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How the scam works:

(with video below) If you’re like millions of others around the world, you spend at least part of your day socializing or playing games on Facebook. However, the frequency of security updates has provided scammers the opportunity to create a new phishing scam which will allow them to gain access to your personal identifying information, such as your login ID and password.

The Facebook fan page verification scam begins with a message that users are receiving, supposedly from Facebook Security. The message indicates that a “Fan Page Verification Program” is being implemented as an additional security measure and that users must click a link and select a ten digit pin number – or security code – in order to complete the verification process.

The message then goes on to say that if users do not complete the verification process by a certain date their page will be permanently suspended.

Once the bogus verification process has been completed the user will receive a message from “Facebook Security” advising them that they will receive a confirmation email. That never arrives, of course, but the users account has now been compromised and will be used to deliver spam through the users’ page.

This scam is all the more dangerous because the message received looks extremely legitimate, and reads exactly like a message one might receive from the real Facebook Security team.

However, watch the video below to see how you can easily identify if the profile contacting you on Facebook is a fake.

How To Identify Fake Profiles on Facebook Video

The text might look like this:

“Dear Facebook User,

You are receiving this message to notify you about the new security feature from Facebook called “Fan Page Verification Program”. After many Fan Pages have been stolen lately leaving us no choice but Deleting them forever, we had to come up with an original solution about the Fan Page’s Security. Luckily, your Fan Page, has a lot of likes and provides High Quality Content, which qualify it for this program.

To complete this process you must choose a 10-digit number (it can be any number) and that number will be assigned as your Security code”. This code will be the new passphrase for changing anything important for your Fan Page, like the Admin roles or other important settings. Please be aware that this process it’s open only until [date] and it’s mandatory to complete it. If you don’t, your Fan Page will be suspended permanently since it is not considered safe for the wide audience.

Please visit the link below to complete the process:
[Compromised Link]

Facebook Security”

How to avoid:

If you receive a message like this, verify the validity of the message by contacting Facebook Security yourself. Do not click on any links in messages you receive, no matter how legitimate they may look. And remember, Facebook customer service is there to answer questions about security updates and any other potential user issues that may arise, making your networking experience more pleasant – and safe.

Make your friends and family aware of this scam by sharing it, using the buttons provided.

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  1. domingo g. vargas

    Lately I received an email informing me that I was one of 20 lucky winners of $1.9 in the recently concluded promo of facebook. Is there such a promo?

  2. Oleg Vaynshtok

    I would like verify person who has profile on Facebook. His name is Larry Mcdowell and he is from Houston, Tx. I strongly believe he is Scammer. Thank you.

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