PlayStation 4 Giveaway

Playstation 4 Giveaway: How The Scam Works

Although Sony came up with the new Playstation 5, the PS4 version is still generating a lot of scams. The latest scheme is the Playstation 4 Giveaway. Let’s take a look.

You log on to Facebook and see something liked by your friend: PlayStation 4 is giving away 200 games for free because they were unsealed, and now the packages can’t be sold anymore. All you have to do is like the page, share the post, and comment “done” to be put in a random drawing to win one. Seems like a pretty sweet deal, right? Even if you don’t want a PS4 for yourself, you’re bound to have family or friends who do. So what’s the downside?

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Well, for one, it’s a fake. There is no PS4. This scam is designed to accumulate page likes, and scams like this often accumulate hundreds of thousands of likes in a day or so. These pages gain wide influence rapidly and then are used for more harmful purposes than just a fake drawing: some will use these pages to spread other scams, like email spamming scams or something as vicious as identity theft scams. Victims are also taken to survey pages, where fraudsters collect tons of personal information and promote their affiliate products. Others will sell the page on the black market to other scammers.

Alternatively, the scammers might also contact you and ask for shipping money or an advance payment under the guise that you’ve won the contest.

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Since we are exposing Playstation fraud, watch out for the Amazon Rewards Scam or the SUP3R5 Black PS5.

Free PS4: How To Avoid

If you find a post claiming to be giving away a PS4 or other expensive device for free, don’t share/like/comment on it. It will almost always be a scam.

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it using the buttons provided.


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2 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Giveaway”

  1. Thanks for this update, I have really been in various sites dropping my infos for a PlayStation 4, actually saved to get one but then this pandemic came and had to eat but am still very much a game lover and want is why I come online for free giveaways, honestly would so much be happy if you could get me one .. thanks for this info tho

  2. Hi. My friend entered their address onto a scam site claiming they would send them a free PS4. They wont believe that it is a scam. How can I show him that it is a scam?

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