Lottery Winning Call or Email

Lottery Winning Call/Email: How It Works

Victims receive a call or email from someone saying they’ve won the big prize in a lottery – to the tune of about $800,000. It could be a prize from a popular company draw such as Bank of America, Dream Lottery, Publishers Clearing House, or even a charity lottery. The caller will often try to get you excited and sell you on emotional statements like “your kids are taken care of now” or “your retirement is well-deserved.”

If you say you don’t remember entering, they’ll tell you someone else might have put your name in the draw, or that you might have even qualified by shopping at WAL-MART or through Medicaid services.

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Watch the video below to see how the Lottery Car Winning scam works:

Lottery Call Scam Video

To receive the money, you’ll have to pay the state/provincial tax, something like 5% of the winnings. Happy to get almost a million dollars, tonnes of victims send in the tiny 5% to a PO Box, after receiving a “confirmation” e-mail with the details on how the money should be transferred. Victims are also recommended to send the money via reloadable Green Dot, Vanilla Reload, Ukash, or MoneyPak cards.

These payment methods are commonly requested precisely because they are both entirely legitimate and completely untraceable. For starters, many online businesses accept these forms of payment natively. If a suspicious person runs a Google search to see if they are fraudulent, they will find them in prolific use across many industries, and particularly the gaming and gambling sectors.


In addition, the fact that transfers can be completed without the recipient having to provide any identifying information is ideal. Once the fraudster gains your trust, they can then accept the payment in such a way that it is all but impossible for law enforcement to trace the fraud back to them.

This scam often targets the elderly, and it’s reported hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost every year to this one. You should look immediately into how to stop scam calls.

Win A Car Instead Of Cash Approach

In a different variation of the scam, the ‘prize’ is a car for which victims have only to pay certain small ‘fees’ on a Green Dot credit card. These phone calls have been reported to come from Jamaica, from an 876 area code.

The latest similar scam comes as a text message by and says: “Your mobile number has won 1000000 EURO and a BMW 5 Series, For claims email: [email protected]. The scammers use the number (353)873901103.


Won The Lottery Call Scam: How To Avoid

You can’t win if you didn’t play, so just hang up the phone if you don’t remember entering. Beware of these phone calls, especially if the caller has a thick accent. A couple of the phone numbers you should look out for are (876) 528.218 and (876) 441.0922, both with Jamaican area codes. Just hang up.

To avoid falling for MoneyPak scams, you should remember that if you’re told you have to pay a fee to collect a cash prize or sweepstakes winnings, you haven’t won anything. Never give your MoneyPak number to someone you don’t know. Treat your MoneyPak card like cash, as transactions cannot be reversed.

The Publishers Cleaning House scam is also prevalent. Companies like PCH already made clear that many scammers fraudulently associate themselves with PCH so advise consumers to be careful when receiving these kinds of calls or messages.

When it comes to text messages, check the content for grammar mistakes. If you take a good look at the picture above, you’ll see many. Always do your research and trust only legitimate sources.


Won The Lottery Call Scam: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How to protect yourself more:

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You’ll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.

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selma hrynchuk
Selma HrynchukSelma is a fraud prevention specialist renowned for her expertise in private eye investigations and a remarkable partnership with law enforcement agencies. Beyond her investigative triumphs, her public speaking engagements and written works have empowered countless individuals to protect themselves and stay ahead of deceptive schemes. Selma's legacy shines as a tenacious agent of change, unyielding in her commitment to battling fraud and ensuring a safer world for all.

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  2. Here is what i received today:

    Unit 14 3 Edgar Buildings George Street Bath England BA1 2FJ
    1.Asada Mesh Co., Ltd.Hideaki HAYASHI Osaka Japan.
    E-mail: [email protected]
    EMAIL : [email protected]

    We are pleased to inform you of the result of the just concluded annual final draws held on this year in London, United Kingdom by Coca-Cola Company in conjunction with TOKYO, JAPAN 202O FIFA OLYMPIC Organizing Committee, your email was among the 20 Lucky winners who won USD 5, 900.000.00 (Five Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars) each on the COCA’COLA COMPANY PROMOTION AWARD FOR THE 2020 OLYMPIC JAPAN WINNERS

    However the results was released and your email attached to ticket number (2SAUK2020) and ballot number (UK: 51321016/116) were among the lucky winners. The online draws was conducted by a random selection of email addresses from an exclusive list of 29,031 E-mail addresses of individuals and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the internet. However, no tickets were sold but all email addresses were assigned to different ticket numbers for representation and privacy. This Lottery is approved by the British Gambling Board and also Licensed by the International Association of Gambling Regulators (IAGR).This is the 3rd of its kind and we intend to sensitize the public.

    This is in appreciation to our customers’ worldwide for their support in the 2016 OLYMPIC GAMES IN BRAZIL and to seek your support in to promote sports .COCA COLA IS THE OFFICIAL DRINK IN JAPAN 202O OLYMPICS.

    Winners shall be paid in accordance with his/her Settlement Centre. Coca Cola Prize Award must be claimed not later than 60 days from the date of Draw Notification. Any Prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited.
    You are requested to contact our fiduciary REGIONAL agent in SOUTH AFRICA and send your winning details to him;

    CONTACT MR GREG SMITH = Tel: +27 719 313 649
    E-mail: [email protected]
    EMAIL : [email protected]

    You are advised to send the following information to your agent.
    (1) NAME ………………
    (2) AGE:…………………
    (3) SEX:………………….
    (4) ADDRESS:…………
    (5) PHONE:…………….
    (6) OCCUPATION:……
    (7) COMPANY………..

    No 1 President street
    Johannesburg South Africa
    Tel : 27 719 313 649

  3. Here is the email i got today – beware!!!!!

    International Lottery Promotions
    Dear Winner,
    We happily announce to you the online balloting of email
    addresses all over the world from the International
    Lottery Promotions program held on 28th of March 2020 as part
    of our first Quota yearly bonanz.
    Your email address with REF:CR/SW/A-D27511444 AND BATCH
    NO:56/1477/LZN won the amount of (£4,500.000.00)four million
    five hundred thousand pounds.
    In view of this,your four Million five hundred thousand pound
    Sterling will be released to you by any of our payment offices
    in United Kingdom.
    Our UK agent will immediately commence the process to
    facilitate the release of your funds as soon as you contact him.
    For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning
    information confidential till your claim is processed
    and your money remitted to you in whatever manner you deem
    fit to claim your prize.Please contact our Fiduciary
    Agent for verification with the following details.
    Full names:
    Mr.Phillip Hall
    FUDICIARY AGENT,Payment and Release order
    Email: [email protected]

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  5. I got a call from 1-800-215-2598 and Mary Miller? said I won 3.5 million but I have to pay $3,500 registration fee to get it? she said I won this $ from Bright Field sweepstakes corp.

  6. Here is what I received today, beware!!!!!

    Från: Norval Kuhlman <[email protected]>
    Skickat: den 8 oktober 2019 08:40
    Ämne: Re: Dear Markus K.

    Dear Markus K.

    You are an awarded winner of amount of $2,000,000.00 USD from Amazon Donation by Global Balloting which the Digital Marketing | Lead Generation with B2B Ads | and have bookmark your Email, online with unique insights and machine learning capabilities to draw your email address as a winner of the donation sum from Hang Seng Bank.

    A winning bank draft will be issued in your name by Amazon Donation amounting to the sum of Two Million U.S Dollar {$2,000,000.00 USD} attached to all authorization documents, which can be cash-able at any International bank of your choice.

    You Are Therefore Expected To Contact Our Affiliated (COURIER POINT LIMITED) which would send out your shipment to Your Residential Country.

    Via E-mail.
    Contact Courier Point Limited
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Phone: +91 8747027739

    I would appreciate an e-mail to The Courier Company for Reference, with the information registered on your Bank Draft. The listed information below should be among your message when contacting them.

    (1) Your Full Name
    (2) Your Address
    (3) Country
    (4) Age
    (5) Mobile Number

    This Authorization Number (AMZ0180) should be among your information to ensure your request is confirmed. Your information is 100% secured and will be used exclusively for the purpose of this award only.

    The Donation Team has discovered a huge number of double claims due to winners informing close friends relatives and third parties about their winning and also sharing their pin numbers. As a result of this, these friends try to claim the lottery on behalf of the real winners. The Donation Team has reached a decision from its headquarters that any double claim discovered by the Lottery Board will result to the canceling of that particular winning, leading to a loss for both the double claimer and the real winner, as it is taken that the real winner was the informer to the double claimer about the lottery. So you are hereby strongly advised once more to keep your winnings strictly confidential until you claim your prize.

    I Will Require A Concise Update On Proceedings With The Courier As Soon As You Are In Contact With Them. If You Need Any Assistance Whatsoever, Please Do Not Hesitate To Let Us Know.

    Amazon values your right to privacy!

    Yours faithfully,

    Norval Kuhlman
    Information Department.

  7. Here is what i got today:

    4 Sept 2019

    Reference: NEP-1752742RC

    Prize: £871,000 British Pounds

    Winning #: 08-26-81-46-13

    Greetings, we are pleased to inform you that your email address which was randomly selected in the PowerBall Promo held August 25th 2019 has won you the above prize. Your email address attached to e-ticket 36-08-98-29 drew the winning numbers 10-17-18-43-65 which subsequently won you the online promo in the 2nd category.

    To file your claim, do contact your designated claims agent as provided below, stating your REF NUMBER (same as above) FULL NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, NATIONALITY and WINNING NUMBER for due processing and remittance of your winnings.

    Mr. Jason A. Finchley
    Tel +44 203 322 5806
    Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

    Yours faithfully,
    Mary Bloomfield
    Online Coordinator

  8. I received text from Edwin Handerson (Facebook claim department stated that I’m 7th person of 12 winners to recieve $500,000 and asked me to get $200 in Google play gift card to reactivate my Facebook winnings. He said to referred FedEx agent Carlo Sergio( 719)430-3187 to deliver cash winning package to my location on same day then carlo stated that my winning package is held by IMF agent(650)379-4375 also stated that I have to pay clearance fee $1250 to release Facebook winnings. I had to stop from there and I received email from Facebook claim department n it came from Gmail. So please let me know are those scammers or real???

  9. I received a text message saying I won $500,000 in the ongoing 2019 Super Maestro Mobile Lucky Draw lol Beware! The text came from the number (791)65910863 and is sign by a fake Sarah Yui. She says to contact another guy called Dr. Chrys Daniels. Scammers!

  10. Here it another scam email:

    Your Email address won our lotto award this year 28/3/2019 and needed to be paid as we used to do.Note;Your payment will be send to you through atm card.This our lotto award started since 2016 and the aim of this award is to help our customers and people from other parts of the World who may wish to promote Diamond Express Courier Service at it’s height as number 1(best)in the world.

    This is just like American Green Card Lotto, to leave and work in America, Which some of our people here has benefited to leave and work in America today. Many people has won and benefited from this our Lotto award and confirmed to the world of its profit and benefits.

    This year your Email address won our lotto award and needed to be paid as we used to do as i told you earlier.You have nothing to fear about your Winning because You are in the right office dealing with the right people now.
    This Courier- Diamond Express Courier Service will not involves in anything that is not real and legal.Once again,Your payment will be send to you through atm card.This your ATM CARD of $1.5M usd (one million five hundred thousand dollars) is with DECS (Diamond Express Courier Service) with Package Number:00983451.

    Please Contact us now with your delivery information’s such as, Your Name, Your Address and Your Telephone Number.

    Contact Person; Mr.Patrick Eagle.

    Email: [email protected] (or) [email protected]


    Kindly contact us now to enable us start your delivery process without any delay.

    Best Regards,
    Mr.Patrick Eagle.
    Head Of Foreign Delivery Department(DECS)

  11. Beware of a new one, going around these days, from a Melissa Brown (she will also hook you up with a fake lawyer, Adam Fenton Chambers). Here it is:

    REFERENCE NUMBER: FLI-OP/2811-FM10431/0253
    Re: Verified Lottery Winnings
    This is to officially inform you that we have thoroughly completed an Investigation with our Intelligence
    Monitoring Network System and confirmed that you legally won the sum of £850,000.00 from the Euro
    Millions Lottery Program, May 1st Draw through an online balloting system.
    During our investigation it was discovered that participants were selected through a computer ballot
    system draw from over 200,000,000 companies and 300,000,000 individual email addresses and names
    from all over the world.
    The authenticity of this payment is ascertained and confirmed. The federal ministry of finance
    “Exchange Control Approval No” in your favor is “1100”.
    To file for immediate claims and payment, contact The Law Offices of
    Adam Fenton Chambers & Co.
    (Solicitors, Advocates/Notary Public)
    Email: [email protected]
    Adam Fenton Esq and Associates, P.C. is a European based law firm and very successful at what they do.
    This letter will serve as proof that the Financial Monitoring Division has verified this transaction is
    authorizing you to claim your lottery prize immediately.
    Claims processes such as this one are usually completed within 24-48hours. To avoid a lengthy process
    and complications leading from unsuccessful participants, please keep your Winning Numbers safe and
    away from 2nd or 3rd parties.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Mrs. Melissa Brown
    Notification Department.

  12. I got long email a week ago from Richard Wahl Charity he was NJ mega lottery winner. I was selected to receive donation of $1 million dollars and am to be using some of money for charities in my city. I am supposed to open a certain account with NIC bank then $ 1 million will be added to the opening balance which I wired to their accountant. BEWARE!!!!

  13. I received a message that says your phone number has won 3.65 crore rupees in Samsung lottery
    Please tell me it is true or fake

  14. I received a message that says your phone number has won 2.50 crore rs. in icc cricket 2017 mega annual award. Please tell me it is true or fake.

  15. i receive a unknown number call that you have selected by samsung company.
    and you can order for samsung galaxy j7 only 3500 rupees. plz suggest me


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  20. richard lapanne

    I’ve been scammed by the number 1-601-215-8808 claim he is mr.mark Zuckerberg but has accent like a packastan or muslimplus will not leave me alone and other no.pop up 1-470-208-2737 claiming there agents of the winnings patrictia baker-718-285-3575.and world bank group 1-91292-7200-732-305-2952 as well on texting .do not fall for it and hang up and report it on facebook and the f.b.i headquarters and Canadian fraud center.they will keep at you saying you are the winner when you wish to claim it but there is nothing to claim and will also call you as well saying there in a studio and that’s the reason for their voice difference.

    please inform me that, is it true or not?

  22. Wondwessen Yosef Alemu

    In 12 December, 2016 one text message came to my phone number shows that i have won $1 million dollars ($1,000,000.00) from AT & T telecoms USA & also provide a e-mail no. such as [email protected] to e-mail and send them but finally asked me to pay $ 1,149 dollars to get me some document to release the fund and its confusing please help me out. I want to know is it real or not? Please assure me as your earliest time.

  23. Received call, was told I was my number was drawn for having paid my phone bill on time. The drawing is sponsored by mega millions and my prize is being held at a MetLife storage facility. I just need to provide an approval receipt for them to set up delivery. Phone number to call back is 18763644662. First man had accent, he sent me to his manager to get a better explanation. Her name is Beverly . sure it is a scam but talked to her anyway. Hope that doesn’t hurt me somehow. She said she would call back in the morning. Will better explanation of how to get my approval receipt.

  24. I have call from snapdeal and he said that u won 1 laptop but first of all u transfer the amount 4444 rupess and he gave the bank account detail bank name SBI account no first u transfered this amount to this then we qurier this gift to u plzz helllp me

  25. Hi! I have a few days before I received the message WhatsApp social network:
    Your mobile number# has won $750,000 USD in 2016 MEGA MOBILE APPS DRAW with REF/MG/M370712, To claim your prize contact Dr Ahmed by email [email protected] for Payment Congratulation !!!
    I want to know is it real or not? Please
    assure me as your earliest time.

  26. Some scammers claim to be from "Samsung Headquarter Official" and they give an email to connect with people. "For any queries or assistant for your Award Prize. Kindly contact us on: [email protected]" Beware!

  27. Hi! I have a few days before I received the message WhatsApp social network:
    Your mobile number# has won $750,000 USD in 2016 MEGA MOBILE APPS DRAW with REF/MG/M370712, To claim your prize contact Dr Ahmed by email [email protected] for Payment Congratulation !!!
    I want to know is it real or not? Please
    assure me as your earliest time.

  28. Hi! I have a few days before I received the message WhatsApp social network:
    Your mobile number# has won $750,000 USD in 2016 MEGA MOBILE APPS DRAW with REF/MG/M370712, To claim your prize contact Dr Ahmed by email [email protected] for Payment Congratulation !!!
    I want to know is it real or not? Please
    assure me as your earliest time.

  29. Kristi Cartwright

    Welp. They just called me. I won 3.5 million and a pearl white BMW for coming in 2nd place in a phone number drawing from the Publishers Clearing House. The guy had an extremely strong accent and called from a Blocked caller ID. We got disconnected before he could finish his bogus scam. Get a life, dude.

  30. Sir, I am Rahul last 2-3 days my MAMA got fake call from this no.8400469564 he say sir congratulation you are lucky customer you got a lottery 2 lac. rs so please recharge my no. for 1100rs so we will transfer your Ac. after that my MAMA recharge . after he call him and hi say sir you got an another lottery this this he give his personal bank Ac. no.8750000100003435 . they say please trasfer 8 thousand rs. then i will both lottery prize trasfer your bank AC. the fake caller calling many time and promised please trasfer 8, 9,10,23, thousand . at the end my farmer MAMA lost his 50 thousand rs. it’s a huge amount for my MAMA because he is a very poor farmer in U.P . he Mortgage his wife jewelly . sir he have 4 daughters . sir he is very depressed yesterday he say i will suicide . so sir i hereby request please look in the matter . if possible so please refund it my POOR FARMER MAMA money.

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  32. sent via text, recieved 08-08-2016 @ 19:57hrs from +447484630991: by Your mobile no. has won £2,000000.00 GBP on Prince Alawaleed Bin Talal charity program. To claim your prize, E-mail:richardatkins@st-philipschambe (what’s this)?

  33. In 31 July, 2016 one message came to my contact number shows that i have won $1 million dollars ($1,000,000.00) from AT & T telecoms USA & also provide a e-mail no. such as [email protected] to communicate from +8801768639047. I want to know is it real or not? Please assure me as your earliest time.

  34. I had got sms from SMS by my mobile number ( 01913176539) that wrote your mobile no has won 500,0000 pounds in Uk from cocacola promo…Now what will l dor for it ??? I ‘m thinking more aboute it..please help me and give me soluation. U have told that via sms to claim send ur name mobile no address and age through [email protected]

  35. I received a phone call today from James Jefferson who stated that he was from Publishers Clearing House and I won $250,000 and a check will be sent to my house. He requested my email address to send a confirmation of the winnings. Of course I did not give it to him and asked how I was selected. He stated that I was a random winner. He had a thick accent and stated that in order to collect the winnings I would need to pay taxes on the winnings first. I then asked for a phone number I could call to verify this information, he gave me the following number: 1-876-282-4652. This is a complete scam!

  36. Geoffrey Taylor

    lol, look at this fake testimony I received today, hilarious: Scammers!

    "Good day everybody, Geoffrey Taylor, from USA. This is my testimony on how i won $70 million dollars on powerball lottery. I want to use this opportunity to thank Dr Iyaryi for casting winning spell for me to win the lottery of $70 million lottery ticket. I have been playing lotteries for many years now and i have never won any. Ever since then i have not been able to win any lotto and i was so upset and i needed help to win this powerball lottery. so i decided to go online and search for help, there i saw so many good testimony about this man called Dr Iyaryi of how he has cast lucky spell lotto for people to win the lottery. I contacted him also and tell him i want to win the powerball lottery, he cast a spell for me which i use to play and won $70 million dollars in powerball million lottery. I am so grateful to this man, just in-case you also need him to help you win, you can contact him through his email: [email protected] and he will surely help you just the way he has helped me. i will forever be grateful to him and always testify the good work of him to the hole world. contact him via: [email protected] and he will surely help you to win any kind of lottery."

  37. I just received the below SMS. Thought I’d share to help someone not to fall a victim to such scams.


  38. Here is another scammer, beware:
    "My name is miss castel from United States, I want to quickly tell the world that there is a real on line spell caster that is powerful and genuine, His
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  39. Got a call today. Was told they were with publishers clearing house and my phone number had been entered when i shopped at walmart. They told me i had won second prize. Although i was certain it was a scam, i replied i was disappointed i hadnt won first prize. The caller then told me i was a bitch and to suck his dick. Then he hung up. I initially had assumed it was an ex playing a prank on me, bc very few other people know how much i enjoy walmart.

  40. Received call won a Mercedes from shopping at Shoppers and or paying my Walmart card on time told I should have received mail notice.Asked for email address to send info. Appeared very dense, foreign and difficulty understanding an email address. Dog barking in background the whole conversation.Asked for a number and name for contact He gave me Bill Moore 876-847-1772/ hope this helps someone to know "its a scam"

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  42. To day I received a phone call saying I had won 8 thousand dollars…apparently my name was drawn from a list of people who had paid their utility bills on time for the past ten years. I was required to send the $85 before the money would be delivered. I felt that was so bizzare that I coudn,t help but laugh. Not well received by the person on the other end of the line. Besides I didn’t $85 dollars to send. was this a scam or not?

  43. I receive. same txt today 1 oct that my number. won 850000 pounds o
    n uk pmc promo. they say. I should mr Ben Adams on 0276077144 pin 9944 scam or what?

  44. Azhar Hamid Khokher

    Farad totally But not transfer money in my account REF#48303 Con stone Bank of Indonesia Demand of 450.00 US D But I have No Money State Mobile Lotto is Totally Farad

  45. hi i hav received a text msg which say i won $750,000 from ussd in 2015 mega mobile apps draw with ref/mg/vPLZ CONTACT NO: 0093789296169

  46. hi,
    i also received a message
    This number mobile has been nominated to receive a prize cash of $500,000 from state mobile award with ref# .contact mr.samuel

  47. hi,
    i also received a message
    This number mobile has been nominated to receive a prize cash of $500,000 from state mobile award with ref# .contact mr.samuel ….
    mobile number +46766690050

  48. Paul culverhouse

    I got a call from a David Young saying I won $195,000 but I had to pay 1% tax is it anyway I can find out if this is legit? Oh the number was 239-400-3719
    I told him if it was real to pay my processing fee and I will give him a lot of money

  49. mohammad safeer

    I Mr.Mohammad safeer received a text msg that he won 5,47,500 pounds from UK global telecom lottery with reference number. My dad contact number is now 00923335393732. Pls contact.

  50. Marvin Bernard Ampofo

    On the 4th of October, I had a text msg which says I won £840,000 in a UK PMC promo which I know nothing about. In the msg, it was also stated that I should Contact Mr Ben Adam on 0208494001. I didn’t even bother to call him bcos I didn’t want to waste ma airtime on stupid scammers. But I’ll surely let him pay for my airtime for wasting my time in reading their bullshit text msg.

  51. I just received this text message and called the number. No answer. So then this number (876) 599-7873 Kingston, Jamaica called back and said I won and should be very happy and the prize package will be delivered once I Walmart to Walmart money gram to a Zim Jackson in Hayward, CA $204. I was told the money was refundable and to keep my receipt and I’d have to have state of drivers liscense and the receipt when the prize team awarded me my sweepstakes winnings. I cleverly stayed this was a scam bc I had to pay first then receive and he kept on telling me that I was a winner. Said his company was partnered with Publishers Clearing House and the Mega Millions and this was a sponsored giveaway. I asked for his bosses name and number and the name of this corporation and still received no answer or name. I then stated I would pass the sweepstakes on to another person but I would have the police check the number and info and he hung up. Oh and note that he never knew my name or was even close to where I live and he kept saying I would be on TV to pick my channel and the channel he gave were not even channels in my area! Playin w my emotions bc id love to actually win something! Lol
    This is the text: CONGRATS THIS IS THE SWEEPSTAKES CONTEST GIVEAWAY YOU JUST WON YOUR SELF 26,000,000 ALONG WITH A 2015 GLA250 suvl mercedes-benz. Here is your winning number 111096025 hurry call 18765249928 or 6154129879 to claim your prize

  52. Got called today. "Jeffrey Thomson". Number is 876-327-7809. They’re getting more clever, he promised me that the government had taken care of all my taxes for me. Talked about a "Gold Seal Stamp" and a claimer’s receipt. I’m not sold on it, but I wanted to get the new number out for people. I’m not sold, and I’m probably going to warn the place I work about it too.

    Apparently I won a car and some money, but I’m super wary because I have to pay for this "gold stamp seal". Would have been REALLY nice to get the car, but… I don’t think so. He claimed the PowerBall Lottery and Mercedes were their sponsors. I didn’t give him any information, really, I was careful.

  53. yogendra kumar maurya

    Myself yogendra Kumar maurya, i got sms on my mobile that u r selecting as a winner of 500000GBP form Samsung company .to get ur amount send your name address number at our email ( [email protected]) We send it and got a email That u r one of d winner of d Uk samsung company empowerment program sponsored by d Samsung company Inc. morrison tell: 00447509757931 , 00447937455694 plz tell us is it true or fake lottery 9044796977 please inform me.

  54. I am eric I also received the same message on sunday 30th august 2015 that I have won 850000 pounds I should contact mr ben adams, should I report it to ll olice


  56. The call came to my cellphone because I had forwarded the calls. I answered it because the number came up as my home phone. I answered it but I said I can’t talk I can’t hear, He said he would call again. When I got home the phone rang and it was, unknown name and unknown number. So I picked it up and he said that I won 2&1/2 Million $’s and a Mercedes Benz. I said why did your name show as unknown He said they have to make so many calls. I let him talk because I know I didn’t play any lottery. Then he said they would be here in a little while. He had my name, my address and phone number, He said you don’t sound very happy winning, I said I have heard of so many scams and he hung up.

  57. I got this!


  58. i also received a message on sunday 9th august 2015, ruby otoo . The message was SMS caster.comm: congratulation your cell no won you 850, 000 pounds and a samsung galaxy S5 in uk pmc promo, to claim call mr ben adams on 0208494001 pin8899. Plss what should i do, he asked me if i wanted it in cheque or it should be transferred into my account.

  59. stephen shackleford

    i got a call said CONGRATS U ARE THE WINNER OF 2.5 MILLION AND A RANGEROVER from an iraqi accented freak naned michael anderson he said his company was winner telephone raffle n lottery no.8768647850 sbid send 514.00 to an po box 15 new motomaraf ohio 45767 i new it was BS CAuse me a winner of anything is not possible but have cops sitting on this box n bust whoever checks it

  60. This evening got a phone call I had won $250,000.00 and a 2015 Mercedes from 301-288-1577 the mans name was John Davis. He wanted me to pay $355.00 to get a seal that would be placed on the cashiers check to validate the check. Without the seal I would not be able to cash the check. Had me all excited. I had a feeling something was not right, so I check this site out for assistance. Thought it was to good to be true. He even emailed a picture of my house and asked me to verify If that was my house. I guess nothing is sacred anymore, just glad came to this site for guidance.

  61. stephen kwaku sedazor


    Today{19/07/15} I received a message on my phone which reads; ‘by
    Please what should i do he ask me to send my bank Account for them to send the money through it, what should i do done can i arrested him because this time he has joke with the worry person.himmmmmm

  62. ok i dont know if im ruined, could someone help me. i got one of these calls saying that i won 2.5 million dollars with a 2015 benz… i called another number they gave me with a six digit pin. its not a pin im aware of but they gave it to me to enter after i call the number then they said to call them back. I called the number, put the pin in, and then before calling them i looked the number up online and found this website. i now know its a scam, did i give them my secret number that holds all my information by entering that six digit number?

  63. Today{19/07/15} I received a message on my phone which reads; ‘by
    Please take note of this thief and look for him to face punishment.


    I received text message by from a message body with the Ghanaian code number +233543953849 this morning the 19th day of July,2015 informing me that my phone number has won 850,000 pounds&a Samsumg Galaxy S5 in UK PMC PROMO to the extent of given me a pin code number and a number bearing a Ghanaian name to call. Please infact I am also a Ghanaian and I want to find out if it is true and if true, what steps should I follow.Please besides, I am using two phone chips in my phone so I don’t know which has won: 0243007666 or 0207869602.

  65. I received a phone call from a Bobby Brown, 876 area code. I had won $2.5 million and a 2015 Mercedes Benz. He got me good before I realized it was fake. I didn’t have anymore money so he said a sponsor was sending me what I needed. While I was on hold, my so called sponsor and I had a chat. He was under the impression that he was a "lucky winner" as well. We both lost money, we both have children and families. It just hurts my heart that people do this and prey on others trust. It is my fault for picking up the phone. I won’t do that again.

  66. I got SMS that I have won $9500000 as the first winner of rodeolottery.following has descriptions.please let me know whether it is true or gals..thank you
    HOUSTON, TEXAS – 77070, USA
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Tell: +156-7206-2463
    +1940-6022-2758 (STRICTLY FOR PRIZE DELIVERY

  67. "Henry Davis" called me today with an accent like the little white bat from the animation "Anastasia", telling me I had won a lottery from walmart (checked, walmart doesn’t have lotteries) sponsored by Hawaii Credit Union (also doesn’t have lotteries). I was getting $96,050 or some number like that, a new mercedes 2016 (already on it’s way to honolulu) and a UPS tracking number that doesn’t actually track anything (definitely a fatal flaw). Also, as well as in one of the previous comments, the 876 area code was present.
    Totally busted.

  68. My husband received a letter saying he has won second prize of $300,000 in the European, African and USA Consumer sweepstakes, in conjunction with USA Departmental Stores. Can this be on the up and up/

  69. Mohamed Ajward

    Dear Sir,

    i got a sms that i won $950,000 for my mobile number. i just want to know is this a true sms. These are the address and the phone number on the email i got.
    given below …… Please check and let me know ASAP…

    HOUSTON, TEXAS – 77070, USA
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Tell: +156-7206-2463
    +1940-6022-2758 (STRICTLY FOR PRIZE DELIVERY)

  70. Sharmila Jeyakumar

    I received a mail on 27/06/2015
    Email: [email protected]
    Tell: +156-7206-2463

    Attn: Tx Rodeo Lottery Luckey Winner- CONGRATULATIONS!!
    your number was selected our star winning number from our Ultra modern lottery ballot system where random numbers where selected from our ultramodern …… US$950,000.00…..
    Ms. Maigret
    sec of the DG claims
    Mr. Mike Jose
    Director General
    Texas Rodeo Lottery

  71. I received a call two days in a row. Yesterday the man said I had won $650,000 and to meet him at Walmart to get my money. I just hung up Today they called back, sounded like the same man saying I had won $one million. Just hung up again, not wanting to hear any more of the lies.

  72. Samsung Financial Empowerment Fortune Program ®2014
    Samsung Electronics (Uk) Ltd
    Samsung House 1000 Hillswood Drive
    Chertsey Surrey KT16 0PS,United Kingdom
    Mr.George Morrison
    Tell : 00448719965254

    Payment Number: NK249NAA
    Verification Number: NM-00222-674PF
    Country: India
    Date: 16th February 2015



    We are in receipt of your e-mail and wish to thank you for your co-operation, I wish to inform you that my duties include representing your interest and guiding you through claiming your winning cash prize. We want to clarify you here that after a good scrutiny of your provided mail, we are glad to inform you that you are one of the winners of The Uk Samsung Company Empowerment Program sponsored by the Samsung Company Inc

    The Uk Samsung Company Empowerment Program has been on for more than a decade now and we have changed the lives of many since then. Your life is about to be changed as you are one of the lucky Winners of our Annual Samsung financial empowerment program sponsored yearly bonus promotional, Your winning cash prize of 500,000.00 GBP (FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS), will be paid to you soon as you meet with the requirements.

    I wish to inform you that all authorities involved have certified payment of your Mobile Draws Claims amount to 500,000.00 GBP (FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS), which is prize money from Samsung financial empowerment program Mobile Draws, which was drawn through a computer random system of all the Mobile users worldwide. Be informed that instruments of payment for the sum of 500,000.00 GBP (FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS) to you is already in our possession and shall be processed upon meeting the requirements stated below. You can now begin the final step of the claims process, which is the transferring of your cash prize to you. With regards to this, there are two options open to you, you are required to select the more convenient of the two.
    You are advised to complete the below form and send with the fund release Application Letter to me to start the process of release your winning fund to you.
    The options, together with their associated conditions are presented below:

    {Option 1:} Your prize money will be wired to your bank account via an automated Direct Wire Transfer System operated by nominated Payment center. Hence you would be required to send us your Bank information, i.e..

    Full name…
    Mobile Number…
    State Of Origin..
    Marital Status…
    Bank name…
    Bank account number…
    Bank branch, Swift/iban codes
    Id proof….

    {Option 2:} Courier of your winning Cash to you via DHL Courier Company, which is our assigned courier company. Please note that your cash will be delivery to you in your nominated address, The Courier Company would bring the cash to your postal/home address nominated by you and as written below (please you are allowed to correct or amend your contact information in your next mail) You will be required to send your international passport, driver’s license or ID card to me via email attachment as it will be used for a proper identification of you during delivery of your winning cash to you by the DHL Courier Company through our delivery agent.

    Full name…
    Mobile Number…
    State Of Origin..
    Marital Status…
    Id proof
    I expect an email or call from you immediately fill the Application form Letter and making a selection from the two options above.
    Congratulations and have a wonderful week.

    I wish you on behalf of all members and staff of UK SAMSUNG ELECTRONICES CO.LTD congratulate you as you expect your wining prize and i hope you spend your money wisely and to the betterment of your community and wish you the best of luck as you spend your good fortune thank you for being part of our commemorative 40Th years Anniversary Draws.

    Past winners around the world full of excitement
    Best Regards,
    Yours faithfully,
    Mr.George Morrison
    Tell : 00448719965254
    Samsung Electronics (Uk) Ltd.

  73. I have receive a msg that you are win 575000pkr and your pin no 31403 if you have any information plz send me

  74. I am getting calls from mega millions stating that I won 4.5 mililon dollars plus $68,000 cash plus a new mercedes benz. They then request me to send $195 to Jason Brown.Jamaica. The list keeps going on. No body can help!

  75. Just received a call from a Scott and stated I won 2.5 million from Megamillion plus a new bmw. Will be delivered in 45 minutes after I go to Western Union and pay $357.00. NOT ONCE did he say my name! Right there I knew it was a scam. Call came from Jamaica.

  76. Just received a message saying Congrate U have won N750,000.00 In The Lacasera ongoing Prom0 Code no La20. Contact Mrs Rose Musa on 08168152790 For Claims. Alas its all a scam

  77. I just received a call from Jamaica stating that I won a gift card from Wal-Mart, a Toshiba lap top,and 250,000 in cash. The man claimed his name was "Mark BrowN" with a capital N.Then he wanted my bank info, and when I told him no, then he hung up. He got me early in the morning.

  78. i also received a message similar to the one above from smscaster and thought to check their site first. jeez what a scam

  79. New scam, they represent themselves to be with PCH/Mega Millions. They gave me this number 609-318-5611 and press opt. 1 to find out what my prize amount says $350,000.00. It gives an option to speak to a customer services rep..who you can’t reach because there is no such individual. In 2 days I have received well over 20 calls from 5 individuals. That I need to send 450.00 from a Western Union through WalMart and there would be 2 State Troopers and their delivery guy. So, I decided to mess with them asked questions, which they couldn’t verify. Changed their stories..even had a call from a guy claiming to be an FBI agent…LOL. I told them they weren’t going to scam me…don’t let them scam you either!

  80. gangadai nankishore

    hi.dear i saw this msg while i was busy on my laptop.say that my mobile won$550,000usd in the texas rodeo 2015 draw in usa and that for me to get the price i must send my information.

  81. Got a call today, on cell phone from "George Holiday" saying I had won $14, 000, 000 and all I had to do was wait for UPS to deliver it then go to Western Union at Walmart to get it? I said I would need a police escort and he hung up-lol. I then recalled the number 867-896-0116 and a woman answered with "George" quickly taking the phone from her saying this was a private line-really? He hung up again. He was hostile that I asked so many questions.

  82. Got a call from 8768708634 saying I’d won the Texas Lottery and a Ford pickup truck. Then he asked me if I was home.
    I ended the call.

  83. I was told the same thing that I won a Mercedes Benz. Send 500.00 or I can’t get my money what a joke (lol)as a matter of fact they still call. I either pick up & tell them don’t call or I don’t pick at all. What a scam.

  84. Today I received a call from 208-995-8996 David Montgomery who stated I had won the Mega Million Power Ball for $8
    million plus $500,000 cash and there is a certified check waiting for me. A sheriff,attorney and two representatives would be delivering it to me once I paid $399 for insurance.
    I don’t remember ever buying a ticket,I had no ticket to confirm it,so I figured this was a scam. Just want to warn
    people. If it’s not a scam, oh,well……

  85. I recieved a massage to my mobile phone on 21.01.2015 from "+94714772150" as" RODEO LOTTERY::YOU WON $ 650,000 IN OUR 2015 RODIO LOTTERY IN TEXAS-USA TO GET IT SEND UR NAME/ADD/TEL/OCCU/AGE TO: [email protected]". is this true or scam?

    My tell No-0714291287

  86. hlo….
    name lucy dangmei
    nunggang village (chuangphun baptist church )senapati district) bishnupur
    mobile no..9612035818
    state..manipur india

  87. I received a call today on my land line from Bill Bradley at (202) 241-1390. He stated that I won 1.6 million and a 2015 merz in my choice of color. I was told that the car would arrive at 1:30pm tommorrow by fedex. But first, I must express mail today $560 to a Larry Green, 1118 West Sears St., Denison TX 75020 in order to receive the car tommorrow. I won’t give him and/or them the liberty of knowing the mistakes that were made since I know a lil something about cars and their titles. Anyways, it doesn’t work that way. But here is the funny part, the money was never mentioned again by Mr. Bradley. So I asked, what if I don’t want the car? His quick reply was, that I couldn’t get the money without the car. WOW! What a stupid scam.

  88. snr Guni Tupolam

    Today Thursday 12 March,2015Daru, Papua New Guinea received on mobile phone message as call from phone no 22478902111 K10,000.00 check from winning a lottery asked how the check to be dispatched at my destination True of Scam

  89. Hi I received a call from a 1-876number yesterday and quickly realized that it was a scam and did hang up…They called back the next day with a different 876 number and a different lottery but still a scam, I got a little angry and told them off and hung up, the guy called me back and was very aggressive swearing at me calling me a F***n B**ch I hung up and did report to police…This is very disturbing to me and wish something could be done…..

  90. I’ve received a message from DZ-066206 at Indian Standard time 12:18 pm today … It says my mobile no. Won 3 million dollars USD and to confirm I have to send my name, add, mobile no, age, sex and state to [email protected]
    Please help me is it scam or something else … I’m confused

  91. S.M.P.A.Senasinghe

    I recieved a massage to my mobile phone on 21.01.2015 from "+94714772150" as" RODEO LOTTERY::YOU WON $ 650,000 IN OUR 2015 RODIO LOTTERY IN TEXAS-USA TO GET IT SEND UR NAME/ADD/TEL/OCCU/AGE TO: [email protected]". is this true or scam?

    My tell No-0714298984

  92. P.V.P. Kariyawasam

    On Thu 29 th January 2015 Vimuktha wrote; I received a massage to my phone on 23.01.2015 from +94714772150 as : TEXAS RODEO LOTTERY : YOU WON $ 650,000 IN OUR 2015 RODIO LOTTERY IN TEXAS USA TO GET IT SEND UR NAME/ADD/TEL/OCCU/AGE TO [email protected]. Is this true or scam ?

  93. I recieved a massage to my mobile phone on 21.01.2015 from "+94714772150" as" RODEO LOTTERY::YOU WON $ 650,000 IN OUR 2015 RODIO LOTTERY IN TEXAS-USA TO GET IT SEND UR NAME/ADD/TEL/OCCU/AGE TO: [email protected]". is this true or scam?

  94. On 1-20-2014, I received a call from Fredreric Davis, he said he works for the Consumer Protection Agency, his phone no. 703-349-0775 and he asked if I’m aware of winning American Sweepstakes 2nd place prize for $525000. I answered no and he then said I should call the Sweepstakes at 888-215-9594 for verification of my winnings using federal claim no. SCC42001SWP. He also provided details of my prize saying I will need to pay the 1% tax due to the government before I receive the prize. I said that I don’t have money for the payment and his reply was for me to call the sweepstakes number to negotiate possible reduction of cost. I did try to call but was not able to make a connection.
    I have decided that this is a SCAM.

  95. I received an email from Steven Wilkeson, saying that I have an 840,000 dollar grant from outlook, MSN Windows Live for the month of December, 2014. Is this a scam, or what, or do you Know?

  96. i received a text msg 30.12.2014, canada mobile lotto that i won 500000$ in our 2014 final draw in canada for prize send my name..age..occu..teleno..address…is it true or scam? reply soon..

  97. Just got a call on my Cell from 1-876844-3841 from John Parker who said I was a monthly winner of 1.5 million dollars. I was to call 1-876-810-9956 and obtain a Security Code from William Anderson. Then I was to choose between two options to receive payment: Option 1: they would deposite 15,000 in my account to cover 5% tax and shiping fees.
    Option 2: go to CVS and buy two INVATATION CARDS one for 500 and one for 499.23. I was to give these to the delivery person when I get my winning comformation paper work telling me how I will receive my winnings. I did not do this. And I would not reccomend anyone to do this. But they are targeting folks over age of 50.

  98. i received a text msg from that i won 500000$ for new yr draw in 2015 in canada and for prize send my name..age..occu..teleno..address…is it true or scam? reply soon..

  99. On 27-Dec-2014,I received a message that my mobile number had won me some amount in uk pmc promo. please check on this for me and kindly get back to me as soon as possible.

  100. Its a trap….don’t ever go behind such calls …..its a big massive trap….just hang up….its the wisest thing to do…..just work hard in life to earn ur money ….these are times when u don’t even get a free cup of tea ….then how do u expect an unknown person giving u millions ??let’s not b greedy ….many have fallen in this trap but plz be wise all of u out there … pain no gain….work and earn ur living …God bless

  101. I just received a call from 876-585-7578 in which he said I won 2.4 million dollars. He said all I need is my claim #1740W.I….and he told me to call back and he would tell me what is next. I called and he said go to a Western Union and make a transaction of $150.00. I told him no and he said I will lose the mobey just because I wont pay thi small fee. I said I dont care and hung up.

  102. chandan kumar singh

    I got a SMS that I had won £1000000 on BBC national draws so tell me that this is true or folse

    Mobile number 9708819450 India

  103. Call came from 876-570-1649 after 8 a.m. Man had a thick Jamaican accent. Said I had won a Prias and money, the reason: using coupons, being a US Citizen & pay my utility bill. I have entered no contests, used no coupons. He said I needed a ‘receipt’ in the amount of $400+. Wanted to know if I was going to be home so they could deliver their "prize" so they don’t come for nothing. I asked many questions. In the midst of this, a rooster crowed from close range. So I guess his "office" is the chicken coop. I hung up.

  104. Sir I was receive a SMS that I won £1000000
    Tell me its true or not

    Contact:8826316602, plz help me if the infomormation is true.

  105. Sir I was receive a sms that I won £1000000
    Plz tell me that It is true or not
    If it is true so help me

    And contect on my mob 8826269119 plz help if this is true

  106. pavan Upadhyaya

    I got a SMS that I had won £1000000 on BBC national draws so tell me that this is true or folse
    Mobile number 8826619562 India

  107. I was a sms you win 1ooooooo cror bbc national draws.
    This is true or fake rep …

    From claim contact.

    My no .8826622025

  108. enter your name...pawan

    i got a message
    you won 1000000 euro on bbc national draws
    please tell this is true or fake quick reply on my mobile no. 8750792507,, 9654510802

  109. I got msg my mobile no. has won 3.35cro cre r carupees from chevrole car company uk if this is true please send information my mobile no. 8955263981

  110. Just got a call saying I won $700000 from the GA Lottery. Megamillions…. they said someone was going to come over to my house and give me my package. After that I need to send 499$ to Leslie Putman in Athens GA. ..sounds like a scam to me

  111. i was contacted by these bums an i am glad i googel the lottery they claim it was from when i could not find it i knew it was a scam also i never played a lotto at allnow i know it is a scam i am so glad i never gave any info i do not even bank or shop online now i never will

  112. munshi atheroddin

    Hi i am munshi ather my mb no. I+917276350155 s win 3crore
    35lakhs rupees from chevrolet car on 8september2014 message give me a information or call me please i have submitted this no.8882197247
    My mb no.,name and sex,age ,occupation ,and address ,state
    Then inform me please

  113. Hi my name is munshi ather my mobile win3cror 35lakhs from CHEVROLET CAR COMPANY UK THEN GIVE ME A INFORMATION ME I Have submitted my name,mobile no.,age ,sex occupation and address for this no. Send 8882197247 my no. Is +917276350155 give me a information please

  114. Is there anyway we could locate these bastards and cut off their genitals? I have received two variations of the same scam within a two week period and my phone number is on the national no call list. The first call was about a government grant I never applied for, and the second call was from Megamillions. I detected bullshit right away because unlike some people I know you don’t just get grant money from the government for paying your taxes, and Megamillions does not randomly call people that don’t pay. My problem is that at some point, some poor sap, probably an elderly person on a fixed income, will be milked out of their monthly check by these assholes. They have to be stopped. We spend more time incarcerating people on minor drug offenses when those resources should be put to much better use by finding these bastards and excising their genitals with a dull, serrated utility knife. At least, that’s the type of justice I would personally like to see meted out to these inconsiderate bastards.

  115. I get the msg from Chevrolet that my mobile number has won 3crore 35lakhs and Chevrolet captiva car is this true tell me

  116. Good day, I got a text that I have qualified for £ 500,000.00 that I should send my details via E-mail, how true is it. This is my number. 07066997900

  117. My name is seun, from Nigeria. I received a message from dat i won £50 000.00. Is dis true and dis is my number.07037961304

  118. Peter Lovelyn

    I received a text message on July 30th that I won 50,000.00pounds and that I should Email my name, age and phone no to nkdep

  119. On the 17th of july I receive a message. From +387099034232697 that I won £50,000.00 pound from Nokia UK mobile promo. Its it true

  120. babatunde shakira olawunmi

    i received a test message on my phone with number +387098147906136 dat i won 90,000 pound on yearly dis truth or wat dis is my mobile number 08030742976

  121. my name is Ben Ogude. mine was 60000 pounds but I was not moved because only the greedy and credulous will jump at redeeming a putative price of a lottery he never partook in playing.

  122. hey i received the mail.i win the carBRAND NEW Chevrolet Cruse 2013 CAR and cash prize of
    ( 3 CRORES 60 LAKHS RUPEES) this joke or true. pls intimate me.

  123. jon doe8457847

    These scammers are at it again. 876-582-0101 they claimed I won 1.3 Million, but had to get a money Pak scratch card for 350 to cover the paperwork. He also wanted me to stay on the line while I drove 20 miles to the nearest walmart "without hanging up the phone"

  124. Oscar gawugelo khoza

    i am a victim . I got the sms saying i won a polo vivo 2013 and R500 500.00 from fifa world cup. I want it im from south africa

  125. I got a phone call from an Eric Faster telling me I won 3.5 million dollars and a red Chevy Malibu. But I need to mail a money order ($185) for S&H to Mr. Robert Lake, 733 Cliffview Dr, #2219, Dallas, Texas,75217.
    I told Eric that I’m going to mail it after delivery. But their policy is it should be mail before. So we discussed it ad nauseam for about 40-45 min. Then I got tired and told him and hung up.
    He never called back. Alas!

  126. (209) 475-7067 named Spencer Washington called me with this green door scam wanting $250 to secure my 2.5 million dollar winnings and my new car.
    I knew it was a scam the moment he asked for money. And when I told him to just take the $ from my wiNnings he claimed someone else will get back to me and hung up.

  127. nasir ahmad parray

    Somebody send me message on my number and tell I have won lottery amount 10000000 GDP FROM NOKIA CORPORATION UNITED PLZ TELL ME IS THIS IS TRUE

  128. Douglas Biby 44

    They won’t deceive us anymore with their winning numbers. i have been playing lottery for years and i have never won a dimme for almost 12 years. But i was lucky to be informed about dr. Soula a very skillful spell caster who give out winning numbers for any type of lottery. i used his voodoo and i won in the lottery. It was $307,000 amd so grateful, drsoula_b@live. com is the only way to win this lottery if not you will continue to waste money on ticket

    Douglas Biby from Albuquerque

  129. I’ m having the same problem. Keep calling me from different numbers, winning different amounts, wanting different fees. They even leave messages cuz I don’t answer anymore. How do I get this to stop?

  130. I go by the name Dashiel Florez. i won $1,000,000 in the powerball lottery, I took an advice from some person who talked about this great spell caster called Dr. Soula the person placed a testimonies on a blog saying how dr. soula helped him win the lottery by sending him the winning number i was curious and i thought it was all joke not until i contacted this spell caster to know for myself how this work cause i have spend a lot buying tickets and i never win. I contacted him and he told me the necessary thing that need to be done and i did it and he told me to wait for 3days and truly he gave me the winning numbers to play the lottery which i did, Can you believe my name was the first among winners. He told me (my son all i need you to do for me is make sure that you share this testimonies to others so that they can also win the lottery cause i do not have much time to spell on the internet) so that is why i am sharing this testimony with you that if you want to win the lottery this is the way online tips can not help you [email protected] is the only answer to that your problem of winning the lottery

  131. received a call for Michael Pearce at 814-580-0844, telling me my father had won on a second chance lottery drawing for Mega Millions this month.I knew it was a scam right away because my father passed away in June. So how could he have won a second chance lottery in November??

  132. This guy keeps calling my grandmother about winning and we can’t get him to stop…. It is driving her up a wall…. how can we get him to stop…. PLEASE HELP!!

  133. Dr.Alok Kr Pandey

    Chevrolet UK Plc, Griffin House,
    UK1-101-135, Osborne Road,
    Luton, Bedfordshire LU1 3YT
    Register company number: 4533384
    [email protected]



    We wish to congratulate you once again on this note, for being one of the lucky winners selected on this year CHEVROLET MOTORS PROMOTION 2013. We felicitate with you and your family and especially for being a citizen of (INDIA). This promotion was set-up In United Kingdom CHEVROLET MOTORS to encourage prospective Email users.

    Your prizes for 2013 Chevrolet Email National and International Lottery Promotions, has been prepared for delivery to your residence by the Claims Department of the CHEVROLET International Lottery Promotions, UK. The items for delivery are:

    1) A demand draft of 500,000,00 Great British Pounds written in your honor.

    2) Your Chevrolet Cruze Car key’s and document.

    3.) Insurance Certificate/Clearance certificate issued from U.N.O

    4) Fund release order from financial service authority (F.S.A) United Kingdom

    Congratulations on behalf of the ”CHEVROLET MOTORS PROMOTION UNITED KINGDOM” Our Screening Committee And National Advisory Board has completed all verification and screening by the Screening Committee of "UK’s Overseas National Advisory Remittance Claims Unit. You have been approved to received your Demand draft and Chevrolet Cruze 2012 Car by a special delivery agent arrival been approved by the regulation council of the Chevrolet Motors Promotion 2013. Your cash prize of 500,000,00 Great British Pounds will be delivered safely to your door step through our Accredited FedEx Dispatch Officer. Having considered all possible measures to convey your cash prize, we resolve to use a special affiliated courier company under Diplomatic Umbrella. your parcel will be delivered to your given address with the enclosed Bank Draft, the diplomat will assist you to cash out the demand draft in any local bank where your account is been operated , Register’s and deposit into your own given Personal Bank Account.

    I received above mail can I believe the same or not

  134. I received the same call from Michael Pierce 814-580-0844 stating my husband won a second chance drawing for 5 million. I hung up and called the PA lottery main number in Harrisburg who told me it was a scam.

  135. This is the rest of my comment…. We called the 814-580-0844# back . he answered the phone as Michael Pierce but this time he was the pennsylvania lottery director, called my husband by a different name. This shows that they are scamming hundreds of people at the same time. My husband told him he was a liar a thief and a scam preying off others and we are not stupid,he is reporting him to the US Attorney. The dude hung up again. Please don’t fall for this scam, if you win a prize you never have to pay to receive it.

  136. Beware of a call from this # 814-580-0844 claiming you have won a big sum of money in a second chance lottery drawing. The man introduces himself as Michael Pierce Minnesota lottery director. He than instructs you to run CVS Pharmacy and buy a 500.00 green dot money pac begs you to tell him exactly how long it will take you to get it and to call the above # at once scratch off the card and give him the numbers on it.this is 100% refundable once they bring your prize to your door. My husband lied to him and said he was a policeman and the dude hung up.

  137. The companies called me from a (876) area code I got called by multiple people from same companies but several different companies and saying I had won different amounts of cash over and over ten to twenty times a dayby sometimes the same number but to receive the cash I had to pay$ 499.00.

    I was told every thing you can imagine to get me to send this cash to them so I would be rich This is a fraudulent. Scam I was gullable at first sent money and never received a cent from them. PLEASE IF THEY CALL YOU DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. THEY ARE TRAINED TO DO WHAT THEY DO SCAM AND HURT PEOPLE. HANG UP THE PHONE.

  138. I just received a phone call from 1-876-8697621, it was a guy who intoduced himself as Ronald Brown, had a very thick accent. Told me that I won a Chevrolet car a and some money. When I asked him how did I win, he replied "through shopping in Walmart". Gave me a winning code number and a number to call 1-866-9965997. I was supposed to call that number and call him back immediately. After 5 minutes he called me again, I have declined the phone call, he called twice right after that, so I picked up and told him I know it’s a scam, that 876 in Jamaica area code. He asked me again if I shop at Walmart, that the prize is real. I hung up.

  139. Andrea S. Baptista

    I was on a trip. When I came home, there were 43 messages. One by one, I played the messages, most from JM of several numbers, saying I won $2m and that he will come to deliver the check personally at 10am to my home. Skeptical about his blah blahs, I interrogated him for about 10 min., telling him directly, he’s a scam when he said I’d have to go Walmart and buy a sort of Green Dot card for $299. I said I don’t have that much money and told him if he can buy the card for me and pay him back when the check he delivers is authenticated by my bank. He said he can help me with $100. I said, I don’t have $199 either. Then he said i wont get my money if i don’t have the card. He asked me several questions: my age, my occupation, if I live/own the house in the address he has in his record. I asked him back what’s the green card for: He said it’s a surety that I pay the taxes of my winning, only 1%. I laughed and said I pay my taxes every year but 1% is not sufficient to pay the taxes on the $million that I win! Further, I said that if he came tomorrow, I’d have to call my FBI brother-in-law to witness what he’s doing and the more he said that that’s why he wants me to buy that green card so that no one can get my winning except me…. well, I see if he comes, take his picture and share it via social media.

  140. Beware of this number 003025088854 , they call up & inform you that your mobile number has won some amount & these bastards really are bastards!

    When I refused not interested in their prize for my number, they started abusing!

  141. This is a scam text I just received – beware!

    "Your mobile no has won 3crore 35lackh from chevrolet motor promo 2013 for claim send name,phone no address, age, and accuptation to email [email protected]."

  142. Received a phone call from a telephone number 923358721522 saying my wife has won 50000 dollors therefore to claim the bank of america check i have to send $425.00 to the name Samar Abbas UAE DUBAI from western union When i requested the telephone number where i can call back once i send the money he said he will call me back The person name Ravi singh was speaking in broken english When i said do you think i am an idiot he started abusive language BEWARE NO ONE will give you $50000 out of nowhere they are looking for your Money if you check this number it has originated from Pakistan.

  143. I was called on my cell IPhone. Was told I had won $500,000 and to call 702-347-6199. Called and was told that I had won 3&1/2 million $. I inquired & was told that the Co. Is Metabowl Co. In Las Vegas, Nevada. Told that this $ would be delivered tomorrow, 7/26/2013 at between 2-3 PM & that it is legitimate.

  144. Hi there!

    Just received call this afternoon from FTC Agent Robert Rodney claiming that I won Second Place prize for 2.4 million dollars. I would first need to send a refundable retainer/delivery fee of 375.00 dollars, Western Union or Money Gram for delivery of the check from Publishers Clearing House and Mega Millions. This would be mailed to a FedEx agent: Courtney Emanuel @ 18 William Street in East Orange, NJ 07017.

    P.S. – The man had all of my contact information

  145. Sadly, My aunt fell victim to these people. I kept asking her if she sent them money because every time they were to deliver..It was always a reason why they couldn’t. They lost 36,000 to these assholes and I hope and pray that they are caught. These were good Christian people who were played and it’s not right! My aunts first words were, " Now I can give the church a million dollars." Sad that this is how people life their lives to mess with others!

  146. I just received a scam saying I won 8000000 dollars com Phyllis miller be aware people just don’t open anything report all scams so everyone knows who to look out for please don’t let them take you for everything you have cause they will if your not sure look them up you can type in their name you will find they are scam artist thank you

  147. Deborah Gonzalez

    Just received a phone call, 1-800-355-1712, telling me I’d won $2.5 million from American Dream & Lottery. Was told I should have received a mail notification on Fri. Told the man I did not, had never heard of them, and had never entered anything like that. He said I was "chosen". Wanted $220 to process legal documents. I said oh no ain’t happening. Told him to send me notification first so I could look at it. Gave him an email address to send to. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that. Other than that gave no pertinent info. Anyone ever heard of them?

  148. Marilyn Hembree

    For the past several months I have received numerous calls from 876 numbers telling me I’ve won bla..bla..bla..I have told them to quit calling on numerous occasions, to no avail. (Rude and extremely pushy!!) Today I received a call from man calling self James Miller from Mega Millions Co, and I had won $360,000.00 (lucky me!!) Told him to send ck., claimed all I needed to pay was S&H in amt of $2,500.00. Said I’d get right to it, then cheerfully I said his package and winnings were bogus and at that he came unglued!! I can’t and won’t repeat what he spewed out, then I hung up. I’ve got a 38 special loaded if he decides to show up at my home. These are some scary, ruthless, bottom scavengers!! Marilyn

  149. Sandra Brooks

    I was told that I had won 6 point 2 million dollars and a new mercades car. The car was in storage and the bill had to be paid.Delivery couldn’t be made so more money for storage. Banks closed early so more green dot cards and more money.Have known one of them for a year. Name James Frank Dunken,62 years old. five feet seven inches tall. Jet black hair combed straight back,10 inches long.Brown eyes with yellow flecks.nice dresser. Has been in my yard and asked my friend questions.I have never seen him myself. Birthday 13 April.Came in my driveway and left picture of car torn from book. Came by my house and told me what I was wearing and doing in the yard.I was a fool and got in over my head and gave away over hundred thousand dollars.Please catch him.

  150. I have received the miss call from +923036645246; on 31/05/2013 3 Friday 13:17:32 PM.When I call back to this number .They said me I won lottery and if I want that money I have to call State bank of India Manager

  151. Francis Beckford Mary Taylor, John Greho such, scammers. Norman Morris. Robbed me of total close to 500 dollars. Beware of green dot scratch off cards. Fraud, these people should find god.

  152. lori robinson

    my name is lori ive received at less 10 phone calls in a few weeks time the one saids I won a lot of money in if I have a walmart recipt then he wants me to put a $100 on a card no way the number 1-876-887-1570 in a nother one trying say I won 8.5 million wants $1,500 there number is 239-234-4377

  153. Sonya Shannon

    i got severAl calls from these or four of these people im on disability they said my deeMs had came true they were from PCH i had been playing the lottery on Pch’s site so i believed them but was skeptical stillbut gullible me sent them 300.00 they asked for more money i got there names on my voicemail and numbers I’ve saved there names has to be soothing we or the police can do to catch these people its got to be a company or soothing for that many different people to call me on the same scam there names were Michael cheen James freeman, David miller and lisa hannan @ area codes (702-479-0784) (876(876-488-5068)&(876-572-8836) please help if you can thank you Sonya Shannon

  154. i got a call from +923215892492 , & its been announced that i have own 25lakhs indian currency…He asked me to call the below number.(14digit)00923418766082…In a fraction of seconds my mobile balance reduced by 35rs…

  155. WOW. I got a call from 876 area code, I put the area code in Google and this website came up. He said I entered in a draw at Wal-Mart, said I won $1,000,000, and a car. Don’t give them any information and tell them to stop calling or hang up the phone, I yelled at them and the guy stopped calling..LOL

  156. – my father took out a eiqtuy release scheme in england and was totally ripped off by a company called in retirement reversions ltd they went out of business in 2009 and were prosecuted by FSA for unfair contracts and breaking community law, i was wonde

  157. Just received a call from Wayne Mills of ‘The Lottery’ at 702-516-1510 in Nevada who wants to make delivery today at 2:00 but I don’t live in Nevada. My prize was $1.5 million and a new Lexus. He had my cell phone number and full name. How did he get that?

  158. 7029425310 is also a number besides all nuggets in area code 876 and 670. They keep harrassing me about winnings. I keep telling them they need to loose my number and stop calling from different numbers multiple times daily. Its gotten so bad that I want to change my number.

  159. Hi all, My mom got a similar call today from 00923418766082… saying that she won 25 lacs… and askedher recharge her mobile with 200 bucks… Guys please avoid such calls… No company is doing charity to give you money lyk this.. Its fooling and thats all.. If never participated than winning is out of question.

  160. somebody called me from this number 00923087530689 and they told me that you win lottery of 25 lake and when i trace ( this mobile shows from pakistan and that person told me that i m calling u from mumbai and recharge your mobile no. with rs 250 and then call me later i do not know what can i do pls help is .i think its froad……..

  161. somebody called me from this number 00923418766082 and they told me you win lottery of 25 lake and he say to give my a/c number. so what i am doing? is it scam its to safe. Please help.

  162. I also received a call yesterday from a Jamaica number saying I have won a car and money. I instantly new it was a scam. How can you win whenever you don’t play. Told the man to stop waiting my time he assured me that it was not a joke. When someone calls you and tells you that you have to pay a fee from winning something you didn’t enter it’s a scam. But to the scam people out there stop trying to take people’s hard earned money and get a real job. My husband works his — off for what we have and stupid people just try and take it by lies and being redicuolas. GET A JOB AND STOP TRYING TO STEAL EVERYONES MONEY.

  163. got a phone call from 800-318-0430 Special promotion, they said. You might get it too. Asks if you are 50 or over. Then asks if you have a debit or credit card – says you will be in a drawing for 1 mil also thousands of other prizes cars, tvs and vacations – then they ask for $1.95 on your credit card number ??

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