Facebook Class Action Illinois

facebook class action illinois

Facebook Class Action Illinois: What You Need To Know

Can you be a beneficiary of the Facebook class action Illinois? The word is that a recent $650 million settlement allows Illinois residents to file claims for the Facebook biometric lawsuit, the payouts ranging from $200 to $400. However, many people have sent us messages asking if this Facebook class action is a scam. We have the answer below and the page where you can see if you qualify for it.

Although there are many Facebook scams out there, we can confirm that the Facebook Class Action Illinois settlement is a real thing. Claims are now being accepted as a result of a settlement between the plaintiffs and the giant website. Let’s dig in and show you where to apply.

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facebook biometric lawsuit

Where To Apply For The Facebook Biometric Lawsuit

“The lawsuit alleged that Facebook broke Illinois’ strict biometric privacy law that allows people to sue companies that fail to get consent before harvesting consumers’ data, including through facial and fingerprint scanning”, say the reporters at NBC Chicago.

Essentially, Facebook collected and stored the biometric data of its users in Illinois “without the proper notice and consent in violation of Illinois laws part of its “Tag Suggestions” feature and other features involving facial recognition technology.”

Alongside Washington and Texas, Illinois is one of three American states that have laws governing the use of biometric data. However, the difference is that the other two don’t permit individual lawsuits, instead of delegating enforcement to their attorneys general.

See If You Qualify For The Settlement

Are you a Facebook user from Illinois? If you are, the attorneys behind the Facebook Class Action Illinois suit have created a page where you and other users can see if they are eligible for payments. On the same page, you can apply for those $200-400 payments, pending verification of eligibility. Let’s take a deeper look – see if you qualify.

Open the page below to apply for the Facebook Class Action Illinois:

Click Here To Apply For The Facebook Settlement

To be eligible, claimants are required to have lived in Illinois for at least 180 days, which is only 6 months, enough to have used the application at least once. However, the tricky part is that they must be users for whom Facebook created and stored a facial recognition template after June 7, 2011. So if you have been in transit, had a short-term job in Chicago, or lived in Illinois after creating the template in other states, you may not be eligible.

If you are, you could receive payouts – as mentioned – between $200 and $400. That final sum could vary based on the number of valid claims filed before the deadline, November 23, this year. So hurry up.

However, the official statement doesn’t mention when the payouts will be made to the claimants. We will keep you updated. On the other hand, the class action gave Illinois residents the right to sue for $1,000 over negligent violations and $5,000 for intentional violations.

Although the face recognition feature on Facebook it’s been usable for a while, Facebook changed its functions in 2019. More specifically, the tag suggestion tool was replaced by a broader facial recognition setting, which is turned off by default. Hence this class action.

Facebook Class Action Illinois: Conclusion

The official website set up for the claimants states the following:

  • The only way to get a payment is through the page published here. You must submit a valid Claim Form either online or by mail no later than November 23, 2020.
  • If you don’t want to be part of the Settlement, you must send a written request to be excluded. You won’t get any money or other benefits, but you will keep any rights to sue Facebook yourself for the same legal issues in this lawsuit.
  • Write to the Court about why you do not like something about the Settlement no later than November 23, 2020.
  • You won’t get any money, and you will lose any rights to sue Facebook yourself for the same legal issues in this lawsuit.
  • You can ask to speak to the Court about your Settlement opinion, including the amount of lawyers’ fees. The Court must receive written requests to speak by November 23, 2020.


How To Report Other Scammers

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Report To The FTC Here


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  1. I was scammed on Facebook and it caused me serious mental anguish. I have since been contacted by the scammer via text. This “person” actually applauded the fact that I’d been scammed. Saying I deserved it because they tried to help. Claimed to be an “honest Christian.” This same person continues to create new FB groups using fictitious profiles and makes comments themselves. I cannot believe this is still going strong. Cannot report it anonymously. I was immediately contacted by the scammer when I did say something.

  2. Michael S Robinson

    Hi yes I have been personally scammed out of everything and including face book and about 50 other way bigger lawsuit payouts and the truth is I live in Albuquerque new Mexico and the party’s most responsible are Severn nation mobile software developers. And I really see why our founding fathers stated in the constitution that a sovern nation with in a nation could not be allowed to EXIST..

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