Get Rid Of Bags Under Eyes Scam

Get Rid Of Bags Under Eyes Scam

(with explanatory video below) You may look online for ways to get rid of bags under your eyes or you might even consider surgery for under-eye puffiness. Then, one day, an Internet ad catches your attention. This scam comes in several variations. First, these ads are typically published by automatic software right under legitimate news articles.

Whether you read an article online published on your local newspaper’s website or a national one, a lot of times you might notice a “Sponsored Articles From Around The Web” section, right at the bottom of the article.

Oftentimes, these are ads about “natural products” that are promised to be wonder-products. According to their claim, by consuming these products you can fix your bags under your eyes, lose several pounds, or whiten your teeth in very a short time. How does the scam work?

Watch the video below to see the ‘miracle product’ scam exposed:


Miracle Product Scam Exposed Video

These questionable advertisements are mostly featuring phrases such as 2 Easy Steps to Fix Eye Bags, You Won’t Believe Her Transformation, Eye Bag Removal Trick, Best Remedies For Dark Circles, Quickest Way To Remove Bags Under Your Eyes, 1-Weird Trick to Lose Eye Bags, Eat This, Never Have Eye Bags Again, Safe Ways to Remove Eye Bags Naturally, Secret Remedy For Dark Circles or Holy Grail of Eye Bags Removal – all promising you to fix your problem with the help of an ancient or special product.

Clicking on the link will redirect you to a (false) news website. The articles seem to be from reputable sources like USA Today, People, Vanity Fair, Yahoo, Women’s Day, Time, BBC, Sun, and your local papers, but the writers must have left their journalistic ethics at the door – the articles are filled with celebrity testimonials and even end off with a call to action:

“Offer for our readers only – Only pay for the shipping!” The fake website shows up according to the region you live in, as they are geo-tagged by scammers according to your computers’ ID address. It doesn’t matter if you live in Nebraska, Manchester, or Sydney, you’ll always see celebrity photos such as Sandra Bullock, Ellen, Demi Moore, Martha Stewart, or Dr. Oz, shamelessly used by scammers

For example, this one below shows up on every computer in Canada, as we are located in Toronto. It says the article is published in the Canadian Health&Lifestyle Magazine, which doesn’t exist! But it looks good as a fake page, see below. The title of the article’s page is “Wrinkle Miracle”, but the website’s domain is not nearly closed to Canadian Health&Lifestyle. In this specific case, is

At the bottom of the page, you can also see comments from people who had used the product and of course, they were satisfied (which by the way, you won’t see in any reputable articles). If you click on any of the fake Facebook profiles, you’ll be just refreshing the fake article page and be taken to the top part of it.

But let’s say you decide to try out the magic product. Even if the product doesn’t work, you’ll only lose $3.79 for the shipping – or so you think. Well, that amount changes when you receive your next credit card statement showing a membership charge of $150!! You call the company and try to dispute it, but they say it’s impossible to cancel due to the wording in the fine print. They may also advise you to buy additional products.

When you finally realize you’re being taken advantage of and try to report them and denounce the company online, you’ll already be too late. The company will simply change their name and start again, scamming whoever else wants to make a quick dollar.

Like this one, there are many scams on the Internet. Whether is about lose weight, whiten teeth, or fix eye bags, there are always there. Avoid at all costs.

How to avoid:

If it sounds too good to be true, then it is! Avoid these types of offers. If you want to find the best remedies for under eye bag non-surgical procedures, try researching online every tempting service.

Look for independent reviews, not the ones that are posted on their website. Do that even for under eye surgery offers if you come across ‘great’ ones. There are no overnight miracle cures for eye bags or weight loss! If that were so, no one would be overweight and there will be no eye bags forever!

Verify a website below

Are you just about to make a purchase online? See if the website is legit with our validator:


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bernard blatte

Dark circles and Eye Bags lower tops also result from absence of rest. The best treatment for puffy eyes is accessible at your home itself. Simply ensure that you regularly follow the Eye Bags Natural Treatment get the wanted results within a shorter time span.


Even when a product works-you are often inadvertently on a an auto ship system that typically cost 98 dollars per month

Andrea Shop

Bags under my eyes used to be very common but when I was getting married, a girl from a parlour suggested me to use dermalmd under eye serum, and within 24 hours I had fresh bag free eyes…..and It has been a year I continued using the serum after my marrage too…..

Alexandra Cuthbert

Natural Treatment for Eye Bags read about the Symptoms, Causes and Diagnosis. Natural Herbal Treatment for Eye Bags with Herbal Product Gabeton Natural Supplement for puffy eyes", or swelling around the eyes. Treatment for swollen eyes to reduce Causes of Eye Bags pain and inflammation.

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