Top 5 OnlyFans Scams

onlyfans scams

OnlyFans Scams: How They Work

The number of OnlyFans scams increases by the day, just as the platform keeps adding 500,000 new users per day! Please make sure to leave your opinion and experiences of the site in the comment section. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Top 5 OnlyFans scams and how to avoid them.

1. Guilt Tripping Scam

More and more people look for financial help from friends and people on social media. And very often, their scream for help is genuine. There are dedicated websites for funding money for different causes.

Many girls post on their social media about going through a challenging time. They’re scared of becoming homeless, not being able to pay for food, and so on. They’re asking people to subscribe to their OnlyFans account. As a result, good-hearted people and their fans start feeling bad and try to help them by subscribing or tipping them extra. They might even accept thousands of dollars from fans as a small loan.

But what they end up doing is blocking everyone and disappearing, taking people’s money. This is the most common OnlyFans scam out there.

onlyfans scammers

2. Fake OnlyFans Account

What’s easier than stealing photos and videos of another girl on the internet and selling them as yours on OnlyFans? Yeah, scammers do that. If these questionable members actually provide “good content” for the fans, people who subscribe to them might not feel betrayed.

However, the real person in those images and videos is the ultimate victim, as many OnlyFans scams are done this way. Just imagine finding out that someone is selling your attractive pictures on OnlyFans? Or anything about you that you wouldn’t want to be shared like that…

These scammers also advertise themselves on sites like Hinge or OkCupid. They might even ask their subscribers to pay them using PayPal transactions or gift cards.

3. Bogus OnlyFans Customer Service

If you’re an OnlyFans user, you probably know that there is different content on the platform. However, a scammer may contact you pretending to be an OnlyFans customer service representative asking for “additional payment information.”

They might do this via email, text message, or even phone – depending on where they got your data from. If you give out information, you provide them basically access to your account and financials, leading to losing a lot of money. If you’re really unlucky, they might use your personal information for other fraudulent activities.

4. Constant Money Requests

People are greedy, which leads to more OnlyFans scams. For some “creators” it’s not enough that people pay the subscription fee to see their content.

Some OnlyFans members will ask for extra money for specific content. They are asking for premium in an already premium environment. It’s a good business model, girls having only lingerie photos for those who aren’t willing to pay top dollar for, let’s say, extra juicy content. However, the only problem with this is that they’re asking money for images and videos that are supposed to be free if you paid the subscription fee.

5. False Promises

This last scam is somehow related to the previous one. Premium OnlyFans girls can get tips for extra content for individuals. But what some girls do is take the money and then never actually do it.

They make false promises like “I’ll do it later,” “I’ve been busy,” “I wanna do something special that’s why it’s taking so long.” However, they will never keep up their end of the deal.

OnlyFans Fraud: How To Avoid

How to avoid OnlyFans fraud? Here are a few tips for you to avoid being scammed on the OnlyFans platform:

  1. Don’t give out personal information.
  2. Look up the account before you subscribe.
  3. Don’t pay for premium features – or at least make sure you understand what premium means, first.
  4. Don’t believe in free subscription offers.
  5. Beware of getting an email or phone calls from the OnlyFans customer service.


OnlyFans Scam: How To Report

Let your online friends know about these OnlyFans scams by sharing this article on your social media platforms. You can also officially report suspicious activity to the OnlyFans admin, as well as to the Federal Trade Commission using the links below:

Report To OnlyFans Admin Here

Report To The FTC Here

How To Protect Yourself More

If you want to receive – via email – the most prevalent scams weekly, don’t hesitate to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter. We’ll send you periodic emails, no spam.

On the same token, educate yourself with some other fraud-related articles linked under this paragraph, so that you know how to stay safe online. Last but not least, use the comments section below to expose any scammers.

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