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Matthews Surveys Scam: How It Works

There is a new phishing scam going around these days, known as the Matthews Surveys Scam. It comes as a text message on your phone asking about a political survey. The questionnaire is about the last elections in November (here are the Top 5 Voter Fraud Cases). Since many people are very vocal about their political views, the scam works like a charm. Why? Because it targets people who want to be heard. And there are tons of those. How does the scam work?

The message on your smartphone looks something like this: “Hi, this is Beth, at Matthews Surveys. You have been randomly selected for a survey by text instead of calling. To begin, are you (your real name)”?

Here is a couple of screenshots below – does it look like it’s about the U.S. elections?

matthews surveys scam

So, whether she is a fake Beth or someone else, the individual claiming to work for “Matthews Surveys” is using your name to capture your attention, which means they’ve purchased a list from a third-party. As seen above, they ask you to confirm your full name before launching into this political preference survey.

If you reply with STOP, you unsubscribe. However, you can also carry on a conversation.

If you request more information about Matthews Surveys company, the texter responds that it is a “national survey organization.” However, a simple search online shows you that no website offers any official information about it. Essentially, the person reaching out to you has no way to validate Matthews Surveys’ legitimacy.

Phone scams have been very prevalent over the last year, so beware – or even add a VPN service to your smartphone to stay off the radar.

This bogus survey’s whole point is to collect personal information from all those interested in giving it away voluntarily, in exchange for a “let your voice be heard” pitch. The text’s sender requires as much sensitive data as possible, which could also lead to identity theft. There have been some cases when the potential victims even received the question: “Which candidate did you vote for, Donald Trump or Joe Biden?”

Matthew Surveys: How To Avoid

This trick is different than, let’s say, the Netflix scam, in which the crooks also ask for a survey in a text message. As some people are very eager to go on a tangent about their least favorite candidate, they lose focus on the purpose of this text message, which is nothing but one of the latest phishing scams. Avoid at all costs. If you want to reply, reply with STOP so you unsubscribe.

Think about it: the vote is secret anyway, why would someone believe this is real?

Here is a list of phone numbers used by “Beth from Matthews Surveys” to text millions of potential victims: (702) 842-2857, (678) 336-7968, (603) 605-0220, (267) 641-1496, (248) 487-8655, (715) 200-4919, (404) 977-5851, (717) 470-5653, (856) 499-5353, (480) 618-7406, (717) 423-3246, (207) 477-6371, (207) 477-6466, (719) 431-6695, (608) 554-7505, (715) 200-8988, (603) 780-4606, (407) 874-5117, (612) 509-6519, (603) 506-4907, (610) 822-9455, (651) 372-2378, (313) 488-5393, (248) 609-1542, (520) 363-6244, (715) 200-9309, (702) 842-9880, (702) 935-2917, (520) 470-6765, (980) 446-2858, (702) 819-6358, (704) 610-4339, (720) 307-3188, (520) 280-0485, (612) 688-2336, (520) 353-2803, (602) 806-9821, (207) 407-6353, (678) 336-8281, (248) 609-1773, (336) 490-2914 and (610) 632-1259.


How To Report the Matthews Surveys Vote Scam

Warn your family and friends about the Matthews Surveys Scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

How To Prevent Identity Theft and More

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