Brand Name Jackets Scam

Leather Jacket Scam: How It Works

The Leather Jacket Scam could happen to you anywhere – in a mall, on the street, in a parking lot, etc. It involves leather jackets for sale – or accessories – whether they are Armani, Versace, Gucci, Burberry, or AC Di Milano jackets. Let’s look at how the Brand Name Jackets Scam works.

Imagine this scenario: a man with a foreign accent approaches you, sparking up a conversation. He mentions he is from Italy (or any other country) and is in town for a fashion show. He says the show went very well, but he still has some high-end designer clothes that he can’t really take back to Italy because the customs taxes would be high.

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Watch the video below to see in action a real case of the Leather Jacket scam, caught on camera:

Very convincing, while holding a passport in his hand, he says he is willing to sell the clothes for less than half of their price. Conveniently, he has the “AC Di Milano jackets right there”, in his “rental” car’s trunk. You pay a few hundred dollars, are happy with the brand name clothes you bought, and go home.

Leather Jackets For Men On Sale Is The Most Notorious Pitch

If you fall into this trap, what you don’t know is that the clothes are actually imitations made in China, for which they paid $30-$40/piece. The most popular items that crooks sale in the back of their cars are leather jackets for men, followed by scarfs and shoes, whether Armani, Gucci, Versace, Burberry, or AC Di Milano jackets.

They look like this:

leather jacket scam

The leather jacket scam could also happen to you during the holidays. The scammer would justify the low prices as a gift to you for telling him how to get back to the airport.  You may not think of it as a sale, but rather a favor-for-favor exchange of good deeds.

How To Avoid the AC Di Milano Jackets Type of Scams

Never believe anybody who sells stuff in parking lots – and the leather jacket scam is at the top of all. In this specific case, don’t fall for the passport he holds in his hand, or even the rental car.

The trick belongs to the same family of fraudulent face-to-face approaches as the Fixing Car In Parking Lot Scam or the Electronics For Sale Scam.

Leather Jacket Scam: How To Report:

Make your family and friends aware of the AC Di Milano Jackets Scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to your local Police station or to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More:

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Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other Leather Jacket Scam perpetrators.

ac di milano jackets

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204 thoughts on “Brand Name Jackets Scam”

  1. Came across this scam just a few minutes ago. Same bs story. Middle-aged “Italian” man holding maps and passport in his. His mistake: he was in the wrong city, and he called a local mall by a name no foreigner who has only been here 2 days would know. Offered 4 jackets wntirely free except he owed C$360 on the rental car. As a businessman myself, I have a hard time believing that a large high fashion company would send a rep on a trade show without an expense account.

  2. And, by the way, from 2018 onwards, gypsies flooded the USA, Canada, Australia, and they will try to trash these countries also. International law forbids the beating or shooting at so-called “political refugees”, but I must say that these are the only efficient means of intervention against this plague.

  3. In Romania, such scam doesn’t work, in part, because gypsies are such scammers and we know them very well! But I actually bought such a ”leather jacket” from a legit online store, with a warehouse in Bulgaria, knowing that it is not a genuine BV (Bottega Veneta) Italian jacket and it is made from PVC rather than real leather. Of course, I paid no more than 38 USD, transport included, because it is the real value for this item, the Chinese are well known for quality counterfeiting. Beware of real gipsyes, they are 100% the ”ítalian” scammers! And, from 2007 till now, they learned very well Italian language as they flooded and trashed that beautiful country!

  4. I can not believe I have just fallen for this one, Same as all the others, Just finished a Designer show in Portsmouth and wanted directions to Heathrow Airport (was in Lidl Car park, Petersfield).
    His story is almost exact to the script. Directions to the airport after show, convincing Italian accent, rental car, passport, Flight ticket, Seemed like a really nice guy. Seemed convincingly Italian and cultured; very polite.
    Wanted £500 for 1 Jacket and then would give 1 for free as had to pay rental on hire car and was flying back Milan and the import taxes would be too high. I Said I do not have that sort of money and he would have to sell them to someone else.
    Then the bargaining started. Finally got all 3 jackets for £100. Thinking I had done OK got home and googled AC Leather Italian Jackets and that’s when the Penny dropped.
    OK He was good with his spiel softly spoken and believable. Glad I did not spend £500 for 1 jacket. Have done the lighter test and it is real leather on all jackets. @ £33 per jacket it looks like my 2 sons will have a nice Present with an amusing story to go with it.
    Chris, Petersfield, Hampshire, UK

  5. I had the same thing today, GPS not working needing directions to airport. Had jackets he had to pay duty on, needed some cash to buy his daughter an iPad, thats when I knew it was a scam and walked away. Northcote, Vic, Australia.

  6. Meryll Wodetzki

    You would think we were street smart now we have reached advanced years! Yesterday, we were hit up by a youngish Italian guy asking for directions to the airport. He had a long & believable story about being part of the Versace family and said he had just finished a Versace promo in David Jones. He was lost!!! We were willing to help him. To cut to the chase, he offered 6 or 8 sample leather jackets he "couldn’t take back to Italy". Finally asked for $2000 cash to buy some family present when he reached the airport. If we could just stop by an ATM on our way. We queried this and challenged him, but amazingly, I still went to the ATM and withdrew $800. Can you believe I did that?
    Long and the short of the story – we gave him $1000. Then proceeded to lead him through the city on on to the Tull Freeway. As we went, I decided to Google him. He gave us his card earrier. First post to come up was a SCAM exactly the same in WA. Hells bells. We decided to pull over as soon as we could. Luckily he pulled over beside us. I hopped out of the car, grabbed his 2 bags of Versace coats, and went to his car. Got the door open, dropped the bags and looked straight at him and said " Give me our money". He counted it out and handed it back. End of story!!!!!
    We went home in need of a stiff drink. Close call, eh?

    BEWARE of well spoken, well dressed guy who is very short.

  7. Yep
    Just got approached by a guy in a small red SUV
    Same deal
    Didn’t want to pay taxes in Dubai
    Just had a show in Melbourne
    Wanted directions to Melb airport
    Name ‘Michele’
    As a favour he started giving over jackets
    Then when he had one for my wife
    He asked if I could give him money to buy his daughter a laptop on the way
    All Versace label
    Very suss as I said to him follow your sat nav
    Told him to Pisa off

  8. Ditto on what I now find is a typical current scam on leather jackets – approached by Italian man, white SUV, asking directions to airport. Claiming in town as part of designer wear for 2020 Grand Prix clothing collection for David Jones. Just happened to have 6 mens jackets and 2 womens jackets, willing to offload for the price of just 1 jacket, to avoid having to pay customs taxes, and wanted to buy his daughter a tablet at duty free. Jackets are selling for $1300 each!!! Well I know a bargain when I see one – NOT. I may be gullible, but my partner is not, but he even managed to win her over. Very smooth operator, knew all the right places and names to drop. Great timing, coming up to xmas and holiday – NOT HAPPY JAN!!!

  9. Similar story to Craig’s below. Got approached by Italian guys (Michele) who was looking for directions to airport (allegedly heading back to Italy from Melb Cup fashion week activities). I feel like such a sucker !! Anyway, gave him directions and started to walk away. he was thankful for the assistance. Then called me back to his Grey SUV, and offered me a leather jacket. He then said he had others etc etc etc … and asked if I would contribute to his funding a MacBook Pro for his 10 year old daughter. I won’t tell you how much I gave him — BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE SUCH AND IDIOT !!. Needless to say, his Chjristmas’ came early this year !! Said he couldn’t take the jackets back to Italy because of excise duties, blah, blah, blah … I should have taken a photo of his car and rego … I should have walked away after the 1 jacket he offered me, I should have heard the ‘alarm’ bells ringing when he asked me for money. Being of Italian decent my self, we spoke Italian and exchange "home county stories’. Boy, did he reel me in !! I’m 58 years old … you’d think I was more street smart wouldn’t you ? Anyway, for those of you reading this and are Italian, my only retribution is that I put the ‘mal’occhio’ on him. Karma will sort him out ! As for the jackets ? Thinking about handing them into the Police (if they’re at all interested in the story, or just dump them in a Brotherhood of St Lawrence bin. What a fool I am …

  10. Same story as below – youngish Italian guy in grey Hyundai just got me in Carlton. Must have "sucker" printed on my forehead, Now $800 poorer and have to figure out what the hell to do with all these leather jackets.

  11. Met a guy at Costco, Sydney.

    Same deal as Craig. This was his business card (

    He said he wanted to know the way to the airport and he had spare jackets which ended up being overweight.
    He gave the first jacket free, and said here’s 2 others that I’ll give to you, and if you have $100 I’ll get a gift for my son and give him it.
    So I saw him at Costco, ended up going to 711 to withdraw money and giving him $100.

    Scammed basically.

  12. 2pm today, back streets of Port Melbourne, Grey SUV. Guy says he’s only been in Melbourne "a week", asks if I’ve been to Italy, I say yes, he tells me he’s from Milan. He’s been working in the city at David Jones, tugs at his shirt saying "Versace". At that point the light bulb went off for me. If it were along the Tiber or near the Forum I’d not have got that far (the places I’d seen this in action before. I just laughed and said, "I told you I’d been to Italy before … I’ve had this conversation already" and walked off. Now kicking myself I didn’t think to get a pix of him and the car. I was just chuckling too much to see it this close to home.

  13. Same as below – needs directions to airport from Rozelle, NSW; has surplus Ferrari leather jackets and going back to Milan tonight ! It sounded fishy – and now I know it was !!!

  14. Wow, very convincing, grey SUV in Coburg Victoria. Was mowing the lawn and he asked for directions to Melbourne airport, then went on from there as described here. Took a while to realise something was not right as I’m not usually in environments were people randomly approach me like that.

  15. I only read this article just after I got scammed, damn! The guy seems to be operating full and well in the UK now, he just picked me up from near Tottenham Court Road, London, and asked for directions to Heathrow. After I showed him the direction and he took a photo of my Google Maps screen, he then asked me to pull out £5000 to pay for his rented car and any other unforeseen circumstances that may arise. One thing to note for, he seemed to have tweaked the time in his car to confuse people that he was running out of time. He also asked for my phone frequently to put down his information, which looking back was obviously a strategy to make sure I wasn’t checking the time.

    The guy who got me was a middle aged guy wearing a black pair of glasses, who claimed to be working as a designer for Giorgio Armani; he was also driving a black Audi SUV (supposedly "rented"), and was in the car with some other guy. I should have known something was really off with this guy, should have fucking read this page and known this was a scam! I wasn’t even interested in the clothes, I just wanted to help and they forced the clothes onto me!! Watch out everyone, especially those of you who haven’t had your share of reality check like I just did 🙁

  16. It’s happened to me at tesco’s car park Manchester UK. Similar M.O. but this time he made the items in Italy. I could have the items for free but he needed to recoup the vat. I still can’t believe I’ve been conned… It cost me £60 gbp for three leather jackets. Although I was conned I don’t think I was cheated, as any one of these jackets would cost £60 at least in a shop.

  17. Just happened to me last night in midtown Manhattan, same exact story as others, from Milan in a rented car asking directions to the airport and would have to pay too much tax in Italy, showed his (?) passport and asked for a favor since he had no cash, his card was maxed, and he had to fill gas and so on ("help me!’ he repeated). He had three brand new BV Clothing leather jackets worth over $2,000 each (showed it to me on the Bottega Veneto website my phone). I got the three for $60 dollars, I wouldn’t give any more. Even as knock-offs they are very nice, good quality leather and fit me well. For that price I don’t feel fooled, winter is coming and I needed a new jacket, now I have three for sixty bucks. If you like the items offer a small sum and stick to it, he’ll take whatever he can. He didn’t seem dangerous otherwise. Or else just walk away.

  18. Had the same experience as Aaron Allen below in a Mitcham shopping centre carpark in South Australia on Tuesday. Same spiel, fashion rep, from Milano for Armani here for fashion week, wanted instruction on how to get to the airport, could not take his samples back to Italy as he would have to pay duty so willing to give me three coats if I would pay $1200 for just one so he could buy a present for his daughter at the airport. I’m thinking there are no presents he could pay that much for at Adelaide airport so told him I only had $200 in my account. Wished him good luck. Had an (presumed fake) Armani business card.

  19. I just got caught up in this scam too. Same m.o. Directions to airport, work for high-end Italian fashion outlet in Milano, here’s my Italian passport, since I was a nice guy, he’s got these jackets he’ll have to pay taxes on but can’t afford to as he wiped out at the casino last night. Offers 3 jackets, then another 3, places them in my vehicle. Then he needs help, his car rental charge is almost $1000 and he’s has no funds – can I help him out? Jackets are worth up to 1900 euros each, couldn’t I just cover the rental fee? I said I couldn’t go that far but still agreed to go to ATM to cover about half. He then retrieved 3 of the 6 jackets saying maybe he could sell them at the airport leaving me with 3 for $450 Canadian. This happened in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada so heads up folks! The jackets do look nice but I feel foolish to have fallen for this, I should have listened to that "this is too good to be true" suspicion that I was feeling.

  20. Just met a scammer on Dixie Rd. Near Pearson airport. Smooth artist telling me he was recently in Montreal for the F1 race and just finished meetings in Toronto. Same scam, adding that he didn’t want to pay duty to take them back. I gave him $150 for three jackets and thanked him for the good scam.
    I can give them away as gifts. Good story to go along with the gift! Lmao

  21. Looks like he’s been hitting Sydney’s Northern Beaches … dad got hit up about 4 weeks ago in Warriewood Square carpark … same story guy in 60s Italian heading to airport asking directions builds rapport toffees Armani leather jacket worth $1000 as thank you then shows more of his stock and puts on the sell so he can buy daughter mobile phone for her birthday. My kind dad in his 80s gets out wallet thinking he’s only hot $100 on him but instead counts out the $450 he had … guys takes it from him and hands over 3 ‘leather’ jackets. Mum tells me story today – she thinks it’s hilarious dad fell for it but he’s being stoic about it – quite likes one of his expensive cheap jackets … but sad that people will prey on people’s kindness.

  22. Met an old fellow a couple of hours ago on Alfred Street, Milsons Point on the North side. Same routine as below… Wanted directions to get to Sydney airport etc. "I give you 3 jackets etc"… "Wait you buy one for 900 dollars as I want to buy my grand daughter an ipad to taken back to Milano"… Ha ha.. How about 20 dollars? "Wait you go to ATM and get money".. I said : " I have no money, I am married"… Ha ha. On the business card it was ‘Italian Fashion, Mr. Andrea V. Via Della Spiga 120 Milano.. Good for a laugh. He gave up. Stuff looked like junk. Having seen guys selling crap that "fell off a truck", you pick up on these guys right away. Sorry to see that quite a few people were taken in. He is a friendly sort, just goofy. Not too pushy actually. Driving a small SUV. "How about I give you a an old used Ipad for the coats? Your grand daughter will love it… " I guess the old guy never met with a Tevorolevu before…

  23. Appears to be same scam. Andrea Diamante, Director Marketing, Gianni Versace. Spoke Italian. Lost looking for the Airport. I was in the front yard of my house in inner city suburb. Had Gianni Versace samples in car he couldn’t take home to Milano as it would cost to much in duty. Offered me one for free nup not that silly.
    Told me genuine best quality Italian leather.
    Gave me his business card.

  24. This guy is now in the US.I was approached on June 13th outside my bank in Massachusetts and got the very same spiel about directions to the airport and an iPhone for his daughter. He is very very smooth. Shows Italian passport and spiel about fashion shows and excess jackets. I did get 8 for $110.US each and a fake business card for a BV store in Milan. Jackets are in a BV bag and look good. I can give them away and the price was not crippling,but it destroys trust and does make you feel foolish. Do not let your sense of good will and helpfulness make you vulnerable to these miserable frauds.

  25. These guys are now operating on the Gold Coast. I was approached in a shopping centre car park at Ashmore today June 17, 2019. Same MO as others have described here.

    Consider this; If knowing a scam was in play peddling fake stuff, one could squeeze a low price. I say this because I’ve lived in third world countries where some high end fashion brands produce their products where manufacturing costs are super low vs retail prices in London, Paris etc.

    So then if one can obtain a branded fashion garment at the ‘right’ price then go for it. After all how many people buy Knock-Off items (of which some are real (eg I have several Versace shirts still in great shape 10 years on!) from Pat Pong night markets at Bangkok.

    A key aggravation with this scammer is that it’s not fair in that he steals our good will along with giving up big money and we feel completely taken advantage of.

    If I’m approached again, I’ll spin my story to get a price agreeable to me without him sensing that I know his MO.

    If his profit margin works for him – hopefully he’s desperate from days or weeks with no success and I feel ok with my price vs risk, the everyone is “happy”

    By the way, the jackets did look great, looked and smelled like leather. All that remained was for the seller and buyer to each succeed in their secret missions without each offending the another about the car park scam underway!

  26. Last seen in the Hills District, driving a black Kia Carnival and pretending to be lost. Need to get to the International Airport. His MO is to thank you for assistance given with directions and then to foist a pile of fake italian (chinese knockoff) leather jackets on you as thanks. Then claims to not have any cash to pay for rental car and suggests that you loan him Australian Dollars. Don’t fall for it.

  27. Currently operating in Brisbane (inner city area). Came across this person at Bowen Hills. Bastard, got me for $1100. Gave me the same sob story as described above. Always pushing to find an ATM nearby. Shows his passport and airline tickets. Well rehearsed.

  28. same as below. Male working the Manly West area, was on his way to the airport and was lost coming back from the G/C dropping a model home. Said he had come from Sydney has NSW plates on his car and I bought 7 jackets for $900.

  29. Same scam. Airport. I was crossing the street. David Jones… samples he could not take home. Needed cash for present for daughter.
    Told me genuine best quality Italian leather. Showed me passport.
    Was in a silver SUV with a another guy.
    Gave me his business card. Took me to a ATM, I paid $3000 for 8 jackets. All BV Clothing.
    Went home and showed to wife who said I was a fool.
    No-one wants them…my son or daughter, even friends.
    Guess Opp shop.

  30. Poorer But Wiser

    Con man with a similar alibi as described by Mick. Walking along Normanby Rd in Southbank around 3:45 pm on 28 April, 2019, a middle-aged Italian guy with dark hair in a white SUV drove up and asked if I could give him directions to Tullamarine Airport via the freeway, as since he was an Italian tourist he didn’t know where to go, after which he showed me his red Italian passport. I pulled up directions on my phone and showed him – looking back now (because hindsight is 20/20), he seemed to know where that was (or at least didn’t pay attention to the directions well enough to have memorised them as a tourist unfamiliar with Australia).

    He was very friendly and genuinely seemed grateful that I helped him. He then mentioned that he was flying back to Italy at night, before which he had to return the rental car near the airport. His name was ‘Antonio Enrico’ and was a fashion designer for Versace based in Milan, and was ‘surprised’ that I didn’t recognise his name.

    Because I had helped him, he was willing to give me three sample leather jackets that he had from a fashion show that he attended in Melbourne as part of a winter collection for Versace. The reason was because he had his wallet stolen and so didn’t have cash or card with which to pay for the costs of the rental car, which would come out to be $1,200 in cash (looking back, I don’t think rental car charges/payments are payable by cash, even if his card was stolen?). Since he would only be able to get a replacement credit card after 48 hours, after which he would be flying to London before going back to Italy, he would not be able to pay the customs taxes for the jackets (which was why he was giving them away) or the car rental charges today.

    He said if I showed up to the Versace store on Collins St between 11 am and 7 pm on Tuesday (the store is open from 10 am to 6 pm on Tuesdays), I would be able to have the jackets either refitted or be reimbursed with credit/cash, which would come out to be $19,000 – $21,000 in total. Since he said he didn’t really need the jackets because of the customs taxes, he was willing to give them away to make things easier for him (I foolishly assumed that if he were really a fashion designer, he would probably be able to replace those jackets easily); however, he did need to pay for the rental car. I stupidly believed him because I wish to pursue further studies and would really need the money for tuition.

    He asked me to look at the jackets, and since I don’t buy leather jackets I was not sure if they were genuine leather. He mentioned that they were made from lambskin. All of these jackets had ‘Made in Italy’ tags and had certificates of guarantee…based on the comments they are probably cheap knockoffs, but they had ‘certificate of guarantee’ tags and looked quite legit. The jackets were in ‘BV Clothing’ bags (which should have triggered my suspicions) but he did have a Versace business card with the right logo and text (I later checked the store address and number, which do match those for the Versace branch in Via Montenapoleone), though the contact email was a Gmail address that I didn’t fully realise until later.

    He asked me where I was from, and I said that I grew up in Los Angeles. He then mentioned that he has been to Beverly Hills and likes the Santa Monica beaches. He asked if I have ever visited NYC, to which I said I did. Showing me his Italian passport again, he flipped to a page with a customs stamp saying he was in NYC in late 2017. He also mentioned that he had been to San Francisco and noticed the homeless population near Union Square. I have been there and can attest to that, so he does seem to be well-travelled and is speaking from personal experience (probably using the money he scammed to pay for those trips).

    He even said if I didn’t have the money then it’s OK I didn’t have to do it, although if I did he promised to reimburse me later for the $1,200 when he was back in Italy after a few days after transiting from London. He mentioned that this gift was for me only, or that if I could keep it to myself he would appreciate it, or something like that. Hindsight tells me that it was probably to make sure that I don’t report this scam.

    He did give me the opportunity to decide and was not overly pushy or desperate (which would have raised my suspicions). I went to withdraw the money and he thanked me again, even offering to drop me off at the church service I was late for. I declined and went on my way, and he said that he would be able to get to the airport.

    This guy is a pro and has a relatively well-researched alibi, which hindsight now shows to have a few holes. He was also quite personable, which made him more believable, because he probably shared some real life experiences he had. I didn’t think to memorise the license plate because I didn’t think anything was wrong at the time. Based on some other comments, it was probably a rental car.

    Victoria Police said that because I voluntarily paid for those jackets it was a purchase, so they couldn’t do anything about it. Called the Versace store on Collins St the next day and told the nice lady that he was fraudulently using their name. Was an expensive learning experience where it could have been worse.

    These parasites will prey on your trust and goodwill and use a lot of psychological tactics, as they are quite skilled.
    If it’s too good to be true then it usually isn’t – stay wise.

  31. Beware, this scam is now in Melbourne, it happened to me in a cafe carpark on Mickleham Rd Tullamarine around 5.00pm Tuesday 23 April 2019 but luckily the scammer was unsuccessful. A guy pulled up beside me in the carpark in a silver SUV and asked if I could help him with directions to Melbourne Airport. He was very well dressed in a nice suit, neatly groomed dark hair with thin build and about 184cm tall and spoke with an Italian accent. I gave him the directions and he appeared very thankful and shook my hand. He then introduced himself as Emanuele a fashion designer from Italy here for the recent Grand Prix as supplier of racing suits for the Ferrari F1 team. He gave me a business card and said for helping him he had a gift for me, he got out of his car and showed me 3 leather jackets on the back seat which he put in a bag and handed to me saying it was as a gift. The leather jackets looked great and were beautifully presented with designer tags and made in Italy on the packaging. He then showed me 4 more leather jackets and put those in another bag and gave to me also and said that he didn’t want to take them back to Italy on his return flight home later that night as he would have to pay tax at the airport?. I was pretty much gobsmacked by this guys generosity but I smelled a rat. He then asked if I could do him a small favour and mentioned it was his son’s birthday and wanted to buy him an iPad at the airport and asked if I could cover the $800 cost considering he was giving me 7 jackets worth over $2000-$3000 each. I told him I didn’t have any cash on me and was sorry I couldn’t help. He then suggested we both go to a nearby ATM but again I said no. His pleasant mood changed and asked for the jackets back which I gladly handed to him. He then got back in his car and drove off.

  32. My dad encountered an Italian guy. My dad was drunk and had Mexican music playing. We stopped stop sign and the guy stopped next to us. He heard the music and talked to my dad. We went next to a curb to park and my dad got out to talk to him in Spanish. Since my dad was drunk, he can’t remember if he payed $60 or $40 for a brown jacket from BV Clothing. It was one size small for him, so he gave it to me.

  33. This happened to me in Double Bay in March 2019. He gave me a business card, it read Gian.M Firenze-Milano; [email protected], via Montenapoleone 17 0039 3456373543. The story is almost exact to the script. Directions to the airport after show, convincing Italian accent, rental car, passport, imitation goods in the back, first some as a gift, then help me out with funds for iPhone. Seemed like a really nice guy, but obviously a huckster. Wondering who he was actually, and what his history is. Seemed convincingly Italian and cultured; very polite. How could someone as seemingly as nice as this become such a con man. I guess, at the end of the day he was peddling stuff, with a bit of a scam which is what most retailers do anyway!

    He was about 5ft 8. Brown curly hair, slightly hairy, nicely dressed.

    Keep alert for this scam and tell others. I guess most of my friends are unlikely to be taken in by this, but I guess he has some success!

  34. Happened to me yesterday in my driveway – same story, same guy, by the sound of it, blue suv, I fell for it. $2000 later, I hang my head in shame – for I am a lawyer!

  35. Slight twist. Guy stopped me in carpark and asked for airport directions, going back to Italy etc. He engaged me in friendly chat for a while and then asked me to look at some beautiful Amani leather jackets, worth $1000 according to him. He took one out of the bag and gave it to me saying that I was a nice friendly man, but I was not to sell it, it was just for me. I thought how nice. He then gave me the other 2 jackets in the bag also, saying he could not take them back but they were mine. I said that is too generous but he insisted and closed my car door with the jackets in my car. He then asked about my wife and asked me to come to the back door of his Audi where he showed me a long women’s Amani suede coat worth $1700. He gave it to me saying a present for my wife. I was becoming a little suspicious. He then said he wanted to buy his daughter an iPhone but he showed me he only had $250 left in Australian currency so could I help him buy an iPhone for his daughter. I joked with him and said I had no cash. He suggested going to an ATM. I must admit I thought about presenting my wife with an Amani coat, so I said I would go and get $200. He started to get a little agitated and said I was not helping him with his daughter. He did not ask for the coats back but I said I was not upping the offer and he started to become less friendly so I gave him the coats back. Now I read these other stories, I’m glad.

  36. March 22 Friday approx 6pm in Glenrose Shopping Centre, Belrose (Northern Beaches of Sydney).
    Happened to a relative. Young, slim Italian guy in a ln Avis rental car still using the Mr Antonio business card but instead of Versace had AC branded faux leather jackets. Also started with the whole airport directions and David Jones fashion show spiel.

  37. Happened today in Essendon Thursday the 7th of March 19, Italian guy claimed to be lost wanted directions to the airport. Pulled out a Versace business card and proceeded to tell me how he was in town for the Grand Prix but was heading home and didn’t want to pay taxes. Flashed a passport and gave me two bags full of leather jackets game him $200 cash and he proceeded to take one bag back. Jackets look great pity they are not worth $200.00

  38. An Italian bloke in a Hyundai SUV got my attention in slow moving traffic in Heidelberg asking for directions to the airport. I into a side street and helped him with directions. He said he was in Melbourne for the F1 GP for Versace, gave me a seven jackets worth $1200-$2100 each for thanks.If he took them through customs he said he would have to pay $3500 tax. He then asked for cash to help pay for an ipad for his daughter. $1000 was a small price to pay for the price of the jackets. I told him no and to take the jackets with him, his attitude went from smiling to angry very quickly, he grabbed the jackets and I drove away.

  39. Same thing in north melbourne- Italian guy white Mitsubishi story about daughter and needs to buy an iPad for her Blabla bla

  40. My husband got scammed $2,000 today from an Italian guy with exactly the same story as Nadia!!!

  41. Happened today in Keilor Park, walking around an industrial area on my lunch break. Italian guy claimed to be lost wanted directions to the airport. Pulled out a Versace business card and proceeded to tell me how he was in town for the Grand Prix but was heading home and didn’t want to pay taxes. Flashed a passport and gave me three bags full of leather jackets then expected me to pay for an iPad for his kids birthday. I refused and he grabbed his bags and took off.

  42. Same modus operandi in Paddington New South Wales and the Italian conman used the exact same story about going to the airport, being at a fashion show in town, didn’t want to pay Judy getting back into Italy, all originals from Italy et cetera.
    The one saving grace was that he was booked by the Highway Patrol for crossing a double line in Jersey Road Woollahra in the shopping centre and copped a $300 fine.
    He first gave the Highway Patrol the incorrect license-I assume it was from Italy and then apparently gave the police a correct license located in Melbourne possibly-chastised by Police?

  43. Same story as Michael and Curtis, stopped at Aldi carpark Menai, by a man seeking directions to the airport. Then produced clothing from the back of the car and requested I take it! By taking the clothing it would save him taxes at the airport. After showing me the clothing he then requested I purchase an I pod for his daughter then he changed the story to a computer. I handed the clothing back and he took off in a hurry after handing me a business card with the name Andrea Diamante, Director Marketing. Gianni Versace. Definitely a Con Artist. Be aware.

  44. The exact same thing happened to me in South Kensington, London this month. The guy was in an Audi A3, offered to give me Armani jackets for free, but he wanted me to pay for his rental car which was 750 quid because he lost 5,000 pound in a casino. He said his uncle is Giuseppe Zanotti and he had been in a fashion show in London, and needs to head back to Italy that day. After I said I did not have that much cash he wanted me to get my credit card. He drove me to where I live and I went to get my credit card. Then he said he needed to buy his wife an iPhone Xs and otherwise she’ll divorce him. The card did not work so I gave him 120 quid, which was all I had in cash and he drove off. The phone number and email address he gave me were all fake. He seemed absolute horrible when I left his car. An evil person, instead of the kind Italian man at the beginning. Please don’t fall this if you are in London!

  45. Had the same at Michael below but in Neutral Bay, out the front of Woollies – same car, same guy, same story…wanted to buy a computer for his son at the airport…I knew he was dodgy about 30 seconds after he started speaking to me – the story was just so well rehearsed….so I offered him $40 dollars and things wound up pretty quickly after that!!!

  46. I experienced exactly the same scenario as posted by Mark below in Crows Nest corner of Atchinson street and Willoughby road. Hyundai Tuscon car, suitcase in rear of car, Versace bags on back seat. Saidhe was lost and wanted directions to airport. Well dressed itaian slim guy gave me his business card and said he had been at a David Jones fashion launch for Versace. Said he was a designer. I was offered three jackets for myself as a "thankyou" for giving him directions to the airport. Then said he had a jacket for my wife but wanted me to pay for this jacket as he wanted to buy a computer for his daughters birthday. I gave him back the jackets he offered as a gift and walked away. Called crime stoppers latter.

  47. Same story today in Maroubra. Pulled up while I was mowing the lawn out front and began by asking directions to the airport.

  48. Seems to be moving around Sydney’s Northwest. My brother-in-law was accosted in Bunnings at Castle Hill on Wednesday and duped into buying two jackets. The guy has a spiel about needing to get to the airport and the items are left over from a fashion show. He even presents a business card. The issue in this instance is he followed my brother-in-law from Bunnings to Castle Towers AND all the way to an ATM! At the time he was driving a white Audi with damage to the front fender.

  49. Robert Hartnett

    This scam is alive and well in Odense, Denmark. A man stopped me asking directions to Billund airport. Offered me some jackets ‘free’ in return for directions. Claimed to be a marketing consultant for Armani and have excess baggage which he did not want to carry back to Milan. Asked for cash to buy a present for his wife. His business card did not have his surname. No deal.

  50. That happened to my husband and me this morning here in Boston,MA,USA, luckily, I took a quick look on the internet and I found this warning article. This article saved us to pay the 300 dollars that the scammer was proposing us to pay for 6 leather jackets. He was talking to us in the same way that this article says above.

  51. That happened to my husband and me this morning, luckily, I took a quick look on the internet and I found this warning article. This article saved us to pay the 300 dollars that the scammer was proposing us to pay for 6 leather jackets. He was talking to us in the same way that this article says above.

  52. He’s still at it. This time in Surry Hills. Very plausible. Even gave me a business card with a Ferrari logo, which on later close inspection was clearly a fake. Same spiel about too many clothes to take back to Italy etc etc. Fortunately I didn’t have much cash on me and he was insistent I go to an ATM. That’s when I walked away. He drove off, but not in the direction of the airport. Only when I got back to the office did I discover this scam.

  53. Same here it happenes in VANCOUVER, Canada. Italian guy in fancy black Volvo x90 SUV claiming needed directions to airport. Really suspicious as he had GPS on vehilce. i did not budge but the guy was very convincing. This Happened in Coquitlam near Ikea. Beware. Wondering how hard it would be for police to trace his rental…

  54. Just had this today at Bunnings carpark in Sydney. Very convincing and became REALLY hard sell once I told him to keep his ‘free’ items.

  55. Just got caught by this scammer in Loganholme Queensland driving a black Audi. Yes he wanted directions to the airport, yes he had all of the above in his excuses. Luckily I didn’t have a lot of cash so he will be out to get someone else. Very professional and believing until I got home and checked internet.

  56. Same story. Happened this afternoon on the Stephanson road, Mount waverley. I asked him for a piece of paper to mark the direction to the airport. He gave me an A4 sheet with full of sketches to the airport drawn by some others. That rang me a bell. Then he gave me his business card which had a gmail address. When he offered me four jackets for $300 (to buy a tab for his son), I was well and truly ready. No damage done, but I got 20 minutes late to pick my daughter from the school thanks to this crooke.

  57. This guy working Mississauga on. Same story directions to airport give a free jacket for your kindness then shows you several other jackets by VG clothing worth several thousand bollars . Said I only had 100 bollars on me went to get my wallet to give him the 100$ he came up behind me saw I had more money started begging more for iPad for his kids gave him another 100$ he kept up the begging finally got angry told him I wanted my money back . Turned into a nasty situation told him to F off got into my vehicle told him I was calling cops he got into his vehicle and fled.

  58. Oh my do I feel like a dik lol.. I’m in Toronto it’s Sept 29 2018 I was approached by a Italian guy asking directions to the Pearson Airport he was stopped on the road in the slow lane I gave him directions then proceeded to walk away and he got all panicked and said he was going to park to be safe so I could give him directions again.. I thought that was kind of strange cause I already gave them to him when I went to walked past his car I stuck my head in the window gave them to him again and went to walk away.. he got out and approached me and I got ready for something weird he said he wanted to thank me.. he then gave me the speech about the fashion show he was just at and needed to get rid of some product… well I guess you all know the rest I really tried to get out of the situation but now I own 3 fake leather jackets.. granted I only paid 120 American I feel like a freekin schmuck was on Brittania rd I n Toronto he was in s black mid size SUV with Ontario plates.. he had glasses on and was about early 30’s when he drove away I look for signs of the car being a rental cause he said he was heading to airport didn’t see anything and when I thought of taking a photo of his plate it was too late.. I feel like a bit of a dik when he wanted more I demanded my money back that’s when he got all shaken and took off.. I came back to my truck googled the brand name and BAM I was scammed damn I wanna kick his nasty ass

  59. Sadly my brother in law got scammed at Pape and Cosburn Avenue, Toronto. These people seem to be unstoppable. He was approached by two men with Italian accent, they told him they were going back to Italy the next day after doing some business here in Toronto but they have 9 pieces left over Italian leather jackets and that they can give them to him in a bargain price, $1,000.00 for 9 pieces of real leather jackets!!! They are nice jackets, they look like leather even smell like leather but all the labels were cut off , hard to tell if they are real or not.

  60. Gosh, this guy gets around. He is now on the Gold Coast. I met this same guy today, 11 June 2018. I was parking my car in our back business carpark & he rolls in also, driving a Nissan mid sized grey SUV with a very large dent in front passengers door. Starts by asking directions to Brisbane airport….then gets out & says he wants to thank me shakes my hand & wants to "give" me a thank you present…opens rear door of his car & on back seat are very well presented sports jackets with GIANNI VERSACE stamped all over the protective plastic. He pulls out three, says he is a designer for David Jones & had a fashion show at Versace Palazzo today. Strong italian accent. Gives them to me, asks do I know value of these clothes..i say about $1000 each…he says one is but other two jackets are over $2000 each…then he asks for one wee favour…needs to buy computer for his daughter….I smelt a big fat rat & said adios! He is probably making his way up to Brisbane. So watch out!

  61. The same guy from the Gold Coast example (June 2018) below tried the same thing on me this morning near Racecourse Road, Hamilton (Brisbane). Same story, needed to get to the airport – could I do him a favour. I smelled a rat and thought I’d have some fun. I said he could follow me to the international airport in his car (a metallic brown Hyunday Tucson SUV with NSW plates and a sizeable dent in top of front passenger’s side door). He agreed. He wanted $1,800. We got the airport and ATM. However, when My account only had $400 in it, his mood changed. He started cursing me under his breath in Italian (I know the bad words). He asked why I didn’t tell him before and I told him the main thing was he got to the airport. I gave him the two bags of clothes back and parted company.
    Beware people – if it seems too good to be true…

  62. Prahran 30/04/2018
    I experienced exactly the same scenario as posted by Bob below. Same car, same suitcase in rear of car, Versace bags on back seat. He gave me his business card and said he had been in Melbourne for a David Jones fashion launch for Versace. I was offered three jackets for myself as a "thankyou" for giving him directions to the airport. Then said he had a jacket for my wife but wanted me to pay for this jacket as he wanted to buy a computer for his daughters birthday. I said I did not have any cards or cash on me. I gave him back the jackets he offered as a gift and walked off.

  63. North Melbourne 23/04/2018
    My partner was approached by a short, thin build Italian man, well-dressed, with tattoos on his hand. Asked for airport directions. Offered to give Versace leather jackets, said he is a Fashion Designer and had left-overs fr a show, didn’t want to pay hefty VAT. He was given $1800 cash for 7 pieces! When he got home, I checked the labels – seems the were cut. Finally found label in pockets, saying 100% polyester. Jackets do look nice & smell like leather but difficult to tell at first glance.

  64. Merchant Street Docklands, Melbourne, Victoria 10:30am 17/04/2018
    "The Hook"
    I was approached by a man in a white SUV, with NSW plates, asking for directions to the airport. I explained how to get to the airport and asked him where he was from. He explained that he was from Sorrento Italy and that he worked for Gianni Versace Milano and had just attended a fashion show at David Jones. He then asked my size. I said medium to large.

    "The Stuff"
    He then opened the back of car to show me a suit case with numerous stickers on it . Then he opened the rear passenger door of the car. On the back seat were bags containing Gianni Versace clothing. He proceeded to ask me to value items of clothing as he stuffed a number of items into grey shopping bags. He even popped in an item for my son and wife. I explained that I couldn’t possible except the clothing. He said it is gratis, "for free". He also added that he would have to pay taxes if he attempted to bring these items through customs.

    "The Sting"
    He then asked me to help him buy a new computer for his daughter. At this point I said that my life was a bit of a mess and I didn’t want to get involved. I said goodbye and crossed the road to withdraw money from an ATM. He saw me doing this and asked me how much would I pay for the items. I decided to not get money from the ATM and walked away. Other Notes Spoke with a thick Italian accent but, had a very good understanding of English .

  65. Neils Langevad

    Was approached on 28/2/18 in Glebe, Sydney with a similar story. Episode explained in detail to forewarn others.
    Italian man (apparently from Milano with a heavy accent) asking for directions to the airport with leather jackets in his white SUV (with no rental car markings) who told me he designed these leather jackets for Ferrari, and even gave me a business card to prove his credentials. Before, I knew what had happened, he placed three leather jackets in my car boot (a Toyota 86 GTS) – each jacket costing about 1,500 to 2,000 Euros (which he changed to A$), but told me I had to pay for the fourth (- A$1,500) which was a beige leather jacket because he had lost his money at the Casino, but should not tell his wife when he returned for the Australian Grand Prix. He tried to show me the quality of these leather jackets by lighting them with his lighter, but without a genuine leather label, I was not totally convinced, though I am not an expert. Nevertheless, he was very convincing.
    Anyway, I told him to follow me to Broadway Shopping Centre (where I was hoping to find a police car nearby to ask for their input, but no luck), so contacted my partner to obtain her feedback – she suspected fraud (like those dudes who sell speakers from the back of a van). And subsequently told me not be so obliging – a character trait.
    I therefore made a pretext of withdrawing money from a Westpac Bank and ATM which had now reduced to A$1,000, though conveniently forgot my pin number – not that I keep much money in this account.
    I then made ‘a song & dance’ in looking for our vehicles in the Broadway Shopping Centre car park where it took us about half an hour to locate them. I was hoping that the bank teller would have twigged in Westpac, but no police arrived to verify his credentials. Meanwhile, I was being continually abused by him – ‘water off a duck’s back’.
    I agreed that he should follow me in my car so that I could show him the way to Sydney Airport, even though it would have been a tight deadline (according to his flight departure time). But, about quarter of the way there, he asked me to turn around and show him the way to ‘Little Italy’. I concurred, but he suddenly turned off near Broadway Shopping Centre/Glebe where I lost him. I was glad to be rid of him.
    It was not until I checked this web site that I was totally convinced it was a scam. I therefore reported the incident by phone to Glebe Police Station. Hopefully, they will treat it seriously.

  66. Approached by Pasquale in the Parramatta area. Went like this….looking for directions to airport…showed me his italian passport….said cause I was so helpful he wanted to give me a present….opening his passenger door and wanted to give me some clothes ( I did not see what they were but I assume they were jackets )
    What started off fairly harmless all of a sudden smelt very fishy.
    I said thanks but no thanks and walked away.
    Although I was eventually smart enough to realize what was going on I must say I can see why people get scammed. He was very courteous, well groomed and drove a dark late model SUV.
    So people of Sydney…..beware.

  67. Same thing happened to me, it was a close call but i manage to get back to my accomodation to pretend to take my money then take time to research about him and called for help. Couldn’t catch him though because he hasnt scammed me yet and there is no evidence i guess… sad.

  68. Yesterday in gas station in Ljubljana come to me Antonio Barilla an sold me for jacket. He want 400€ and I give him 200€. I thik he is a comercial manager.

  69. Marin, it has happened the same to me yesterday! Antonio Barilla sold me a couple of jackets for too much money! What a professional fraud! I am ashamed.

  70. The same thing happened to me in Zagreb, Croatia. Very well dressed Italian guy, speak English, silver SUV with Italian registration plates, said his name is Antonio Barilla from Emporio Milano. Said he is a tailor who had to meet some millionaire who mistreated him so he wants to get rid of the clothes and gove it to someone nice. Asked for 450 EUR but I gave him 280 :-/ Have 4 jackets, one of them is maybe leather. Though, clothes looks OK

  71. just was approached by " Italian " man in Dan Murphies Car Park
    in Doncaster Victoria.
    he is Very Good,
    Very well dressed,Very convincing.
    Same routine as described above.
    Nearly got me and i am in Sales.
    Nearly lost $ 1,600.00.
    the Jackets looked great

  72. I am too embarrassed to leave my name. This scam has hit Brantford. Canada. This guy asks for direction to the airport. But has no money to pay his rental car and has an urgent need to leave the country. He introduces himself as a designer for Armani and they are coming our with a new line for Ferrari. Very friendly and talks in perfect English but with an Italian accent.

    He started talking to me in front of bank.I got 4 leather jackets….If you see him. RUN!!!!

  73. I was sitting down the other day thinking what do you sit down and talk about with your friends or family about how your day went at work something like this I Spode. Well mum and dad I had a great day today I robbed fleeced stole from lied conned 6 honest people today. Well son you had a great day isn’t it good that you have been successful in your life and achieved your ambition in life to be an absolute arsehole, now you know why we hid our wallet and valuables from you when you lived with us as we knew you had no morales or values. Son when you put your head down st night you must feel like a real success. When you decided to con steal from me did you stop to think this poor bastardised is going out of his way to help me and for his troubles I am going to rip him off, when you got away with it did you stop to think what that poor bastard that you scammed stole from lied to had going on in his life. You have my phone number and email address please contact me and let me know if my summary of you is correct. I was going to suggest you could send me my money back but I Spode then I am stupid. Look at yourself in the mirror after you read this as I’m sure you and your partner get a high from reading the comments from the poor bastards that you thieve from . I Spode you must feel like a real success you f—-

  74. Pasquale you scammed me but i promise I will find you maybe not tomorrow but I will and I will come at you like you can’t believe

  75. I am too embarrassed to leave my name. This scam has hit Toronto. Canada. This guy asks for direction to the airport. But has no money to pay his rental car and has an urgent need to leave the country. He introduces himself as a designer for Armani and they are coming our with a new line for Ferrari. Very friendly and talks in perfect English but with an Italian accent.

    He started talking to me at night in a gas station.I got 5 leather jackets….If you see him. RUN!!!!

  76. Hey, another victim from London.
    I literally had the same thing happening to me today in London. So basically, near St. Paul station, this dude in a black SUV approached me and asked me for a direction for Heathrow airport, and you know, it’s a human moral to help people who are in danger. I gave him the direction, and he started introducing himself as some sort of a fashion designer, who claims to be "Giuseppe Zanotti" who claims that he’s a fashion designer in Armani Collezioni. He came to London to attend for his fashion week and now he’s heading back to new york (where he accordingly says Armani Collezioni’s head quarter is located). Then he started asking about my background information: where I’m from, why I’m living in the UK, and what I do for my work. Well I gave those information as I recognized as some sort of “friendly approach” used by that guy, and I was totally convinced.
    Well anyways, he started getting into the business: that he wanted to give me a gift from a left over after the fashion week, since he has to pay loads of tax for his collections anyways. He decided to pull over the car to show his collection inside the car(for entrapping a stranger). He then decided to pull out 3 sets of leather jackets (at his backseat, totally not random, right?) and showed me the (fake) sophistication of the jackets, and described me the details of it (like sheep material, each jackets’ cost of £2000, etc). He then decided to offer me in a “discounted” price for him to present me as a gift in £100. He explained that since airport charges him with tax with his collections, it was better off that he gave away his collections than to travel along with his collections (explained that tax was £1000, which was and is a total bs). Well, then I realized that something was wrong, and as he offered me the jackets, I politely declined and said I had to go. I even said that £100 was all I had at the moment, and I wouldn’t be able to do anything outside, which destroys the purpose of travelling outside. Then he asked if I had my credit card, and asked if there are any ATM machines that I can use to pull out the money (totally not wrong for a guy in a hurry to ask a stranger to pull out his money in ATM, doesn’t it?). I also said cash was the only thing that I had with me. Then, the mood seemed like myself getting out of the “dangerous” situation and to escape the car.
    But then, he decided to bring up his kids for some reason of desperation. He said that he wanted to buy HIS kids PlayStation, which gave me some sort of emotional sympathy. This then led my wallet to be opened, and I pulled out £100 as he asked previously. BUT THEN, he saw there were more money within my wallet, and he asked for more money, as he begged with some tensioning vocabulary such as “come on man, please, you know the amount of money you give ain’t that important, but your heart of contribution is important (wtf… not even a religion, and he said that… wow).” So… yeah I pulled out my wallet as an affection of sympathy, and pulled out additional £40 to generally appetize him. He didn’t seem appealed, and asked for additional £40. Then I only offered him an extra £20, as his face turned into some cringed monster who just saw something cringe other than himself for some reason. Then he said thank you, and gave me his last and only business card on the car mini desk, and said to basically send my “personal information” to the email so that he can give me free old collections of suits, as he will be visiting London for Armani 2017 fashion show this September. Then he said “oh I’m in a hurry to the airport (all of a sudden? Really? Wow. After spending 20 minutes of persuasion… wow totally not in a hurry, aren’t you?)” and left me as soon as I left the car. Though after I got off the car, I saw him in a hurry, not a hurry to the airport, but a hurry to run away from something… or someone… of the fear of truth being revealed…
    So yeah, that is how in the middle of the street of London, enabled myself to pay £160 for a fake Armani Collezioni leather jacket (which probably costed like £10…). I advise people to generally look out for these scammers, and if they are overcrossing the boundary of your personal life, just tell them to back off (in a mean way) and just walk off. ^^

  77. I saw John’s warning about Antonio Barilla from Emporio too late and fall in cloth scam on a gas station in Kranj, Slovenia today, on 17th of May 2017. We should stop this!

  78. Same Thing happened to me today in Cypress CA was in Costco parking lot man approached me in a white SUV asking for directions to LAX that he got lost. He showed me his passport and he was from Italy

  79. Happened to me today at Brea, Cali except he wanted to give me 6 jackets for 400$ only gave him 200$ and he gave me 3.

  80. Two days ago a friend of mine was scammed $650.00 from by the same method, but the car is now a WHITE BMW SUV with no front license plate. Based on the discription of the crook from my friend and from everyone’s discription within the Silicon Valley region, I believe I have found him. The reason I am sure is because the location where this incident took place and facts are so simliar. I have found the very same car park from my friend discription near where I live. The reason I am suspicious of that car is because it barely moves and only the back passanger seat windows is tinted so deeply that you cannot see through it from outside.

    If you want to call the police on him please let me know and I will share any information I have. Currently I am keeping an eye on him. I want to get back at him for robbing my good find and for everyone else he pulled this crap on. Jusctice does exist and this guy needs to be punished.

    Please help me to help you get back what you deserve.

  81. Justin Giebler

    Just happened to me yesterday (03/30/2017) at about 5pm. Slick Italian man in a Wells Fargo parking lot asking for directions to LAX. This happened in Brea California. Has a fake business card with the name Massimiliano. I am out 680$ and have 6 mens jackets and 1 womens jacket.

  82. Just happened this evening. Oh, what a naive fool I have been.

    This happened at Notting Hill, London 4:30 pm and this suave Italian dude named Antonio D’errico from Milano in an expensive looking rental car stopped me to use my internet to find directions to Heathrow Airport. I did as was told and he started giving me his life story of how he was in London for a fashion week showcasing his latest fashion designs, 4 Armani jackets made in Italy of the finest quality. Cow leather, Swade, Sheep leather, fireproof, you name it. He even tried to burn the suit to prove it to me. He asked me to guess the price. With my lacklustre fashion sense I guessed £1000. Oh, how his eyes lit up, he corrected me saying they were at least £1500 each because they haven’t made into market. Well how would I know.

    He then asked me where I was from and I told him where. He told me he had a sister-in-law there who was married to his Italian brother and he even correctly guessed which state I was from (here I thought we had a real connection) and said the words ‘thank you’ in the language of my people. Conniving, I know.

    He said that his rental car costed him £520 and promised me that I could get the money back if I went to the Westfield shopping mall to return it for a refund which would instantly cash me easily £6000 (no). I gave him the money feeling sorry for the sap and gave him an additional £470 to buy his kids back home an Ipad. I’m not an Apple fan, I don’t know how much they cost. I said bye2 and he went on his merry way with my £990.

    I have to tell you, he was very convincing and was very homely, few times he could have left with my bags in his car when I went to the bank to withdraw money. They are professionals at what they do and I was beaten to it. it was a good learning experience for me, now I urge everybody out there to be doubly careful of these people, if you get into conversations with them, reject their offers. Maybe even offer them to take a selfie with you, then they’ll get scared.

  83. just got done in Melbourne. same story, needed directions to the airport, tax issues taking samples back to Italy,been at a fashion show, need $$ to buy computer for my daughter.
    Fell for it ………… $800 lighter !!!!

    Still if that’s the worst scam that happens to me , count myself lucky. Very convincing dude in clearly a rental car.
    Never trust Italians in rental cars again .did a better job on me than the travellers in Rome

  84. Silicon Valley man

    When I fell for this scam, the dude framed this as a gift to me for telling him how to get back to the airport. Not once did I think of it as a sale, but rather a favor-for-favor exchange of good deeds. Plus this happened to me during CHRISTMAS, in the spirit of giving! Never have I ever felt so stupid.

  85. The infamous, "Italian leather jacket scam" is alive and well in the silicon valley. This fella dressed and acted the part to a T, had designer clothes on, even pointed out his Rolex, but check this out…. he chose his targeted area as the Bank of America located on Stevens Creek blvd – across the street from Apple Cupertino. So the pool of people this guy was scamming from got big jobs, make big money……… that said I do believe him to be the KING of the Italian Leather Jacket Scam. It was worth it just because the setting, clothing, and acting was so well perfected. And honestly, the jackets are pretty damn smooth.

  86. Just encountered the Italian leather jacket scammers in Alhambra! Costco parking lot asking for directions to LAX, I helped them out with directions and for my help they wanted to offer me some leather lamb jackets as they had extra to take back after a fashion show, as soon as I heard jackets I was like oh sorry I gotta go I’m in a hurry and bounced. Thank God I went with my gut. Beware of these hoodlums!!!! They were in a new White Jeep 4 door SUV.

  87. This just happened to me today. Same guy, says he’s from Milano, selling cloths to Nordstrom and has a few spare samples in the car (black fancy SUV). He is very good at what he does but I did not buy.

  88. Ditto the Italian scam at Home Depot in Cupertino, CA (Nov 8, 2016). Introduction was a request for directions to SFO and I bit for $300. OK, I can live with that but I can not use the items and I rather think they would be out of place on the Goodwill rack. I can’t in good conscience give them to my kids. Burn them perhaps.

  89. Happened to me in Yorkville. He was going to give me 6 coats. and then wanted me to buy him an iPhone as a present for hisson we had got down to $500 for son. Then changed to $1000 for 6 coats. I had a change of heart but by two, and I gave him the money from an ATM. Gave me a business card "Mr. Tony" from Milan.The whole fashion designer thing and the airline itinerary then not wanting to pay duties on it at the airport. He was a very likeable guy, and although I was out $500, I noe have a great story of how I was "kidnapped" by a fashion designer from Milan. We had a great conversation as I have visited Napoli twice and he was from there (I guess) but he knew all the places nearby. FYI: Naples is a great Mafia city. Took a photo of the SUV just for insurance. I can’t post it here, but it was a rental. Now I feel pretty dumb, but it was a fascinating experience for sure, and in retrospect, I kinda liked him even though he ripped me off?

  90. This happened to me Tuesday, 08 November 2016 in the Home Depot parking lot in Cupertino, California.
    Italian appearing dude, Italian accent, saying he had been at a local fashion convention and was headed back to Milan but need to give away, free, three Armani jackets. He was very well dressed in a rental, black SUV. After some discussion I told him that the garments were beautiful but that I had no use for them.
    He offered them to me free of charge. I declined. It was difficult to end the conversation without being rude.
    I was suspicious as dude was too well dressed to be in a Home Depot parking lot hawking Armani wares. Also, I’d seen such scams in Italy, especially Naples, perhaps the mother to scamhood.
    I said "Scusa" went to my car. He pulled up and asked how much cash I had on me, as if any amount would be fine. I said none, that I had to buy my goods with a credit card and need to hurry home to deal with a pest problem. I suggested that the patrons of a Home Depot store were mostly craftsmen and that he might have better luck at the Apple headquarters just a mile away as people there have good incomes and might better appreciate the high end clothing. He had no use for my suggestion and drove 50 meters to approach another target.
    Stay alert.

  91. I’m in Montreal and it happened to me 3 times this summer, always the same, an italian man in a black SUV ask me for direction to the airport, and then tells me he has to go back to italy and he has Armany leather jackets he wants to sell very low price because he has to pay custom taxes at the airport. So since they’re wasting my time now I waste their time as long as I can. Since I live in Montreal and I speak french, I let him tell his story entirely and then I ask him to repeat the story slowly because I speak bad english (I’m fluent in french ans english…), so the italian guy repeat the story slowly, then I say I still don’t understand but it seems interesting and I smile friendly, so the guy repeat his fake story a third time, and when he’s near the end of the story I fake that I’m receiving a phone call, so I ask him to wait a little because I’m interested, so I take my fake phone call… then I apologize and ask the man what was his offer again because I forgot due to the phone call, at that point he usually swears and I laugh and laugh and tell him I know everything about his scam. Firts time it happened to me was in Paris in 2010, so the scam is very popular, don’t buy anything from then and don’t give them gas money, the will ask for that if you don’t want to buy their crappy clothing. Waste their time and laugh at them!

  92. Heavy set, balding man with his "daughter" in the front passenger seat driving silver Jeep Cherokee USA WA license plate 561-JBU (likely to be same one mentioned by S, in June 25, 2016. Tried go "gift" 1 suede jacket and 3 black leather jackets, then ask for cash in my wallet or an Iphone at Shoreline WA Home Depot parking lot just before noon 8/24/2016. Tried to scam another victim at Costco parking lot in the same shopping center. Asked directions to SeaTac airport. Said he was Italian, came from Everett fashion trade show and he represented the Armani designer in Italy.

  93. Correction to my previous post 8/24/16: Vehicle driven by scammer was a boxier looking, silver 2016 Jeep Patriot Sport Oregon license plates 561 JBU, Not a Jeep Cherokee with WA State plates. Claimed his "daughter" seated next to him was one of the designers who worked for Armani in Italy. Had me hold a large shopping bag and started putting men’s jackets and women jacket into his "gift" bag. Then asked for money or my IPhone in exchange. Showed ne an Italian business card that had the name Armani..

  94. Or my god, this happened to my today , July 12, 2016 inToronto, around Qeen W. and Shaw, The guy was exactly described, first asked me for directions to airport, told me he was from Milano , Italy but worked in my Dubai. Offered me "expensive" cloth as "gifts" , the asked me to buy a play station for his daughter. I knew it was a scam right away , but was too late to call cops.He left when we finished talking.

  95. Happened to me in Vancouver like Pete and Arnold, see below comments, and I’m here to clear my conscience. The scammer showed me a picture of his wife who happened to be my ethnicity. He spoke my language a little which tells me in hindsight that I was targeted. Knowledge of custom taxes can help you avoid this scam. He poked a pencil through his fake suit to show me its suppleness. I realize now that no salesman would damage their store’s suit to sell it.

  96. Same scam, I gave directions to the guy driving a silver Jeep Cherokee in Vancouver BC on June 24th 2016. Armani jackets didn’t want to pay taxes. Wanted me to help him be a hero and bring his daughter in Dubai a Playstation. I didn’t want to spend that kind of money and told him I didn’t even need a jacket, let alone 3 of them. Ended up giving him the cash I had $175 for the three jackets thinking I could give hem as gifts but got a bad feeling and Googled the A G Milliano name. I was not so pleased when my fears were confirmed.

  97. Just 1 hr ago, it costed me roughly $900 for 9 Coats. Before my mind can process all quick talk, info and free goodies for helping the man out, he was on his way and never looked back .. Jackets look great, but most probably knock offs .. Just 2 mins later my wife came back from the office, and I told her that "Honey, I might have been scammed for $900 helping a european guy who gave me 6 jackets for Free and put in my car, and then ask for a $900 amount for 3 more which cost $1800 each because he wants to buy gift for his daughter and he has a flight to catch in 3 hrs" … Man, and once he got $900 I had, he actually gave 2 more … so he had some soul, and not a complete rip off. I can’t believe, that he came to that very small parking lot and I actually was waiting in the car, instead f going to office with my wife (as per original plan) … what a timing.

  98. 10th June 2016.
    This scam has just cost my dad £100 for a coat which is meant to be leather but I doubt. He was approached outside his own house in Bradley Fold, Bolton. It seems to be the same story as these others…Italian man, doesn’t want to take coats to airport etc. He actually told my dad he was looking for an Italian family near him. I am upset that my dad was taken in. I think he may realise what has happened. He bought the coat for me and it is a nice coat but not worth anything like what my dad paid. I am wondering if my dad just wanted rid of him since it was outside his house…

  99. June 8, 2016 San Francisco, California

    Same fashion show, leaving from SFO. Lost $360 on 3 coats. PVC coats.

  100. This "direction to the airport, came from exhibit, i have suits but dont want to pay tax, want to buy iphone for my son, Italian business card" got me in World Trade Center area in Dubai last Feb 2016. I paid 300 dirhams (140 dollars) for 3 suits. Actually not bad looking after a minor alterations. But still be on the look out.

  101. Got approached by a guy looking like a Gypsy on the mall’s parking lot. He asked me how to get the shortest way to the airport. Thick (fake) foreign accent, introduced himself as Salvatore the Armani Collezioni designer. Strangely he was looking for a way to the airport at the parking lot, but nevertheless he started telling his story: just finished his show, heading to Rome, have to drop off the black Jeep Cherokee at the airport. Run out of money, credit card limit, blah blah blah. Will have to buy iPad for his daughter at the airport Duty Free shop but got no money. Gave me his (cheap looking) business card and asked for my name. Then he said he can give me a few fashion leather jackets which sell in Europe for 1,500 Euro in average if I can help him with cash. He asked for my size and threw 3 jackets in the bag plus another one as a gift for my wife if I can arrange $600 cash. Seems like a good deal, but the jackets are not original, poorly made (probably in China), not even sure if it’s real leather. I told him the story doesn’t make any sense, as an Italian designer he supposed to have a few credit cards, not mentioning cash. Too bad I didn’t take the "rental" car’s plate number and passed it to the police.

  102. Ten minutes ago a man in an expensive grey sports car with an Italian accent stopped to ask me directions to the Vancouver International Airport. He then asked me if I was Jewish and proceeded to tell me that he was Jewish and had a girlfriend who had family in Israel. He handed me a business card: Salvatore Designer Milano Armani Collezioni (with address and phone number). When I mentioned to him that I was approached last year in the same alley by an Arab man who produced an Italian passport. His story was similar except he had fake Georgio Armani and Armani Collezioni clothing (Jackets and other items) which he tried to sell to me at discount prices. I didn’t fall for the scam.

  103. Just happened in central London, near the Kensington High Street. Car was pulled over, held a map on his hand, seemingly lost. When pressed he claims he’s going to the "ferry" but he has a GPS in the car. I left him to his own misery when he offered "leftovers" from his fashion show. Beware!

  104. It happened to me today in Toronto. But when I told the Italian guy I have absolutely no cash, he told me to keep the three jackets and got into his car. I was the one insisting to give them back to him. I am pretty sure I could have gotten them for free, like a couple of other people stated here..

  105. Happened to me today in Vancouver, Canada. I believed him more or less ’till halfway through, when he said he didn’t want to pay duty on his samples. I know you don’t pay duty on samples of no commercial value, so I walked away.

  106. This happened to my husband today in oakbrook IL, near chicago. 3 jackets $150. They actually arent bad looking but certainly no Armani’s.

  107. This happened to me when I was walking…a guy in a suit pulls up in a jeep says he’s looking for the airport, says he’s some fashion designer that works for Giorgio Armani who came to Toronto for a fashion show. He then shows me some leather jackets telling me that he wanted to give them to me cause he doesn’t want to pay for customs this happened at DuPont and dufferin….he tells me that if I take it to Giorgio armani headquarters at bay bloor to get a full exchange…..not bringing it to the store for store credit because they probably are just gonna laugh…..I even took him to McDonald’s so he can get wifi for directions to the airport…….he then tells me he doesn’t have money and needed me to help him pay for car rental I gave him some money with the promise of him wiring me the money….I fell for it… I can’t trust anybodyy

  108. Is 1 global fashion a scam. i keep getting asked to join..and they want my N,I number, They are in Spain..But are coming here,next month.You have to pay to join,then you sell top brand clothes cheap…

  109. Well, now there is the online version of this scam too:

    This website is ripping off people by pretending to sell clothes at chip rates. They were doing the same thing under a different I checked it on and they had changed to tide. I contacted them on their online chat. She is like "no worries, we are not affiliated with them" lol For sure you are not, scammers!

  110. The guy is still around in the Toronto area.I fell for it today.very friendly guy,needed directions for the airport, started talking to me in Richmond Hill, north of Toronto in the parking lot near Hwy 7 and Bayview, had a business card in the name of Sergio Galeotti of Giorgio Armani (unfortunately I discovered that the real Sergio Galeotti died many years ago).Was going back to the airport,flying to Italy,did not want to bring some Armani clothing samples back to Italy he gave them to me as a present,I ended giving him some money ,unluckily for him I did not have too much in my wallet. I am posting this so others can be aware that it is a damn good scam.

  111. This happened to me today the 2nd of April 2016, oh yes it is still happening in New York City. I was walking alon the upper east side and this car beeps its horn, I look back and it looks like he is just asking for directions. The light changes and he says meet him on the other side of the street. I was already going that way so I went. He introduced himself as Eduardo and said he was a designer for Armani. He said he had just came back from a fashion show and that they gifted him with all these jackets (points to the jackets). He starts to ask me questions like if I live around here and where I’m from. I reply to him with really vague answers. Later on he starts to talk about how he is on his way to Italy, showing me a passport, a ticket and his card. The card looks sketchy, it says just his first name, has a seemingly fake email ending with hotmail. He says that he cannot take these jackets with him because he maxed out his back account card. He says he will give me all the jackets for half what one is worth. I tell him I have no money and that I can’t afford to buy even half of the money. He then replys "man to man how much do you have my friend". Once again I tell him I do not have anything. He says very well give me what you have and I’ll give you one of your choice. I pull out only a dollar from my wallet, I did it secretive so he would see that I actually had more money, but he sees me put back the wallet in my pocket. I give show him the dollar and tell him that is all I have, he responds by telling me that my wallet looked big and that I must have a bit more money. I refuse to tell him the truth and tell him that no it is only quarters when In fact I had much more money. I give him the dollar and he says very well, pick any you want my friend" I pick a jacket which seemed to look the most expensive. He shakes my hand and leaves in black 5 seater car. Keep in mind that all this went down in Spanish, because we both spoke it. I ended up paying him 1 dollar for a jacket that I thought was worth thousands. Later on I come to tell my family member and he starts doing research, later calling me and telling me that it was a scam. It’s so crazy that this happened, I never thought something like this would happen in my part of the city. Luckily I only gave him a dollar.

  112. This just happen to me today and with the leather jackets.saying he had latino wife and that she told him to help other latinos and "greengos" or however you spell it. It was convincing since the jackets were looked and felt very nice. Luckily it was all avoided vecause i had to run to get my girlfriend.

  113. Sorry but this is too funny. This is still a thing. I remember being in high school and the same thing occurred. This was back in 1999. Bumped into the guy at a gas station in Chicago. The guy was a middle eastern or gypsy but pretending to be Italian. I could tell this was a scam. Same exact thing….fashion show and don’t want to bring it back with me to Italy and I’m already running late to the airport. About a year later I was with a friend when the same guy approached him. He didn’t recognize me. If it wasn’t for me my friend would’ve fell for it.

  114. Watch out they’re still here. This happened to me today October 5th, near North York Centre. They told me they have a flight to catch, they’re lost and need to return their rental car. They gave me two bags of clothes, told me to return one bag to the store for full cash refund – $21K. Then, asked to borrow $2K for the car rental because they lost money in the casino. He said he’ll pay me back tomorrow. Gave me his YAHOO.COM business card and offered to give me his watch. Showed me a picture of him and Giorgio Armani (it’s really him).

    I left but I thought I missed out on an opportunity until I saw all these forums.

  115. On September 30 I think I met the same guy who drives black jeep in toronto downtown. I knew it was a scam after getting his business card. It’s clearly cheap quality and ended with I told him that I don’t have money and got out of the car politely.

  116. Holy Crap, i think i just felt for it!!!! exactly what the description says, he was asking for directions to the DVP, driving around huntley and bloor street, in a ‘rental’ jeep Cherokee, he said he had an armani show last night in toronto (today is monday september 28, 2015), and he had some extra clothes from the show and he needed to go back to italy tonight. He ‘gave me for free’ 3 jackets and then showed me one for my wife for which he asked 700 dollars as he wanted to give his son the iphone 7 as a present. I told him i did not have that much, i was carrying in my wallet a bit less than 200 dollars, i gave him that much, but then he said i will give u the 3 jackets (he ‘already gave me for free;’) for the money i gave him, he was asking for me and even asking me to go to bank to get more money. If each of the ‘armani jackets’ is an imitation and cost about 30/40 a piece, guess did not lose too too much, nonetheless, i did get scammed 🙂 🙁

  117. Middletown Ohio "Italian" guy came up to me and said he had a fashion show last night he didn’t wanna take the jackets back to Italy because people at customs wouldn’t let him thru or would charge him lots of money because of the tax they had on import fees , beware guys he was in a white Ford Explorer, he wanted at least 260 for two jackets I was making a sweeter deal and he was acting despite at the end of the convo when I was walking away he said 150 for 4 jackets And I said no he acting like I waisted his time.

  118. Happened at 2:00 outside an LCBO in a carpark on Roncesvalle and Dundas!!

    Exactly as described in this article.

    Was a silver Jeep Cherokee with a Quebec plate.

    It stank of a scam the moment he opened his mouth. I locked my car immediately as I thought a possible accomplice would try to steal from my car while I was being distracted.

  119. this happened to me in downtown Toronto today, the funny is that he parked down his car and gave me his car keys to "hold on" and after a long conversation, i knew it was a scam and left. And i forgotten that i have his car keys in my pockets. Fun times.

  120. Hahahahaha, im just laughing because this just happened to me 2 days ago in weston florida, the talian guy with the same excuse, hey i got to go to the airport in 30 minutes, and i have this watches,but i dont want to pay taxes at airport. Anyway to make story short i bought 6 watches for 100 bucks, they cute ,i guess ill give them away to friends.. fhukkk 100 bucks.

  121. The same scam happened in Milton, ON today. This time it is some Italy brand watch. I hope the police can do something about it.

  122. bhargav Tedlapu

    Same thing happened to me today(20/07/2015) in front of Canadian Tire, Edmonton Canada. Exactly same story, I got 7 jackets for $400. I am feeling so bad after realizing that it was a scam. Now Don’t know what to do with these Jackets.

    Couple of months ago, I got a call from asia saying that "we got a notice in our system about your computer is yet risk". I believed and went to the process he told me and shown me more unprocessed files. After that I asked him, what to do he told, I will fix it but it cost $400 I said " ok I am ready to pay" and I kept him in hold and called one of my uncle and explained him whatever the process I been through. Right away he said it is a SCAM. So, I cut the call and that guy keeps on calling me everyday until a week and I think he got bored or realized that it wont work he stopped calling me!!!

    So, please guys when ever your dealing with a stranger with money!!! Think about a Second and if you have to make a call to your friend regarding that do it right away. Because after the deal you cant do anything!!!!!!!!

  123. This just happened to my uncle in Emerald Hills Sherwood park at the Royal Bank.
    July 19, 2015
    Ferrari leather jackets is what he was claiming.

  124. robert parkinson

    This man gets around! In Sydney Australia. So I get up from sick bed to go and get some toast, coming back the man (is it only the one very well travelled man?) calls me over from a car, asking for directions to airport … He is so grateful he wants to give me three jackets that he cant take with him on the plane. GREED takes over but when he says he wants some money to pay the taxes at the airport his english suddenly improves and I become wary. I ask to look at the clothes up close and they look really tacky … Lesson: things that look too good to be true, are not!
    So left eating my toast …

  125. Exactly same scam in Edmonton Alberta,
    approached in gas station, italian guy leaving and didnt want to pay taxes. trying to get to the airport

    i ended up getting one for 40 bucks, very smelly after a bit…
    he even spoke spanish and asked to go to the bank to get money

  126. Identical story to Graeme Walker’s above, two days ago, in the Coles car park Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn. Card had the name "Antonio B." This aroused a suspicion – why not his full name? Clothes looked to me like good designer ones, but he came on so strong wanting money for airport taxes that I declined his entreaties and walked off.

  127. Just got approached by ‘Pasquale’ here in Adelaide, South Australia asking me directions to airport. Said he was a fashion buyer for Armani in Italy and on his way back tonight. Offered me half a dozen leather jackets ‘worth thousands’
    Said he just needed some money to buy an IPad he could take back to his son Italy.
    Took his registration number (a hire car) and reported it to SA Police.

  128. Just happened to me. He offered them as a gift after giving him directions to the airport here in Edmonton. Said he just needed some money to buy an IPad he could take back to his wife in Italy. The minute he asked for money, I gave him the jackets back and said farewell.

  129. Yep, me too….parking lot in local bank…guy wanted directions to JFK airport in NYC. His GPS was "broken" Had a SUV with Maryland plates. Name Luigi S. Wanted playstation for his granddaughter. Guess I got "lucky". Tried to give him $40.00 but he insisted on $100.00 which I gave him for 3 jackets. Oh, they’re still in the car. I never even tried them on 🙂 I’ll "regift" them. 🙂

  130. Approached by a man claiming to beItalian waving his passport around and wanting to know directions to airport.Was in car park of East Burwood K Mart Shopping Centre.Gave him directions and he was so grateful that he wanted to give me 2 Armani jackets free.Didn’t. Want to have to pay tax on them .Told him that I didn’t want them ,thanks was enough.He persisted and then the sting came.Woild I buy a present for his son.At 71 my bullshit detector is pretty good and as soon as the sting came I told him I wasn’t interested and walked off.Incidentally he was driving a small Fiat.How Italian can you get
    Even got his business card refers to him as Giovanni,of Milano.Email address and all.Black business card so watch out for it

  131. Same approach yesterday in a Templestowe ( Melbourne – Australia )shopping centre carpark, I offered to re arrange his stupid face " FOR FREE " !!!!!!
    This low life Italian gave me a more or less the same " get to the airport " sob story, the problem for him, he is on the car park security cameras.
    These parasites should be hung up by their balls.

  132. I fell for it. Toronto ;Symington and Dupont St.
    I paid $ 300 for 4 jackets. White van, Italian guy saying he wants to go to the air port.

  133. That is exactly what happened to me on Saturday June 20 at the parking lot of Home Depot in Framingham MA. The man was on the way to New York and, of course, had his passport and air ticket. He insisted that the three leather jackets for me were absolutely free. The only token of appreciation he wanted for the fourth jacket for "the lady" was a $300 play station for his son.
    I have to admit the whole scam was very well staged and played brilliantly. Still there were too many inconsistencies in his story. For example he did not have a good answer to my question why he could not buy the dream toy for his son on the internet. It could be shipped anywhere in the world at any time!
    I told him that the jackets were not exactly my style and walked away.

  134. Wow, these guys really get around. I got taken today in Calgary Alberta at a Coop Gas Station. He only got $160 out of me even though he was close to begging me to get more out of the gas station or a nearby bank. I wouldn’t so he left it at that. But I did get 4 Armani 😉 jackets so I don’t think he made a lot of profit from me, based on my understanding that these Chinese knock-off jackets cost these guys $30 to $40 each. Oh, and none of the jackets actually fit me when I got home to try them on. Guess we’ll see who they fit in the family.
    He gave me his card:
    Gianluca De Gregario
    Manager, Italian Fashion, Harry Rosen
    [email protected]
    Via Spiga, 420 – 20100 Milano

  135. I fell for the scam today in a parking lot of a Safeway in the San Bruno/South San Francisco area and it’s the same story; Italian fashion guy drives up to me with his "rental" car and sold me his sob story and I learned a harsh lesson and paid $270 for it.

  136. He tried this on me at University of Toronto front campus two days ago. He said his credit card was blocked and needed me to pay for his car rental so he can fly back to Milan that night in return for 5 Armani jackets. When I mentioned my girlfriend was sitting in a building literally 10m from us and I’d like to give her a call he went all "this is a man to man thing, no woman!". What a strange thing to say if you need real help. So I told him this is too suspicious and risky for me. He went all teary eyed and desperate (good actor) and we just said our goodbyes lol

  137. I fell for it.:-(
    How I would like to find him. He was in Balmain when he got me. How dumb do I feel. And I thought I was pretty aware. He was good. Make me mad and smile at the same time. If anyone knows how to find him, tell me. It would be a pleasure to return the goods.

  138. This happened to my friend today in Doha near the Nasser Tower, West bay. It ended up he got 2 suits and 1 jacket. For FREE. The guy asked for airport direction, yes he was here to open a new shop somewhere, can’t take clothes back. He DIDNT ask for any money. My friend hasn’t lost anything or got anything stolen from this guy. My friend is still perplexed at to what that was all about.

  139. Sensfantoronto

    Same as above stories, just happened half an hour ago. Italian man, heavy accent, very poor English. Pulls up to me as I leave my car in a grocery store parking lot in Leaside (midtown Toronto).

    Asks for directions to airport, shows me Ipassport. I gave him directions.

    He is so grateful he gives me three men’s pieces- leather & suede jackets. Says they are extra samples & he doesn’t want to pay taxes/ duties on them.

    Then comes the scam. Asks if I’m married & what size is my wife. He pulls out leather jacket for her. This one he says is a gift for his wife, but he would rather buy a duty free iPhone for his son. If I could pay him $900, or whatever I can afford, I can have it.

    Already knew there was a scam here, just wasn’t sure what until this bomb. So I tell him no, return the three jackets he gave me & walked away.

    Gotta say the passport, accent & fact it WAS a rental car had me going for a minute… Just a minute…

  140. Similar story but when the guy offered me 4 leather Armani coats for $300. I told him that I would probably only get a chance to wear these maybe once a year if I’m lucky. I then explained that I’ve been out of work for the last couple of years and don’t have the money to afford this. He was quick to drop the price in half. He showed me a beautiful women’s coat that caught my eye. Said take that one and I’ll throw in this one for $150. I explained again that I am out of work and can’t afford it. I like the one for my wife but I only have $58. Here we counted the money and he said that only covers the woman’s one, …I responded with hey you mentioned throwing in the other one too, ? He gave me his card got teary-eyed told me he just lost his daughter to menigitis, showed me a picture of her and I bought the jackets. He pulled some sort of a scam but what???

  141. Just happened to me up in Woodbridge, Ontario in the parking lot of a Home Depot. Distinguished Italian man pulls up, says I look Italian (I’m not) and struck up a conversation. Told me he was in town for a fashion show, guessed my jacket/suit size and happened to have 2 Armani suits hanging in the back. These were samples he didn’t want to take back to Italy and pay the taxes so they were mine as a gift. I reminded him of his son back in Italy. Gave me a BS business card with the Ferrari logo on it. He also started to give me 3 leather coats with the price tag still on them ($1,500/each). I said I really can’t accept these, but he insisted, citing I’m doing him a favour and it’s a "present" for me. He then asked I help him with a "present" for his son: Wanted me to walk over to the nearby Best Buy with him and purchase a $600 iPad for his son. Okay, game over for me. Politely gave him back everything turned, got in my car and walked away. Total scammer.

  142. Happened to me yesterday (Birmingham, Alabama); two guys driving a slate blue or slate grey SUV. Overly solicitous and rude when I said no thanks.

  143. Hahaha – happened just now in São Paulo. Saturday AM in the prime fashion area.
    Exact format as above – Italian, passport in hand, a load of ‘samples’ and a battered-looking Armani catalogue. Gave the story about taxes too. Said he’d been robbed by a "beautiful lady" (prostitute) the night before who’s taken his cards (I remarked that she didn’t steal his watch – which he was wearing). He had rental car documents, and car had the rental smell – had clearly invested in one for the day. Passport was Italian too and I checked the expiry. Said he’d give me the Armani gear if I paid the balance on the rental. This is where his story fell apart because anyone who rents cars will know that Hertz etc. don’t just hope that you have the means to pay when (if) you return the car – they pre-auth it in advance so that if you show up without your cards they can still get their money.
    I told him this and he became a bit aggressive – at which point, fun over, I said cheerio.
    They clearly target people who they think will fall for this stunt – e.g. people who look like they’re visiting.

  144. Same guy in Toronto, white SUV (Explorer) outside the Summerhill LCBO. Had samples that he didn’t want to take back to Italy. Pretty smooth except that he screwed up his story a few times. I was waiting for him to tell me he also had stereo speakers to sell.

  145. Same story of italian guy with partner driving in a white jeep on Roncesvalles avenue toronto. Airport directions, armani rep, lost money in Niagara Casino, needs cash for rental car, lighter to material etc, customs will wack him if he brings back samples…. the tricky part is that he offer to me for free and even put them in the trunk of my car but then said if I can Help him out with the car rental….his buddy driving was suspicious and always checking the mirrors etc perhaps for police or something …. i declined everything and had a chuckle with him but never felt in danger or anything….very convincing and the fellow looked like a younger al pacino… what a smooth operator must admit…

  146. Happened to me today in Vancouver. Italian guy pulls up to me and asks for directions to the airport. I begin to offer them as he walks out the car with his map. His passport is perfectly placed in his drink console. He tells me I look really good and thought I was Italian… He then offers me a leather jacket for being so kind. Offers me 2 but asks how much I would pay for the 3rd jacket. Asks me what I have in my wallet, and if I will go to the ATM with him. He uses the buy an Iphone for his wife line as well. I say no thank you, I’m broke. Really creepy aggressive sales tactic. I thought I might have to scrap the dude if he got closer as I had the vision of a kid getting pushed into a van looking in for puppies or something. Creepy.

  147. Hi everyone, it happened to me about 30min ago. I was walking in Mayfair during my lunch break and a man in a black VW Golf was driving by with a map in his hand. He asked me for directions to Heathrow. He said he was from Italy, handed me his business card which says he is a manager at Armani in Milan. I immediately became suspicious; I was about to leave when he told me to wait because he was here for a fashion show at the Intercontinental Hotel and has a few designer clothes left that he can’t take back with him to Italy tonight. He said since I helped him, he wanted to offer me some clothes. He said I’ll give you this jacket for free, it costs thousands of pounds, if you buy another at half price. I told him I was not interested and kept walking.

  148. Happened to me today, Dallas TX. An Italian guy approched me asking for directions in a parking lot, makes small talk and asks me if I liked Armani. Tells me he is in the US for some conference and has to get rid of the jackets that he had, he wasn’t very clear about how he got them though. Tells me he has to go back to Italy in a couple of days. He shows me that the leather is authentic and lights up a lighter to actually prove it. He tells me that the jackets are worth 1200 each and he offers me all four of them for only 500 bucks because it would be ‘difficult’ for him to carry those in the plane. I ask his name and where he lives and light up a cigarette in the middle of the conversation and offer him one. He says "I dont smoke". Thats when it hit me, he did have the lighter. Left without saying a word.

  149. I’ve been approached by two men at a car park who claimed to be selling a 50 inch sonny TV. We paid £300 for 2. I took a video but his face wasn’t clearly shown. I got their number plate but again that could be a stolen car. I don’t know whether to report it to the police. Now I’m left without money and no TV. Lesson learnt

  150. I was approached at Home Depot in Beaverton 2/11/15 by a Italian man asking for directions to the airport. Rental map in hand, very nice, great accent and same story about in town showing his product. He
    shows me 4-5 coats and said he throw in another one for $700.
    I fell for it and he followed me to a bank. What a fool I was. I will notify the police Home Depot and bank to see if they have videos.

  151. Happened to me today in Doha. Italian guy with business card. Went from needing directions to the airport…to trading me gift for gift. Turned out he wanted to give me 4 Armani suits and 2 leather jackets. Leftovers from trade show, didn’t want to pay taxes. He went from wanting me to buy an iphone for his wife to just giving him 2,000-2,300 QR. Luckily, I was able to walk away after 30 minutes…

  152. I was duped today for 4 jackets for $200.00, same style of approach asking where’s the airport . He was operating in the North Bay Belmont California. He told me that he has presence for me until ended up convinced to withdrawn money from the ITM.

  153. My 77 year old husband who will always help anyone was approached by an Italian who needed directions to Schiphol Airport so he led him there in our car(the mans GPS in his rental car was not working!)at the Airport "’Alessandro"’ realised he still had jackets in the back of his car-thinking that it would be a surprise for us he bought them 4 for e200, none of them he/we can use! saw his ticket too to Milan and got his card. I have been scammed before with cooking pans and knives etc so when he showed me the jackets last night I was so mad.Wish these low lifes could be caught.

  154. Just got taken for $300 for 5 jackets. Same story as mentioned . Tried to get 1200 then ended up talking him to 300 . But I was scammed definitely fake, lesson learned if it’s to good to be true it is!!

  155. Just approached at a gas station outside Winnipeg airport on Nov 14 by Pasquale P. He was armed with Armani coats, an Italian passport and a tale of woe about losing all his money at the casino and having a daughter whom he had promised an iPad mini.

    A similar thing happened to me outside the Vatican in Rome, it must have been Pasquale Sr. They got me for 40 euros in Rome, but I was wise to them in the Peg.

  156. Colorado, Broomfield; it happened to me today in Walmart parking plot got 1k from me, how foolish I was. Same story, he is from italy and I’m from Dubai and he was trying to go to the airport and needed direction. He suddenly changed the subject and suddenly wants to give me some jackets, actually 6 Armani jackets. I was stupid and he rip me off, end of the story.

    I will take it as a lesson for my entire life. Don’t be nice anymore. ignore anyone in parking plot.

  157. 1:45pm, Abu Dhabi. Italian guy, with "business card" Marco, with accomplice ("my son – no speak English"), driving bronze Land Rover (Dubai O6082) and looking for directions to Sheraton Hotel. Usual bull about the left-over suits, in my size. He was rushing to the airport to get a flight to "Milano"…

  158. Ooooooh my frigging word!! Its rife in Abu Dhabi too and yes I was taken toooooo! Masterly Italian scam! grrrrr!!

  159. Was stopped yesterday in dublin, similar story. Directions to airport? Surplus from fashion show, couldn’t pay duty, taxes at airport on way home. Lost money in casino. Would let me have 3 jackets for €200. Offered €50, no dice. Let him go on his way

  160. I am 86 years old and thought I was smart enough to avoid trouble. I wasn’t. It happened in a supermarket car park in Chester, UK, on 17 Oct 2014. Usual stories about attending a trade show etc etc. I paid £200 for four jackets, tho’ I only wanted one. He wanted to drive me to the cashpoint but I insisted on walking to it (alone). He also tried to sell me a blazer with nice buttons but I wasn’t interested.
    Afterwards I gave one of them to a charity shop (having told them its history) and kept the other three. They are nice jackets and I will use them in the winter.

  161. Well this all sounds too familiar. Ran into the "Italian guy" at a gas station at Upper Middle rd and Appleby in Burlington. Same deal, asked for directions then continued on with his pitch on not wanting to pay the import tax, and that he will give me all these designer jackets for "free" if I just cover the cost of his rental of the car and some other costs he has incurred. He was very persistent about going to an ATM and how much I had in the bank. I did make him an offer of $40….he didn’t seem to like that. I knew this was a scam but, he wasn’t having the $40 offer for his $2500 worth of "designer " clothes. So I said goodbye. Anything out of a trunk is always something to be suspicious but it was his persistence to go to the ATM and how much cash I had solidified this was a scam.

  162. I got scammed last eve at queens in NY. Same story
    as everyone. Same mistake as everyone did. I gave
    him $250. I don’t forget faces. One key to learn
    to avoid scams, don’t talk too much just show
    directions and leave.

    I Infact left the jackets on the street when he asked
    for money and threw his business cards but he
    said I can take $250 instead of $600. Next time
    call the cops straight. This person is on my list.

    – Nic

  163. Unfortunately I just got screwed over by this same Italian individual in Kitchener, Ontario yesterday. Asked for directions to the airport in Toronto from a Tim Horton’s parking lot I was in at the time. The same iPad story only this time for his daughter. I only found out I was scammed after I arrived home & my wife did some quick research on the internet. I’m not a happy camper & needless to say I will be carrying a baseball bat in my vehicle from now on so IF I ever run into this person again, his so called white Mercedes Benz SUV "rental" is going to be needing some new windows & head lights. Luckily for this "Italian", a "jacket expert" in a previous post said nothing about the rumour that they were manufactured with cancer causing agents. That had me seriously worried. If that had been true & I took these jackets home to my family members, Mr. Italy can certainly count on knee cap replacement surgery in his future as well. Did I mention how much I hate liars?

  164. yes i just got scammed here in Winnipeg July 3rd bye a very convincing italian fella ,well groomed . Asked me for directions to airport and said he was in town selling his leather jackets to dealers here in the peg but didnt want to take the last 8 back with him to Milan. He also showed me two real leather ones that he must of switched out and gave me 6 jackets nicely wrapped in 2 bags all i had to do was buy his son a new Ipad . Guess i was having a greedy day and did exactly that … frickin stupid. Took the jackets home noticed they were stinky knockoffs and have felt sick to my stomach ever since.

  165. Not GettingMe

    The scammer is in Ermonton. He was circling the Gleora / Oliver area. Same story as noted in ither comments – visiting from Italy, works for Armani, on his way to airport, doesn’t want to pay the 28 percent tax, shows passport, . I sensed it wasn’t right so we had him follow us to a bank machine while we googled the possibility of a similar story in the car. When we got to the machine, I read him the article from my phone and he bolted so fast it was comical. Look out for a dark-haired, skinny guy with dark sunglasses. Wearing a tapered suit. Grey SUV – but that could change from day to day.

  166. I regret to say that "our Italian friend " travels a lot and he caught me off-guard in London, UK, today.

    Like many, he seemed to want to approach me for directions (which I would not have been able to give since I am from Ottawa, which he quickly recognized with my French accent, so he did speak French well, apparently having many friends in Montreal) but he quickly explained that he completed a show in London and wanted to get rid of samples (leather coats), After showing and handing me two of them, he then went on explaining that he had spent too much money at the casino the night before (with women and all, of course) and would appreciate a small financial contribution of, say 150£, to pay for the fuel for him to get to Calais.
    I must be gullable because I gave him 50£. He insisted for a bit more but that’s all I cared to give, which may already be more than what these coats are worth.
    I did, however, try them and at least one fits me very nicely and if it is not real leather, it certainly look good.
    I also want to note that he never claimed that these were Armanis ; he showed them to me in a nice catalogue but I didn’t see anything else but Emporio Collection.

  167. Yep. He got me in Edmonton with same story. So grateful for my leading him on his way to airport and what a great guy I WAS . Did not want to pay tax on 3 jackets and wanted me to have them for all my help. Anyway I got 2 men’s and 2 ladies and gave him 350 for "his son’s I-pad". Turned out to be polyurethane which the lady (an expert in this area) who checked them said were actually more practical than leather and worth around $130 each so I don’t feel TOO bad!! They actually look nice and a flight to China would cost more! However I shall be driving around mall car parks to-day and hoping to meet my good buddy and we shall have a little chat!!

  168. Was approached by two different fakers in Richmond Hill Ontario. Im driving a high end truck and got approached by the first guy that pulled to line and I wasn’t interested. After reading about the scam I was approached by another guy couple weeks after. He asked for directions to the airport and his accent was so fake I almost laughed. I asked him if he was selling suits when he tried striking up a conversation and told him to FU** Off. He sped off pretty quickly.

  169. April 8, 2014 – Having lived in New York City for 35 years I’ve developed a sense of when I’m being scamed.
    Today however I bit. Perhaps the con man caught me at just the right moment while walking on a residential block on the Upper West side of Manhattan about 6 in the afternoon. Same story as above – asked for help with directions to the JFK airport – heavy Italian accent – thanked me graceously – said he’d been attending a fashion show – said he worked for Armoni couldn’t take the Armani leather jackets home because it was too expensive to pay taxes – couldn’t sell them – said he wanted me to have them because I’d been so helpful – ( did an excellent job of
    making me fell special ) after he "gifted" me with six alleged Armani Designer leather jackets, three for me and three for my son that were worth a few thousand dollars a piece – he then took me aside and asked if I could do him another favor – help him buy a I-phone 5 for his son who was having a birthday – Told him I really was broke and didn’t have any money – he said that is alright – use your credit card. I was so busy feeling cheap after his graceous gifts that I offered to get two hundred from an ATM. He pulled off an excellent con job. Gota me to gaive him something / help him – told me in a charming way how wonderful and special I am, pretended to give me a gift because he was so grateful for my help and because I was such a wonderful person – played on my greed , made me feel cheap for not meeting his request to give him something far less valuable than what he was giving me. When I returned with the money he asked me to take his picture with a battered I-Phone ( this itself should have been a clue since he could have used a map on his phone to find JFK )
    He then gave me the bag with the jackets – and drove off quickly – Instead of six jackets there were now only two and when I took them out of there pretty plastic wrapping – it was obvious – they were fake – not leather and that I had been had. I feel like shit – have been confrontedonce again by my own greed and grandiosity. Hope you don’t fall for this one.

  170. Milton, ontario mall parking lot. 2 guys in SUV try scam. Driver was speaking broken English with an Italian accent. I googled and saw it was a scam. Luckily I checked first.

  171. Gay Furries Rule

    There is a secret to avoiding scams:

    1) Make skepticism a core value and use it regularly. Unfortunately many will have difficulty with this because it means discarding faith in anything completely and replacing the faith system with one of reason and skepticism. If you have a system of faith, that is what these scammers exploit. They exploit your ignorance and the way you think, in this case credulity and gullibility. That is what faith is: gullibility. I hate to say it and I mean no offense by it, but if one would fall for the story of a zombie who walks on water and turns water into wine, then what would they not fall for?

    2) The simple rule of "if it is too good to be true then it probably is."

    3) Only get such goods from the stores themselves. Never get them on Ebay or in a parking lot.

    4) The humility of knowing that you can be fooled, no matter how informed or skeptical you are. Some become arrogant in thinking they are impervious to fraud, and their arrogance blinds them to their weaknesses and their skepticism fades, and they fall for a scam.

    Even if you don’t know about a specific scam, these four tools will help you avoid all of them.

  172. Im a 72 year old street smart, ex intelligence officer.
    Last Thursday night our italian friend stopped me on the way to Ralphs market.
    He asked me for directions to LAX.
    After giving him directions, he wanted to give me some fine Armini leather coats.
    This is called the fish.
    I graciously accepted.
    He handed me the coats, I thanked him and headed for my car,
    when out boy asked me of I could give him some money for his boys Ipad.
    This is called the hook.
    Well guess what?
    I asked him if he was a movie buff.
    He replied "yes".
    I asked him if he saw the picture "Argo"with Ben Affleck?
    He said yes, he loved it.
    I then, handed him back the fine leather coats, waved at him and yelled, "Argo Fuck Yourself"
    He sped away with a smile.

    This is called pay back

  173. Folks, this happened to me yesterday Friday 1st of November. I had made a wrong turning while driving from my hotel in Heathrow airport London for a meeting in the City. At a BP garage, a guy with an Italian accent approaches me first about loosing his way to Heathrow airport. He parks his car near me and continues with a story about finishing a fashion show in London (emporia Armani) and about to travel to Italy but needs cash to buy a present for his son. He’s ended up with excess luggage and desperately needs to sell them. All my senses flash red lights but he manages to convince me to take some of the goods. He agrees to sell me 5 jackets for £200.00. I ask him for his passport and insist on taking a picture of it which he allowed. Red lights still flashing, I decline to buy them off him but then he complains that I have made him waste his flight. Well compassion sets in and I think about the poor guys kid in Italy too. He asks me if I like football been tall and where I was from hearing my accent. Do I know Taribo West who played for Roma, he asks? I thought, he does sound genuine. I ask, are you sure these are not stolen goods? Thinking these look too good to be real. I go into BP garage and withdraw money from cash machine while he prepares a receipt on a sheet of paper. I give him money and he drives off as fast as he could which makes me think, hey this guy just told me he doesn’t know the way and ……. I do a google search and bingo! I may have been duped. Goods are made in China.

  174. Same story, happened to me in a Morgan Hill parking lot this evening. Broken, fake italian accent, showed passport. Approached me as I walked into Chase Bank. I bought 4 jackets for $380. He was driving white GMC SUV. My name is Albert. If I catch this MF he will be sorry. That’s all I will say.

  175. it happened me same he told same story at fremont hub.i bought 3 jackects for $100..he asked $350..he tried hard to rip off..i thought i was helping him..i become fool..after reading this story

  176. Omg!! This happened to my husbund today same story…he bought 4 jackets for $300.00
    At a parking lot here in Lodi California.

  177. Today, I was also taken in by this fake Italian guy’s story in Walmart parking lot passport he holds in his hand and even the rental car. he was asking for 3 leather jacket $600 but i pay him only $60 for 2 thats call a real street business. he tried really hard to rip me off

  178. I was approached today by a guy here in Fremont, CA and its the same exact story. HE was here for a fashion show in San Francisco and had left over jackets. I was to be given three for free and buy one for half off, receiving four jackets in total. But i already know that no high society italian fashion designer is going to be selling stuff in dirty liquor store parking lot. It was convincing though and he had all the right moves and even the accent.

  179. Yup, same story. Redwood City Ca.
    He is VERY polite, not at all creepy or threatening, but I feel like such a dope –

  180. The Same italian style guy aproched my fiance and made him buy this fake leather jackets for $200.00, he told him same story, showed passport and everything..this happened in Santana Row Mall Parking Lot in Sa Jose California.

  181. I have just been approached by a smooth talking Italian male dressed in denim and has very sharp features to his side burns and beard to buy some samples left over from a fashion show here in Brisbane 30th April 2013 when I asked which fashion show as I am in the business and when I refused to go out to the car to even have a look ,he said why? I said I was ripped off years ago with the same scam selling fakes out of a boot to me at a south side Brisbane Business years ago. He walked out very quickly and drove out just as fast in a small white Hatch. Rego withheld.

  182. I just got ripped off with 500 dollars by this fucking Italian mothaf..s please lets try to get together this has happen to a lot people support.

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