Kate Middleton Skincare Product

Kate Middleton Skincare Product Scam: How It Works

There is currently somebody spamming Google Adsense with ads that say that the British Royal Family is angry about something that Kate Middleton did. When you click on one of these ads, you are taken to a news site that informs that the Duchess of Cambridge teamed up with Dr. Oz to create a miracle skincare product called Advance Final Skin – an anti-aging wrinkle cream.

kate Middleton skicare


There are several websites popping up, especially when people are searching for what is the best anti-aging cream on the market. All of these websites are nearly identical except for the name of the product mentioned. The comments at the bottom of the page are also fake. In between the fake news and the fake comments is a “free” trial offer for the product that Middleton allegedly created.

Kate obviously has nothing to do with it, while the scammers are using the Amazon Cloud and WhoisGuard to hide their identity, which is really suspicious. How does the Kate Middleton Skincare Scam work? Just like the other miracle product scams out there.

Watch the video below to see the ‘miracle product’ scam exposed:

Here is the fake Kate Middleton’s anti-aging wrinkle cream website.

This ‘miracle product’ scam comes in many variations. Every time you browse the Internet you come across ads, typically published by automatic software under legitimate news articles. When you read an article online, almost every time you see a “Sponsored Articles From Around The Web” section, right at the bottom.

In most of the cases, these are ads about “natural products” that are used for a long time, like forgotten wonder products. By consuming these products you can stay young forever, cure illnesses, or even grow hair.

Kate Middleton and Her Fake Partnership With Dr. Oz

In the Kate Middleton case, the advertisement features phrases such as: ‘Royal Family Is Angry With Kate’, or ‘Kate Middletown Partnered With Dr. Oz To Launch Miracle Product’.

Clicking on the link will redirect you to a (false) news website, in this case, a fake ‘Entertainment Today’ page. In what claims to be a genuine article, the writer has no journalistic ethics – the article is filled with shady offers and a call to action: “Get your free sample here! This special offer ends on [insert date]”. Look at the screenshot below featuring the fake deal:

kate Middleton cream


The date is automatically inserted by your computer IP’s calendar, so it is always set to show the day of today.

At the bottom of the page, you can also see Facebook comments from people who had used the product and of course, they were satisfied with Kate’s anti-wrinkle cream. If you click on any of the fake Facebook profiles, you’ll be just refreshing the fake article page and be taken to the top part of it. Look at the screenshot below:

kate Middleton wrinkle cream


How To Report The Kate Middleton Skincare Product Scam:

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


Top 5 Anti-Aging Products on the Market

If you are looking for the best anti-aging products out there, we compiled a list of the most reputable, reliable, and scam-free items. They all have a 5 out 5-star reviews on Amazon Prime, raving testimonials, and trustful sellers. Let’s take a look – feel free to click on the links to see the fulls specs and details, prices, and sellers:


1. ZO Skin Health Growth Factor Serum

zo skin anti wrinkle cream

ZO Skin is the brand that has not only a 5-star review on their Factor Serum cream line, but also on their Ommerse Daily Renewal Cream and the Ommerse Overnight Recovery Cream. The product helps reduce the appearance of expression lines, lines and wrinkles, strengthens weak skin and minimizes irritation, as well as restores hydration and enforces the skin’s protective barrier. You can order it HERE.


2. Radical Skincare Youth Infusion Serum

Smart skincare full of the best in defense and repair. Clinically proven to help even skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating and smoothing skin. Reduce roughness & wrinkles with maximum levels of HA, boosting skin hydration, making for a high-quality elixir. You can order it HERE.


3. GloxiniaLife High Potency Serum

anti aging cream

It delivers unparalleled results to reverse signs of aging by increasing collagen production; it provides superior anti-oxidant protection thus correcting hyperpigmentation. It also minimizes facial wrinkles; an 8-fold increase in collagen synthesis thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can order it HERE.

4. DCL Hydra Boost Serum

dcl anti aging face cream

The DCL (Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories) Hydra Boost serum deeply drenches, firms, plumps and nourishes skin with generous doses of hyaluronic acid. It firms and plumps up skin to help reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. You can order it HERE.

5. Belleclat Eternally Anti-Wrinkle Serum 

belleclat serum sknicare

Belléclat Peptide Serum reduces wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones. It improves skin texture and restores a youthful appearance. It also diminishes the appearance of fine lines, rejuvenates skin, and helps restore elasticity and firmness. You can order it HERE.


How To Protect Yourself More:

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29 thoughts on “Kate Middleton Skincare Product”

  1. I to signed up for it thinking since its from a royal family it was safe… im being charged 89.97 a month.. when I called the bank they said it only had a telephone number didn’t say where the money went or anything just a phone number… I call the number start asking questions the guy hangs up on me.. do a reverse phone number look up every site I went to said no data for this number… now im having to cancel my debit card an open a new bank account so it stops.. this product is a scam for sure… don’t order it if you do you will be like me loose money an changing everything…fgzrQ

  2. Got ripped off on this. Charged me $4.95 to try a free sample. No where in the ad did it state that I would continue to get shipments to the tune of $89.87 twice a month!!! I found out when my credit card was charged. I am still trying to find the number of the company to cancel and complain. BIG RIPOFF! Do NOT get sample.

  3. I’m not sure why a family with so much money will pry on the poor advertising fake skin cream then withdrawing all money out of my banking account thanks to a product that is introduced by a royal family that steals money from the poor I ordered a cream that was put on the market by Princess Kate then one month later all my little money left into my bank account was withdrawal by the company that I purchased a free trial with a $4.95 shipment I received a receipt only charging me $4.95 later I received a bank statement that all my money which was $100 was tooken out of my account without authorization one receipt charging me for $4.95 nothing stating I was charged $100 for a quarter of a teaspoon of face cream…

  4. I got what was supposed to be a sample with a charge of $4.05 shipping, Just got my bank statement and was charged $87.00 I need the phone number so I can Cancel

  5. One of the largest scams I’ve ever heard of coming from a High royalty family. You should hire someone to get to the bottom of our money that is being advertised by yourself send us a refund and also a lifetime supply of the real deal cream we have ordered in good faith of finding something that attracts many women only to be let down every single person on here has the identical problem we order this cream were told $4 and some change for shipment then we’re build hundreds of dollars no receipt unmarked packages shows no proof… if there is anyone out there with any information on how to contact this company or Kate herself and refunding all of the families that had good faith in face cream. That makes your skin worse than before I’m not sure what’s in this stuff but I used it one time and had a bad allergic reaction and now I cannot find a way to receive refund nor do I see any sort of a receipt

  6. My husband brought this for me and it screed up my face it dryer it out and now I have welts on my face to me it is a rip-off this is never happened to me I have pretty good skin because of the jeans I carry from my father and mother they didn’t have no wrinkles they never had pimples and neither did I and I tried this crap and all it did was mess my face up and they’re still charging my husband to send more and more and more so I told him to go to the bank put a stop payment on it this product is whack it’s no good it causes all kinds of problems and I don’t care if Kate Middleton or whatever the hell her name is it’s my her it doesn’t work

  7. I fell for this today. I called the customer service number on the email invoice and a very unprofessional person answered the phone asking odd questions that sort of sounded like she was pretending to be a call center. She offered me a refund of the $4.95 shipping and cancelled my order for "free trial". I checked my credit card online and they did immediately issue a credit. However, now I’m worried that my credit card information is out there. I will continue to check my credit card statement carefully to make sure they don’t bill me for anything else.


    BEWARE – SCAM SCAM SCAM – SURPRISED. I gave a sample of this product as a gift. Been told it is not different than many cheaper products for sale. They put you on auto product mailing, with charge to your account. DESERVES NO STARS IN THEIR DIRTY TRICK MERCHANDISING. OFFERED HALF A CREDIT BACK, what a laugh customer NO service.

  9. Christine Feltz

    I had seen this advertisement and was pulled in reading how Princess Kate was in trouble with the Queen for having her own business as I read further I felt it wasn’t Kate’s business but she did support the line. As I read on I found I could try this for shipping and handling charges. I didnot see anywhere in regular or micro print that I had 10 or 14 days(14 days was the amount given to me by the phone person,Ava), at Jeune Fleur. As a matter of fact I didn’t even recieve these 2 products, which were sample size products by my account, for 3 weeks until after they were ordered. There was no paperwork that came with the products and there was no writing on the bottles, which I found interesting. I didn’t even know where it came from or what it was! I just figured it had to be the " Princess Kate" product. I haven’t even used it yet because my face was breaking out and I didn’t want to try something new. When I explained this to Ava at the company that I will send the products back she stated it was too late, that had to be done within the first 30 days. I told her that was another thing I wasn’t aware of because there was no paperwork in with the products. She said it was on the original advertisement. I told her again I did not see that written anywhere. She said she would not argue with me, and I told her I would be dealing with this in another way. This is way too much money, $89.03 for the skin cream and $84.94 for the serum. I also asked her if the bottles sent were trial size and she said they were not, they are the full size bottle.
    This is just bad news all the way around. According to my bill, I ordered these on April 1,2018. I called Ava yesterday, May 7,2018. This is 7 days over their 30day return policy (that I could not find), and one would think if they wanted a good reputation they would have honored the return. I’m sure Princess Kate would have.

  10. Received my FREE trial product 3 weeks after it was ordered. 4 wks later they took over $450 AU dollars UNAUTHORISED from my credit card 1 month later. I didn’t receive any information in the delivery box pertaining to terms & conditions stating to send back after 10 days otherwise I will be charged! I didn’t even receive the products before the 10 day turnaround !!! !!This is a lot of money for ANY skin care ! This is a ridiculously overpriced product !!! Had I received this information I would have re-read the condition that states your billed after 10 days " ESPECIALLY THE MICRO FINE PRINT" that supposedly states these conditions. I have contacted my bank here and they will dispute this, if this doesn’t work I will keep on CHASING this OUTRAGEOUS SCAM !! They will hear from my legal team if I don’t get answers !

  11. This company is such liars. They suck you in with the website saying it is free just pay shipping. Then you get to the shipping and not no where did I read anything about the product being a trial and I would have to pay 99.79 for the products. Pretty sneaky and I called them and they lied and said it was right there where I entered my credit card by.bers which is complete BS. If I knew I would have to pay 99 bucks for this creme I would have never gave my numbers. Sick of these companies who say free and forget to mention the trial periods. This is twice now. The first time hydroxy brand got me. Thanks so called Creme do you think I really wanted to send my last money I had until payday that was supposed to be for my son’s milk and diapers. I don’t think so. Next time mention the trial in your advertisement. I doubt anyone will sign up for it. For that price I could have bought twice the amount of my skin care regime products!!

  12. Nichole Short

    I order just a sample of the creams. I have been using it for a month and it has not worked. Plus you have sent me 3 more and took $85 out of my account each time. I need to send these back and I want the money put back into my account.

  13. Con con con paid the delivery price tried it its rubish then just looked at my bank and they have took £69.00 out without my consent after ringing them I was informed that they had charged me the full amount for the two little samples I got I had to cancell it through the bank and was o formed that they sometimes go back ointo your account using a different company name and if they did the bank couldn’t stop it so I would have the process of trying to get the money back p!ease read all the small print don’t get caught like me I was an idiot !!!

  14. Ladies, ALWAYS GO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS LINK. They legally have to say in there that you will be automatically debited to your card for $$xx every month until you unsubscribe – but guess what. The unsubscribe link never works.
    Do not get sucked in – just remember how beautiful you are on the inside – that’s what really counts

    r get sucked in

  15. I was also scammed by Instantly Vivid. In the same mannor but instead of Kate Middleton it was Sally Field as the creator. Total scam!

  16. I was scammed with the glow fresh beauty and the youthful derma. Using Kate Middleton as the lawyer, I guess I paid basically $13 in shipping for the two samples . Now the company has two pending 8999 charges in my bank account that I did not authorize! I want my money back! The product Is great that I received but I’m not paying $170 for something I did not agree to buy! This was on approximately 2 March of this year! And we found out that twocharges for basically $90 each were pending on our account on on March 17, 2018! I want my money back!

  17. I was scammed by the Instantly vivid anti aging creme I asked for and ordered the sample for $4.99 on Feb 3, 2018 used my debit card the sample arrived then in March I checked my debit/checking bank card and there was 0.00 in my account they went in and debited twice the sum of $89.99. I received nothing for this or ordered nothing more. I purchased a free trial sample of this Instantly vivid face cream for $4.99 for the postage. This was Feb 3, 2018. I later on received the cream. In March 16, 2018 I went to my bank account debit card (checking account) to check why I was at 0.00 and my account has been debited in the amount of $89.95 twice (2) times by the instantly vivid company. I had received no other creams and ordered no other. I called them and they will not refund my money back to me I made report at the bank and closed my debit card, I making a police report and a report to Rip Off. com. They also claimed that this was represented by Duchess Kate Middleton and she was part of making this cream and she used it and endorsed it. I want my money returned for product I have not ordered and fraudulent non authorization of money from my debit card.

  18. I only wanted the sample and I deliberately tried to avoid the add-ons before checkout. The order came through with the add-ons. Then I saw the link to what the deal actually is, basically designed to sign you up and take your money. Customer support seems real (phone/email) and I got the whole thing cancelled in a few minutes. support@cremeskin.com / 1 (289) 276-1919

  19. I think I badly have been scammed by believing this Kate Middleton Aryan oil miracle cream..I have given all my details to order sample and now I started reading it’s all fake how do I stop the order and get out of this fakeness pls Help!!!!!

  20. I received 2 products Hydra Claire Anti Wrinkle Complex and Anti Aging Cream for the postage price to INFODESKLXG.COM Online 02/12/2017 $4.97 then Visa Purchase HELPDESKSPIRI. COM ONLINE $4.99. Then my Bank told me I had a query on my bankcard and asked had I made a purchase in Hong Kong and I said no so they have cancelled my card and gave me a new one whilst looking this up I saw that these people took $138.00 plus $141.00 again out on the 23/12/2017

  21. Notice in the comments for these products, there’s one person of color, one hispanic and one couldn’t be more Amurrican name. Obvious scams.

  22. This smells like the Niwali health product scams where they offer a "free" product (you pay for shipping).
    BUT they don’t tell you that they have in fact signed you up to a monthly subscription for the product. The first payment for the next month’s shipment is 2 weeks after the initial contact.

    They get your credit card details so they can repeat bill you.

  23. I fell too free trial cost me $129 will try and get money back but hv just cancelled my Visa card etc first time it’s happened to me

  24. Thanks for being there. It came a bit late for me and I lost money as well as feeling badly duped! However, I will be more careful and not so trusting in future.

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