Facebook Marketplace Scams

Facebook Marketplace Scams: Add Your Experience

Were you scammed on Facebook Marketplace? Are you buying or selling stuff on the platform? Looking to report someone? Enjoy this article and find out what you need to know. We have received many complaints about Facebook Marketplace scams lately, so we decided to publish this material for fraud awareness and consumer protection. You can add your experience in the Comments section at the end of the article. Please expose the names of questionable businesses to help build a list of scamming websites.

Let’s start with a little bit of education: do you know how to tell if a website is fake? If not, we have good news. Let’s take a look. There are three ways – see below:

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Here Are Some Questionable Offers, Exposed

Let’s get into the Facebook Marketplace scam. The first example of a fake Facebook Marketplace shop is the type of ‘business’ that has a great site with many good-looking products, whether they are electronics, gadgets, clothes, or accessories. It makes you buy an item but despite the fact that you get a confirmation of your purchase you will not get it delivered.

Here is what we received from our reader James: “While on Facebook Marketplace I found an ad for a plastic garden shed, for $99. They offered free shipping and I was ecstatic. Then I thought that this is too good to be true. It was a lifetime shed and a variety of legitimate companies were selling it for around $1600-1800, while some would even go over $2,000! I searched the site listing for 99$ and it was the only product they listed. The site had no physical address and had no phone number listed, yet was a very realistic looking web page with a company mission statement and a lot of other information. I cannot find anything on the company on the web other than it is about two weeks old. The web address is wayfareareas.top. It also showed that it is associated with some other site, APKQTO.INC, which I can’t find anything about.

facebook marketplace scams

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In a second example, the victim Tasmin exposes a shoe selling site: “I found a store on Facebook Marketplace with a clearance sale for Nike shoes. It looked totally legitimate. They said if I purchased shoes over $45 the shipping would be free. The shoes went for 99 Rand ($7US) a pair. I bought one. They debited the amount, added a shipping free more than the order purchase, and emailed me to say that due to foreign exchange I got billed again! Scammers! The site is ZandoWarehouse.top

A pair of Nike for $7? Never, unless they are used. Here is one more.

A third case – referring to inexistent contracts – is listed by Penny B.: “There was an advert for a posture T-shirt for a price of 9 Pounds ($11US), which is very cheap. Fourteen days later they sent me an email saying 70 Pounds will be deducted from my account and further goods are being sent as I had not canceled a so-called contract, which I never received. I have seen on websites that numerous other people have had this experience. I have sent many emails to the company, which is based in Denmark. They refuse to refund the money and have deleted my account details. This is disgusting as they are targeting people who are in pain and vulnerable. Beware of https://myposture-family.co.uk/“.

As you can see, all three cases listed above have a different approach. Whether it’s about prices that look too good to be true or non-existent agreements, beware of companies that do not have a strong presence online or previous clients. Or companies that claim to work closely with the government.

On the other hand, many questionable businesses send you the products you purchase, but they sell counterfeit consumer goods, not originals.

Facebook Marketplace Scams: How To Avoid

What can you do before purchasing anything online and especially on the Facebook Marketplace? Always check the company owning the website on the Internet by adding the word ‘scam’ or ‘complaint’ in the search engine. Also, look for all their names on the BBB listings – if they have a profile there.

Facebook Marketplace Scams: How To Report Them

Warn your family and friends about the Facebook Marketplace scams by sharing this article using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission and the Facebook Marketplace using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

Report To Facebook Marketplace Here

If you want to report or hide a listing on Facebook Marketplace you can follow these steps: From facebook.com, click Marketplace in the top left. Click the listing that you want to report or hide. Click in the top right, then click Report Post or Hide Item. Follow the on-screen instructions. If the person has blocked you, learn how to report something you can’t see.

What’s your story? Tell us if you have experienced any Facebook scams. Meanwhile, if you decide to take your complaint online through social media, make sure you don’t fall for the Fake Customer Representative Scam.


How To Protect Yourself More

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You’ll receive periodic emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.

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Selma HrynchukSelma is a fraud prevention specialist renowned for her expertise in private eye investigations and a remarkable partnership with law enforcement agencies. Beyond her investigative triumphs, her public speaking engagements and written works have empowered countless individuals to protect themselves and stay ahead of deceptive schemes. Selma's legacy shines as a tenacious agent of change, unyielding in her commitment to battling fraud and ensuring a safer world for all.

44 thoughts on “Facebook Marketplace Scams”

  1. Phyllis Bertram

    Thank you! Great info. Think I’ve had all those scams. Please tell more about something you called the Evaluator or something that sounded like that.

  2. Lisa Richards-Schumann

    I found an add for a small tractor with a bucket. The person listing the item said that she was posting for a friend and sent me a link. When I messaged the person, I was answered in an e-mail stating the item was ready to be shipped (even though the original site was supposed to be in Neenah WI.) When I told her I wanted to pay cash and pick up the item in person, I received the following e-mail.

    Samantha Beary
    Lisa Richards

    Thu, Jun 16 at 10:26 AM

    “Picking it up is not an option because it is stored in Facebook Dealership possession here in Montana, sealed with all the papers and ready to be delivered, I’ve already paid the delivery fees. The Facebook Dealership process is the only way we can close the deal and I don’t negotiate the conditions. So, if you agree to move forward, email me the buyer’s info: full name, complete delivery address, zip code and phone number. I’ll get things rolling and Facebook will guide you through the process.”

    My question is this, Is there even such a thing as a Facebook Dealership? When I went back to report the add as possible fraud the post was no longer available.
    Show original message

  3. Patricia Morris

    Beware if a Deborah Kelly… she scammed me for £8… to some it may seem like nothing but to me it is big amount. and it is earned money!

  4. I wanted to let Market Place Facebook to know about the scam we went through!
    Beware of a “so Called company now being advertised with the name,Sundance”.they advertise Carports on Marketplace. They advertise locally in Spokane WA area. They list carports/sheds/barns of all sizes. Rent to own programs, always making it sound good and easy. They randomly make new advertisements with other names, too ,and then they take it down and make up another name. My husband and I gave them a two thousand dollar down payement/deposit back in first week of April 2021. They had us sign a contract online via email. We were told 6 to 8 weeks we would have our building. (price tag $20,000). I called around the 6 week mark to try and get an idea of estimated time of delivery. I called the representative that I signed with and gave the money to, but was told I had to call another phone number to get any information. That phone number, if you get a representative to even answer, they take information from you and tell you someone will call you back…but they don’t call. Usually you get a voicemail machine and when you leave a message, they don’t call back. So I called the original representative and the few times I got through, was told they had no way to tell me anything on delivery/setup or how to get answers. Well by now we had spent a few thousand dollars clearing the land and laying rock, leveling etc, for the spot we were having the building set up.
    By October, it was getting clear, that something was wrong!! Still no building! No estimated time to get our building, and they weren’t returning my calls. I emailed too, and a month and 4 days later got a reply telling me to call customer service! IT’S A LOOP YOU AROUND GAME WHERE NO ONE TELLS YOU ANYTHING AND YOU GET EMPTY PROMISES. “We will put you on the priority list”. Okay, so when do you estimate delivery? “Someone will call you in a day or two and let you know.”” three or four times I went through that, and then they got to where they wouldn’t take my calls at all or answer my messages.
    So we hired an attorney and the attorney wrote them. a letter demanding them to refund our deposit as they had not produced the product almost 7 months later. They didn’t bother to even respond to my attorney. What legitimate company, doesn’t at least reach out to a customer, or an ATTORNEY to set things straight if they were “on the up and up? That’s when I knew it was a scam! SO I WANT TO ALERT PEOPLE OUT THERE SO THEY DONT SPEND THOUSANDS ON DEPOSITS AND ON LEVELING YOUR LAND LIKE WE DID, FOR NOTHING! This company is clearly one of those, if it looks too good to be true….THEY ARE SCAMMERS! THIEFS! They took the ads down for a while after my attorney wrote them..Now They changed the ads around and did the new name …I cut and pasted the link below. PS. on the contract it listed 3 different companies and names and only gave PO Boxes no addresses….a lot I didn’t see when I signed their fake contract.


    1. Facebook marketplace scam for furniture and other items, supposed to be Wayfair, was not. Forward to phony Wayfair site.
      I ordered a Armour $101
      Wayfair Heading forwarded too stated
      Email sent to me stated go to [email protected] a scam site
      Was billed to proveclear.com a jewelry website that expires in 6 months and only been in use 6 months in U.S.
      Wayfair has no record of order.

  5. BEWARE OF A SELLER TIANA COOPER in the Austin, Pflugerville, Georgetown Tx area.
    She will want a deposit thru Venmo and then once she recieves it, she stops communicating.
    I am not the only one she has done this to. Today I found out she scammed another person out of a deposit last week for a couch they never got possession of as Tiana Cooper broke communication with her also.
    I recently sent a deposit last week for kitchen cabinets in the amount of $150 dollars for her to hold them until the weekend where we could pick them up. Which would be 11/14/202.
    I had been asking for an address where to pick up the cabinets and to date im out 150 dollars and no cabinets.
    I noticed after I demanded my deposit returned she took the ad off Facebook marketplace.
    After researching her more on line, I noticed she advertised the same items in the local sale groups you join in ur local area also. If u click on them some some revert over to Facebook marketplace.

  6. Beware of a new Apple M1 13″ Mac Book for sale on marketplace for $125. I did some research because it sounded too good to be true and found that the website you need to go to is only 15 days old. The registered name for the website is a whole bunch of letters that does not make any sense. The address on the webpage brings you to a cargo company which has nothing to do with selling items. I have reported the ad to Facebook as a scam and wanted to let everyone else know that this is a scam. Like the old saying goes… If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

  7. I’m so curious why “buyers” go straight to “what’s your address.” When I say that I will not give that out until they message me that they are on the way, I never hear from them again. I also get tons of people pushing that “is this item available” button only to disappear into the ibis. I do dislike that link.

    1. The reason i myself will from now on ask for an address is so i dont for scammed again especially if i send a deposit.
      But never again will i send a deposit prior to getting a address and phone number.

      1. All of the market place ads for cars, trucks, tractors,etc. say the same thing, perfect condition,well maintenance, always garage kept, only one picture and a ridiculously low price, if you respond, you get a message back that they listed for their sister, aunt or dad with an email address to that person. Ones I have checked out says the vehicle is at eBay, eBay will ship it and they will not receive any money until it’s delivered and your satisfied! They say you need to purchase eBay cards to buy it, I really hope people are not falling for this, when have you ever had to use eBay cards to purchase something, I’m pretty sure eBay doesn’t work that way either, I would never buy anything like a vehicle of any type without getting to look at it in person myself, there are so many items like this on Facebook Marketplace, you would think Facebook would be able to stop a lot of them, it’s getting to the point that it’s more B.S. than actual legit items for sale on the site that I stopped going on it, I use to enjoy looking at stuff and finding deals but now it’s scam scam scam

  8. I believe I was victimized by some sort of scam whether Facebook or some other fashion. I was selling planter boxes through FB marketplace. I have very low over head and a very high return rate. No I’m not ripping anyone off. They are quality and built to the best of my ability! I made close to if not over $20,000 in a few short months. During the most busiest time of my life and from what I can figure they managed to access passwords and personal information and turned life into a living nightmare! Me and my fiance (ex now) went from 3 cars, house, 2 kids, dogs, cats, and the white picket fence to absolutely nothing and fighting for custody of are children within weeks. I’ve reached out for help and none to my avail. I haven’t given up on the how, when, why, and where. Like I said I was left with nothing. So my part of the fight is paused for now, until I can get up and lick my 5 months worth of wounds. The turmoil my family and I have been through will remain burned into my soul until justice is at least met with a name!

  9. this year, 2021. i have stupidly done this 3 different times. i will get a text alert that i have won an ipad or iphone or the likes and all i have to do is fill out my delivery information AND they only need $1.00 for shipping or handling …but no paypal no cash app etc , you must have a major credit card because then they know it is you? each time within 4 days my bank has stopped my ability to use the card and notify me to call them. when i contact my bank there are charges on the card for not only goods (guess they buy and return, idk) and always after they make some very small buy to verify card works they begin to use it on sites they can get cash advances at. i keep blocking these ads and still get em almost daily and they keep getting new numbers. plus i keep receiving alerts from same company (many different names though) theat they tried to deliver my product that is just sitting at the post office but they need that one dollar first. i actually should have known better. i will never buy anything on facebook marketplace or believe any text from any company that i do not have in contacts . btw these notifications have legit walmart or you name it company logos and really look legit. i have been targeted for scams in two other ways this past year also and idk if i need to enter each one separately or not. infact ever since i retired and became an official sr citizen i have been a target.
    twice i have received an official lo9oking post office envelope in my mail. when i open it both times same, just the banks the supposed checks drawn on were different. inside a letter with information and instructions is attached to a rather large check, in my case both times for about $2500. The letter says i am a secret shopper and i need to deposit the check made to me and buy several gift cards to equal the amt of check and immediately take phots from and back with phone and send them info asap. but keep hold of those cards cause that is how i will be paid after i go look at some store for them and report back. but they warn, do not tell the store or anyone about this. the first time somebody must have made a mistake cause the written out amount on check said 4300 and the numbers printed said 2500 for amount. also immediately i saw the routing number was way too many numbers and had mostly zeros in it. i called bank drawn on and the bank was real, the fraud department each time asked if i could please fwd what i received to them.

    this last week it was a voicemail. the caller said they were from Publishers Clearing House and calling to congratulate me on winning 5.5 million dollars! gave a number for identification when i called back. instructed to call before 7 p.m. and hours open. to have a great day and again congratulations. smelled scam right away. called right before 7 p m supposedly to new york and just a machine to talk into never mentioned a company name. figured pch would have an 800 number anyway so another alrm. but i checked pcs number in new york and of course it was 888 plus their hours were closed at 5. Only way i would believe i won pcs money would be opening my door to the prize patrol and then i would be careful. i reported to ftc this time cause i learned i could. i didn’t even know i could. so maybe some better info about yes you can report it, ftc cannot help personally but they gather info and try to put an end to them.

    on facebook messenger last year i saw a scooter i would love to have and it was priced way too cheap so i should have known but it was my initiation into scammers and how many there are. you cannot trust anything or anybody on line apparently. i actually used paypal because it seemed hinky and i never heard or received a thing. i never saw the product again until a month ago same scooter ten dollars more but still too cheap on a different named website. i did not know that i can take this info to paypal although idk what they can do. I even paid a foreign exchange rate. i will contact paypal later today now that i read on this site that i should do that.

    thank you for the work you do. apparently this will always be happening because we value our privacy and they just keep changing names and such then they disappear. i will never buy another thing online unless i myself entered the store name and it is a well established store that is well known and i will use a store credit card. one bad apple,,,,,,,,, shame

  10. I bought 4 wire pens for animals for $99 each from a company I can’t remember the name of. They were on Facebook and I’ve seen the same pens advertised for sale by other companies.
    My pens never came but they produced FedX tracking numbers showing delivered before I even bought them and Paypal accepted them as proof of delivery.
    How do you argue with a company that stupid? I bought them in May and the tracking number showed delivery in march.

  11. How do you find out if a trader is legitimate? I’m trying to find out if Coinsboosters.com is real. I talked to a guy that says he works for them and I need to know more.

  12. There some rather nice looking clothes being advertised under many names, Foggylove, wookizone, Lyttony, RoseLinLin, New Chic, Dearonce, Just Fashion now, Lily Gal, Miss Look, Zo Lucky, Nora Cora and many other names. There seems to be a new name every week. I ordered and received, after many weeks, 3 items. The fit was all over the place, the quality poor and one did not look anything like I ordered, and I was unable to wear any of them. Contacting them regarding refunds or exchange is impossible. If you can find their web site it is full of complaints and several list them as scammers. Just operating under so many names is a red flag but they continue to do so. The Latest is they seem to have opened a ware house in the USA as a distribution Centre and are claiming to be an American Company. Best I can find is they operate from China, Vietnam and Philippines.

    1. You can add more names BEDWAA, WAFULLY, WHOLEE, VOWOLIN, PICKCLIGUE fashion sites.FURNITURE MALL XIALAN TRADING LTD OUT OF HONG KONG.it is hard to tell what is what after so much losses I only will order from sites know and trust.

  13. Huijo- advertise folding tables ,sent my money and never got anything,a 10 cent ring turned up when l started emailing them,I figured l got brushed.
    there Internet address just disappeared and then they used other names and blocked me when l commented.

  14. Barb Flickinger

    crafterarter – selling ‘mesquitoe killers’ – ad says they are ‘USB rechareagle’ – but turns out that they have to be plugged into a USB port at all times to operate. won’t give refund unless you pay return shipping for their false advertised product.

  15. I frequently see Marketplace posts advertising considerably underpriced items (like a late-model tractor with backhoe or Airstream trailer for $1000) where the “seller” wants you to respond via a gmail address rather than the Marketplace-provided relay email. I am guessing that these people are harvesting email addresses. They are sometimes accompanied by a story like “I am selling it for my sister” or “Family financial problems–must to sell quickly.”

  16. Adorableyou.com on Facebook Marketplace selling hot tubs for $89.99. They take your money and you never hear from them again. I can’t get in touch with them. They got my money and still no hot tub! Stay away from them!!!

  17. Facebook is refunding these buyers and not letting the sellers know why the buyers got the refund. Facebook them shelf is the biggest scammers.

  18. http://Www.smallbenchs.com scam fraud ordered 122620 card charged.Mdse never received.35 days later messaged after a while no response then blocked.Email support # given nonexistent.Reviews on facebook. No reccomendations.Mdse never received no refund. Item $40 mini computer.You need screen Facebook marketplace from scammers better.They are a con scam hustle fraud alert quick buck artist.Shame on you

  19. Yup got scammed on Facebook Marketplace for a used car. They actually sold it to me then stole it right off my driveway and reposted it back on Facebook Marketplace. Their names are Driggers, any of them from NC with that last name run away. They tried using their girlfriend’s name online Marilyn Hope Frank. They post a Saturn SUV for sale and it looks pretty good. They pretend to care and give you a deal. Of course they give you a deal. They come back and night and steal it off your driveway if haven’t yet put anti-theft stuff on it. I reported it to Facebook Marketplace and FBI IC3 Complaint. The Sheriff let them keep the car with the stolen car parts belonging to me along with the stolen government equipment that was in the car. I was doing a government job. It’s all illegal including what Sheriff did. I reported to Sheriff they reposted it back up online even though I owned it but they did nothing again except say to go to civil court. The criminals are Tyler Driggers, Daniel Driggers, and Misty Driggers. Don’t let them come to your house to deliver car. The Saturn SUV description is also not true. Its a fraud with pathological lying drug addicted scammers.

  20. Yup got scammed on Facebook Marketplace for a used car. They actually sold it to me then stole it right off my driveway and reposted it back on Facebook Marketplace. Their names are Driggers, any of them from NC with that last name run away. They tried using their girlfriend’s name online Marilyn Hope Frank. They post a Saturn SUV for sale and it looks pretty good. They pretend to care and give you a deal. Of course they give you a deal. They come back and night and steal it off your driveway if haven’t yet put anti-theft stuff on it. I reported it to Facebook Marketplace and FBI IC3 Complaint. The Sheriff let them keep the car with the stolen car parts belonging to me along with the stolen government equipment that was in the car. I was doing a government job. It’s all illegal including what Sheriff did. I reported to Sheriff they reposted it back up online even though I owned it but they did nothing again except say to go to civil court. The criminals are Tyler Driggers, Daniel Driggers, and Misty Driggers. Don’t let them come to your house to deliver car. The Saturn SUV description is also not true. Its a fraud with pathological lying drug addicted scammers.

  21. Idea..
    charge $1 for each marketplace add. Most people with serious sales won’t mind. A salvage yard near me started charging $2.50 to look around .
    they stopped getting rift raft and serious buyers, and actuall made more money and less hassle.
    you could also have scam hunters, that when they find scams and report them make $1.00 but it they do it wrong the loose $2-5 , to make sure they take time to be sure.
    then scammers see it cost them money, especially those in poor countries that have internet access and no money except when they steal from us.
    something has to be done. It is almost not worth wild to look at marketplace, there are more scam adds than real ones
    usuall a vehicle at $100-$1200 , only one photo and you click on seller and see it is listed in 10-100 different cities accross the USA, and they are always selling for an , aunt,uncle,mother,brother ,sister ,etc.

    I was getting pretty good at marking at spam but they are tripping up on me .
    tooooo many to even look at marketplace anymore. ??

  22. Search vehicles.
    usually around $1200. And only one photo.
    look down on the ad at the seller and click on that, you see they have the same ad as local ,all over the country.
    they must be doing well they are getting more and more of them.
    please find them and report them.
    one way to identify also is, click on “is this item still available “ and you will get an automatic notice that they are selling for an aunt,sister,brother 5th cousin ,with an email to contact them.

  23. legitimate website but these companies are a scam. They are selling kitchen aid stand mixers for $79 which usually cost $250. Once you order the kitchen aid they do not send you the product your ordered. They send you a pair of sun glasses. You send them a email and they never respond to the email. And there is no telephone contact number. The name of the companies are http://www.mitchdesunia.com, http://www.alamogroup.net and http://www.hooks.stripes.com

  24. Marcassin – bar stools…SCAM
    Contacted them repeatedly. Weird tracker. They keep telling me to wait- it’s been 6 months

  25. I had something listed on Market place…In the past 2 weeks I have gotten over 15 "Is this still available messages sent to me…I find it "odd", especially since I respond with a "yes"…and haven’t had one person follow thru…what could possibly be going on here? Anyone else having this going on??

  26. I ordered and paid for two pair of golf shoes from Bunkerlessgolf.com. I received an confirmation, Tracking number and continued tracking info for 7 weeks. The last tracking info said "not delivered" check with carrier (Australia Post was listed) when I went to Australia Post they have no record of it. I have sent several e-mail requests and tried to contact the alleged 24/7 Customer Service but no response has been forthcoming. I am retired and I trusted this group….apparently the wrong thing to do 🙁

  27. I was looking at a dog tennis ball thrower for 14.99 and no shipping cost on Facebook marketplace but the site, tdealsshop.com had no contact info and was created in 2020 with no month listed so I didn’t do it. I’m pretty sure it’s a scam.

  28. I purchased woman’s clothing from a website : https://www.modenut.com/ which was advertised on FaceBook.
    My credit card was charged immediately and I received and email saying they will send me another email once they have shipped the goods.
    I have not received and email nor the goods after a month now, and I have emailed them several times but with no response.
    Their website help center does not include a phone number, and their Japanese translation is inaccurate which has me now suspecting they are a scam.

  29. The site Jiosaavn is Indian music site . What this website does is once you become a member then it does not let you cancel your membership. This website and a music App it gives information on how to cancel the membership but when you click that button nothing happens. Their head office in New York shows only address no contact phone number . So what happens is they keep charging your card without Authorization.

  30. Regarding any and all ads that are listing campers for unbelievable price$1400.00 or $1600,.00 in the area is a SCAM When you send a message ,it tells you they are listing it for their aunt .They want you to send them An E-Bay gift card for the amount Check them out so nobody gets Scammed Thank you

  31. I was scammed buying a fold out Murphy bed that looked like a small hutch. Luckily I was able to get my money back through PayPal. They sent me the email confirmation of purchase but when you click on the link to review your purchase it says store does not exist. Since then I have went and reported it over and over on marketplace since they are still advertising it for sale under different bit sites.

  32. Sterling Johnson

    I also was scammed by the shed offer it looked very legit but I guess not as a new home owner you tend to look for the biggest bang for your buck but be careful

  33. These Filippo Loreti watches ads on Facebook/Instagram and their "deals" are getting out of hand. For the low price of 169$ you can have the "luxury" a random brand stamped into your 20$ Chinese watch ???? And people still get fooled by these digital marketing scams!!!

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