How to Avoid CBD Oil Fraud


CBD's Popularity Has Changed The Game

Cannabidiol, or "CBD" for short, was discovered in the 1940s. It is one of the two main cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp plants (the other is tetrahydrocannabinol, or "THC"). Over the past several years, CBD has skyrocketed in popularity. The NIMH has conducted several studies on the chemical compound, researchers are becoming more interested, and consumers are becoming far more interested in purchasing the compound for personal use. Especially since the Farm Bill of 2018 federally legalized the sale and possession of hemp-based CBD Oil, many people have been interested in trying it as an alternative to certain prescription medications.

Here's a graph showing the influx of Google searches for the substance:


cbd oil


This influx brought many new vendors to the CBD Oil market. It is essential to choose a trusted vendor when you're considering CBD oil for sale. Perform your research wisely before spending any money and, more importantly, consuming the substance.

While actual CBD has been shown to help reduce anxiety, inflammation, and neuroprotective properties, according to this National Institutes of Health study, fake CBD does not.


Types of CBD Fraud

Unfortunately, many unscrupulous vendors are willing to sell either very diluted CBD, concentrates with far less CBD than promised, or, at worst, selling a completely different, addictive substance (CBD in itself does not have addictive potential) illegally. These are usually the "fly-by-night" vendors who are just in the business to make money and do not care if consumers are injured or die due to their poor-quality product.

The most common CBD Oil "market deception" is to sell items such as CBD tinctures or edibles that advertise a false dosage of CBD. According to the Denver Post, the FDA has issued many warnings to companies for advertising false dosages of CBD in their products after doing a "test sting". Some companies have even been fined for doing so repeatedly. While this may not be physically dangerous for you, it is still a complete waste of money. For example, say you purchased a $50 bag of twenty CBD gummies, advertised at a 5mg dose in each. Say this hypothetical company put 1mg of CBD in each instead. You essentially just paid $50 for a small bag of candy!

Pick a trusted CBD vendor so that you get a reliable, consistent dosage.

Don't get another substance! Again, if you purchase CBD Oil from unknown, untrusted vendors, it might seem like you're saving a few dollars. However, you're putting your health in jeopardy. The Associated Press did a study where they purchased 30 CBD vapes from unknown vendors. One-third of them had "spice" or "K2", an illegal form of synthetic marijuana that is much more dangerous than the actual substance and had no CBD. Another third contained no CBD or other identified substance at all.

That means that you may end up in the hospital if you vape CBD from untrusted vendors.

How Do You Know That CBD Is Real?

The question is: How do you verify that CBD is real, and you're getting what you're paying for? One thing to not do is to go on Google and click on the first result and purchase it. Companies can pay to be "ranked up" on Google. This has nothing to do with trustworthiness.

Instead, do your research on individual companies that offer it. Remember, the FDA does not regulate CBD Oil at this time. It's the Wild West out in the CBD Oil market. If a company has a poorly-made site, no background information or physical headquarters, and no reviews, avoid it! Many of the higher-tier and reliable companies' products will cost more than the cheaper vendors, but that is because they have quality control procedures within them.

You will likely encounter CBD Oil for sale often in person at gas stations and grocery stores as well as online. Online vendors are usually cheaper and more reliable than "grocery store brands" that were likely just purchased in bulk from a shady vendor. However, some reliable vendors listed at greenthevoteok sell products both online and provide wholesale services to "smoke shops" and other businesses.


One More Way To Find The Truth

Another way to verify a company is legitimate is by looking for information they have published on CBD Oil. For example, most illegitimate vendors will just have a sales page. Usually, legitimate companies will have blogs or other means of educating users on appropriate dosing because they care about their customers.

Finally, please use these tips to avoid being defrauded or sold dangerous drugs rather than CBD, which has not been associated with any major safety risks. All too often, people go with the cheap option rather than the reputable and safe option. CBD is undoubtedly promising, and with so much CBD Oil for sale everywhere, it's tempting to try it.

Don't be scared away from trying CBD Oil. As long as your physician has no objection to it, you very well may benefit from trying CBD. Some people who use it report less anxiety, headaches, and the ability to be more productive during the day! Remember, this is not the federally illegal cannabinoid (THC), to which some people report becoming psychologically addictive.

Don't put your life in the hands of shady vendors who will cause anything from money loss all the way to possible death!


CBD Fraud: How To Report

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