Debt Collection Call

debt collection call

Beware of a Debt Collection Call From Lockwood Consultant Services

Watch out for a crazy debt collection call and a scam that is happening these days. It could have various names: the Debt Settlement Offer, aka Lockwood Consultant Services, aka the Credit Card Unpaid Balance. Essentially, it is based on a fake credit card debt settlement. Whether you have a MasterCard, VISA, or an American Express card, you might receive a phone call from someone, say Justin Taylor. He may claim he is a lawyer/arbitration specialist with a company called Lockwood Consultant Services.

Please share your experience in the comments section if you have one. Let’s begin exposing one of the most trendy financial scams.

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“I got a call from this guy saying he is a processor of debt collection. He told me he acts as a lawyer because I had a MasterCard with HSBC/Capital One from 2009 to 2014, which had an unpaid balance”, says Roxana Farrell, one of the victims who contacted us to report the scam. However, the crooks operate incredibly professional. Here is why.

“He said I need to pay it immediately; otherwise, the creditor will sue me. He had my Social Security Number and the address I opened for the account way back. He sent me a letter (see it below) and wanted me to pay in full or partial if I pay within 24 hours”, says Roxana.

“The full amount was $5,929.72. I did but felt something isn’t right. I checked my credit report and called the bank. There was no outstanding balance”.

Here is a screenshot of the original letter “Justin Taylor” sent to the victim:

lockwood consultant services

The question is, why did Roxana believe this guy? If you search on Google for Lockwood Consultant Services, there are no results. Nada. Zilch. If you look for the document’s address, that’s a USPS location with a PO box.

Roxana got scared and paid the partial sum of $2164.86 within 24 hours. To make it official, Lockwood sent a confirmation payment letter acknowledging the debt collection. “Lockwood Consultant Services has released you from any claims and liabilities pertaining to the amount referenced above”. Right.

Here is the confirmation letter:

collection calls

Roxana fell for the scam the moment she called back the first time. “There was a lady secretary who asked very officially for my case number and who would be my agent”, says the victim. Also, the fact that she needed to use a Docu-sign platform made the scam look more legitimate.

Before we look at the red flags giving away the scam, keep in mind that scammers will use different names for their identity and the banks. Once someone knows your social insurance number and address, they could say they represent any bank, whether that’s HSBC, Capital One, Chase, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, TD Bank, CIBC, RBC, Bank of Montreal, Scotia Bank, Lloyds TSB or Royal Bank of Scotland.

Needless to say, the scam could work whether you live in the United States, Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom.

Collection Calls: How To Avoid The Scam

Well, there are tons of red flags to look at when we look at the Lockwood Consultant Services, aka Debt Collection Scam.

– The fake debt collector said the company he is representing is a law firm, but none of it could be found online. There was no way of verifying them. Basically, anyone could request you a payment – so what, are you going to pay a stranger without proof of existence?

  • – A lawyer letter would never look like that, especially the cheesy signature.
  • – The document says he is a consultant, not a lawyer.
  • – He asks you to pay overnight, which is always a 100% red flag.
  • – The consultants can’t ask for debt payments on their accounts.
  • – The logo used on the documents is low quality and too generic.
  • – If the bank tells you that there is no outstanding balance, rest assured it is a scam.

Credit Card Unpaid Balance: How To Report a Scammer

Warn your family and friends about the Debt Collection Call Scam by sharing this page on social media. If you are wondering how to report phone scams, you can officially do it to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


Debt Collection Call: How To Prevent Yourself and More

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4 thoughts on “Debt Collection Call”

  1. So someone from Lockwood Consulting 951-253-3695 called me over the weekend with a case number. I called back this morning and the person I spoke with, Alex (the message was left by a Luke Stevens) claimed that there is a US Bank account that was closed in 2004 for overdraft and charged off in 2005. He said it was never reported but that there is no statute of limitations on the debt and that the previous $1081.45 balance was now >$4k. I told him he was on some kind of drugs and then he started threatening that he would “extract” the money from m. NV SOL is 6yrs at max depending on the debt type. I know this because I managed credit and collections in NV for years. I contacted a FDCPA attorney since I am in the middle of a mortgage and wanted to make sure that there were no shenanigans afoot and they responded saying that company is a scam and no one there can help but told me to report this to my state AG which I will do immediately. Pay them nothing they are a fake scam organization that will try anything to get money from unsuspecting people.

  2. I have had a similar problem with Caine and Weiner, a collections company in Sherman Oaks, CA. They periodically contact me saying I owe $2600 for an art purchase on a Princess Lines cruise in 2018. Both Princess and the art gallery, Park West, have assured me repeatedly that the balance is paid and I owe them nothing. Everyone I have talked to at both Princess and Park West tell me this is a scam and not to pay it. C&W has not been able to tell me who this money is supposedly owed to or what it is owed for. The cruise number they gave me is not for the cruise we took and they have the ports where we started and stopped reversed. The calls have stopped since I contacted my state Attorney General’s Consumer Fraud department.

  3. This is one reason I do not answer my phone unless I recognize the number. Plus I always pay the full amount so I would know it was a scam

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