5 Ways To Keep Your Home Secure While On Vacation

Planning an exciting vacation can be equally stressful, especially when considering ways of keeping your home secure while you are away. Whether you are planning a short weekend getaway, a solo travel experience, or a lengthy family vacation, home security should be a priority on your planning checklist. Luckily, there are several things that you can do to maximize your home's security before heading off on your enticing getaway. 


Implement A Home Security System

Having a home security system installed, or opting for the DIY installation route, is the best way to keep your home secure while you are away. As there are quite a few varying types of security systems readily available on the market, it would be worth your while to research security systems to evaluate which would be best for your home.

There's no doubt your home is as unique as your security needs, so you should opt for a system that will maintain safety even after you return from your well-deserved vacation. From smart home security cameras that boast remote access to smart locks for your doors, you will be able to find solutions for your needs. 


Secure Your Valuables

A home burglary can be understandably devastating, and while some items are costly and inconvenient to replace, other things such as jewelry and personal valuable often cannot be replaced. This is because some items have a history of memories locked within. Rather than risk losing such things while you are away, it would be best if you considered the ultimate peace of mind that would secure them. You can place such items in a secure safe that is well-hidden within your home or consider leaving such things with a trusted friend or family member while you are away for safekeeping. 


Reroute Mail And Deliveries

One of the most notable tell-tale signs that a home is vacant is a build-up of packages and mail by the front door. Rather than risk the conclusion that you are away, it would help if you had all your mail and deliveries rerouted or canceled while you are on vacation. Alternatively, you could consider having a trusted friend or family member stop by your home to collect all your mail and any packages if you are unable to reroute or cancel. 

Automated Lighting

More often than not, lurking criminals don't just pick a home at random as they are inclined to scope out the situation for quite some time before planning a burglary. Therefore, it is crucial to create the illusion that your home is vacant while you are on vacation. This result can be achieved with the cost-efficient solution of automated lighting, otherwise known as timer lights.

This lighting setup can be programmed quite quickly, and the effects of lights turning on and off throughout the evening is a nearly fool-proof method of protecting your home. Some smart lighting solutions can be controlled from a smartphone remotely, which means you will be able to turn your lights on and off from anywhere in the world with the help of an innovative app.


Don't Announce Your Leave

Even though you may feel tempted to post your exciting upcoming vacation on social media platforms and announce the experience to the entire world, this would be an irreversible mistake. As mentioned, it is crucial to create the illusion that your home is not vacant, which is why you should refrain from exposing your plans. However, it is wise to inform your close friends and family of your whereabouts. When it comes to showcasing your vacation experience, it is best to do so on social media only after you return. 

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