4 Household Scams You Need To Avoid Today


Most Recent Home Improvement Tricks To Be Aware Of

Your home is your heaven, where you can kick back and relax with your nearest and dearest and escape the stresses and pressures of the outside world. As such, you probably do just about anything to keep it looking fabulous and functioning at its best. Sadly, there are some unscrupulous characters waiting to pounce and exploit your love for your house with sinister schemes disguised as seemingly tempting promises.

These home improvement fraudulent practices may end up costing you a hefty amount of cash and leave you with a whole mountain of mess to sort out.

With that in mind, here are four household scams to watch out for. 


1. The Fake Landlord Scam

In this scheme, criminals post rental ads online or even in the newspaper, featuring beautiful properties as they would be their own. You think you've found the perfect pad so you contact the landlord to arrange a viewing. Little do you know that the fake rep will ask you you pay a fee upfront, either for a viewing or a deposit.

Later, you discover that the property is already rented out or non-existent and the 'landlord' is impossible to find. They've pocketed your money and you have to look for a new property, with less cash than you started off with.

Never pay out any money before you've viewed a property and make sure your payment can be traced. 


2. The Double-Glazing Scam 

This one's plain nasty and usually targets older victims. The scammer not only targets your wallet, but also your windows. They turn up on your doorstep because they've 'noticed' that one of them is cracked. You've never noticed this damage before and you're flummoxed as to how it happened, but this charming windows salesperson offers you a great deal on a window repair if you sign the paperwork and pay a deposit there and then. However, once you've handed over the cash, you never set eyes on the sales rep or your deposit again.

If your windows need repairing, enlist the services of a reputable double-glazing firm such as Anglian Home Improvements.


3. The Window Cleaner Scam

In this scheme, the scenario is very similar to the one above, only instead fixing it's all about cleaning. To make it more realistic, the scammer turns up on your doorstep with a bucket, ladder and some other cleaning equipment. They tell you they're cleaning your neighbours windows and they'll do yours afterwards if you pay up now. You hand over your cash, you wait and then you realise that they're never coming back.

When it comes to choosing a window cleaner, consult the internet for reviews or ask a neighbour for a recommendation. And never pay in advance.


4. The Wire Scam

This devious plot starts innocently enough. A couple of builders turn up at your door, dressed in coveralls, and inform you that they were passing by and noticed some sort of problem with support wiring on a structure at your property – whether it's a conservatory, child's treehouse or elevated walkway to the wooden barbecue decking in your garden. They bombard you with technical jargon and convince you to sign off the 'emergency' work there and then.

For expert advice on wire application in the home, speak to a wire manufacturer such as Ormiston Wire.

What other household scams should people watch out for? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


Home Improvement Scams: How To Report Them

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