments and kept the rest of the money. WSJ wants to suspend my subscription. has ignored my repeated emails for them to to pay the rest. DO NOT EVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM

  178. Bettershopes:

    hello, has anybody bought from better The name of the shop is Bettershopes and it’s powered

    by shopify. They put flash adds of people buying items all the time, however there’re no reviews and I find it very weird. The shop is supposed to be Hong Kong based but their contact phone number is in the US. Thank you

  179. manuel c martinez

    i was scammed for 66.00 from samitrend online shopping or ordered a battery charger that i never got first time for me but the price was within close of the other ones i was looking at tried to call them it was someone else number tried to email them but when i clicked to email it returned me to google so i got screwed this people need to get a hard working job im retired and the little money i have left over i shop on line for good deals

  180. WINNINGSWEET.COM is a scam clothing company which takes your money and never refunds money taken or deliver items oredered. Someone please stop them from trading! How can credit card companies take moeny for them????

  181. Don’t EVER buy product from their sites. They have another store called I purchased a cute cactus shaped cat scratch post and received green yarn. They refused to find the parcel, replace it, and refund me. Their website states that they’ll never ask for product back and will be happy to ship a replacement. I keep getting the run around in emails.


    An unsafe site that direct supports harassment, intimidation and discrimination.
    Please note has received this today. They are supporting these crimes and it must stop.

    If this is not satisfactorily handled I have no issuing in reporting this site to the FBI and the database that I have taken.

    Hi Have been very patient and today a moderator who is not at all sympathetic to a man being harassed by other men and instead kicks me out. Read the reports, it is incessant.

    I have taken many logs of the unsafe environment and if the discrimination which continues on your site.

    I have sent a copy of this email to your payments provider for now just to show you I am serious.

    The bulling and feverish predator conduct that your site promotes and supports by way of the under trained and ill equipped moderators who themselves work with these men and support their bully tactics.

    I will be looking to get you shut down properly as was the sex listings on craigslist. It will take all of 15 minutes for investigators to find the pedophile, incest and bi-sexual harassment of straight men that is supported by your company and site.

    usercloake # MidwestKingPin
    ]give up you are a man an Bi am not interested, you are a man pretening to have a couple profile

    MidwestKingPin # usercloake
    WTF do you mean by that? So no crime
    usercloake # MidwestKingPin
    show your wife on cam and I will believe you

    silverado asks for video chat.
    silverado asks for video chat.

    usercloake # silverado excuse me – where does it say gay – stop harrasing me or I will report you

    silverado asks for video chat.

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    usercloake @ Someguy33
    i have neveer contacted you – reported

    Hi Have been very patient and today a moderator who is not at all sympathetic to a man being harassed by other men and instead kicks me out. Read the reports, it is incessant.

  183. Please note that The Mayhill Agency is a scam ( They have recently offered me to proceed on a old scam initiated by a company called Crown Capital Management few years back. The share they try to trade/re-offer is ‘International SX Industries Inc’ (IS9). Be warned and be careful with these guys. Maybe they also have other old scams/frauds on their agenda…….

  184. If you use marketplace then beware of web sites, such as selling drones for $33, vacuum robots for $39.95, exotic family vacation for $99 in Cancun or Caribbean islands, farm backhoes for $59.95.

    Most of these sites are "bait and switch" operators. The delivered product may not resemble in performance to the product shown in slick videos by these websites.

    The business model is to swindle buyers by partial refunds as for clients return shipping is prohibitive. Shipping for client may cost 3 to 4 times more compared to what sellers pay.

    I researched some sites by actually buying products. Research suggests that most of these websites are registered on a server located in Scottsdale, AZ. Product shipments are made from China or HK.

    These sites use payment portals, like paypal which gives to buyer a false sense of security. During disputes these portals insist to return items on buyer’s cost before getting full refund. For $39.95 refund, buyer may have to spend almost same amount or more for shipping.

    If you find an advert interesting then before ordering check the reputation of websites on or just google for reviews.

    In the last week, just tweeted to know from general public if these websites are genuine. Several of sites disappeared after tweets. Also forwarded tweets to genuine manufacturers too and later noticed that several websites vanished.

    Best way to tackle these fraudulent sellers is –
    – report to facebook ,
    – tweet asking reputation of website,
    – report to scam advisor portals.

    Special attention be given to websites containing – and in website names.

    Note: most of the sellers have advert on one website, order on second to fool reputed payment portals and shipping by 3rd.

  185. is a scam website. I found them on instagram. Ordered 2 projectors and 2 cables for Christmas total $194. I received a confirmation of order and they took money from my account, never received shipping confirmation. When I emailed them they told me they were backed up with orders. Eventually I asked for a refund. I was told I would get a refund – but that hasn’t happened. so far I have reported them to Federal Trade Commission and FBI internet complaint department.

  186. Enjoy Products sellers are scamming people for$99 for sheds. I lost my $$ with no way to get it back. All my attempts to find a responsive representative for the "company" have failed. Is there a way to get this$$ back?

  187. Do not order from this website!!!
    I’ve clicked an ad on Instagram and ordered a phone from this website. Instead I received another cheap phone, nothing alike. They said I have to pay the return shipping to be able to get a full refund. It is expensive to ship to China from US, so I accepted a 60% refund they offered and keep the cheap phone that I will never use, but never got the refund. Now they are not even responding. This is a total scam!!! Do not order from this website!!!

  188. I contacted Japan Outboard Motors to purchase a used Yamaha 115hp four stroke motor. They sent me invoice, I sent money by T/T Wire Transfer. They sent me bogus tracking information. I contacted my bank and they contacted the bank with the payee’s account. The payee had already withdrawn the money.

    When i contacted the sales manager one Kevin Chan, he sent email saying he would refund me but it never happened.

    I asked other people from different countries to contact the same company to order an outboard motor. Every invoice indicates the money to be paid to another individual.

    They are scammers.

    I also contacted another cpmpany called Malisa Suksanguan Outboard Inc to purchase the same item from them. They sent me an invoice also. The signature on their invoice is the same signature as the signature on the invoice issued by Japan Outboard Motors.

  189. Pandorax is a fake site. My mum purchased some Pandora charms at a reduced amount, and then received a Hermes (NOT) scarf instead. When she contacted the site, they advised they had run out of the charms, still showing in stock online, and they would only refund if my mum returned the scarf. Advised her not to, as she’ll never get her money back, so she’s going to speak to Visa.

    I am a victim of the same scam mentioned in the other 3 complaints at the Better Business Bureau. I ordered what I thought was a hardcover book with free shipping from Grenntermo using a Google link for $7.20. NOWHERE on the listing which included a picture of the hardcover book did it say that they were selling a digital book which is available on the internet for $1.95 to $2.95.The order form asked for my shipping address (which is different from my mailing address) and which is needed to ship a hardcover book.
    I received an email with a link to an ebook.The ebook is worthless to me.I have contacted them twice, and they refuse to refund me.
    I also suspect that Grenntermo is an offshore business using a Charlotte NC address (although they may be renting a location here in NC). I say this because of the broken English used in their emails and answers to the many complaints here and elsewhere on the internet.Also the company telephone number (which they don’t answer) is a cellphone with an Asheville area code. Beware of and stay away from this business.

  191. People please don’t shop on this clothing website!! Do not order anything!!!! It’s been 4 weeks now and no updates about my order. No phone number, no address and fake email. I did not receive my order and the seller is a scam. Do not purchase anything from!!!

  192. I think its a sad world we live in because there is no Integrity anymore. No one takes responsibility for their part in the scam, companies like shopify and PayPal willingly allow the scammers the use of their platforms to steal from hard working individuals! It’s time to hold those companies accountable for participating in criminal activities! As far as I’m concerned paypal and shopify are scams as well because they make money off these sites willingly. Is there no law against capitalizing on the proceeds of crimes? If so why haven’t these large corps been charged with being an accessory. I feel a class action suit coming!!
    Who’s in?

  193. Do not order from Interesting Trades Fashion Store. Total Scam lost my money no order no response back from Company. Spoke with BBB in the U.S. they are a scam.


    Even in e- bay they scammed me . They posted a TIG welding machine for low price . Then I paid it via my Visa Card . The next day they posted again the same item telling the public that the item is no longer available . sio the payment i made is gone. So beginning today do not buy in ebay.Another one is heyday. It is a scamming website. don’t buy there

  195. Hollywood Pods is a complete scam of a company. We ordered tens of thousands of dollars worth of office phone booths and office meetings pods from Hollywood Pods, and not only were the office pods a month late, they installed a bunch of damaged garbage. Hollywood Pods is refusing to fix them, take the office pods back or give us a refund, and now they’re ignoring all phone calls and emails. Hollywood Pods is a fake company scamming everyone who gives them money. Do not give your money to Hollywood Pods. Hollywood Pods is a scam.

  196. I ordered items from two websites I found on Facebook. Shop it Off and Direct Shop. They of course immediately withdrew my money but needless to say I never received the items. That was a year ago. I tried contacting the companies but like so many others that was a waste of time.

  197. Smart link Kenya is conning poor Kenya million of shillings asking them to pay a referal fee of between 400/650ksh after which they will be earning sh350-500 after they refer a new customer n it fake money you can see it when you log in but trying to withdraw they will give you 72hour after which is all link Kenya ascam.

  198. Do not purchase from Tried contacting customer service right after purchase and several attempts after that. Still no reply. My credit card was charged right away but the confirmation receipt had nothing with the company listed on it. I never received a detailed receipt or anything from . The receipt was labeled as PYRAREX Limited which is linked with another online company called Yaa Mart. I also tried calling the number listed on the receipt (UK) and the male that answered said "wrong number" and hung up. None of those names appear on’s site. I will be disputing charge and hope this site gets taken down.

  199. DONT BUY FROM CLEVERLIFY. The website is not even working anymore, i spent $60 and never received anything.
    Today tried to open the website and its not avaiable anymore

  200. MY CREDIT NUMBER IS 100-XX-69

  201. Do not order from I ordered a dress and never received a confirmation email or tracking number. My credit card was charged and I never received the dress. I also discovered that they were using photos of dresses from a designers website on their website. I originally discovered the site on Pinterest and have also since seen the ads on Facebook.

  202. Never try to have any deal with They claim that they are a binary trading platform. They will ask you to invest, then tell you to pay more money for upgrade of your account. When your profit time is reached, they will request that you pay 10% of the profit earned. Once you pay, your details would be deleted from the website. The contact number +1 (706) 489-0845

  203. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING from the website, a company based in London, England. They advertise on FB, usually fun, holiday-based items. I placed an order last month, received order confirmation….then nothing. Package finally arrived two days ago (over 3 weeks ago). The package contained a large, cheap, white plastic sheet with a hole in it, plus 4 double-sided tape squares…but not the item I had ordered. I have written to their customer service email and help email four times in two days, but no response. I am out about $30. Avoid this site. They don’t follow up and obviously don’t have any kind of customer service. SCAM.

  204. Dont’ buy from Oneslla8. They are in China but you don’t know that up front. In fact, be careful of any site that is based in China. I ordered 2 pairs of waterproof fashion boots, reviews on their site compared them to Timberlands. I received an email immediately thanking me for my order and telling me I would receive an email with the shipping info. On their website it says they ship to U.S. in 5 to 7 days. After 10 days with no email, I sent an email to them saying that if I did not hear from them I would report them as a scam. I heard from them then! They made excuses about being on back order and would send me info when it shipped. After another week I got an email saying my order had shipped with a "tracking number". It took me to a shipping site I had never heard of and I had to type in my tracking number. It said it would be 15 to 30 days and the only info it showed about my package was that it was in China. This is 2 days after I received the tracking number. I doubt I will ever receive it. Also, there is no trace of them online other than their own website. No place to read or leave reviews except their site. Also, my research shows that merchandise from China is ALWAYS terrible quality.

  205. Sir frouding with me Frome city2home website his customer care no 9355678604 to 9355678628 to continue no using these for this no his person name was anjali, jahanvi.alka.bhavna.sanjay kumar chaudhary.arun Kumar Gupta. Rahul kumar shukla .Ankur tyagi total members in delHi ncr and uttar pradesh west now are total no are closed and start another nov9582450314 totally member is froud mera in logon ne bahut paisa froud kiya plz in logon ka no ko enquiry kariye