6 Tips You Should Use To Avoid Online Casino Fraud

Playing casino games is fun until you get scammed by a fraudulent casino. Depending on the quantity of the money lost, you could feel frustrated or vow never to play at an online casino again. Luckily, here are six tips to help you avoid online casino scams.


1. Always Verify Licensing Information

Many rogue casinos don’t have valid licenses. If you find an online casino that doesn’t provide its licensing information, avoid it. To stay on the safe side, also verify the information on gambling sites that claim to be licensed.

In some cases, casinos acquire a license to operate in Curacao, Malta, or other regulatory bodies for the first year alone. After that, they fail to renew their licenses but continue to offer their services. The problem with that is that they can defraud and get away with it. You can’t report them to any specific casino regulator because they are unregulated, and the police might not help you also.

Nearly all casinos publish their licensing information at the bottom of their websites. To verify, copy the license number and validate it on the concerned regulator. If you can click through the number, you will be linked to the regulator’s website. Again, regulators include the UK Gambling Commission, Malta’s Gaming Authority, Curacao, and Gibraltar.

2. Don’t Accept Bonuses Blindly

If you are like many online casino players, you love casino bonuses. They may come in small amounts. But being able to bet continuously and even win money without spending your cash feels excellent.

Unfortunately, scam casinos know all players have a weak point for bonuses and exploit it cold-heartedly. They may give you a 500% deposit bonus, a generous amount of spins on your favorite slot, and free money to play live dealers.

With modern scam casinos, they also offer a wide variety of games to utilize their spins. However, they scam you by making your gaming experience hellish. They could rig the games so that you lose continuously. They could also tamper with their game software so that you experience a technical hiccup every time you form a winning bet.

There are numerous more ways casinos can use to defraud you, having attracted you with a fake bonus. But the worst among them is letting you play and win money only to deny you a payout.

To avoid falling for online casino scams, always read trustworthy reviews about each casino you plan to join. To ensure they are honest, read reviews on websites that verify casinos’ independently. That way, you can only claim a bonus knowing a reliable person tested it and found it to be genuine before recommending it to you.

3. Check Accepted Payments

Besides operating without valid licenses, scam casinos also tend to avoid payment companies that can hold them accountable. They mostly won’t have PayPal because the e-wallet allows people to ask for a chargeback easily. They often do accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

When planning to join a relatively unknown online casino, therefore, ensure they use a trusted payment method. The top casinos allow you to deposit and claim wins using well-know e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Paysafecard, and Euteller. Visa and MasterCard are also accepted in many online casinos.

Still, on payments, avoid the common scam of casinos charging you exorbitant amounts of cash in deposit and withdrawal fees. The best casinos don’t charge for deposits and won’t take more than 3% of your money in withdrawal fees.

4. Play Games from Respected Software Providers

Most online casinos lease games from multiple software providers to ensure players have a great variety of games to choose from. But since not all suppliers can be trusted, stick to playing games from respected developers.

Brand name slot developers like Playtech, Microgaming, and Netent provide the best-rated games consistently. Yet, they’ve never been involved in any scandals related to helping casinos rig games. By contrast, scam casinos cooperate with the smaller developers to rig you.

They may use bonus offers to trick you into playing rigged games.  But once you start betting with real cash, they ensure you lose all your wagers. Of course, not all upcoming developers have untrustworthy tendencies. Small companies created some of the best slot machines. But before you play new games, dig around to find out how good or bad they are.

5. Test The Customer Support

One of the easiest ways to identify a rogue casino is to contact them. You could send an email or send a message through their chat feature, asking a question related to their services. If they respond quickly and professionally, you should learn more about them.

If you can’t get a reply within a day or two, that’s a casino you should avoid. It might not be fraudulent, but if it doesn’t respond to customers, it’s not worth your time. While on the topic of customer support, the best casinos provide contact services 24/7. That way, you could ask for assistance day or night and get help.

6. Ensured the Sites are Secure

Both Google and Firefox browsers warn you when you attempt to use an unsecured website. If that happens when visiting an online casino, take the warning seriously. All legitimate casinos have SSL encryption to safeguard your data. They also have clear data policies that vow to keep your information safe.

More importantly, they have adequately engineered websites and apps that protect you against viruses and other forms of malware. And even without malware, there is no reason you should play on a site that experiences technicalities frequently. You can’t have a great experience, and you could lose money due to the issues.


Every once in a while, you’ll find a casino that lacks one or more of the features mentioned above. It could be unlicensed or operate with an expired license. It could also be using an unsecured website or a buggy app. Regardless, use the tips shared above to avoid scam casinos. Take note of bonus related scams in particular. They are easy to fall for, and it can be challenging to figure out they are scams.


How to Report Online Casino Scams

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