Is it Defamation to Call Someone a Scammer?


The law of defamation has a long history. It is even more significant and relevant in the modern world as there is much confusion on how opinions are different from defamatory statements. Nowadays, there is more freedom of speech and expression which democracy offers. It helps people in echoing the “issues of public interest.”

There are many lawsuits these days against parties that give false statements, which harm their image. On the other hand, the defendant may fight back using the anti-SLAPP (strategic lawsuits against public participation) law and show how their statements were not defamatory. The question is, when I call someone a scammer, will this attract defamatory lawsuits against me?

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Constituents of Defamation

In the theory of defamation, the legal grounds are clear on the categories. Usually, there are two primary classifications of defamations which are Slander and libel. What is the difference? This is libel when defamation is in writing, such as an online comment on a company’s site. It is common these days through social media platforms. On the other hand, Slander is when defamation is a verbal say when someone publicly utters statements against certain products.

Understanding Defamation, Slander, and Libel

In the law of defamation, many variables dictate the path to arriving at a judgment. If a customer comments on how a particular product is not beneficial hence a scam, the manufacturer may file a case based on defamation. How will the appellate court handle this?

First, the consumer (defendant) needs to give substantial evidence that the product is not beneficial through poor quality or many side effects. If they can, the court will take it as an “issue of public interest” to create awareness to the public.

If this doesn’t happen, the statement is defamatory and categorized as libel (written). If the message was verbal, then it automatically falls as Slander (spoken). A lawsuit for Slander and libel by the plaintiff (manufacturer) will show the damages the defamation brought to its brand. This may attract compensation for the losses.

For the court to decide whether the statements are defamatory, the main focus is accurate. If you give false ones, the judge will have an easy time making the decision. However, if you show how the statements are factual, there is no defamation.

Relevance of Anti-SLAPP Law

Through the freedom of expression, the world has changed through reduced oppression. The anti-SLAPP law means a lot in the theory of defamation. The defendants in defamation lawsuits mainly utilize it. It allows them to show how their statements were opinions and nothing more.

SLAPP law has for years brought about intimidation to public opinions whereby people in the society find it hard to criticize specific issues. The unnecessary silencing of groups in the community on a legal basis brought about the need for anti-SLAPP law. However, it is crucial to convince the court on why your view is relevant.

How to Prepare for Defamatory Lawsuits

Just like in other cases, there are two sides. If you are the accused, consider having a lawyer with you. With such a legal expert, you will understand what the case plaintiff will do in the legal process. It helps you in preparing your evidence and witnesses well. By backing your statements with objective evidence, the court will see your statements as mere opinions and not defamatory.

The lawsuit involving defamation entails many things for there to be proper judgment. There is a difference between opinions and actual defamatory statements. If you say that someone is a scammer, you need to give the appropriate evidence, making the court see you as truthful. It makes you overcome the lawsuit easily. This acts as the primary basis of defamation cases. If defamation is in writing, it is libel, and if verbal, it becomes Slander.

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