Brand Name Jackets Scam

Leather Jacket Scam: How It Works

The Leather Jacket Scam could happen to you anywhere – in a mall, on the street, in a parking lot, etc. It involves leather jackets for sale – or accessories – whether they are Armani, Versace, Gucci, Burberry, or AC Di Milano jackets. Let’s look at how the Brand Name Jackets Scam works.

Imagine this scenario: a man with a foreign accent approaches you, sparking up a conversation. He mentions he is from Italy (or any other country) and is in town for a fashion show. He says the show went very well, but he still has some high-end designer clothes that he can’t really take back to Italy because the customs taxes would be high.

Watch the video below to see in action a real case of the Leather Jacket scam, caught on camera:

Very convincing, while holding a passport in his hand, he says he is willing to sell the clothes for less than half of their price. Conveniently, he has the “AC Di Milano jackets right there”, in his “rental” car’s trunk. You pay a few hundred dollars, are happy with the brand name clothes you bought, and go home.

Leather Jackets For Men On Sale Is The Most Notorious Pitch

If you fall into this trap, what you don’t know is that the clothes are actually imitations made in China, for which they paid $30-$40/piece. The most popular items that crooks sale in the back of their cars are leather jackets for men, followed by scarfs and shoes, whether Armani, Gucci, Versace, Burberry, or AC Di Milano jackets.

They look like this:

leather jacket scam

The leather jacket scam could also happen to you during the holidays. The scammer would justify the low prices as a gift to you for telling him how to get back to the airport.  You may not think of it as a sale, but rather a favor-for-favor exchange of good deeds.

How To Avoid the AC Di Milano Jackets Type of Scams

Never believe anybody who sells stuff in parking lots – and the leather jacket scam is at the top of all. In this specific case, don’t fall for the passport he holds in his hand, or even the rental car.

The trick belongs to the same family of fraudulent face-to-face approaches as the Fixing Car In Parking Lot Scam or the Electronics For Sale Scam.

Leather Jacket Scam: How To Report:

Make your family and friends aware of the AC Di Milano Jackets Scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to your local Police station or to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More:

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Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other Leather Jacket Scam perpetrators.

ac di milano jackets

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And, by the way, from 2018 onwards, gypsies flooded the USA, Canada, Australia, and they will try to trash these countries also. International law forbids the beating or shooting at so-called “political refugees”, but I must say that these are the only efficient means of intervention against this plague.


In Romania, such scam doesn’t work, in part, because gypsies are such scammers and we know them very well! But I actually bought such a ”leather jacket” from a legit online store, with a warehouse in Bulgaria, knowing that it is not a genuine BV (Bottega Veneta) Italian jacket and it is made from PVC rather than real leather. Of course, I paid no more than 38 USD, transport included, because it is the real value for this item, the Chinese are well known for quality counterfeiting. Beware of real gipsyes, they are 100% the ”ítalian” scammers! And, from 2007… Read more »

Max Aitken

Armani scammer working today in Commercial Road, Prahran (Melbourne). Same tricks as usual


I just got ripped off with 500 dollars by this fucking Italian mothaf..s please lets try to get together this has happen to a lot people support.


I have just been approached by a smooth talking Italian male dressed in denim and has very sharp features to his side burns and beard to buy some samples left over from a fashion show here in Brisbane 30th April 2013 when I asked which fashion show as I am in the business and when I refused to go out to the car to even have a look ,he said why? I said I was ripped off years ago with the same scam selling fakes out of a boot to me at a south side Brisbane Business years ago. He… Read more »


Today, I was also taken in by this fake Italian guy’s story in central London! What a shame! However, same fraud happenes in all over the world…


The Same italian style guy aproched my fiance and made him buy this fake leather jackets for $200.00, he told him same story, showed passport and everything..this happened in Santana Row Mall Parking Lot in Sa Jose California.


Yup, same story. Redwood City Ca.
He is VERY polite, not at all creepy or threatening, but I feel like such a dope –

d springs

I was approached today by a guy here in Fremont, CA and its the same exact story. HE was here for a fashion show in San Francisco and had left over jackets. I was to be given three for free and buy one for half off, receiving four jackets in total. But i already know that no high society italian fashion designer is going to be selling stuff in dirty liquor store parking lot. It was convincing though and he had all the right moves and even the accent.


Omg!! This happened to my husbund today same story…he bought 4 jackets for $300.00
At a parking lot here in Lodi California.

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