SUP3R5 Black PS5 Scam

SUP3R5 Black PS5 Scam: Retro Inspired Theme

Gamers worldwide talk about the SUP3R5 Black PS5 scam these days, as a company located at claims to customize your PlayStation 5 with a retro theme. The actual title is “SUP3R5 Black PS5 Retro Inspired Console”, selling from $649. Lots of things to talk about here. What’s to blame for the SUP3R5 Black PS5 scam?

Watch the video below to see the scheme exposed by gamer Alex Richards or keep reading:

As you can see above, Alex points out the fact that SUP3R5 claims to have over 300 items for sale, not even being a Sony affiliate. The second red flag is about that inexistent warranty that comes with the SUP3R5 Black PS5 consoles.

“The retro-inspired conversion process requires a complete disassembly of the DualSense controller. This will void the DualSense hardware warranty provided by Sony. Do not purchase this product if you’re expecting warranty support for your DualSense controller from Sony.”, says SUP3R5’s websites.

SUP3R5 PS5 Does Not Come With A Warranty

Here is an addition: “Your console will not be disassembled as part of the conversion process. The side panels will be temporarily removed as part of the conversion process.”

“While we do not provide a warranty, if your product arrives with functional or cosmetic issues related to the retro conversion process, we’ll do our best to remedy the issue.”

SUP3R5 Scam aka Digital Scalpers

The SUP3R5 website seems to be legit, but don’t get fooled. Why do people fall for the SUP3R5 Black PS5 scam, to be exact? Here is how the promo sounds like:

“The Sup3R5 Black PS5 is a retro-designed PlayStation 5 on black that uses classic themes and design of the popular old console, the PlayStation 2, completed with its old badge. The Black PS5 inspired by the PS2 also has a complementary Black DualSense Controller from the company, soon available for preorders.”

Indeed, a pre-order form is supplied, when gamers can sign up for the product. Here is a screenshot of the Sup3R5 Black PS5 consoles:


That sounds like a dream come true for all the gamers who didn’t get the chance to buy one PlayStation 5 over the holidays.

Inflated PlayStation 5 Product Prices

In his video, Alex Richards points out that the SUP3R5 price is inflated, compared to the real and official PlayStation seller stores. To their defense, the folks from came out on Twitter and said that “The scam accusations make us sad”.

Besides, they state: “We’re small, we’re new, and we’re doing our best. All we’re interested in doing is creating a small batch of customized consoles that will (hopefully) bring people joy.”

We will see how this will pan out. It seems like the company still has some fans, so we’ll keep you updated.

SUP3R5 Scam: How To Avoid

When it comes to electronics (especially when sold online), always buy from the official stores. This past holiday season – corroborated with the advancement of technology and the pandemic’s restrictions on buying products from brick and mortar shops – showed us an explosion of fake websites and online fraud. Beware!

How To Report a Scammer

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Report To The FTC Here

How To Protect Yourself More

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On the same token, educate yourself with some other PlayStation fraud-related articles listed right under this paragraph, so that you know how to stay safe online. Last but not least, use the comments section below to expose other PS scammers.

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