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Crazy Booster Bag Scam: How It Works

(with video below) Imagine this; you're in a crowded restaurant, mall or airport and you decide to sit down and give your feet a rest. You place your purse, shopping bag or carry-on on the ground beside your seat. Suddenly an attractive woman approaches you and asks for assistance of some sort, be it for the time, to use your cell phone for an emergency or for help locating her boarding gate.

You fail to notice the gentleman approaching from the other side, carrying a large duffel bag. Once you get up to leave, you realize your bag is gone. But how could this be? You were never away from your bag for a second.

Watch the video below to see in action the Booster Bag Scam:

Booster Bag Scam Video

The trick is the large duffel bag the other gentleman was carrying. This bag has a false bottom and is rigged up with a spring-loaded device.

The scammer places the large bag over your bag, while you are distracted by his attractive accomplice, and the device grabs your bag. The scammer walks away, the stolen bag completely concealed inside his duffel bag.


Booster Bag: How To Avoid

These scammers are looking for bags that are sitting on the ground. This is the key for the scam to work. Therefore, keeping your bag in your arms or looped to a chair back will make it impossible for the scammers to steal your bag.

Remember, the next time you are distracted by a pretty girl you may be losing more than the feeling in your arm after your girlfriend punches it; you could lose your belongings as well.

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