Parking Lot Scam: Fake Mechanic Fixing Dents

Parking Lot Scam: How It Works

Here is another parking lot scam that keeps going around these days, regardless of the city you live in. It is also known as the Dent Fix Scam. In this article, you will learn how the scam works, how to avoid it, and how to report it. Also, feel free to comment at the end article with the locations where scammers are active. How does the scam work?

Watch the video below to see in action the Parking Lot Scam:

Dent Fix in Parking Lot Scam Video

You’re on your way out of a store getting ready to put your purchases in the trunk when the guy parked next to you points out a dent in your car. He tells you this is your lucky day as he is an autobody mechanic who just got home from a day at the shop. What could cost you hundreds of dollars at the autobody shop, he will do for a mere $20. How can you go wrong? You say yes.

The “mechanic” starts working on it with some tools he has sitting in his trunk. Then, when you’re not paying attention he applies a white compound over the dent, telling you it will protect the new finish from rain or other surprise weather for the next 24 hours. He collects your money and heads on his merry way, assuring you your car will look as good as new tomorrow. Parking lot scam 101.

When you do finally take off the compound the next day, you’ll find the dent is still there. Many scammers will spend the whole day in the parking lot waiting for victims before moving to a new lot.


Parking Lot Mechanic Scam: How to Avoid

Never believe anybody who tries to do business in a parking lot. It may seem horribly convenient and that’s why the scam works. Don’t fall for it.

Meanwhile, beware of other shady parking lot approaches such as the Leather Jacket Scam, the fake online parking ticket, or the Car Mechanic Oil Change trick.


Parking Lot Scam: How to Report

Make your family and friends aware of the Parking Lot Scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report Scammers To The FTC Here


How to protect yourself more:

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Scofield Payne

I have been approached three times in the last month by 3 different scammers.. One guy explained his technique as "Acetone Finish". I laughed out loud! Call the police when these idiots solicit you. Cops really can’t do much and it’s a lousy misdemeanor for these space wasters..moves them on


I was getting gas and a nice guy came over to my car and offered to fix the several dents that I had and the bummer discoloration from the sun. His price was only $50. I was shocked but he convinced me that the shops have the overhead and he could do it right there in the parking lot. I said no, how could you do that? My car is red how is it that you have my color? He said ok, what year is your car. I said 2005 he said yeah, I have 2003 to now it’s for… Read more »


In my case, foreigner on business trip to Houston, they put the dent in the lower rear door portion in themselves when I was in the filling station amoco (?) close to Jeferson street. Then followed me (old white large vehicle) and at a parking lot saw the dent (which they could not have seen as the car was slotted into a parking spac). Then offered to repair. I guess to pull the dent out with a vacuum device. I declined , it is a Hertz rental. No I wonder what Hertz wil; say when they see it.

T Edwards

I ashamed to admit it. I thought I’d never fall for a scam and I am totally beside myself that I did.


I was scammed at the Cupertino Village parking lot and managed to track down the main scammer’s contact info (they work in pairs): Chris Vlado 6263714092 (he has picked up and told me that I can’t do anything to get my money back, police officers can’t, and i can’t take him to court because it’ll be too expensive) his old address was 704 Augustine Rd. San Gabriel CA 91776 His Twitter account is: His brother/mother’s number: 6263713162 I also have the number for the guy who did the scam with him: 6266765998 (I am not certain that this is… Read more »

John Doe

NORTH MIAMI BEACH WALLMART PARKING LOT. HEAVY SET ROMANSH LOOKING GUY WITH BLOND WIFE. PRESSURED ME TRY TO EXTORT RIDICULOUS AMOUNT AND THEN FOLLOWED ME AND CRASHED INTO MY CAR WITH HIS WHITE PICKUP TRUCK. It happened to me and they wanted $400. It was in North Miami Beach in the Wallmart Parking lot. The guy was Romansch looking but I don’t know and talked really really fast. He was heavy set and sweaty in a white pickup truck. I had originally asked him for his card since he interrupted me in the middle of a phone call in my… Read more »


The story begins at Walmart near my house. I was out of the store and about to put groceries to the trunk and there was this old men offering me to fix my bumper. I just recently had a car accident and was desperate to fix my car since the guy who hit ran away and my insurance doesn’t cover because I didn’t have collision coverage. That same old men offer me $240 to fix my car bumper and a dent near the front door. Oh yeah, there’s a woman and three little inside his van too. unfortunately I fall… Read more »

Martha Gant

This happened to me two weeks ago in Wenatchee WA. I watched him pull the dents out. Then when he finished the bonding compound to smooth out, he sprayed white paint to better match my car, he covered a reflector on my bumper and my mud flap. I am disgusted with myself in believing this man. I have heard a sucker is born everyday but never thought that was me. I am disappointed that we can’t trust people it seems these days. But shame on me for falling for it. By the way I am out $700 The phone number… Read more »


I had a guy do this to me tonight and to be honest was perfectly satisfied. He wanted $60 and said I didn’t have to pay him if I wasn’t satisfied. He pulled the dents out and fixed my car door from where it was scraping. He said something about taking scratches out but I really wasn’t worried about that; I just wanted the door not to scrape and the dents to be less conspicuous. The cars got a lot of miles on it now. I didn’t want a perfect job, just an improvement, and I basically got what I… Read more »


Just happened to me on Saturday in NYC. I got approached by a guy in a beat up Mercedes (which I now realize might have been stolen) who offered to fix the dents in my fiat as well as some of the scratches. I can’t believe I fell for it. He did the work on my car while I went to a friend’s party in the park. I came back when he texted me that he was done and it was covered in white paste in a bunch of places. I could see from the corner of one of the… Read more »

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