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Pack Crown Royal: Scam or Not?

We have received many inquiries recently about a possible Pack Crown Royal scam. What is it? The famous whisky manufacturer apparently has started a Crown Royal Military Package campaign, which consists of people having the opportunity to pack a care bag for the Army troops that fight overseas. The ‘event’ has generated a lot of buzz online, so we need to address it. Is it just another one of the phishing scams out there? Let’s see.

The creators of the Pack Crown Royal Military Package say that they started the Purple Bag Project with the only purpose to pack and send care gifts to the most generous people “amongst us, our soldiers”. For about ten years, Crown Royal claims it has worked with an organization called Packages From Home, a national charity partner supporting their purpose of sending thanks to troops in the Middle East or wherever they are.

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Here is a screenshot of a lot of people online call the Pack Crown Royal scam:

pack crown royal military package

As you can see above, you can customize a military care package using a series of products, including a personal note. Amongst the items, there are cookies, fruit snacks, beef jerky, nuts, tea, and popcorn. No alcohol is allowed.

The company says that the first Purple Bag was sent back in September 2010. Then, during the ceremony, a mural was unveiled, featuring the program’s mission to show everyone that soldiers abroad were reminded that friends, families, and random people at home truly acknowledge and admire their relentless service to the United States.

Crown Royal Military Package: Webpage Is Down

Is Pack Crown Royal a scam, though? The Crown Royal Military Package does exist. As a matter of fact, the page dedicated to the campaign on Crown Royal’s official website seems to fail to open due to massive traffic. This is why, when you open that page, a notification reads, “Site under maintenance. We’re currently working on updating our website. Please check again later”.

It is the reason that many people who might be interested in eventually sending a care package wonder if they’re facing a Pack Crown Royal scam. However, the whisky company says they take this campaign seriously.

Anchored in the belief that ‘it’s not about what you have, but about what you give,’ Crown Royal claims to give back to support American heroes. For every stream of the song “Homesick (Veterans Version, see the video of the song below),” The Crown Royal Purple Bag Project packs one bag to be donated as a care package to Packages From Home. Their goal is to reach 1 million bags by the end of 2020 and donate $1 to Minority Veterans of America (up to $100K).

Watch the YouTube video below and see the making of the song Homesick:

How To Report a Scammer

Please be careful. While the whisky company is organizing a real campaign, it is very possible that the Crown Royal Care Package Scam could be perpetrated by someone else claiming to be from the distillery. There are many examples that way (think of the Subway Rewards Scam and the Chick-fil-a Bucket Trick).

Let your family and friends know about this article on social media. Share. You can also report scammers officially to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

How To Protect Yourself More

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Meanwhile, educate yourself with some other military fraud-related articles below, so that you know how to stay safe online. Feel free to use the comments section below to expose other military scammers. Last but not least, we hope we shed some light on the potential Pack Crown Royal scam.

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