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Top Shelf Clubs Walmart Scam: How It Works

In anticipation of the Sony PS5’s official release on November 12, many gamers are being hit with the Top Shelf Clubs Walmart order scam. What happened? Let’s take a look.

Several people have been able to pre-order their PS5 digital edition through a third-party company. It is named Top Shelf Clubs and is using Walmart’s payment platform. However, the action was nothing but a big fraud that was exposed this morning.

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See Walmart’s response in the screenshot below.

top shelf clubs ps5


All those who ordered their Play Station 5 digital edition through Top Shelf Clubs hope to get their money back, hopefully.

“We received information that this seller and all the orders placed for the PS5 were a scam. The website was altered, and this is why this is happening”, says a Walmart customer representative. As you can see in the screenshot above, if you provide them with Top Shelf Clubs Walmart’s order number, they will cancel it.

However, the rep didn’t say anything about giving the money back – who cares about canceling without a refund?

With such a short time left until the release of PS5, many gamers are disappointed in how this was handled. Unfortunately, as for every new, hot product released, criminals are also in the picture. Hence this Top Shelf Clubs Walmart scam or the Game Tester Scam.

It’s getting to the point where many people are getting desperate. That’s no surprise, as thousands of people ordered their PS5 through a scam company that took as many credit card numbers as possible. For cybercriminals, there is never “a limited amount of items for sale”. The number of victims could be having 6 figures.

Top Shelf Clubs PS5: What To Do

Contact Walmart as soon as possible and give them your order number. They most likely have a page set up where all the Top Shelf Clubs Walmart scam victims will get some help. Your credit card could be compromised as well. Although it is not something pleasant, you should call your VISA, Mastercard, or AmEx to deal with this.

We will keep updating this page with the newest details regarding the Top Shelf Clubs PS5 scam, so come back for more details or contribute with your experience in the comments section below.


Top Shelf Clubs: How To Report a Scammer

You should definitely report these types of scams so others don’t fall victim anymore to the crooks. Luckily, we have the right links for you to do that.

Warn your family and friends about the Top Shelf Clubs Walmart Scam by sharing this article on social media using the buttons provided. If you are wondering how to report a scam website – and particularly the fake Play Station ones – you can also officially do it to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More

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Meanwhile, feel free to educate yourself with some other Walmart-related articles right under this paragraph, so that you can protect yourself in many other aspects and niches. Last but not least, use the comments section below to expose other scammers. Report fraud!

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