If You Got A Spam Call About A Free Cruise You May Be Owed Up To $900

The Free Cruise Scam and its notorious phone calls have been going around for years. The good news is that, if you received a spam phone call congratulating you on winning a free cruise you could be eligible for up to $900 in restitution, according to the The Sacramento Bee.

A class action lawsuit against Resort Marketing Group, called Charvat v. Carnival et al, which claims that Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Line authorized Resort Marketing Group to make “robocalls” to offer people free cruises between July 2009 and March 2014.

According to the lawsuit, these calls may have violated the FCC’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Last month, the plaintiff reached a settlement that will create a fund of between $7 million and $12.5 million for those who got the spam calls, according to the Bee. You can get a maximum of $300 for each call, and you can claim up to three calls for each phone number (for a total of $900).


Find Out If Your Phone Number Is Part Of The Settlement

Since you probably don’t remember when exactly received the call, do you want to find out if your phone number is on the list provided?

Check out the link below to see if your phone number is part of the settlement:

Settlement Details/File A Claim


How To Report The Free Cruise Calls:

If you still receive occasional phone calls about the free cruise, you can report them to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

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  1. Nik says:

    Got a call from +13025498868 chasee88 web fm the site seems legit but same scam setup

  2. Cathay pratt says:

    I ‘receive these calls all the time also auto warranty

  3. Thomas Curley says:

    I have been contacted by them in the past. My 9 year old son has a small flip phone so I can keep track of him when he’s out playing. No one has his number but I get calls all the time. Especially from credit cards "helpers" In Tinton<NJ

  4. Dorothy Sittler says:

    I paid out over 700CAD

  5. Heather winslow says:

    I received a call in 2016, and one on 8/13/2017 And a text about it 9/6/2017-

  6. Troy Dickson says:

    Called received at 4.30 in regards to this fake cruise

  7. Brittney says:

    4127015329 This is the number that called me and asked me the same 3 questions, then said to got to omni105 and claim my tickets. This happened about 2 hours ago!!

  8. Kimberly Saffeels says:

    I revived a text for a cruse.

  9. Nick Hightree says:

    I’m in the same boat as everyone else. Got a call and a text today. +1 (870) 600-2164. What crap.

  10. Rocky Lee says:

    Received (3) different phone calls about this trip…My phone is 816-352-0439

  11. Erik Mcleroy says:

    It is still going on I got one of those calls today it is September 18th 2017 radio station having a contest answer 3 simple music trivia questions that if you have not lived under a rock for the past 30 years you should know then they want you to pay a port fee I have been on a cruise to the Bahamas before with Disney cruise lines and I didn’t have to pay a port fee

  12. Deborah Rodriguez says:

    Got a call today from this number 412)410-0199

  13. Vivian Williams says:

    Got a call from the 301-771-9351 from Maryland and I live in Texas sooo…. thinking it’s a scam the price was also 59.00 per person

  14. Jesse Okeeefe says:

    Called me today wed September 20th 2017

  15. Sam says:

    I got a call from 13015495195 this morning saying I won a free cruise for two days for two people

  16. Joey says:

    I got a call 30 mins ago figured id look around sounded like bullshit, glad i didnt get screwed

  17. Martina Rayne says:

    Told me I won a free cruise for 2. Called me around 10 am today Thursday the 10/19/2017.

  18. Jessica says:

    Got the call yesterday and it was the exactly the same as stated here. The class action lawsuit only says till March 15 so I guess they scammers are still free to do this and if they called since 2015 March you’re not getting jack for their class action lawsuit

  19. Rod Pollock says:

    Stupid what is the problem good scam.

  20. Khalil says:

    I got a call from them for the third time saying the same exact thing as everyone else, but once I went to the website it looks so shady. How can they be shut down is my question as I know it’s the question of everyone else as well.

  21. Jessica says:

    I just got the call about 1/2 hour ago, I missed it, but called right back. Seemed shady enough that I immediately started researching the company…all of what I found seemed just as shady as the offer itself sounded. The phone number that popped up was 302.313.8930. You can also call in and listen to the offer/play. Obviously, someone didn’t learn their lesson. I can’t say it’s 100% a scam, I know plenty of people who have done these at resorts, but it should be explained upfront and if they SAY 1 hour, it MUST only last 1 hour. If they need 3 hours, they need need to let you know it will be 3 hours. Most adults who have been around a while understand this is a timeshare offer from the jump. Shady…yes. I’ll stick to my Carnival cruises, thanks.

  22. Martina Saitta says:

    supposedly won a cruise to the Bahamas but keep getting the run around

  23. Aj says:

    The same number Becky M received a call from called me. In curiosity I looked in to it. But of course it was just a pay beforehand scam from shadow99.

  24. Becky M says:

    Got a call 11/15/2017 from 208-629-4220 claiming to be from shadow99 saying I won a cruise to the Bahamas for 2. Asked me to answer 3 questions correctly, which I did and then said I needed to get on the web and finish filling out info. Started looking into everything and found out it was a scam but tried filing a complaint but said it needed filed by the beginning of nov so I’m posting a comment here hoping to get help

  25. Heather delude says:

    I got the same call this morning from jump100.com that if I answered 3 music trivia questions right then I would win a 2 day cruise to the Bahamas and all I’d have to pay is $119. I went to the website and no scammer info came up and they asked my billing address and then my credit card information but before I put in my credit card info I figured I’d check to see if it was a scam seeings how millions of people try scamming people like us out of our hard earned money. I think the scammers should go get a job.

  26. Meghan Odom says:

    A radio station called Jump 100 called this morning asking me 3 trivia questions in which I answered correctly, and won a 3 day 2 night Bahama cruise. All I needed to pay was $119 in order to claim the tickets or someone else could win them if I didn’t hurry. Glad I found this article before I made a stupid mistake!

  27. Tyler Jackson says:

    Got a call from a radio station Trax 95 saying I won a 2 night bahamas cruise only have to pay 119.00 the week before Christmas.

  28. Gareth Mongold says:

    Yeah, i got one saying music radio trivia questions. It was about music. They were… who is associated with purple (prince) who performs beat it (michael jackson) and which person is in NSYNC (Justin timberlake)

    After it said i won it seemed too fishy and i hung up and looked up this page.
    1/4/2018 at 11:59 am, and I called back because I was in school at about 2:55 pm

  29. Brittany Irvin says:

    A radio station named Jump101 called today January 8,2018 and made an offer about a 2 day cruise. All I had to do was answer 3 questions and they transferred me to a website where they want you to put your billing address in.

  30. Annamaria says:

    Jump101 called me on Jan.9, 2018. I won a trip to the Bahamas after answering two question all I had to do was pay the port tax and a deposit of the trip fair which would be reimbursed. I searched to see their authenticity and found this…
    Website Description

    Title: Jump 100 Radio – Music, Entertainment, Daily Contest Giveaways!
    Description: Jump 100 Top 40 Web Radio Station plays all your favorite songs! Listen in for your chance to win one of our daily contest giveaways!

    Type: Music

    The site’s certificate is valid and its identity has been verified by a trusted third party. The identity of this website has been verified by GeoTrust SSL CA – G3. This site provides a private connection through TSL 1.0. The connection is encrypted using AES_256_CBC, with HMAC-SHA1 for message authentication and ECDHE_RSA and the key exchange mechanism….

  31. Trina F says:

    Contacted by Jump 100 this morning. Answered and won of course free trip to Bahamas. But when I went to web site, scamer info came up, basically this article. Thank u for this honest information.

  32. Amanda says:

    Just got a call From 106. Summit .com – it was an auto robot asking me 3 question if I got right I got to go on a Bahamas cruise witch I had to pay 59 for each person and some other taxes . Not sure if real or fake but I went n did some digging and from everything I’ve read i think it’s all fake ! becareful look in to everything #dourhomework

  33. luther says:

    Received a call saying that I won a free Bahamas cruise and all I have to do is pay 59.99 for taxes. It is called summit 106 on 12/12/2017

  34. Andrea says:

    Called me today December 12,2017

  35. Alisha K Chesser says:

    I received the call too stating I had won a cruise and to go to jump100.com to finish claiming my prize. The number came from 7573878090. I also tried to follow the link on this website to report then to the FTC and it told me that my IP address had been blocked for security reasons. If they were sued for this then how come they are still doing it and apparently getting away with it?

  36. Johnny Coronado says:

    I just received a call from 106fm saying I can win a "trip to the Bahamas I know they are getting sued to doing that right now yet they are still doing it and I almost got scammed

  37. Naushia Hazelitt says:

    These people keep calling my phone saying that I won a free Bahamas cruise all I have to do is pay 59.99 for taxes. It is called summit 106

  38. Ronald Thomas Cruz says:

    I have already received a notice that i had been scammed by this false radio station cruise give away they had called me asking a series of questions wich I had answered all correctly they then congratulated me & claimed that I had won a 7 day all expense paid cruise & nothing came of it my old phone number I’ve been told by http://www.scam detector.com that a law suit was already awarded settle out of court to pay all of those scammed & I was going to receive $900 soon to compensate me for being a victim of fraud & it’s been almost 2 years since & I haven’t yet received anything from them either

  39. Ron says:

    Some mealy mouth Mexican called me about a free 8-day Carnival cruise and I jacked him around for 20 minutes pretending to be interested before he hung up on me. Too much fun!

  40. Naukendra Nicholson says:

    II was an idiot an fell for the radio contest scam.paid my port fees 250.dollars..and recieved nothing in return…WHAT CAN I DO TO GET JUSTICE?!

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