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6 Steps To Give Your Complaint Credibility

So you have just experienced terrible service or a faulty product and you want to file a complaint? Good on you for taking the next step in sharing your experiences. Many people know that they want to file a complaint, but they struggle with what exactly to write when filing a complaint.

Do you come off as an angry customer? Do you want to come off as complacent? You want to have the perfect combination of sternness, sincerity, and remorse that will make sure your complaint is recognized and solved.

Follow this guide on how to write the perfect complaint to get the best response:

1. Keep your emotions in check don't write a threatening, angry or violent letter. The person reading your complaint more than likely wasn't involved in your experience. Try to appeal to the person reading your complaint because they might help resolve your issue.

2. Be clear about what you want. Staying clear and concise is very important in writing your complaint. Remain on the subject and try not to digress. Describe the scene as clear as possible. You want to paint a picture of the person reading your complaint. Describe the service or product, date, persons involved, serial numbers, receipt numbers, and any other relevant information that might help in resolving your case. The more you can provide the better response you will receive.

3. State precisely what you want as an ideal resolution in mind. After describing the situation and what happened, write about your ideal resolution to fix the complaint. Be realistic and don't ask for things that are unrelated to your complaint. Simple resolutions like a refund, apology, or replacement product will receive the best responses. Often, we can let our emotions get carried away and ask for too much. The best thing is to remain level headed and only ask what you believe you are truly entitled to.

4. Attach relevant materials, documents, photos if possible. Evidence is always the golden ticket to any complaint. If you have documented proof of the experience that you encountered, you are more than likely to receive a positive response to your complaint. This can come in the form of audio recordings, paper documents or signed testimonials of witnesses. Get creative, and you will certainly not regret it.

5. Don't forget to say who you are Writing a complaint can draw up many memories and emotions. It can be easy to write a complaint and forget to put your contact information and details. This sounds like a no brainer, but you would be surprised how easy it is to forget to include your name. Think back to grade school when your teacher would constantly remind you, please do not forget your name on the assignment. This is because, it's something so simple, yet we overlook it when excited to finish the task.

6. After you made the perfect complaint it is very important to use the right channels to get some attention. I advise to report your complaint directly to the company, but you should also give it some online attention. An online complaint platform like will make sure your complaint gets the attention it deserves.

Follow these 6 simple steps to give your complaint credibility. Remember, you catch more bees with honey than vinegar. So always be on your best behavior when making complaints.

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