GoingFast.Us Scam

goingfast.us scam

GoingFast.Us Scam: How It Works

Many users have been sending us emails inquiring about a potential GoingFast.us Scam. The website redirects to the Walgreens website, which is more confusing for readers, especially when looking for GoingFast.us reviews.

Luckily we have the answer. But first, here is a screenshot of the website that opens when you type in www.goingfast.us in the browser:

goingfast us

Can you see anything interesting? The GoingFast scam (aka the Going Fast redirection) lies in the domain name. Look at the very top part of the image. In the browser, instead of showing goingfast.us, it says: https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/hand-sanitizer/ID=360353-tier3

That “ID=360353” means identification for a company/individual that is an affiliate. It means that the folks behind the “Goingfast.us scam” registered the domain then redirect it to Walgreens. This also means that they will get a small commission from every sale made through that link. That’s all. It’s more of a marketing trick, not really a scam. They work for others.

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GoingFast.Us: How To Report a Scammer

Let your friends and family know about this GoingFast.us article by sharing it on social media. However, you can also officially report any  suspicious activity to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) using the link below:


Report To The FTC Here

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