5 Online Casino Bonuses That You Should Avoid

Beware of Online Casino Bonus Offers That Look Too Good to be True

If you are like many casino players, you love bonuses. They are easy to get, you can use them on your favorite games and they can help you increase your profits. But here is the problem. Some rogue casinos use bonus offers to defraud you online. Here are five signs of bonus offers that look like great deals but are actually scams.


1. Sweet Bonus, Short Shelf Life

This scam works by pressuring you to grab a bonus and use it in a ridiculously short time frame. You could get 100 free spins on a top slot like Starburst or Wolf of Gold. You could also receive additional cash from playing on a variety of table games.

Because the casino doesn’t want you to enjoy its bonus, it forces you to use up the entire offer within 1-3 days. Keep in mind you only receive the gift after you make a cash deposit. So, when the gambling site snatches its bonus from you, the only way to play its games is by using your money.

The average casino lets you use its free spins and money within one month. That gives you plenty of time to cherish the bonuses and even complete their wagering requirements conveniently.

2. Deposit Bonus That Can’t Be Withdrawn

Some casinos promote deposit bonuses and promise to let you use them on your favorite games. And because that’s something you love, you fund your account immediately to claim the offers. But after you’ve used up the money and ask support on how to withdraw it, you realize the money can’t be withdrawn.

Because you had to deposit money to claim the non-cashable bonuses, you must also use it. That means the casino’s offer did nothing more than waste your time. If the casino had misled you that its bonus could be withdrawn, you are left feeling frustrated and betrayed by the platform.

The best way to avoid such a scam is to read its terms before you deposit your money. Better yet, read reviews for the best online casino bonuses to find out what experts think of the offer. In many cases, you get better bonus offers by reading online reviews.

3. Generous Amount, Excessive Wagering Requirements

Casinos know that players love generous bonuses and may not think twice before accepting them. Rogue casinos give you their bountiful free spins but slap you with wagering terms so unreasonable that you may give up on completing them.

For example, let’s say you get a 500% deposit offer. You deposit $100 and receive $500 as a reward. The casino then allows you to use its proposal on an unlimited number of slot machines and table games. But when it comes to completing its wagering requirements, you must wager the total of your deposit plus a bonus 80 times.

Some simple calculation shows you must spend $48,000 (600 x 80) before you can withdraw your bonus wins. Imagine you won $2,000 from the bonus, would it be worth spending $48,000 for it? Most people wouldn’t. But if you do, you end up making the house rich.

4. Countless Spins, Low Withdrawal Limit

Imagine finding out you’ve received 250 free spins on an impressive slot like Book of Ra, Thunderstruck II or Twin Spins. You quickly grab them and spin the reels out of your favorite game until they are no more.

Of course, you had also deposited the $100 deposit required to claim the spins. But that doesn’t matter at the moment because you won $500 while using the free spins. But just when you are about to withdraw the money, the casino lets you know you can only withdraw $50 from free spins.

You feel cheated because every other casino you know would have let you keep all your wins. You could also have tried to find out the terms of the free spins, but that information was challenging to find. In the end, you end up spending more money and receive very little from the bonus you thought looked great.

5. Huge Bonus Played on Unpopular Games

In the usual casino style, this promotion emphasizes the amount you get as a reward and not what you gain from it. You must also deposit cash and spend it before you can activate your bonus. If you fall for it, you will usually lose more money than you gain in the end.

Typically, the casino attracts you with its huge bonuses but condemn you to use the money on the least played games. Most of these games also have low returns to player rates, meaning you’ll lose more than you win.

Worse, you must also complete inflated play through terms to withdraw the little amount of money you win. Many casinos bury the details of the games you must play with bonus money deep into their terms and conditions pages. So, if you don’t make an effort to find and read them, you will always fall for their fraudulent bonuses.

Unreasonable Game Weighting

With every casino bonus you receive, you must wager a specific amount of money before you can withdraw it. When game weighting is applied, some games contribute more toward finishing your wagering requirements than others.

Rogue casinos weight their games in such a way that you can’t use games you love to complete their wagering requirements. That means you could end up spending hundreds or thousands of pounds on games you hate. And if these games have low payout rates, you can be confident you won’t win decent amounts of cash from them.

Luckily, you can avoid game weighting related problems by reading casinos’ terms carefully. Alternatively, you can find a trustworthy bonus review website where you can check reviews of the best bonuses regularly.


Every casino player deserves bonuses from time to time. But with so many scam bonuses out there, beware of the tricks used by rogue casinos. Read all bonus terms properly to get the minor details that could haunt you later on. And if you find a red flag, look for an alternative bonus.


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