Social Media Scams

While social media is a fantastic way to keep in touch or interact with people, social media scams are everywhere. 

Social media scams take many forms, and many are native to one particular platform as Facebook scams, Twitter scams, Instagram scams (separate categories), and more are operating and trying to fleece people of money or use their personal information for nefarious purposes. 

Facebook scams include messages from fake profiles, malware hidden in Facebook apps and games that are part of phishing attacks, and classified ad scams in the Facebook Marketplace.


Social Media Scams: List Below

Twitter scams can include emails sent from “Twitter,” and links in messages that are part of phishing attacks. 

Multi-Level marketing scams are also common on social media and their empty promises of easy riches. 

Social media can be wonderful, but be careful. Keep your eye on this space, and learn about the scams on social media as they emerge.

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