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Planning an exciting vacation can be equally stressful, especially when considering ways of keeping your home secure while you are away. Luckily, there are several things that you can do to maximize your home’s security before heading off on your ent read more

The property sector has its share of scammers lurking around for would-be preys but you can protect yourself from getting scammed by following these tips. read more

Is there such a thing as a Solar Stimulus Program? Here is what you need to know, whether you are considering solar panel installation or you are a simple fan of solar energy in general. read more

The rental property scams are multiplying as a result of countless fake house ads on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace scams. Let's take a look at the traits of the apartment rental frauds and how they work. read more

Beware of the Air Filter Sales and Service Scam, targeting people panicking about the COVID-19 crisis. Also known as the Air Purifier Sale Scare, the trick promises household owners the best air purifier for bacterias and viruses. read more

How can you approach home improvement projects without falling into common traps or accidentally decrease the house value with your strategies? Remodeling a house is already pricey on its own; knowing what to avoid helps saving a lot of money. read more

Here are four examples of home improvement scams that are going around these days - beware! read more

Where do you start when it comes to house renovations? How are you going to get it done? What kind of help do you need and who’s going to provide that help? How can you make sure you avoid the scammers? Here are 8 tips: read more

Cowboy builders are everywhere in the trade but they can be tricky to spot. However, unlike the cowboys of your favourite Western, a cowboy builder seldom wears a Stetson and spurs. Here is how the building trade scams work: read more

A home warranty plan is a contract which 'pays for the repair or replacement of covered home systems and appliances, typically for a period of a year at a time.’ However, be aware of scammers getting into the game these days. read more

Beware of a new scam going around these days, which adds to the plethora of other real estate schemes that have been hitting the industry lately. The scam targets agents who are willing to buy online leads. read more

Real estate agents selling in the luxury market find it inevitable that they will have to ward off a fake buyer. There are impostors that fabricate richly woven tale of success and affluence hiding behind the internet in their fantasy world. read more

Residential real estate tips and home buying scams that you need to be aware of: from mortgage closing date fraud and arc fault breakers to real estate news and fake lawyers - all exposed here. read more

As you constantly make some home improvements, don't fall for the Home Renovations Scam, even if you are not even going through a complete makeover. Here is how the scam occurs: read more

There is a new scam targeting real estate professionals in the United States, Canada and Australia. If you are an agent or broker, you may receive an email or text message in regards to some "Racial remarks you made". It goes like this: read more

Solar panel installations and fake products. This month, one of the biggest scams around is the Solar Power System or Solar Panels for Your Home scam. The two variations are: 1. Free health check and upgrade; 2. Home improvement offer. read more

Although it may sound like a good idea, be aware of the Rent-To-Own Homes scheme (aka Rent-to-Buy scam) that is going around the real estate industry. Watch the video in this article. read more

Be aware of a new fraudulent move happening these days, the Post Office Change of Address aka Free Change of Address scam. Watch the video here to see the scam exposed. read more

Thinking of investing in land? Beware of criminals. Read this article to see the How To Invest in Land scam exposed. Just as everyone wants to become a real estate guru by buying land for investment purposes, crooks are also in the game. read more

The housing crisis has left many looking for reasonably priced rental homes in decent neighborhoods. Watch the video below to see the Fake Property Owner scam exposed. read more

Do you currently own a property that you rent out to someone else? Watch out for the Renter Selling Your House scam, exposed with a video below. read more

(with video) Beware of the Property Tax Payment scam, aka Property Tax Help scam. Criminals call random numbers in your city and tell the homeowners they represent the local administration (County Treasurer’s Office, City Hall, etc). read more

Mortgage lead generation and fake services. This year, one of the biggest scams around is the Real Estate Leads or Mortgage Leads Generation scam. Read and watch video here. read more

The Deed Copy Letter scam seeks to take advantage of new homeowners at a time when they’re vulnerable. The scam begins in the form of a letter received by the victims. Watch video here. read more

Beware of the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program scam, with video here. As you browse the web, you come across a link that offers you a spot on thе Housing Choice Voucher Program through Section 8. But with a twist. read more

Flopping a home is a form of mortgage fraud where sellers, trying to get the lowest sales price as possible, will deliberately damage their homes in order to prove to the bank that they can’t get full value out of the home. read more

One of the biggest scams out there this month is the Dual Flush Toilet Installation or Low Flow Toilets Rebate scam. Let's take a look (with video here).
read more

The US government’s $25 billion National Mortgage Settlement program alleviated the fear of foreclosure for many families, as it helped thousands of homeowners stay in their homes. But there is a scam. read more

Real estate agents are victims of a new scam which is spreading quickly all over the world. If you are a realtor or know any, read this article and forward it to others. read more

Many couples choose purchasing a foreclosed home “as is” in order to secure a lower purchase price. However, some are contaminated properties, aka Meth Houses. Watch video here. read more

(with video) This is a new one to the world of scamming but apparently the game stakes are rising as people are taking legitimate real estate professionals and using their names to place bogus rent ads online. read more

A scam making the rounds these days takes advantage of homeowners’ eagerness to close the sale and relocate. The scam involves a supposed interested buyer from afar who needs to relocate to the United States, Canada, Great Britain, or Australia. read more

Watch out for the Mortgage Loan Modification scam, coming from 'specialists' supposedly working for HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program) or HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program). Let's take a look - video here. read more

You are looking for a roommate or a renter for your place. You post an ad online and write a blurb about what you're looking for. Watch the video here to see how the scam unfolds. read more

Watch the video in this article to see how the Short Sales Fraud takes place. Using a “neutral” middleman, investors make a low ball offer on a house where the debt on the property is larger than its total value. read more

You're in a situation where the bank is on the verge of foreclosing your home. Before doing anything else, watch the video here and avoid the How To Stop Foreclosure scam. read more

If you've heard about the term 'reverse mortgage' and consider doing it, beware of shady reverse mortgage lenders. Watch video and read this article to educate yourself. read more

Watch the video below to see the Fake Landlord Renting Property Scam, exposed. With many foreclosures in the last few years, there are tons of properties that are lying empty. read more

Loan Through Credit Card. You are looking to buy a home and come across an online promotion that guarantees a loan through your credit card. Giving it a cursory read, it seems to make some sense. But stop. Read article now. read more

Your loan has been moved to new company...or has it? Scammers use phony letterheads, sending letters to loan borrowers stating the bank handed over the responsibility for servicing their home loans to another company. read more

You have just bought a small house in Mexico as an investment property. You can’t be there every month, maybe not even every year, so it is necessary to hire somebody local to take care of it. But beware. read more

You are interested in buying a property or a land in a different country and start looking for places. Finding a great investment opportunity to build a house, let’s say, in Bulgaria, you even come across an established developer. Where is the scam? read more

Recently an email has been circulating to British homeowners allegedly from the Land Registry. This email contains a warning to property owners, indicating that they owe an outstanding debt to the government agency in order to be in compliance. read more

Paying property tax – what is known in Great Britain as Council Tax – is never a fun thing to do. But it’s made even more harrowing when scammers infiltrate the system and compromise taxpayers’ identities and bank accounts. read more

Purchasing a new home is one of the most exciting moments of your life. But there are always scammers who will try and take advantage of the copious amounts of paperwork that the task requires to scam you out of your hard-earned money. read more

The Record Retrieval Document scam seeks to take advantage of new homeowners at a time when they’re vulnerable. The scam begins in the form of a letter, advising the victims they only have days to send in money to obtain a copy of their deed. read more

(with video below) Can bankruptcy stop foreclosure? Deed in lieu of foreclosure? Scammers posing as foreclosure specialists get the trust of their victims by promising they will save their houses. read more

Watch out for the Forensic Audit For Your Mortgage scam, happening these days. It happens when you are in a terrible financial position and it's a massive struggle for you to keep your home out of foreclosure. read more

What if your tenant rents out your house to someone else? Watch the video of this scam here. The victims could be both the owners and the tenants. read more

You've been renting a house for a few months now and have finally unpacked everything. One day, you come home and find new locks on the door. read more

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