Dollar General Scam: Todd Vasos Giveaway

dollar general scam

Dollar General Scam: Fake Todd Vasos Giveaway on Facebook

Beware of a new Dollar General scam happening on Facebook as you are reading this. It comes as a fake post from Todd Vasos, CEO, promoting a “Dollar Manager 60th-anniversary giveaway”. The gift consists of one Dollar General gift box for everyone and a $35 gift card. The fraudulent post is based on the same trick that was used in the Chick-fil-A Giveaway Scam or the Subway Rewards Scam. But let’s take a look at it.

Below is the fake Facebook post promoting the Dollar General campaign:

Todd vasos

The Dollar General scam is advertised as if it would come from the real CEO of the company, Todd Vasos. However, imposters claim to be him. The content of the Facebook promo reads (ignore the grammar mistakes):

“My name is Todd Vasos and I am the CEO of Dollar General Inc.! I have an announcement to make – To celebrate the 60th Anniversary we are giving everyone who shaᴦes & then comments by 5pm Saturday one of these gift boxes containing a $35 grocery gift-card plus surprises that will make your heart flutter!
Make sure you enter here”.

If you click on the link, you redirect to a poorly designed page where the scammer invites you to take a survey. It promises that at the end of it you will get more rewards.

Here is what happens: you take the irrelevant survey and after you answer the 5 questions a new page opens. It reads “Thank you for completing the survey! Due to high demand, there is a very limited supply. Please choose only (1) offer below.”

What are the offers? Questionable casino sign-ups, for which the scammer promoting the Dollar General scam gets paid as kickbacks.

On those “precious” casino sign-ups, they promise you a bunch of free games, but you need to fill some personal information, including your credit card number. Beware!

Dollar General Box For Everyone: Not Really

There are many red flags to notice in the Dollar General scam. No CEOs – especially for these kinds of brands – would make this offer on Facebook. There are also many grammar mistakes and spelling errors. The text of the Dollar General promo should come from their marketing department.

This Dollar General scam tries to lure you into submitting your personal information, just like most of the Facebook scams. On the other hand, beware of other fraudulent schemes coming as gift card scams.

Dollar General 60th Anniversary Giveaway: How to Avoid the Scam

The Dollar General scam could be perpetrated in various ways, which will lead anywhere from identity theft to malware on your computer. Besides, there is no “Dollar General 60th anniversary giveaway” simply because the company turns 75. Major companies never offer gifts through CEOs like Todd Vasos on Facebook.

Scammers take advantage of the Dollar General brand and other food companies like McDonald’s, Chick-fil-a, or Burger King. Feel free to add your experience below and please report the scammers.

Here is a screenshot of the survey notification:

dollar general 60th anniversary giveaway

Dollar General Scam: How To Report

Let your friends and family know about the Dollar General Scam by sharing this article. Alternatively, you can report crooks or any other suspicious activities to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

How To Protect Yourself

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Last but not least, educate yourself with other similar fraud-related articles under this paragraph, so you know how to stay safe online. Also, use the comments section to expose other scammers.

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  1. Does anyone know why if you comment “SCAM” you get a message that you comment has been deleted because it goes against community standards?

  2. kathy jennings

    not “DOLLAR GENERAL” BUT OTHERWISE PRETTY MUCH THE SAME SCAM: DOLLAR TREE $75 GIFT CARD/SURVEY/FACEBOOK: Came up in my newsfeed… just 2 weeks ago. I began but stopped at the disclosure/consent screen indicating “partner offers”, having realized that of the (sadly, many) times “I took a chance on some survey/offer/ where the survey contained Q’s about medical needs, insurance, etc and with the answer selections including “NO I DON’T LIKE TO (win/save/get) MONEY… and you select decline or skip every one, these “partners” still start a full throttle campaign of robo calls soliciting your business or sometimes claiming (in this instance) to be medicare customer care specialists informing me of medicare benefits i should sign up for to get the most from my medicare. BUT I AM 50 YEARS OLD AND DO NOT YET HAVE TO ENROLL IN MEDICARE. RATHER I AM ON MEDICAID SO DEDUCTIBLE PROGRAMS THAT COULD REDUCE MY CO-PAY OFFERS would in no way be representative of a federal program i am not a party to….and in no way would medicare use incentive programs to build a contact list or social media associations of any kind to create any statistical data set. ALL THIS ON THE HEELS OF MY FIRST EVER BEING DIGITALLY ROBBED OF EVERY DIME I HAD OVER THE COURSE OF A MONTH OF SMALL, UNDER THE RADAR REPETITIVE CHARGES

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