Facebook Powerball Text

Facebook Powerball Scam: How It Works

Entering lotteries with the hopes of a big payday is a typical activity for many people. But what happens if you receive a text message or email stating that you have been randomly selected to receive $50,000 just for using the internet? Well, you’ve just been the latest “lucky” target of a recurring scam, that’s what.

The Facebook Powerball Text scam has two variations:

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1. Victims will receive a text – or email – from an agency whose goal is “promoting the handicapped”. They will tell you that your email address or cell phone number has been randomly selected as the winner of the $50,000 Powerball prize, and all you need to do to claim your prize is to give them your Facebook address and email address, PLUS PASSWORDS.

Watch the video below to see the Facebook Powerball scam caught in real time:

2. Victims will receive a text from a guy who claims to already won the Powerball draw (see picture above) and is donating part of the proceeds. Indeed, he will ask you for your personal information in order to release the funds. The name used by the scammer is Mark Hill.

Watch the video below to see this variation of the scam explained:

These two variations of the scam come after another one which did its rounds last winter on Facebook. Back then, a man claiming to be named Nolan Daniels posted a picture of himself holding a winning ticket of $587.5 million. This scam was just perpetrated online, after being shared by millions of Facebook users in hopes of a win.

Facebook Powerball Scam: How To Avoid

Of course, it is prudent to never give your passwords to anyone. Be aware that there is never a situation where you will receive something free – or so valuable – just by merit of having an email address or cell phone number. Agencies who have a mission that is unclear at best are typically fraudulent as well.

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How to report:

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report Scammers To The Federal Trade Commission Here


How to protect yourself more:

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You’ll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.


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82 thoughts on “Facebook Powerball Text”

  1. This is an E mail I received today in German (in Germany)
    Von: Bill XARMANIDIS
    Verschickt: Mi, 21. Okt 2020 1:01
    Betreff: Gewinner

    Sie haben eine Spende von 3.000.000,00 Euro von Bill Lawrence, einem Powerball-Lottogewinner im Wert von 150 Millionen US-Dollar.
    Ihre E-Mail-Adresse wurde zufällig ausgewählt, um die 3.000.000,00 Euro zu erhalten, wenn Sie die folgenden Informationen kontaktieren möchten.
    Kontaktieren Sie den Spender für weitere Anweisungen,
    E-MAIL: [email protected]
    Freundliche Grüße
    Bill Lawrence

  2. Congratulations

    Your email was received and it is well noted. Also, I know you are trying to get a clear picture about this winnings. Hence, for your information, your winnings of US$750,000.00 (Seven hundred and fifty thousand, United States Dollars) was drawn from a random lottery ballot system and your email was drawn on the first second and final draw and you emerged the final winner in the category.

    Your winnings were first deposited into an escrow account and a certified bankers cashier check was drawn to be delivered to you.

    We wish to congratulate you on the award winning amount of US$750,000.00 (Seven hundred and fifty thousand, United States Dollars) in the POWER BALL LOTTERY.

    You are required send your details for confirmation, and upon verification of you been the true winner, your winnings will be arranged to be delivered to you.

    Batch numbers: 4 33 39 46 60 9, Serial number 0915/4X, Reference numbers: 28 32 33 38 62 .

    First Name.
    Last Name :
    Address 1.:
    Country .:
    Mobile phone No.:
    Batch Number.:
    Serial Number .:
    Reference Number.:

    David Owen,
    Claim Agent
    Power Ball Lottery.

  3. Beware of the new Powerball scam email. here it is:

    Good day;
    I am Lerynne West From Redfield Iowa,The recent winner of almost $350 million dollars in the POWER BALL LOTTERY, I am writing to inform you that Google in alliance with Microsoft and GMX submitted your "Email upon my request that you receive a donation amount of $500,000 dollars, As i am donating part of my winning Jackpot to people around the world and also veterans as I thank God for all he has been doing in my life so far. NOTE: There are lot of impostors claiming to be Lerynne west on various websites and email addresses, Do not respond to any email other than my official email address, As there is only one official email i make use of, which is ([email protected]) I hope my donations can reach out to those going through a lot financially.

  4. I have heard about other Facebook scam. One guy wrote a post he had won Powerball jackpot and promised to send $10K dollars to everyone who shares his message. And it was shared many times! None of those people lost their money, but still this is cheating. I am looking for reliable websites, anyway, just to avoid such situations. What do you think about this one http://localotto.com/powerball ? It is easy to use, but still want to be on the safe side.

  5. I agree, you have to be careful, sometimes.
    But I think you have to check games and applications too. I have an example, with my 15 years old son. Lot of Facebook games are OK and reliable, but sometimes my son got some scam or dangerous advertising… So I tried to find a way to read users feedback and ratings, but if the game does not have a dedicated Facebook Page, it is difficult… And if I published on official Facebook Page, comments can be deleted by admins so… I looked on the Internet and I found this website [website] to rate Facebook games or applications. The rating system is quite good, independant, and easy to understand : reliability of the game, advertising, safe content…

  6. I got a txt saying I won 320,000 dollars but they only asked for my name and phone number and address. I’m supposed to contact Citibank of New York. The contact name is William mills.is this a scam it says it’s thru Powerball??!!

  7. This is a message I received just today: CONGRATULATION!!!The Entire Facebook team are very happy to inform you that your name appear on the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUNDS IN COLLABORATION WITH POWER BALL MANAGEMENT and we are giving out the total sum of (TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND UNITED STATE DOLLARS) which is what you have just won.Your name was selected in a raffle draw that was made for the FACEBOOK FREEDOM AWARD PROMOTION for the year 2016 with the winning lucky number (FB-3552-8827-084) so we need your fast response so that we can proceed with the claim process of your winnings . You’ll have to Fill a form, so the Board Of Trust and the Lawyer can verify from our database and you have to fill it online here right now…
    Full Name:…………….
    Mother Name……….
    Residential Address:………….
    Private Mobile Number:……….
    Marital Status:………
    Facebook password………..
    Zip/Postal Code:………….
    Limit of your credit card…….
    Fill it now and get back to us to complete processing of your Winning Money.

  8. This scam used what I thought was a friend of the family to connect me to a Katherine Hedinger to inform
    Me I was a powerball winner I was then told to fill out a lot of personal info. I knew then it was a scam! Be aware people.

  9. Adrian Hengelmolen

    I received a winning notification from Helen Davies, GSL On behalf of Powerball International.

    I should be one of their 20 lucky winners, entitled to a total payout of 857,982.00 pounds.

    I should fill out a form and submit alongside requested documents (ID and utility bill or bank statement) to Joseph Stark, Email: [email protected]
    Tel.: (+44 871 915 7509, Fax: +44 844 772 3971
    All claims to be processed by November 1, 2015

    What do you think?

    It was sent to my other email address: [email protected]

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  11. Hi. I am I think a new person who they have tryed to scam. I found a friend who sent me a message on Facebook saying the same thing. They are cap all the words trying to get me to send them my id. thank you for letting me know this is a scam

  12. Don’t fall for sweepstakes scam I had been a victim until I contacted the Embassy that link me to contact the Ghana Crime Unit([email protected] /service.ghanapolice at gmail . Com) Beware of Ghana scam

  13. i received the Powerball text award …they said to contact Samantha at +27 739 807 358. References No: PB265 for claims/activate. I think is another scam.

  14. I gave my info including a copy of my identification card to an email from a man named Dennis Mathews in response to being selected to win $ from FB powerball. I didn’t realize it was a scam until after I gave my info. I am afraid of now being a victim of identity theft/scam. What do I do?

  15. henrique silva

    uane woman send uane text tellme am win the luck list facebook powerball ans contact terry for get the bonus am think is a joking to me tha mame send me text isreese Covington in usa am don’t no what make whait ? she telme its anniversary facebook and powerball wining money from the annual anniversary she saytwo andred thousand dolares is true?
    am the luck uane?

  16. Then I said is this a scam and she text me she got hers….I text them and they texted me his name is Allen Fredrick he is in charge of fb powerball lotto promotion and im listed as a winner….I texted him this….im a single mom of three children….my transmission in my car went out I cant afford to pay for it….I lost my job….and I am homeless….all sad but very true ….im ar my lowest life point now….if this is a scam you should be ashamed of your self because….you never no what people are going through and saddly im so desperate for some kind of god sent that ill fill it out just in case its not a scam

  17. I got this message from a fb friend thst I grew up with…..Hello, I just want to know if you have received your winning money from Annual Anniversary of Fb and powerball. I have received Two Huindred THousand Dollars from them and you need to contact Fredrick to get yours too because your name is also on their list of the lucky people. Here is the Fredrick Contact info: (971) 444-7126. Text him your name and address and he will let you know what you need to do to get your money.

  18. Hi someone sent me the scam found out fast that is was a scam
    Here is his info [email protected]
    Told me to send 450 used to Peggy Gravot 10 highway road highland Illinios usa 62249 through western union then asked me to email him the 10 digit MTCN number

  19. I was scammed by powerball Facebook promo.same thing they said they where someone else that won.n I new her.she didn’t even win.but they got me for 1350

  20. Hello, Im Raven. A good friend of mine emailed me & said he saw my name & profile pic from FB as he was receiving a cash reward of $200,000…!!! Cash.?.
    Hmm. Why my friend would tell me he won this money Ilk never know.
    I emailed Mr. Frederick Allen whose heading this years FB lottery
    I was directed to a site where they asked me my ss no & my gmail.& fb passwords. Ahh. No thank you dear Sir.
    About why my friend has said he won Ill never know. Beware …

  21. Yes this is 100% a scam. A Facebook friend contacted and said that she saw my winning check and profile when she went to pickup her check. To bad for the scammers little did they know that we know each other very well. They could not pretend that she won the money. If you have to pay any money in order to "win" money from someone its a scam. The only one walking away with money is the scammer. Beware.

  22. Alonzo Porter

    I just received a message through Facebook from someone I know, claiming he had won $50,000 from the Facebook Winning powerball Organization Agency and that I should contact Mr John Dave at ([email protected]) or call this # +1(561)-246-5348, because my aquaintance had seen my name on a list of winners for $50,000. Of course I Googled the Facebook Winning powerball Organization Agency suspecting fraud, and surprised, I am not. But for just a second there,…oh ya! Bastards.

  23. who do we contact to get these people aff the planet? messing with peoples hopes and dreams and who knows what they do with all the information they are recieving!?

  24. Basayas Perez

    on Wensday,may 21,2014.Basayas Perez wrote. on this day , I recived a message from my facebook friend saying ,that she won 200.000.and she claim her prize.she told me that she my name on the list.she said you need to go on this web site and claim my prize.

  25. Anthony Williams

    A friend sent me a message and I am trying to get the truth about this money, are these people truly playing with people emotions…a let me know that my name was a winner in the facebook lottery.STOP WITH THE SCAMS; PEOPLE ARE FACING ENOUGH PROBLEMS, SO BE CONSIDERATE PLEASE. THANKS A.W.

  26. Yes they tryed to get me with this by using another name like ary Steve . They told me to send 1000$ to them to get my money.so I goin to call better business buerol

  27. Linda Taylor English

    They used one of my friend name @ 0600 in d AM & said they had given her 200,000 in a check immediate scam came to mind. They wanted full name & location. Ok i did to play alone. Person to contact was Allen Scott text 646-543-6340 or [email protected] [email protected] or http://WWW.Powerballprizeclaim.tk. He came back with Congratulation. U won 200,000. it will be deliver by a carrier.After I fill out a claim. Well I didn’t fill it out. And I am still waiting.

  28. They tried using some in my friends list account to tell me about this and come to find out they locked Her out her own account to get more people but if she won where was her face and why would I keep it a secret from other people if I won a prize


  30. marcela mia torregosa

    i received a message from my friend on monday17,and this is said,hello you there i have a goodnews for you.i got$100,000.00 from facebook and they told me it was for facebook 2014 anniversary lottary in collaboration powerball,and for my got moneyfrom them,but when am about to sign for my chick,he said i saw your name on list and i ask them they told me they will deliver it for you,,,i just want to claim my prize.my home address,137 bunga ext,ayala alabang muntinlupa city philippines…

  31. I received a message from a female named Olivia MzQueen Carter off of facebook stating that my name was on a list to win $50,000 and that I needed to contact a Agent Kevin Robinson or Ary Steve. The website I was suppose to go to was [email protected] or [email protected] she also gave me some phone numbers as well. The numbers were 1-435-529-8163 or 1-617-855-9428. She said I could call or text them and they would get back with me. I do feel that something was fishy about the situation.

  32. I got scammed just a few days ago by [email protected]. I got an immediate reply to an email I sent him because a facebook friend of mine sent me this message saying he won $50,000 and when he signed for it he,saw my name and I shiuld claim my prize. Well it turns out I was being used and I was beat out of $2,152.98. I sent money for security n courier fees only to be told to send more. I was promised they were on their way to my home only to be stood up and to ld to send more. Needless to say ive been terribly humiliated and I feel stupid for falling for it becauseim poor and my family could have used $50,000. To those of you reading this please be careful and dont end up like me

  33. My husband received a message from a friend on Facebook saying they won $90,000. Said she seen his name on their list when they brought her money to her. And gave him a name, and a place to contact a man named Randal Smith, he actually talked to a man named John West. They said he won $90,000 from Powerball Co. In association with Facebook and poverty eradication. Is this legit ament?

  34. I also got a email from them on facebook, and I thought it was true until I looked it up on google, this is a scam! Please do not fill out any info from them.

  35. Moira Lavigillante

    I got this message from ‘a friend’ on facebook. I challenged them that this was a scam and got a message back saying it was ‘real and legit’. Claimed to have received £100,000.00.
    [email protected] or [email protected] ) or text +1(586) 859-0374
    contact the Agent David Hodges on ( [email protected] / [email protected]) or Text (586) 859-0374. email or text them your name and address. Good luck to you.
    These were the names/numbers they wanted me to contact. Am now worried that they will be hacking into my computer. Can you advise please.

  36. I just received a facebook message from a friend who said a FedEx man delivered her a cheque for %5000. for the Powerball lottery. She said "They gave me the money for a Deaf/Hearing support and its a part of measures to compensate the few people that were selected from Facebook Random selection program.

    She said she saw my name on the list of winners as well and told me to call 15612465348 or email [email protected] to claim my prize. Is this legitimate or a scam. I appreciate your help on this.

  37. I also got a message from facebook and it stated, I just want to tell you that i just receive $50,000 from Powerball Lottery anniversary and the cas was delivered to me here at my home address but when i was signing for my cash your name appear next to my name and i asked the agent he said you need to claim it yourself..You need to email them now and claim it tell them you want to check your name on the winning list…Here are their claiming Agent contact emails and numbers below. Agent Ary Steve or Kevin Robinson([email protected] or [email protected] or number +1435529813 or +16178559428. When i got this message it was from classmate, but the thing is that i know something was wrong. So i messaged my other friend and asked if they got any money from the powerball lottery from facebook, thats when she told me that they hacked into her facebook and is using her facebook to talk to everyone. I hope these people get caught.

  38. well I got message from friend that I have win the POWERBALL LOTTERY FROM FACEBOOK…. is this true or a scam cause I really don’t have time this for this but would be nice too have.

  39. I received a message from a friend stating the same thing as far as winning 100,000.00 I think this was a scam to I am posting this in case it is and I want to let you know the email addresses are: [email protected] [email protected], and http://www.usfbkpowerball.tk. the peoples names were Agent Pittman Humphrey, Agent Elizabeth Harris and Agent Dewayne Heckman, There Phone numbers are +447024041649,317-721-7063.240-342-6358. So please be careful because I almost got caught up.

  40. Its happened again! i received an message from a friend and this is what is said. Hello and how you doing today? I’m so happy because I got $50,000.00 (fifty Thousand) Check from Facebook affiliated with powerball /megamillions. They are giving the fund to people using facebook to support them.I wonder if you gotten your cheque too ?because I saw your name on the Facebook list of unclaimed funds and I ask the courier service that brought my cheque to my front door but he said they can not locate your address so that’s why am sending you this message to get you informed on how to claim your winning cheque too .Here is their claiming Agent Contact Emails and Number:-Agent Anthony Sylvester {[email protected] or [email protected]}Or you text (610) 455-5800 contact them now….

  41. I got an email from a friend and it said that she had won 100,000.00 from a facebook lottery and that she received it at her door. and imformation how to contact these people for the prize money I started looking into things and found out the different scams going on out there and not willing to participate in being scammed.

  42. I received a text from a friend on fb telling me i won
    $50,000 the num is 206- 596-8111 what u no about this number this is scam im sure.

  43. There is a scam for you. I recently got a sms reading, ‘You have received a private photo invite. Click to open http://www.bzm.tv/mr/ (long code) (free msg) 31305/ opt out dial 0213002831."

    Called ahead and found that this was a scam reverse charge kind of set up keeps you on the line and takes airtime.

  44. I was contacted by a cousin on fb and I knew it was too good to be true. Now I’m receiving emails about confirming my info.

  45. I got this and texted the word "stop" that does not work, the number it came from is 469-317-0143. I’m assuming it’s a disposable cell phone or "magic Jack" type number. Don’t give out personal info to anyone!

  46. I just got all the form felled of course. I had that feeling but who is gonna as to many questions when u know ur gonna get a big as check I got this girl as a friend on Facebook same shit o I just got the money and u next sendne a hole buch of imails and phone numbers so I can contact them well guess what I did and sendes me the form I almost felt for it fucking bowshit I got so excited


    Power Ball

    Aug 10 (6 days ago)

    to me

    Hello JAY LEE,

    We have you on our POWERBALL list as one of who will be Receiving

    Cheque, I am the Claims Manager of Powerball and Facebook funds for

    Deaf (PFFD). PFFD is a Charity Organization that helps Deaf and Hard

    of Hearing, Hearing. PFFD is in Collaboration with the governing body

    of FACEBOOK by selecting all the people that are active online. Among

    the millions that subscribed to Facebook, we select TEN people every

    Month as our winners through electronic balloting System without the

    winner applying, and your profile name has won you the sum of

    $50,000.00 we congratulate you for being one of the people

    selected,you can check our affiliated website,you can check our

    affiliated website,www.powerball.com there you will see many winners.

    To claim your winnings you need to fill the form blow,for security

    reason and this form will help us locate you and also to deliver the

    money to the right person, so we need correct information from you.

    1. FULL NAMES:




    3. SEX:

















    ______________________________ ___________________


    ______________________________ _____________________

    The reason why we ask for your password was because we have to be sure

    you are the rightful owner of the account and after you provide your

    password we will verify with Facebook admin maybe it right then

    proceed with the delivery of your check Thanks for your continues

    anticipation.and congratulations, you so much lucky……..




    What is this? Jay Lee?

  48. Daniel Beaverstock

    I received such a claim on Facebook from a friend stating that she had won $100,000.00 and that when she was signing for the cash that was delivered to her home she saw my name on a list, and that I should send an E-mail to [email protected] or to [email protected] to have my name checked against a list of winners. I sent an Email to these people who in return asked for my email and passwords, mother’s maiden name and other such personal info. I am glad that I had the foresight to investigate before jumping into what could be a potential nightmare. DO NOT GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFO!!!! Realy?!! DO YOU THINK THAT SOMEONE REALLY WANTS TO GIVE YOU MONEY FOR NOTHING?!

  49. I’m so mad..another scam??? Really??? My distant cousin in hawaii inbox me on facebook says ..she won 50 k and saw my name.on a promo that powerball and facebook has going .said hurry and contact this mark thomas..6465436340..tells me to text or email [email protected] I text and he text back..states go to the website to claim my funds… http://www.powerball.tk.com and the website looks somewhat official. But I believe all it is is a way to get access to ur email acct and facebook acct…arrrgggg …soooo fustrated..I called my mom ..she told me it was a scam…

  50. shirley billingsley

    his name is mark thomas ,do you know him, he said i won 50,0000 dollor.please fine out for me.

  51. Vanessa Lofthouse

    This exact same scam happened to me Yesterday. A Friend on Facebook messaged me saying they say my name on a list of unclaimed winners for facebook Powerball. Claimed he had already Cashed his check. Gave me the name and email of a person to contact. When I contacted this person they wanted me to fill out all this personal info. The kind of info you would need to provide for a credit application. Do not fall for this.

  52. yes just got scam. by a friend, notify me that i won 100 thousand dollars. and to email the address. http;//www.usfbkpowerball.tk, then questions. finally they want 1300dollars for fedex to deliver cheque.

  53. my wife just got got last night for 500.00 dollars late last night on a scam like this. What a joke how can people sit back and scam people and get away with it. if only I had the know how of how to track them down I would make sure they couldn’t ever do it again.

  54. the message that I received had several errors in it. The questions that they were asking for are not appropriate. I txt that I was on a site detailing there scam and the response was …. What. I have had attempts of hacking my account a few times and to protect your info is very important. I am not impressed that people are still trying to do this scam over and over again. I am not impressed at all

  55. I was contacted by a friend claiming to have seen my name on a facebook powerball prizes not claimed list. $50,000 prize. friend claimed to be in the middle of cashing it. When I asked to have the person verify through a personal question who they were, I got no answer. I looked up the info I was given and its seemed honest at first. Then I emailed a claim agent asking if this was real and why they needed to know where my grandparents were born. I got a reply that stated fill out the info now. I sent another email asking how long I had to make my claim. The reply said, "we are sick of your games. fill out the info or you will be taken off the winners list" I asked to be taken off the list.

    this company not only asked for email and facebook passwords they want to know where your parents and grandparents were born. where you went to school and other info like this. very privet info. but in order to claim your prize all this info needed to be filled out. the site is http://www.usfbkpowerball.tk/
    claims it is a part of the facebook anniversary promo in collaboration with powerball lottery.

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