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PayPal Alert Scam


PayPal Alert Scam: How It Works

Online financial transactions have become quite a daily routine for everyone in the last few years. Unfortunately, in a world that's constantly changing due to new technology updates, criminals prey on people's ignorance, convenience and naivety - and hit them with all kinds of fraudulent practices. What's the newest scam?

Watch the video below to see PayPal Alert scam:

PayPal Phising Email Scam Video 

In the PayPal Alert Scam, you receive an email - or text message on your phone - apparently coming from PayPal (see pic below), with the title subject: "PayPal Alert!!". The message informs that you just sent a payment to a company. It could be any name, but the most common ones are Evolution RC Ltd - about a payment of $47.05, and ASDA Direct - payment of $192.00 for a Blue-Ray Home Cinema System.

After providing a fake transaction number, the email continues with the following call-to-action: "If you want to cancel the transaction, click here and follow the instructions". Obviously, knowing that you didn't send any money to anybody, you click on the link provided in order to cancel the tranfer. Little do you know that the link will open a PayPal look-alike website, which will ask you to log in by providing them your real email address and password.

Once you give scammers that information, you can rest assured that your account will be compromised soon.

paypal alert payment notification


PayPal Alert Scam: How To Avoid

If it's an alert from PayPal, the message should never start just with "Dear", without addressing your full name. Also, the notification of sending the money to a company is different than a real alert, in which PayPal informs you they noticed unusual transactions on your account.

Do not click on the link provided. The best thing to do in this case is to log into your account straight from PayPal's website, by typing in your browser first.

Another good thing to do is download the PayPal mobile app on your smartphone. In a case of an unusual transaction on your account, you will get a legitimate pop-up notification on your cell. Just make sure your app settings allow that.

Since we are on the financial-related scams, make sure you avoid a few other fraudulent practices that are making their rounds these days, such as the Sell My Structured Settlement Scam, the Gold IRA Investment, and the Sell Annuity Payments Scam.


PayPal Alert: How to Report a Scammer

Make your family and friends aware of the PayPal Alert scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To PayPal Here


How to protect yourself more:

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