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Free PS5: How The PlayStation Giveaway Scam Works

Wouldn’t be nice to get a free PS5 now, when Sony has released the new game? It sure would, but beware of the new PlayStation Giveaway Scam. How does that work?

Well, it looks very similar to the one that occurred throughout the early days of the previous version, PlayStation 4. However, there are many variations of the fake offer (including the Amazon Free PlayStation scam or the  Bergen Reach Scam), so feel free to share your experience in the comments section. Let’s take a look.

You log on to Facebook and notice a post that one of your friends likes. The good news? There is a free PS5 campaign from Sony, who is giving away 200 games because they are unsealed and packages can’t be sold anymore.

Here is a screenshot:

ps5 giveaway

How do you get in? The requirements are simple. You have to like the page, share the post, and comment on it. Once all of this is done, your name will be put in a random draw to win one of the 200 Playstation 5 giveaways. The fake organizers of the draw justify this campaign as a good promotional value for the product.

It seems like a pretty good deal. Even if you don’t want a PS5 for yourself, you certainly know family members or friends who do (by the way, be careful of Black Friday scams on the same topic). So what’s the problem?

Hot Product, Hot Scam

The Playstation 5 Giveaway it’s a fake. There is no free PS5. This hoax was created in order to gather, well, page likes. Scams like this often accumulate hundreds of thousands of likes in a day, especially when new products are released.

These pages gain wide influence rapidly. They are typically used for more purposes than just a bogus draw. Some cyber crooks use these pages to spread other fraudulent activities, like email scams, phishing scams, or something as vicious as identity theft.

Victims are also invited to access questionable survey pages. Here is where criminals collect personal information and promote their affiliate products, for which they get paid. Others will sell the page on the black market to other scammers.

Alternatively, the scammers might contact you and ask for shipping money or an advance payment under the guise that you’ve won the contest. Similar cases are the Subway Giveaway Scam, Chick-fil-a Promo Scam, Southwest Airlines Giveaway, or the Cadbury Hamper Scam.

List Of Safe PlayStation Purchases Below

If you’re looking online for safe Playstation products to buy (PS4 and PS5), we’ve put together a list with the highest-ranked items on Amazon. They are listed below and are validated so you can shop without worries. You could also use the search bar. Here they are:

PS5 Giveaway: How To Avoid

If you find a post promoting a PS5 giveaway or another expensive device for free, don’t share, like, or comment on it. It will almost always be a scam.

If you feel a website might be suspicious, feel free to verify it using our unique Scam Detector website validator below:


PS5 Online Free: How To Report a Scammer

Let your friends know about the PS5 Online Free Scam by sharing this article here, on social media. You can officially report crooks and any other suspicious activities do it to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

How To Protect Yourself More

If you want to be the first to receive the newest scams every week, subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter. You will receive periodic emails. On the same token, educate yourself with some other Playstation fraud-related articles under this paragraph, so that you know how to stay safe online. Feel free to use the comments section to expose other online scammers.

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eBay Scams: Full List

Verify a website below

Are you just about to make a purchase online? See if the website is legit with our validator:


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6 thoughts on “Free PS5”

  1. I also got an email that was actually alarming. It said “thanks for your order, click the link to track your package” and since everything that I ordered had already arrived I thought maybe someone had access to my debit card and ordered something so I clicked the link and what popped up was absolutely convincing. A supposed message from fed ex with all the logos of fed ex saying that there was trouble delivering the item because of a wrong address with another link to track the package and fix the address. I clicked it and (or what was meant to look like popped up and said that my free ps5 was waiting to be delivered and I just needed to fill in my information plus of course the usual 99 cents from my debit card (SCAM) so looking at this page which was identical to the real deal I decided to type something in the search box and nothing happened, I tried pushing the menu button and nothing… so obviously a scam but I’m trying to warn anyone who sees this because it is very well thought out and executed as far as logos, security markings for debit and the whole 9 yards. Too bad life wasn’t that nice lol.

  2. I received an email from “best buy loyalty” saying if i took a survey I could receive a free ps5.. it’s 4 questions, then you pick two boxes, of course it says I won it and all I pay is $1 plus shipping.. it redirects you to some iphone 12 trial page and wants your name, address, and card number..
    BE AWARE.. I’m in the hacking industry so I know how this works. All anyone needs to hack an account is really an email address.. but the fact that they have the name, address, email, and CC info is more than enough to get scammed. Always check for where said email came from, call the business, and before putting in any CC info make sure to check to see if PayPal or any other protected currency exchange is available. The email alone was enough to show me it was a scam but for those that don’t know, please ready ALL the find print.. and never hesitate to call the actual company.

  3. I been getting emails from best buy and Walmart saying that I won their loyalty customer and when I click on it, it says I won the Playstation 5. So me of course believing it because my husband really wanted it so I thought I had the chance to get it for him. I went through the process of everything and even paid $2.95 but never received any confirmation of tracking or anything like that so now I feel like an *ss because it was a scam and I fell for it

  4. Chris Lysohirka

    Yea I got the email asking me what color I wanted and what’s games I prefer. Lol I just had to pay shipping and from what I remember it cost a lot more than a buck something to ship from the states. Go to scambusters it’s there

  5. Scam!!! are “offering” the new PlayStation 5 for £250 in a black Friday deal…a discount of over£100 .the day after the launch when it is not available at any reputable store.

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