Real Estate Scams

One of the largest industries in existence is the buying and selling of real estate, and annual losses in real estate scams worldwide add up to billions of dollars lost. If buying or selling a house, commercial property, or land, you need to be careful to avoid falling victim to one. 

Real estate investment seminar scams, promising a formula for getting rich in real estate if only one invests, are common during both boom and bust cycles in the real estate market. 

Also, be sure to watch for real estate email scams in your inbox. 


Real Estate Scams: List Below

Other common real estate scams include fraudulent listings, such as pictures and descriptions that aren’t of the property that is being advertised for sale. 

Be careful in real estate dealings. Keep an eye on this page to learn about real estate scams as they emerge, and know how to spot them coming. See below:

Property Tax Payment

Property Tax Payment Scam: How It Works (with video below) Beware of the Property Tax Payment scam, aka Property Tax Help scam. Criminals call random numbers in your city and tell the homeowners they represent the local administration (County Treasurer’s Office, City Hall, etc).. Then they proceed to tell the resident that their property will be […]

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Land Registry Scam (UK)

How the scam works: The Land Registry is a government agency in the United Kingdom, whose purpose is to register all property ownership in the country. Recently an email has been circulating to British homeowners allegedly from the Land Registry. This email contains a warning to property owners, indicating that they owe an outstanding […]

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Record Retrieval Document Scam

How the scam works: The day you receive the keys to your new home is one of the most exciting days of a person's life. The thrill of home ownership comes with a hefty price tag though. There are appraisal fees, listing fees, closing costs and other unforeseen expenses that go along with the home-buying […]

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Post Office Change Of Address

Post Office Change of Address: How The Scam Works (with video below) Be aware of a new scam that is happening these days, the Post Office Change of Address aka the Free Change of Address Scam. We'll see how the scam works, how to avoid it, and how to report it. Whether we go to school […]

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Council Tax Reduction

How the scam works: Paying property tax – what is known in Great Britain as Council Tax – is never a fun thing to do. But it's made even more harrowing when scammers infiltrate the system and compromise taxpayers' identities and bank accounts. A fake corporation has been sending residents a questionnaire which asks for […]

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Facebook Fan Page Verification

How the scam works: (with video below) If you’re like millions of others around the world, you spend at least part of your day socializing or playing games on Facebook. However, the frequency of security updates has provided scammers the opportunity to create a new phishing scam which will allow them to gain access to […]

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Deed Copy Letter

Deed Copy Letter Scam: How It Works (with video below) Beware of the Deed Copy Letter scam happening these days all over the country. Let's look into it. The day you receive the keys to your new home is one of the most exciting days of a person's life. The thrill of home ownership […]

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Properties in Chile

How the scam works: Purchasing real estate in a foreign country can be a tricky prospect, as real estate transaction laws can vary widely from country to country. Purchasing real estate in a foreign country under a corporate umbrella only adds to the complexity of an already complex situation. There is a scam circulating involving […]

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