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Facebook Lottery: How The Scam Works

(with video below) There is a new scam going around, coming to your email address or Facebook inbox as a personal message from somebody claiming to work for Facebook, say Shirley Herriott or Sheryl Sandberg – which are names scammers use often. It may be even from the founder Mark Zuckerberg. It mentions that you won either the Facebook Lottery Sweepstakes (aka Facebook Grant Award 2021) or a grant through Global Green Grant Fund. It could be any name and any grant, see more below.

In this article you’ll learn not only how the scam works, but also how to easily identify if the profile of the person contacting you is fake or not. Let’s take a look.

Watch How The Facebook Winner Scam Works:

Watch the video below to see in action the Facebook Lottery Winning scam exposed:



This is the most common Facebook scam out there, along with the Free iPhone 12 Scam and Facebook Messenger Video Scam. But let’s dive in:

The message contains the following text: “This is to inform you that you have won the sum of one million dollars from our Facebook Inc. Sweepstakes. This is a bonus to promote our users worldwide through this online lottery, which is fully based on an electronic selection”. Needless to say, the amount mentioned could be any: $500,000, $250,000, etc. The person contacting you even sends fake IDs of her or Mark Zuckerberg, see below:


fake facebook lottery ID mark zuckerberg


How does this one work, what do you need to do? Indeed, just like many other winning notifications, this scam requires you provide your bank account and some other personal information, in order to receive the money.

After you connect with ‘the agent’, he asks you to open a bank account at a financial-looking website (such as http://www.cash.plusbk.net). Then he will send you a bank account information and told you to activate the account by depositing amount of a few hundred dollars (or British Pounds).


How To Find Out If Their Facebook Profile Is Fake

Here is some good news.

Watch the video below to see how you can easily identify if the profile contacting you on Facebook is a fake.



Don’t Fall for the Grant Processing Representative at Facebook

A more complex approach comes with the variation of the scam where they use the name Shirley Herriot, represented by a fake lawyer – say, Lenwood Powell. In this case, you might be contacted by a real Facebook friend. Your friend’s account is real, but he/she got hacked – and the scammer contacts everyone on their friends’ list, including yourself.

The message says something like this: “I saw your name on the winners’ list of Global Financial Facility supported by World Bank Group” (bogus organization). “Please contact them and ask them about the prize/grant”. The amount you apparently won is $180,000. Another name used for the fake organization is the Global Green Grant Fund.

facebook grant global financing facility


Of course, you get excited and send a Facebook message to this organization. After they congratulate you, they will ‘connect’ you with Shirley Herriot, who claims to be a Facebook Processing representative at Grant n Lottery Entitlement Evaluation, which is also a fake position. Facebook doesn’t have such a thing.

Shirley will inform you that in order to receive your well-deserved $180,000 you will need to a pay a $400 insurance and delivery fee. She would ask you to pay the amount in the form of iTunes cards, see the image below.

Many naive people send the $400 right away in hopes of getting the big grant. Don’t be one of them.

facebook grant claims representative


Needless to say, the name they use could be different than Shirley Herriot, especially after scammers get reported, which happens often. They change the names and start over again – so don’t try to be smart and get back to ‘Shirley’ saying that you know is a scam. She won’t give a damn and change the name right after. You won’t help anyone else.


How To Avoid The Facebook Winner Scam:

As cool as it is to receive a personal email from Mark Zuckerberg, this is just another social media scam. It is now probably the most common Facebook scam out there. Even chances of winning the lottery are higher than this, because that actually can happen.

You cannot be a Facebook random winner when it comes to out of the blue “Facebook online international lottery” kind of messages.

How can you recognize this scam? Look at the domain name or the email address they’re using. If they claim to be from a corporation but the email comes from a Gmail or yahoo address, you should know that something is wrong. Always do your research and trust only legitimate companies.


How To Report The Facebook Lottery Winner Scam:

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to Facebook using the link below:

Report Scammers To Facebook Here


How To Protect Yourself More:

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You’ll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other Facebook scammers.


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loding img
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    1. William LaSalle

      I am so lucky, I won the Face Book Lottery 5 times.
      But not wanting all that money, I never sent them the 600 dollars the Face Book Representative wanted to ship me the money.
      William LaSalle

  2. Nerio Brillantes

    I blocked FaceBook executive Jose Morgan from contacting me about loading $500 more into an Apple gift card. One of his employees kept texting me and said “Fuck you”. They were going to report me to the FBI. They blamed me for keeping a FedEx driver in a motel. A co-worker ignored people who told her that it was a scam and she said that she did receive her winnings after paying $400 and $500. After paying my $400 in an Apple gift card, the store Wahlgreen’s informed me that this was all a scam twice. I kept my $500.

  3. Mark Anthony Gayle

    Hello my name is Mark Anthony Gayle!no lottery scams in january 11th 2022!lawyers/police!straight up to the women xoxoxo february 14th!my mom!(not adopted!)contact 416-459-8010!)dad’s contact is 416-569-2338!)win $700,000,000 million dollars on powerball lottery!in the united states of america!newyork city!no prostitutes!women(girlfriends)cash/money!contact olg lottery corporation(ontario lottery and gaming corporation(olg)416-870-8946,1-866-891-8946!for tips on play smart/gambling problems!a winning $55,000,000-$70,000,000 million dollars!lottery ticket!tuesdays and fridays!no covid 19!keep safe on your 900 bank accounts!manulife funds/or bank of montreal,td bank,scotiabank,royal bank!atm machine at bobby’s convenience in newmarket,ontario!a job!$30,000,000 million dollars cash won!lotto 649!

  4. Mark Anthony Gayle

    Hello my name is Mark Anthony Gayle!hope me and my real(not adopted)jamaican black family wins $100,000 thousand dollars on top up lottery on december 25th!or january 11th!2022!and for another 600 winners maybe so!Mark Anthony Gayle contact is 647-700-1777!and 647-705-5468!leave a message!a job!with mcdonald’s restaurants!kentucky fried chicken!harvey’s hamburgers,wendy’s restaurants!burgerking restaurants!$9,000thousand dollars to $19,000 thousand dollars a month! for 9 years maybe so!like winning the lottery!lotto 649 tickets!$17,000,000 million dollars!a ticket winner!maybe so!

  5. kevinstaddon07@protonamail.com

    I was bon at night but not last night lol face book told me I won 500 dollars showed me a brief casr full of money and a brand new truck,

    God bless the scammers , poor creatures, pray for them a they will powerless against your prays, God will show you who who sort of speak, happiness is thankfulness

    have a great day from kevin,

  6. My Aunt’s Messenger account was/has been hacked: the following is the message conversation: My Aunt did not send this.

    Elayne Harper sent February 24 at 7:31 AM
    I got $200,000 from the Department of Health and Human Service, they are helping the Youth Retired and Disabled and Old due to the negative economic effects of the COVIDS-19 pandemic. I’m so so glad for the fund. Already in the bank i now have enough saved and fixed.It was such a huge blessing to me have you heard from them before?
    You sent February 24 at 7:35 AM
    Congratulations, No have not hear about that DSHS program. Your faith has rewarded you well, Praise God.

    Elayne Harper sent February 24 at 7:36 AM
    This specifically new program was established by the World Bank to helps people in the society to meet up their needs,And i got $200,000 delivered to me when i apply for the grant and you don’t have to pay it back I don’t know you have not heard about it, you can also apply too.
    You sent February 24 at 7:39 AM
    Thanks, I think I will apply and see what happens. Love Ya and stay safe. Watch out for those friends that might come out of the woodworks.

    Elayne Harper sent February 24 at 7:42 AM
    It was one of my friends who also got money from the program that inform me about the new program. She asked me to apply and I did . I’m happy it went well I’m so lucky
    You sent February 24 at 7:43 AM

    Elayne Harper sent February 24 at 7:43 AM
    I can send you their contact information so you can also apply and see if you’re eligible to claim this new program
    You sent February 24 at 7:43 AM
    Please do

    Elayne Harper sent February 24 at 7:50 AM
    They are 100% real and legit. I was also skeptical about this when my friend first told me about it thinking is too good to be true until I saw the FedEx guys van stopping at my doorstep to deliver my win money.
    Elayne Harper sent February 24 at 7:50 AM
    I thought it was a joke when my friend first tell me about it thinking it’s too good to be true . Until I contact and got qualified
    Elayne Harper sent February 24 at 7:50 AM
    (256) 277-9413 or email nicoleteresacausey@gmail.com This the contact info of the claim agent her name is Agent Nicole Teresa Causey , you might need to talk to her if you might be eligible to claim
    Elayne Harper sent February 24 at 7:50 AM
    Are you there ?
    You sent February 24 at 7:52 AM
    Yes I just copied the info and saved it in a document. I have a VA appointment in a few hours, so i will call her in the morning.

    Elayne Harper sent February 24 at 7:53 AM
    I suggest you should send a text message to her tell her you got her contact information from me that you want to apply for the grant program
    Elayne Harper sent February 24 at 7:53 AM
    Let me know how it goes I wish you best of luck
    You sent February 24 at 7:53 AM
    Thanks and I will text her now.


    Elayne Harper sent February 24 at 7:55 AM
    The most amazing part of the program is that i never paid a dime to the agent to apply for the program and you are not to pay any taxes on the money you will only pay for the Delivery fees if you are Qualified.. i do pay and i got my win.
    Wed 10:44 AM

    Elayne Harper sent February 24 at 10:44 AM
    How is it going Have you text her ?
    Wed 6:05 PM
    You sent February 24 at 6:05 PM
    Yes I texted her and she responded, tomorrow we will reconnect. Just got home 20 mins ago.
    Thu 7:47 AM

    Elayne Harper sent Yesterday at 7:47 AM
    Good morning
    Thu 11:02 AM

    Elayne Harper sent Yesterday at 11:02 AM
    How are you doing today?
    6:10 AM

    Elayne Harper sent Today at 6:10 AM
    Good morning Reggie

  7. I got a freind on face book, Debby Savage says she works at face book and I am 1 of 20 people who won a million dollars mark Zuckerberg asked her to get in tach with me! WHAT A SCAM!! These people should go to jail!

  8. Dave Sawyer scam

    i got a call from Dave Saywer phone # 1-876-847-5697 saying i won and gave me #’s i would have to give you once you come to my home to be able to collect the money. when i questioned him, he hung up on me. so i called him back several times.
    finally he isn’t accepting my calls any more.

  9. Hi, I got this message on Facebook Messenger. Prior to this I got a fake friend request that I reported. I tried to report this conversation. I believe my friends Messenger has been hacked. “I hope you heard about the FFA winning money yet??
    12:39 AM
    You sent Today at 12:39 AM
    No, what is the ffa?
    6:35 AM
    Karen sent Today at 6:35 AM
    It is FACEBOOK FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE to help people With money all over the world to take care of kids and buy houses, pay rents and Maintain the standard of living for 2021,Have you heard from them?”

  10. i’m getting messages from a Agent David Adams telling me I won a community christmas giveaway, one of the requirements was I give him my facebook password, gave him my Facebook password, now my FB wont work, I got his info from friend saying he saw my name while he was signing for his prize…………………………..Agent wants me to send a google play gift card to release the funds…….I didn’t yet, lol, what should i do?

    1. is that even a question? you should do nothing. why in gods green earh would anyone have to send someone yet alone a business worth millions a cent if in fact they actually won something. I mean when Ed McMann comes a knocking does he say you won but first i need you to run to home depot and purchase x amount of gift cards then i can give you this giant check.

  11. Kim - Facebook Empowerment Program scam

    I received this email, beware:
    Congratulations Kim,
    We would like to proceed with delivery on any winning amount you choose from below. Your winning DOES NOT affect your grant benefit and welfare. Your tax free document on this winning would be issued to you as well on delivery. This means you would not pay anymore on tax after delivery. As one of our randomly selected winner, You are to choose from the list of amount payable to you below, Considering the fees to be paid upfront for Clearance from the International Monetary Fund(IMF) and Overnight delivery fee via DHL.
    YOU PAY 15,000 AUD – GET 150,000.00 AUD
    YOU PAY 20,000 AUD – GET 200,000.00 AUD
    YOU PAY 25,000 AUD – GET 250,000.00 AUD
    YOU PAY 30,000 AUD – GET 300,000.00 AUD
    YOU PAY 35,000 AUD – GET 350,000.00 AUD
    YOU PAY 40,000 AUD – GET 400,000.00 AUD
    YOU PAY 45,000 AUD – GET 450,000.00 AUD
    YOU PAY 50,000 AUD – GET 500,000.00 AUD
    YOU PAY 55,000 AUD – GET 550,000.00 AUD
    YOU PAY 60,000 AUD – GET 600,000.00 AUD
    YOU PAY 65,000 AUD – GET 650,000.00 AUD
    YOU PAY 70,000 AUD – GET 700,000.00 AUD
    YOU PAY 75,000 AUD – GET 750,000.00 AUD
    YOU PAY 80,000 AUD – GET 800,000.00 AUD
    YOU PAY 85,000 AUD – GET 850,000.00 AUD
    YOU PAY 90,000 AUD – GET 900,000.00 AUD
    YOU PAY 95,000 AUD – GET 950,000.00 AUD
    YOU PAY 100,000 AUD – GET 1,000,000.00 AUD
    JACKPOT : YOU PAY 150,000 AUD – GET 1,500,000.00 AUD
    Please be informed that, it would not be possible to deduct/debit funds from winnings because of the insurance policy on the funds which states that “no deduction could be made until the funds is successfully delivered to the recipient” for security reasons. The funds has been placed in an escrow transit and insured to its real value. Your urgent response is adequately needed stating amount you want to claim and that you comply to the terms and ready to make payment for Clearance from the International Monetary Fund(IMF) and Overnight delivery fee via DHL so that I can forward you payment information and instruction. Once payment has been confirmed and received, I would forward you the DHL tracking details. You just log unto http://www.dhl.com, use the tracking number provided to you to track status so as to be expectant of it on delivery.
    Laura Mattera
    Facebook Empowerment Program

  12. Beware of The world financial empowerment program

    Dear my name is Syed Fazarullah S
    I am a INDIAN from Tamil nadu
    I received a mail from this mail ID- info@claimdesk.us
    David Fischer
    Chief revenue officer Facebook Inc
    Menlo park California Us
    Con no +1 323 577 4554
    16th year anniversary draw
    The world financial empowerment program by Facebook
    U r the winner of this year
    Mob.no – 7550114269/9962902825
    Is this mail real or scam fake fraud emails
    Can u please clear the mail
    Ref no – 57/M20/FB-USA-2020

  13. James R Walker on Facebook is a scammer

    I was contacted on facebook messenger by a person I don’t speak with often. . She asked me if I’ve received a grant that she seen my name on a list and that she was already rewarded $100,000. I should be receiving notice any day now. I followed the link and I came across nothing to support this. . The name was James R. Walker. I should enroll in their mega activities. The Christmas and new years grant award was what the gal was calling this. But it is all just one big scam

  14. I Received this email = YOUR FACEBOOK WINNINGS…FE1
    Sat 11/28/2020 5:44 AM
    The Entire Facebook team is very happy to inform you that your name appeared on the Facebook Online Email Lottery. We are giving out the total sum of One Million United States Dollars.
    THE NUMBERS BELOW SHOULD BE SAFE AND CONFIDENTIAL, UNTIL YOU FINALLY GET YOUR PRIZE MONEY: Serial Number: (68625751907) Ticket Number: (7836980545189), Ref No: (255126278102/2526)
    To avoid unnecessary delays and complications. please remember to quote your TICKET, REFERENCE & SERIAL NUMBERS. This notification is to inform you that you are a lucky winner of the sum of $1,000,000.00 from the last draw.
    Remember to quote your TICKET, REFERENCE & SERIAL NUMBERS, in all correspondences. Furthermore, if there is any change in email address please notify us immediately for record and security purposes. As we await your response with the below required information:
    This is one of our innovations to encourage Facebook users, Our own way of saying a BIG THANK YOU, And to all our users for making Facebook their number one Social Networking to hook up with families, Friends, And new people all over the World.
    You might receive this message in your SPAM, It’s due to a very slow network at the time of sending this message.
    Best Regards,
    Facebook Management.
    (Promo @ 2020).
    Untitled form

  15. we don’t want anything from you sir you just win the Loto promo rock, so just give us your full address from where you will have a sum of $ 300,000 which is yours for the understanding we are expecting you for the future. you are not the only one here are examples

  16. This is a new program that come up ending of the year,Thought you have, I am so happy because I got $100,000 cash from Christmas Bonuses Cash Guaranty Corperation did you get your too?
    Anyway I think you should contact the agent do you know how to do that now
    M.me/harmani.cash or Text his number
    (845) 335-8308
    This is on FB Messenger

  17. Received a message from some girl who said I have won a grant and that I need to contact this other guy to see what I have to do to get the winning I’m not done with this guy yet let me see how this plays out.

  18. Facebook Lottery Inc.
    Account Controller: Ms. Maria Davies
    (Online Transfer Dept.)
    Email: facebook2013lotosupport@outlook.com
    Tel: +447418480082

    Dear Homedi m, Abu,
    Block 30 Plot 1 Maharlika village, Taguig city

    We have received your response and we have authorized the approval for all your payment documents for automated Credit of funds into your Residence Home Account in your country. Due to our past experience with Electronic International Banking services, we have contracted all our payment to a reliable Banking institution in United Kingdom for Non-Residence Account provision, and enrollment of funds transfer from the Cash Plus Bank to your Residence/Country Home Account. Furthermore, we have record of successful payment via the mentioned bank and a competent banking services with the Cash Plus Online banking Team.

    We advise you to kindly apply for a Non-Residence Account with the Cash Plus bank immediately, and as soon as you have successfully applied for your Cash Plus bank Account, we will immediately release an automated Credit of your £800,000 (Eight Hundred thousands Pounds)into your Cash Plus Bank Account, then you can confidentially transfer your funds into your residence home account in your Country.

    The advantage of this procedure is that your Online banking services, and your payment transfer will be confidentially handled by you and we guarantee you 100% of smooth banking system with the Cash Plus Online Banking Team.

    Kindly apply for a Non residence Account with the Cash Plus Bank immediately via the Bank website.

    Note that as soon as you have successfully Applied for an Offshore Account with Cash Plus International Trust bank, You are be patient as sometimes it takes more than four (4) working days to successfully complete the account opening process with the Cash plus bank. However, be rest assured that the bank would contact you personally with your Account Information after they have successfully completed opening and verifying your account and your Winning amount of £800,000 GBP (EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS) would be automatically credited into your Cash Plus Bank Account.


    Once again congratulations and thanks for using Facebook

    Yours in Service.
    John Wilson c/o (Maria Davies)
    Facebook Lottery Inc

    ©2003-2013 Facebook.com All Rights Reserved
    this is the message that i receive now on i know its a scam but this is a tragic scam an how we stop this, its their action regarding of this matter how about the FBI? they should solve this matter soon.

  19. Hi im from Singapore and my name is Siti Mariayati Binte Md Yunos, i receive a msg

    Dear Facebook Winner,

    CONGRATULATIONS!! – You have just won yourself the sum of £800,000.00 (Eight Hundred Thousand British Pounds Sterling) in the ongoing Facebook 2013 program.

    Your Profile was selected through our administrative database from over one billion Active facebook profiles from the Asia Region (SINGAPORE AND HONGKONG) as part of our international promotions program which is conducted annually.

    This was promoted and sponsored by a conglomerate of some multinational companies as part of their social responsibility to the Facebook Users in the Aspect that impacts individual lifestyle worldwide. Further more your details( Facebook account) falls within our European representative office in London UK, and your prize of £800,000.00 will be released to you from our regional branch office in England.

    For the avoidance of doubt, your Facebook account was generated from one of our Admin network Department that you visit often at your Login Pace on Facebook, and it emerged as one of lucky winners of 2013 Facebook Promo .

    To proceed on your claim validation, we will need your particulars to verify your winning. This will be required to draw up the winning papers in your name and process your payment documents. Please if you are not the certified owner of this facebook account, please do not respond as that will amount to impersonation which could lead to civil or/and criminal proceedings against you.

    Here is a copy of our verification form; please fill accordingly so as to proceed with your winning validation. Please attach a recent passport photograph if available (For identification at payment point)


    Upon receipt of the duly requested data which is to be sent via email, you will receive the contact information of the payment office to effect the release of your claim in anyway you deem fit.

    Ms. Maria Davies Fiduciary Agent
    Facebook Singap… facebook2013ndsupport@…

    14 Aug 20:18 Yurti Manabe Ah Boon


    Facebook Lottery Inc. Account Controller: Ms. Maria Davies (Online Transfer Dept.) Email:* facebook2013lotosupport@outlook.com *Tel: +447418480082

    Dear Siti Mariayati

    We have received your response and we have authorized the approval for all your payment documents for automated Credit of funds into your Residence Home Account in your country. Due to our past experience with Electronic International Banking services, we have contracted all our payment to a reliable Banking institution in United Kingdom for Non-Residence Account provision, and enrollment of funds transfer from the Cash Plus Bank to your Residence/Country Home Account. Furthermore, we have record of successful payment via the mentioned bank and a competent banking services with the Cash Plus Online banking Team.

    We advise you to kindly apply for a Non-Residence Account with the Cash Plus bank immediately, and as soon as you have successfully applied for your Cash Plus bank Account, we will immediately release an automated Credit of your £800,000 (Eight Hundred thousands Pounds)into your Cash Plus Bank Account, then you can confidentially transfer your funds into your residence home account in your Country.

    The advantage of this procedure is that your Online banking services, and your payment transfer will be confidentially handled by you and we guarantee you 100% of smooth banking system with the Cash Plus Online Banking Team.

    Kindly apply for a Non residence Account with the Cash Plus Bank immediately via the Bank website: csh plusbk net

    Note that as soon as you have successfully Applied for an Offshore Account with Cash Plus International Trust bank, You are be patient as sometimes it takes more than four (4) working days to successfully complete the account opening process with the Cash plus bank. However, be rest assured that the bank would contact you personally with your Account Information after they have successfully completed opening and verifying your account and your Winning amount of £800,000 GBP (EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS) would be automatically credited into your Cash Plus Bank Account.


    Once again congratulations and thanks for using Facebook

    Yours in Service. John Wilson c/o (Maria Davies) Facebook Lottery Inc

  20. Hi
    I received this massage from facebook in my facebook inbox massage
    I this true or not?

    Auto Notification on Profile winnings/ READ CAREFULLY !!!


    The FACEBOOK Team wish to inform you that you are one of the Lucky Winners
    from your Region (MIDDLE EAST & ASIA) in this year’s online promotion and your
    Facebook account have Won an amount of money.

    Below is your winning information:

    1. WINNING NUMBER: ***********
    2. BATCH NUMBER: **************
    3. REF NUMBER: ************

    You are hereby advised to contact Your Assigned Fiduciary agent with the above
    requested data for official verification and processing of your winning.

    Agent’s Name: Ms. Maria Davies
    Contact Email: facebook2013uklotterrysupports@outlook.com
    Office Cell: +447418480082

    Congratulations once more from all members and staffs of this program and have
    a wonderful Easter Celebration.

    Ms. Renee K. Lloyd.
    Middle East Region.
    and this page

    Facebook Lottery Supports

    13 Liverpool Road, Islington, London
    United Kingdom
    Tel: +44-741-848-0082

    Dear Facebook Winner,
    CONGRATULATIONS!! – You have just won yourself the sum of £800,000.00 (EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS) in the ongoing Facebook 2013 lottery program. All participants were selected through our administrative database, from over Five hundred million facebook Accounts in the Middle East Geographic zone:Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, as part of our international promotion program which is conducted annually.
    This Lotto was promoted and sponsored by a conglomerate of some multinational companies as part of their social responsibility to the Facebook Users in the Aspect that impacts individual lifestyle worldwide. Further more your details(facebook account) falls within our European representative office in Amsterdam, Holland, as indicated in your Facebook Account coupon ,and your prize of £800,000.00 will be released to you from our regional branch office in England. For the avoidance of doubt, your facebook account was generated from one of our Admin network Department that you visit often at your Login Pace on Facebook, and it emerged as one of lucky winners of 2013 Facebook Lottery Promo.
    To proceed on your claim validation, we will need your particulars to verify your winning.This will be required to draw up the winning papers in your name and process your payment documents. Please if you are not the certified owner of this email address, please do not respond as that will amount to impersonation which could lead to civil or/and criminal proceedings against you…
    Attached here is a copy of our verification form; please fill accordingly so as to proceed with your winning validation. Please attach a recent passport photograph if available (For identification at payment point)



    Upon receipt of the duly requested data which is to be sent via email, you will receive the contact information of the payment office to effect the release of your claim in anyway you deem fit.

    Ms. Maria Davies
    Fiduciary Agent

    ©2003-2013 Facebook.com All Rights Reserved
    and this page

    Facebook Lottery Supports

    Dear Facebook Winner,

    We have received your response and we have authorized the approval for all your payment documents for automated Credit of funds into your Residence Home Account in your country. Due to our past experience with Electronic International Banking services, we have contracted all our payment to a reliable Banking institution in United Kingdom for Non-Residence Account provision, and enrollment of funds transfer from the Cash Plus Bank to your Residence/Country Home Account. Furthermore, we have record of successful payment via the mentioned bank and a competent banking services with the Cash Plus Online banking Team.
    We advise you to kindly apply for a Non-Residence Account with the Cash Plus bank immediately, and as soon as you have successfully applied for the Account with Cash Plus Bank, we will immediately release an automated Credit of your £800,000 (Eight Hundred thousands Pounds)into your Cash Plus Bank Account, then you can confidentially transfer your funds into your residence home account in your Country.
    The advantage of this procedure is that your Online banking services, and your payment transfer will be confidentially handled by you and we guarantee you 100% of smooth banking system with the Cash Plus Online Banking Team.
    Kindly apply for a Non residence Account with the Cash Plus Bank immediately via the Bank website:

    Or click here to directly apply for an account.
    Note that as soon as you have successfully opened an active Offshore Account with Cash Plus International Trust bank, you are to forward your Newly opened Bank Account details to the Confidential/private email address of our automatic payment approval team for automated credit into your Cash Plus Bank Account.

    You are to Contact the above online email address and note that this email is highly confidential to third parties, and treat privately.

    Once again congratulations and thanks for using Facebook

    Yours in Service.
    John Wilson c/o (Maria Davies)
    Facebook Lottery Inc

    ©2003-2013 Facebook.com All Rights Reserved
    I oppened account and receieved this note:
    CashPLUS Plc,Uk.
    Account Department
    (Local/ Foreign) International Banking Unit.
    Date: 26th of July,2013

    RE : ONLINE Account SET-UP DETAILS(Leila Adibi)

    ATTN :Leila Adibi,

    In reference to your Account set-up with the CashPLUS plc , we have successfully registered you as an Account Holder this Banking institution. We have also ENROLLED your Account for Online Banking services.
    Below is your Online Banking access details -:

    Bank Website :
    SID Serial :ALN/00HD005
    Account N0/Username :0093883305
    Account password :”********
    Account Holder ************
    Telephone N0 :0098**********
    Email: kimiya.adib@yahoo.com

    Kindly Log into your Account with the above username and password to access your Account information, as we urge you to notify this Banking institution on any error regarding to your Account information with CashPLUS Account .Click here to

    Login into your account online

    Furthermore, note that your offshore Savings Account remains invalid until we receive a minimum deposit of 400 Gbp into your Account as Closing Balance,and this procedure is the International Banking Policy worldwide ,therefore we advise Account owner to process initial activation deposit OF 400 GBP to your Account officer .Closing Balance initial deposit must be deposited via Moneygram money transfer to Account officer’s information below .

    Name – Michael Donaldson
    Address – 18 North Street, Bishops Stortford,CM23 2L,United Kingdom

    Kindly process a minimum deposit of 400 GBP into your CashPLUS Account via Moneygram money transfer to your Account Officers information as provided above, and note that your CashPLUS Offshore Account remain invalid until activation deposit is appropriately confirmed by the due unit . Kindly Login into your CashPLUS Inactive Account to verify your Temporary status with the Account Username and Password, and please take note of the Login Link on the top right side of our official website .Thank you for using CashPLUS Bank Plc,Uk.

    Yours In service.

    George Stempak(Mr.)
    (Snr. A/c Officer),
    A/c Department
    CashPLUS Bank Plc,Uk

    please guide me…

  21. There’s someone saying that they work for Facebook and someone posing as the owner of Facebook trying to get me to buy a $300 steam wallet card to activate my winnings of a $ 1000000 something about Microsoft and something else

  22. Richard Leavitt

    Yes i knew it was a scam when facebook said i won $500.000 and facebook asked me to buy a Amazon gift card for $250.00 so i would not do so facebook kicked me off

  23. I received this email today, beware:

    International Promotions / Prize Award.
    Category : 3rd
    Ref: BML / B528 / 11US.

    Dear Winner,

    The Entire Facebook team are very happy to inform you that your Email Address appear on the FACEBOOK ONLINE INTERNATIONAL LOTTERY and we are giving out the total sum of US$650,000.00 (SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND UNITED STATE DOLLARS) which is what you just won.

    This promotional program takes place every year and this year online draws was conducted at the Facebook headquarters in California. Your Facebook account was picked randomly by the CEO himself and your winnings reference numbers are BML/ B528 / 11US. For more information, contact agent Joseph Moore Via Tel: +1 (914)301-7108 or reply to this email.

    As soon as he gets your email, he will Instruct you on claim arrangements for your US$650,000.00 Prize.

    Thank you and once More Congratulations.

    Announcer for Facebook.
    (Director of Comm./Public Affairs)

  24. Zuckerberg winner

    Here is a matter that I was informed that I won 1.2 million with facebook spent a week or more in texts and emails through jeanne martin sheryl sandberg and mark zuckerberg all claiming that I won and ended up with three or four zuckerbergs that I had to decide which was the real mark, anyway I just got this today. Someone else claimed my winnings. Most everything I also posted on twitter under my name and twitter number selma. my phone went dead I think in attempt to delete all texts possibly by hackers, maybe. But I got the lap top upgraded security over these hacks I have had. Jenne martin and sheryl dsandberg were on twitter and phone also mark and all were on video calls to facebook. Should this go to fbi?

  25. Beware of this email, received today:

    De : FACEBOOK 2020 <contact@services-email.com>
    Envoyé : mercredi 11 mars 2020 08:56
    À : undisclosed-recipients:
    Objet : FACEBOOK 2020

    très cher, (e)

    Nous venons par ce message vous annoncer que vous aviez été tiré au sort et que vous êtes l’heureux gagnant de la tombola initiée par le groupe FACEBOOK.

    La super cagnotte d’un montant de 2.000.000 $ soit 1.615.000€ dont vous êtes le bénéficiaire, est pour faire la promotion du 1er réseau social du monde.

    Le tirage a été effectué aux USA et supervisé par un cabinet d’huissier grâce à notre système d’Intelligence Artificielle par le biais d’une base de données d’adresse électronique que nous collectons de façon très élaborée.

    Votre code Gagnant : 676M33BN

    Ci-dessous la fiche que vous deviez remplir et faire parvenir à l’adresse du cabinet Suisse basé aux USA : info@gestions-sarfati.com

    Nationalité :
    Pays De Résidence :
    SEXE :
    Adresse E-mail :

    Pour toutes informations et démarches, veuillez toujours indiquer le code gagnant :

    Différents modes de règlements

    1 – Vous effectuez le déplacement aux États Unis afin d’entrer en possession de votre gain.
    2 – Virement bancaire sur votre compte bancaire (Rapide et sécurisé)

    Veuillez répondre uniquement par email à ces adresses : info@gestions-sarfati.com

    Maître Frank Furrer SARFATI
    1601 Willow Road
    94025 Menlo Park, CA, États-Unis (U.S.A)
    Tél/Fax + 1 213 338 83 22 (USA)
    EMAIL : info@gestions-sarfati.com

  26. I got a Facebook message from a teacher I used to work with saying she had good news. She told me about receiving this grant and who to text. I kept questioning and said it sounded suspicious but she assured me she got her money and it was legitimate . I filled in information requested all of which would be fairly easy to find, but knowing not to give any bank info or SSN so figured it was not too risky. Then at the end of message from person at 520-999-8909 they said I would have to pay insurance and other fees up front. Then I realized I was trusting a friend but someone must have hacked into her message account because she could not answer questions she would have been able to and I saw some of the same broken English appearing that was in the texts from the "Foundation". I told them it was a scam and I would report them and just hope not too much damage was done. Now I don’t know how to legitimately message my friend or warn other people, except for seeing this site so hope someone can put a stop to it. I may also have a problem with my Google account ( I use g-mail) because I can’t sign in! Don’t know how they could hack it without password but may have done so. Very disturbing.

  27. Well no shit, Where the hell have you been Mark ? I Only email you hundreds of times. Good thing I didn’t give any of my information, I can understand not being able to answer all of your emails but how many times have I tried & of the up most importance. Remember Mark & be remembered of what or what not we do…

  28. All Award/Lottery winners should know that most of these messages that you had received are fake and scammer are using some multi national company’s names to defraud people, so beware of such messages before you replied or sent out your personal data to the any one. For more queries or assistant for your Award/Lottery Prize. Kindly contact us via email to cyber.protectors@activist.com

  29. I got this today———We are pleased to inform you of the result of our first Quarter DRAW held on (15th Oct 2019) by Facebook Company Promotion to encourage the usage of Facebook users worldwide your Name and Email was among the 20 Lucky winners who won US$1,000,000.00 each on the Facebook Customer Reward Promotion program award out of over 600 million entries from the Facebook Inc. the promotion from our online website database system this year 2019.

    So what’s going on about you getting your winnings now?

  30. Beware of this message, from Simon Michael lol

    My name is Agent Simon Michael in charge of The United State Department of Health and Human Grant Services (D.H.H.G.S). which was imposed and authorized by the United State Government and CEO/ Founder of Facebook Mr Mark Zuckerberg In conjunction with World Bank Payment Warranty.
    We remember your Facebook User name and number on our Winner’s List and congratulation you are one of the Lucky winner of (D.H.H.G.S) and Facebook Power-ball Lottery Promotion. We Embarked on a worldwide promotion for Disable, Unemployed, Worker’s, Retired, Young’s & Old’s people. We Are United Power To Success and Focus For Deaf People, Hearing, Poor and Retire Workers in the Community, Supported By The United State Of America Government. So your Facebook Profile was chose on FACEBOOK.com. Are you ready to claim the money now ?

  31. I got contacted on Facebook, they said they were from the Facebook financial assistance winners, and that I had won two hundred thousand pounds, being that I am in my 50’s did not pay any money, I ignored them, but only last week tried to contact me again. Twice I blocked them and informed Facebook people. But the thing is any naive person would believe them, but I’m older and wiser

  32. James Thomas Clements

    I got message on facebook saying i won £30,000 from publishers clearing house said would send by fed x clcked on. for my email Was It For real ?. some one said Agent Mark could helf cant contact him. can you help me.?. if not a Scam. Thank You.

  33. Here is what i received today, beware of scammer Greg Edward:

    Sent: Sunday, August 25, 2019 at 7:56 PM
    From: "Greg Edward" <online@acetrader.com>
    To: No recipient address
    My name is Greg Edward from the Facebook social Network Inc. I’m a Facebook Online Coordinator, and i was authorized to send you a message by the Facebook management. I’m here to inform you about the ongoing Facebook Online International Promotion of last year and this year?

    I’m pleased to inform you of the result of the just concluded annual final draws by Facebook group in cash promotion to encourage the usage of Facebook worldwide. Your name was among the lucky winners who won $1,450,000.00 USD each on the Facebook group promotion.

    Kindly respond back to this email so we can commence processing of your winning.


    Greg Edward.

  34. I was contacted by a person with the name agent james saying he is with the lottery of usa government organization and said am I ready to claim my winnings is this a scam cause I feel like it is saying to pay a fee of 350.00$ for a FedEx fee to receive 400.000$ ok it’s fake just want to make sure and so other people watch out for this person.?

  35. How on earth can people be so gullible and PAY someone money to be able to receive their so-called winnings? When you WIN something, you get it for free. You do not need to pay anything to receive it. The company PHONES or emails you. They do not send you an sms and expect you to phone them back. They courier the prize on their account. Money is usually on debit card that gets posted to you. Why do people still fall for these stupid scams?!

  36. Theirs a new scam going on telling you have won $84,000.00. And its with the FBI in California They send you a code and tell you not the share it with anyone.. The phone number they are using is 985-235-0710 Thats on my cell phone.

  37. Here is another scammer: On Facebook, Debra Sheila Rose says is the director in charge of Government empowerment with facebook which imposed and authorized by the eco and founder of Facebook Mr Mark Zuckerberg. They want me to give then 900.00 before they deliver me $100,000. SCAM!!!

  38. Here is another email going around today:

    My name is Mark Zuckerberg,A philanthropist the founder and CEO of the social-networking website Facebook,as well as one of the world’s youngest billionaires and Chairman of the Mark Zuckerberg Charitable Foundation, One of the largest private foundations in the world. I believe strongly in‘giving while living’ I had one idea that never changed in my mind – that you should use your wealth to help people and i have decided to secretly give {$1,500,000.00} to randomly selected individuals worldwide. On the receipt of this email, you should count yourself as the lucky individual. Your email address was chosen online while searching at random.Kindly get back to me at your earliest convenience,so I know your email address is valid(zmark7764@gmail.com) Email me. Visit the web page to know more about me: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/

  39. I am so hurt. I was on Facebook and my friend Alma Brown is a minister. She kept asking me about my name was on the list, I said what list. She said, I received my winning of 150,000.00 and got in 7 days. I thought this must be real, she is a minister she would not lie to me, but i just realized now that they hacked her account. Well yesterday this person told me to send $700.00, I went to my bank and got the money out like a fool and sent it. He scam me and still texting me right now for money. I have all the text and the facebook where it started from. His number is 313-769-1596 The $700.00 was my truck payment.

    The person who picked up my money had to show ID, maybe they wrote it down in Baltimore. Her name is : Joy Young Kelson

  40. James Kurt <facebookpromotionaldepartmentu@gmail.com>

    Facebook Lottery
    You have a message from Facebook about your winnings.
    Facebook Loyalty Reward Promotion!!!
    From The Desk Of The President.
    International Promotions / Prize Award.
    Category : 2nd
    Ref: BML / B528 / 11US.

    Dear Winner,

    We hope this message meets you and your family in a good state of mind? My name is James Kurt from Facebook and this message is in reference to your loyal membership on our site. I am pleased to announce that your Facebook account was among the 20 lucky winners who won $970,000.00 (Nine Hundred and Seventy Thousand United States Dollars) each in the ongoing Facebook Loyalty Reward Promotion.

    This promotional program takes place every year and this year’s online draws was conducted on the 1st of January , 2019 at the Facebook headquarters in California. Your Facebook account was picked randomly by the CEO himself as the 6th winner. Your winnings reference number is BML / B528 / 11US. For more info as regards your claims, contact the claims department via this e-mail address (facebookpromowinners@usa.com) with your full name, e-mail address and phone number.

    Furthermore, if there is any change in e-mail addresses please contact us on time. Do not reply to this email, Contact the claims department with the e-mail address provided above.
    Note: When this promotion started internet fraudsters derived a means of rip off by contacting Facebook users randomly, make them believe they are Facebook employees and defrauding them of huge amounts of money. After so many reports and complaints from our users that fell victim of the scams, we decided to publish all the scam messages all over the internet and on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo search and more. You will find lots of Facebook scams messages we posted there just to protect winners like you. These fraudsters went as far as hacking into the database of Facebook to steal information of our employees to use it for their scams then we decided to stop advertisements of this promotion on the site for the main time while it runs with private policies that is why you can’t find any advertisement of this ongoing promotion on the Facebook site now.

    Thanks and more Congratulations!

    Announcer for Facebook.
    Mr. James Kurt.
    (Director of Comm./Public Affairs)
    Facebook, Inc.
    This message was sent to you from Facebook. If you don’t want to receive these emails from Facebook in the future, please unsubscribe.
    Facebook, Inc., Attention: Department 415, PO Box 10005, Palo Alto, CA 94303

    Reply, Reply All or Forward

    James Kurt


  41. Contacted today by Katie James… Menlo Park, CA… claiming to be a Facebook Agent…
    After I told her that this was probably a scam and wanted proof. She sends me a lot of documentation. She wants $200 for the fees on my winnings of 500,000.00. I want to send her photo ID and her Facebook card to someone for this this report… help me

  42. Same thing with me. A friend sent me a facebook message saying she got 100,000 in cash last Thursday, five hours after she gave her information. She said all she had to do was buy 6 one hundred dollar iTune tickets that she gave to FedX when they brought her the money from the Federal Grant. She sent me the lady’s info and I sent her a message. She told me the same thing and said they would bring my money tonight which would be after midnight. When I questioned her about the time, she said they would come no matter what time it was. My agency had people delivering 100,000 thousand in cash at that time of night. It caused warning bells to go off in my head. The agent, Tammy Crystal even gave me a Serial number and reference number to give to the FedX driver. She wanted me to go tonight and get the iTune tickets and I told her it would have to be tomorrow. Beware if a so call friend sends you the same junk.

  43. Received a message from my fb friend her name is Carolyn Powers,claim to work as the member of the facebook microsoft,trying to impress me about the lottery winning,its totally fake just looking at her Id,beware so many frauds today

  44. Apparently I’m a 1million $ Winner: Getting the Contact person all upset: Just got messaged a threat: google your name + scam_ not good.
    The Story: "I will get back to you shortly after attaching your details on the Courier manifest going out for delivery.
    Before I proceed,I want to inform you that Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is an American technology entrepreneur and philanthropist best known for co-founding and leading Facebook and he is celebrating is 34th Birtday with 5million Lucky FB users and you are among the lucky ones."
    _Nowhere can I find confirmation regarding and I believe paying for a UPS delivery at $1730 USD is very steep. Doing an internationally payment into my Passport country/conversion rate is way steep. _ "Friend" told me that my name is on the same list as she’s won as well. _ She had no idea we were ‘talking’ for the last two three days.

  45. RAJESH KUMAR CHITTETI (Rajesh Chitteti)

    Iam Registrar winner but no prize please verify my profile my full name RAJESH KUMAR CHITTETI

    BATCH NO: FLNL/009842/04.
    REFERENCE NO: FLNL/107654/04
    WINNING NUMBER: FB/575061725.
    Ticket number: 00545 188 564756,
    Prize #77801209/N,
    Serial number 5368/02
    Lucky numbers: 17 98 09 67 46

    You are among the 50 Lucky Winners selected for Facebook 2018 promotion award. Your Facebook name was selected randomly by the Facebook CEO ( Mark Zuckerberg ) and the sum of five hundred thousand ($500,000.00) was awarded to your name.

    Please contact your Facebook Funds Manager with a proof of identification for claim.

    Facebook Funds Manager.

    You are advised to contact the Facebook Funds Manager in charge as soon as possible at the email below,failure to do so might result to funds been returned unclaimed.



  47. I got message through messanger from a friend who doesn’t ever message me there telling me to contact this number for my winning money she done got hers but I sent a text off subject no answer then text back did you get in touch with the agent instead

  48. Someone has taken over my cousins messenger adn they are running a scam on the same note, impersonating him.
    NIH funded for those that need assistance in paying bills,buying a home,starting their own business,going to school or even helping raise their children with old and retired and disable
    they are texting from 931 954 2605 trying to get me to give money to get money
    Mark Nelson
    Here is the conversation: I just got $100,000 from them deliver to me in cash at my doorstep and i pay $1000 for the delivery fee
    I even thought you have been contacted
    I wish. How did this happen? And you do not have to pay back?

    I just looked them up and couldn’t find that part

    I saw your name on their winner list when they came to my house to deliver me my money.That is why i was wondering if you have got it yet?
    You are kidding me

    The National Institute of Health

    I think you should contact the claiming Agent that lead the FedEx delivery men to me
    Where would I find such a person?
    Did you keep the receipt?
    Cash ? You mean Check

    (650) 265-1193this is the agent text number text him on his text number that you are ready to claim your winning
    Did you get that
    Never seen it

    Send me your number then i would forward it to the agent that help me out to get my winning money
    This is crazy

    Okay I would get back to you once I forward it to the agent
    Wow. I’m floored
    Am so happy for you!!

    The agent told me he message you just now
    He did
    You got $99,000.00
    That’s amazing

    I wish you best of luck
    Thanks. He said he’s checking his files
    I never signed up for anything. Did you?

    He said i won
    Mark Nelson
    That’s great

    So what’s going on with the agent now
    For some reason he’s taken an angry tone by using bold faced letters which means he’s yelling

    You have to be calm with him so that he can help you out cause he’s a man of god okay
    To be calm is the only way he can help you out
    I’m entirely calm.

    So what’s your conclusion with the agent now
    I’m waiting to see where to send the claim fund / payment
    Should I call you to go over this?

    Are you at work?
    This is so exciting

    I am waiting for now is to hear good news from you
    You are so sweet begia

    Hope to hear from you
    ??? ? ???? ?????? ? ????? ??????? ??????????? ??????

    I think you should invest it on business that would fetch you more money
    That’s what am also planning to do with mine
    ki yon bon lide. mwen panse mwen ta dwe bay legliz la. Bondye ta kontan

    That’s also great idea I would surely do that
    When did you learn to speak Haitian?

    One of my friends thought me some languages
    That’s how I know ot

    You still have struggles with English?

    Yes that’s why I told my friend to teach me well cause he’s a teacher

    I don’t know much about that language just learning it
    Western Union
    the corruption and they use allah as a reference. they will go to hell
    Oh ok

    So what’s going on with the agent now
    I just got to western union and am sending money.

  49. Stacey Kniffer

    I was contacted by a friend on Facebook asking if I heard the good news and if I had gotten my money. He said he won $50,000 from Facebook and DSS, saw my name on the list, & gave me person to contact on messenger. Her name is Alice Hebson. She said I did win, sent me certificate that I had to pay for and proceeded to steel my money in order to have money delivered. Stupid me believed all this, because I was contacted by a very close friend on Facebook. . If I wasn’t on Facebook this never would have happened.
    After then i talk to a friend at work who introduce me to a man called dark lord.he was a professional hacker.i explain what to him about the situation because i have been scammed many time.
    the good news is that this man help me to recover my money back.
    if you have been scammed and looking for how to get your money back?
    download wickrMe from google store on your phone,register and send him chat to is user name id is (darkhacker)
    and your problem will be solved

  50. We have provided over $1 Billion in business loans to over 15,000 business owners just like you. We use our own designated risk technology to provide you with the right business loan so you can grow your business. Our services are fast and reliable, loans are approved within 24 hours of successful application. We offer loans from a minimum range of $5,000 to a maximum of $300 million,you can counteract us through our email address(aseiamicrofanance@gmail.com)

  51. martin s. albiso

    carl alex lewis claiming he is a face book acct. manager, he is a scammer on face book. he use a person i know acct. and tryed to make me sent him money in order to recieve $$$$$$$$ that the only way for delivery.

  52. Jessica Cross

    I have been contacted by a woman named Marry Ann Clinton who tried to scam me into sending 250 dollars to her. Also she even tried to message me saying she is Mark Zuckerburg himself.

  53. Cindy Hatch is a scammer

    Beware of a new scammer claiming to be from Max facebook Lotto! Her name is Cindy Hatch! She also gives a fake name for an agent named James Clark lol

  54. Beware, now the names that are using are Frances Duncan – who contacts you, then says that cashiers are Hassan A Haido and Rejoice Ike

  55. Malcolm Stanton

    constitutional monarchy winner £250,000 Simpson Owen they ask for facebook login details to confirm your details are correct BEWARE THIS IS A SCAM

  56. I was contacted by a friend on Facebook asking if I heard the good news and if I had gotten my money. He said he won $50,000 from Facebook and DSS, saw my name on the list, & gave me person to contact on messenger. Her name is Alice Hebson. She said I did win, sent me certificate that I had to pay for and proceeded to steel my money in order to have money delivered. Stupid me believed all this, because I was contacted by a very close friend on Facebook. I need to speak to an official from Facebook. If I wasn’t on Facebook this never would have happened.

  57. I first got a message from an obscure cousin I haven’t heard from in years, in fact that person was dead. so imagine my surprise when the message came saying I received my winnings from Mark Zuckerberg. I responded lazily telling them "This is TOO early in the morning for this" and deleted and blocked the message.. Then recently I started getting mystery text messages to my phone, asking me "Good morning How are you" or this is Davide Bowditch from the FBI, texting you about Scammers sending you messages to your phone. After ignoring the messages for a month, I responded and told them to STOP with the txting. One number I said tell me about this prize i won and told them if I didn’t like what I was reading to discontinue texting me… They actually did what I asked, then texted me from a different number and I wrote them Back and said Dude are you that Pressed to GET me. They stopped and I Blocked their numbers.. given time they’ll text me again.

  58. name michelle parker she seem very nice when chatting about the winning prize money of the sum 800,000,00 and I’m surprise I haven’t go to a lottery or something just right after that I ddnt even reply any from her

  59. This is the 2nd message on FB from the same person. I’ve never talked to her before, but I think her account is hacked or fake.
    "Good to hear from you, I have been trying to contact you on here.Have you gotten any notification on facebook from Agent Rita Frazier?"
    "She is the director of Dcsocial facebook promotion. which are doing promotion with facebook 10years program.
    She contacted my facebook page. I responded and I got money delivered to my front door. I saw your name too on the win list."

    Luckily, I research and look things up online and could smell SCAM on this one! I don’t know how many people have fallen for this, but I won’t….

  60. Irina Fonseca

    Here goes a complete text of a message I ´ve got:

    hi Facebook user,

    This message is coming to you from the authority of the Facebook Incorporation United States.

    We are pleased to notify you that you have won $5,000,000 (Five million dollars) star prize from the just concluded Facebook promotion of the first quarter of the year.The Facebook Company is promoting its network services and giving out monetary prizes to their loyal subscribers for their good patronage and helping to make Facebook one of the best social networks around the world today.

    The Facebook is also using the opportunity to enjoin other subscribers to sign up for a free account on Facebook a free Facebook account for a chance to win a prize in the subsequent promotion.

    This promotion is regularly held online without prior notice to the Facebook users but the winners will be notified after being selected for the prize. The motive of giving out the prize is to support Facebook users financially and to also encourage them to be good follows of Facebook.

    The accolades and support we have received from Facebook followers from these 12 years of Facebook existence cannot be over emphasized.
    So the Facebook Company is primarily giving back to the people what they have given to us for their support and encouragement through all this years of our service to humanity. We cannot say ‘THANK YOU" enough

    You will be receiving your prize money from the Facebook Chief Financial officer,Mr David Wehner.

    Please do not reply to this email. You will be receiving the prize money from the Facebook Chief Financial officer,Mr David Wehner.To receive the prize, kindly forward Mr David Wehner your personal information including:

    1.Full names…………………………………..
    7.Telephone number…………………………………….

    Kindly send the above requested information to Mr. David Wehner via email at david.wehner@fb-groups.com for his onward processing of the claims of your prize money.

    Mr. David Wehner after due receipt and clarification of your information will inform you of the necessarily steps to remitting the fund to you.

    Please be guaranteed that your data is safe and secured with Facebook as the Facebook already have it in our data base but only needed this confirmation from you so as to ascertain that you are the real beneficiary and winner of the prize to avoid double claims

    Thank you for being a part of Facebook family and congratulations once again on your winning.


    Shearil Sandberg
    Chief Operating Officer
    Facebook Inc Headquarters
    Menlo Park, California, United States
    Facebook Groups © 2018

  61. scam started with stranger(Bernice C.) trying to friend me on FB I even saw 2 mutual friends on their page they then contacted me through messenger asking had I heard about DHHS and WCAB I responded no they then said it was a special program for those needing monetary help some type of grant called catotheclaimagent.com through facebook then they proceeded tell me they saw my name on the winners list and they had received 100k and had I got mine? RED FLAG well first off I never applied for any type of grant so I hope this helps someone I was always thought you don’t get something for nothing hope Mark Zuckerburg will do something about these predators

  62. Nancy Allen Fake

    Here is the latest scammer, calling herself Nancy Allen:

    "My name is Nancy Allen I work for Federal Government department of Workers Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) and Department of Health & Human Service (DHHS) ,We remember your Screen name on our list here and your money is available for you to claim, Let me know if you ready to claim the money."

  63. offecer "Daniel Fishier" 48 years old, perhaps a pseudonym, letting Nigeria send money using Western Union.
    Rwceiver: Enakpoya (Tejiri) Precious, Diamond Okiemute, Karen Krambeck, Donald Kranbeck, Heren Happy.
    Other gmail, judge Robertson 47 (Upton) .nato leave service.justincole22 ?. Daniel is used properly.
    Daienl is in Hangouts app with FB turned off.
    Transfer damage $ 10000
    "I know it because I’m in love with you and we would get married
    Just send the $ 100 tomorrow so that we can get married together
    I would send you ever my evidence when you send the $ 100 "
    But I will not hand it over to parcels and reply to messages.

  64. Clues to fakes I discovered:
    1) When people ask for money to get money. 2) Explain you won however they ask for information – your a stranger to them. Therefore do not know you. 3) Claim to be someone who does not work there. Use the same as real business however picture does not match. Business does not exist. And several more things.

  65. Christina Rollins

    I don’t know what to do I I keep telling them scammer to stop they come back with different phone number asking for money the frist one ask for 425 dollars and the scound one ask for 275 dollars I also told them to stop he sent pictures of a badge and a picture of someone who won to try to make me believe it was not a scam but it is a scam they will do anything to try to get money out of you you ask for your information then come back how do you want to do your winnings in check cash atm card or direct deposit then when you say check they come back saying that they are the fedex wanting money to delivery your winnings

  66. I am getting texts from the Facebook lottery scam in my texts on my phone and don’t even have a Facebook account. They are coming from the number 646-883-2082 supposedly from Mark Zuckerberg. There is no place to report this if you don’t have a FB account.

  67. Beware of a fuckin Jon Alan Simoncic adding you on Facebook then after a while telling you that you won a large sum of money and you need to contact an agent called Caroline Racheal to redeem your winnings (for a fee, using Western Union). Don’t be stupid people, THERE IS NO SUCH THING. Block these idiots.

  68. I’ve got one this morning, saying I won a Nissan with the Facebook lottery. Here is the message:

    Your facebook profile has won the sum of $150,000.00 and a 2015 model nissan trucks
    This is real and legit because the federal government in conjunction with IMF and world bank know about this. The winnings will be delivered by cash to you in 24hrs as soon as the information required are
    duly filled and satisfactory Before you answer the below questions:

    they asked for all my personal details and then another idiot sent me a different message:

    Hello this is agent Gillermo Hernandez from the facebook international lottery
    How may I help you??

  69. I received is like that "Dear Respected Sir/Madam,

    Your facebook account has been selected as one of the lucky winners of Nine Hundred Thousand US dollars $ 950,000
    from the 2017 facebook users award sponsored by facebook CEO Mr Mark Zuckerberg ,
    but the amount of money that was awarded to you is still tagged unclaimed and we advice you to contact the
    facebook’ award office now to claim your gift before deadline.

    The news of this award can be found in the abc News and some local News papers in US.
    We contacted you here because this is the email you registered with facebook.

    To receive your award, you must contact the
    award office immediately and forward the following information to them;

    1. Your Full name 2. address/country: 3. Phone: 4. Sex :5. Age :6. Occupation :

    You should contact award office with the email address below;

    Once your details has been received your award will be processed and your
    money will be sent to you.

    Madam Sheryl Sanberg,
    operating officer,
    Palo Alto, US.

  70. Suzy Walters

    Now she is using the Suzy Walters name. She claimes to be from the Facebook HQ Be careful, she says there was an online draw at Facebook and you won $500,000.00. Says that the draw ‘was taken by the Facebook Pool Authority’ and there were 12 winners LOL. She also sends you fake pictures of past winners and bogus claim batch numbers….

  71. People, people….Open your EYES! Every one of your posts below describe SCAMS! These are ALL SCAMS!! No one, not a single one of us, get something for nothing. At first they want just a "small fee". They will say it will be delivered on XX/XX/XXXX. Then they’ll contact you saying they ran into a problem…. the IRS wants the taxes paid, the shipping costs just went up, they had to switch to a private courier, or 101 other reasons they got "delayed" and for every "delay" they ask you for more and More and MORE money!! A distant relative of mine, in her late 80’s was scammed this way and they ended up taking her, and her deceased husbands entire life’ savings. She even lost her house to foreclosure because they convinced her to send them the money she was paying for her house payment, because after all, she WAS winning SO MUCH money that she could just buy a newer, better house with her winnings!! They lied and lied to her and she NEVER got one cent from them!! Don’t be naive people!! If it sounds too good to be true, you KNOW it’s a scam!!

  72. I received a very disturbing email saying this person going to put videos and foto’s of me on the web where I was doing certain things that’s quite private to me and that I did not do. What’s more this person wanted me to pay bidcoin over to an account otherwise they put these disturbing videos and photos on the Webb. What type of nonsense is this and this be some kind of scam or something and it comes from a Hannah King, please watch out for something like that. I also found that my video call was running for 12 hours from last night. So someone was watching me or doing something while I was sleeping. This very crazy

  73. beware of this guy claiming to be a Facebook employee telling you that you won a facebook lottery:

    Name Hammond Mosaka
    Email. facebooksocialpromo@gmail.com
    Ph No. 27629882259
    Bank Name Capitec
    Account Holder H Mosaka
    Branch Code 470010

    I keep getting emails from Facebook that I have won 100.000 Thousand
    U S Dollars but before they will send this to me I must send them nearly 4 Thousand
    Dollars for them To release it .

  74. I was contacted by this person via messenger on fb.

    My name is Janice Ann Reiner from the Facebook headquarters based in the USA, I am a Facebook Online Coordinator

    Before I proceed have you been contacted by any of our Agent concerning your Facebook account ?

    I am Authorized to contact you by Mr Mark Zuckerberg the Founder and the CEO of Facebook

    I am contacting you because I have a good news for you from Facebook

    You will need to be truthful and abide by the rules and regulation given to you cause,I want you to know that this is 100% real and legitimate..

  75. Priscilla Brown

    A Teresa Townsend just contacted me via messenger saying she was a Facebook promo employee and said I was the winner of 600,000.000 and a brand new jeep what’s going on really

  76. Got the Jennifer Goosen and Sheryl Sanberg fake ones, too. Here are the phone numbers that they used 650-242-5326 and 650-900-5903.

  77. I had been contacted by a lady saying I won 96 million. It’s a beautiful number yes but it sucks to know it’s a fraud
    She claims to be from the powerball mega millions and I was selected on fb. She did say in order to deliver this legit claim, I send just 80 bucks
    This company is supposed to be a private lotto for fb. And so I saw the other contact on there and asked him if he’s got contacted and he said yes he did, he went out and paid 60bucks for his 4 million he claims it really happened. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/andreapowell567

  78. Ive been contacted by. A Jerry Allen saying hes an online claiming agent that was told too contact me and tell me facebook had gave me 200,000,00 and that i had to pay 1000.00 to mail and ship it….a lady contacted me and said she would pay $800.00 for me out the blue and also kept demanding that i needed to pay some now and.. here is his page: https://www.facebook.com/Facebukagent

  79. Was contacted by an older lady that also said she was a fb claim agent and was I aware tgat I had been selected to win a large sum of money. Her name is Lorraine Fit. Yesterday there were no photos of others on the page. Today there are about 4 photos with others receiving checks for $600k, $900k, etc. Please catch these lying thieves!

  80. I know it’s a scam..I have been cheated out of 1950.00 dollars…and that’s the gods truth.i wss told I had won 660.000 dollars…then a woman by the name of wanita.L.Eisenhower hacked my phone and stole my email address and scammed me for 1000.00 dollars.

  81. then i got put in touch with a lady called
    drak mopp vero
    I got contacted by 3 different account holders on fb
    the first guy was a guy called philip scott

    once i said i didn t beleive him
    he put me on to mark z berg himself

    Z Berg
    Chat conversation start

    You’re friends on Facebook
    CEO at Facebook
    Lives in Menlo Park, California

    You accepted Mark’s request.

    It a pleasure to chat blessed users I am CEO Mark Zuckerberg the director of facebook Inc .
    do you ever give out free promationl business postings?
    I run 2 not for profit little one man enviromential organsiations.

    YES I do ! And there are some agent assigned by me to carry on the promotional program which your profile is luckily to be among .
    its bushscraft-scotland
    and greenman gardening
    how do i know its really you?
    i find it hard to beleive

    Hold on !
    You should have get in contact with your claim agent Mr Phillip Scott .
    philip scott was wanting money from me?

    I did not sent anyone to take just your money and never give you your winnings prize money okay

    The Platform going on is to show a sign of appreciation to our valuable Facebook users using Facebook with their families and loved ones and making Facebook their number one choice.This is to promote Some of my Facebook users that take Facebook Inc as their best social media communication to participate in the promotional platform going on for 2018/2019 sector.
    so whats the deal then?

    Therefore , This platform is shared into a different sections according to choice,wants , demand and pocket.these are the raffle down noted plan for the promotion platform :

    1) you pay $500 to get ($50,000,00)USD

    2) you pay $1000 to get ($100,000,00)USD

    3) you pay $1500 to get ($150,000,00)USD

    4) you pay $2500 to get ($250,000,00)USD

    5) you pay $5000 to get ($500,000,00)USD

    6) you pay $10,000 to get ($1000,000,00)USD

    ** You are to choose your preferable choice of plan **

    NOTE : If anyone give you any other Platform plan rather this please don’t deal with him or her .
    I am not paying money up front!

    Note : protect yourself safely from David Graham and Joyce and other imposters trying to claim to be a my Facebook agent to scam people and steal their money and winnings prize money away be careful . I have share a Facebook VIP code to every of my Facebook agent to prove them as a right agent of Facebook let them give you when you ask before dealing with anyone
    its not a win if i have to pay bup front!
    up front

    Dear Honorable winner we want you to know that this program occurs once in three years,Be rest assured that your winnings is 100% Real and Legal this is Non-Governmental Organization’s (NGO) in other to reduce the rate of poverty and increase good standard of living to the world entirely.All you have to do is to follow the given step laid down to you here to avoid any form of mistake that may lead to wrong claim,So if you are ready to claim yours can get back to Mr Phillip Scott .
    if it was real you give the winnings away for free
    not have to pay up front
    so if its a real winning give it to me for free

    Okay let me see your preferred choice ?
    Choose above ?
    1000,000 usd

    Okay Good ! You can go back to your claim agent Philip scott to complete your winnings prize money process for a proper claiming .
    Tell him I said he should continue the processing with you okay .
    will i have to pay tne percent?

    Do not pay the ? okay I will help for that just tell him from me and after your winnings prize has been checked up , it’s will have to be delivered by Cash through a courier service company FedEx courier service company . Just go back to your claim agent Philip scott and tell him I said so okay
    i beleive it when i see it
    philip isn t availble to me
    do you have a another agent i can deal with?

    Hold on

    Okay I have sent for Miss Drake Mop Vero my trusted and reliable agent
    Chat conversation end
    Type a message…
    You’re friends on Facebook
    Works at Facebook
    Lives in Menlo Park, California

    You accepted Drake’s request.

    I am delighted to add you and direct you through the final claiming of your winnings prize money of a sum of 1M Dollars which is stated by the CEO Mark zuckerberg . I hope I am in contact with the right ownership of this winnings prize?

    Your Winning certificate have been approved by the Facebook CEO (Mark Zuckerberg) and your winning fund is now fully ready to be claimed.
    what next

    Good News your Cash money and all relevant DOCUMENT has been completed and ready for delivery

    You will have to provide the necessary information below for the delivery of your cash and other relevant document :

    Full Name:
    Contact Address:
    Mobile Number:
    Email address:
    Its gavin mitchell
    7 howes brae
    nr biggar
    scottish borders
    ml12 6fa
    mobile no
    e mail

    Okay,Please hold on,while I have your reply forward to the Delivery Department,In order to have your Cash Processed and ready for Delivery.Thanks

    While you wait you are to answer some question concerning Facebook to verify and to be sure that we are pleasing and satisfying all our Facebook users who are all over the world…

    1) Have you been harassed on Facebook?

    2)Are we satisfying you with our service?

    3) Can you Please score our service out of 100%?
    1 no
    2.i think it might be helpfull if you gave out some free promational stuff to business now and again.

    Thank you we do appreciate and we are grateful for your answers.
    3.about 70 it would be 100 if you could contact real people for help with issue now and again

    In-case you be contacted by any officer who claims to be a Facebook Claim Agent kindly request of HIM/HER the Facebook Agent Secret Code which is :

    they claim to get the prise you need to pay fed ex

    $300 dollars

    does any body know if this is a scam?


  82. I just had someone called Jake Tapper try to scam me in Facebook, apparently he is a representative of Samsung and he contacted me saying that I had won $800,000.00 in a some kind of promotion, and he wants me to pay $750.00 in order for me to have the prize money delivered to my home, that sounds like a scam to me, just tried a few times to copy all his comments to here so you can see for yourselves but it keeps coming up as a link to a youtube video, anyway I’ve reported it as spam.

  83. I got the msg first that u won facebook award if 40000 united state dollers and given me a mail and told to fill my full detail what should I do plz reply me

  84. Diana Dale Sowdagar contacted me saying i had won $750,000 along with 5 other people from facebook and she worked for facebook had her picture and everything she was from tenn. gave me a E mail add. FOR FedEx FedExshippingservice1@hotmail.com FedEx …..Wanted me to paysome dude ? wouldnt you pay FedEx?……..8ZmiYLui

  85. Had someone Messer me by the name of Patrick he said he was the coordinator I was one of 5winners of $500dollards his number is 16503837851 my number is 2168586067

  86. Elizabeth Harrison

    I was authorized to contact you by the Facebook CEO Mr Mark Zuckerberg and he told me to pass to you some good news about your Facebook Account…

  87. Here is another scammer, beware!
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  88. I got contacted from someone that said they was with facebook and they told me i won your lotto. is it real and did i win ?

  89. I have been getting messenger messages fron Susan Desmond who supposedly works for Facebook and the government and her group of agents including a Phyllis Greene in Florida, and a Wellsfargo employee named O?aoluwa D. Alabi Houston TX acct number7y59690726. Although I was taken for $1,500.00 They then began to ask for $8,500.00 to get my $100,000.00 prize money. Somehow they got into my friends messenger acct. and impersonated her so they could encourage me every step of the way. Ialso have the address of Phyllis Greene in FL that received my $1,500.00. If you want to contact me please use Ann.oman@comcast.net.

  90. James E. Dalcero & Kim Popock just tried to scam me for $301 on a $500,000 Facebook Cash giveaway. There names are on Facebook. Please prosecute these scums!

  91. Jewelene Parkins

    Yes I was messaged buy 2 DIFFRENT people saying o won 1st Sandburg Frances 2nd Mary Garry . Scam are not???

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  93. Hollie Richman

    I received an email today march 29 2017 from the facebook team & Mr. Mark Z founder of fb. It says I won 650,000 lottery from Facebook.I believe it also said Mark hand picked this winning number… Beware.

  94. Beware, the latest names they are using for this scam are: Patsy Watkins, Kristy Allison Lordo, Mary Markus, Micheal Buddy, Laricia Anna, Linda Joe and Richard Wilson.
    They all cleim to be Facebook agents living in Menlo Park, California. Watch out, don’t believe their lies and don’t pay for any fee!!!

  95. Nadeem muhammd Riaz raja

    Hi I have received many emails and I asked all Agents who are messaging me for my win on lottery promotion .they all are on Facebook online they confirming me as winner I don’t know how can they contact me as federal agent plz take action against them all they are still on with me.thankyou

  96. hello i received one massage about win $200.000.00 dollar its true and he tall me about every thing where i live so tell is thats true or not

  97. Sabrina Pendleton

    My fiancé Danny Carl Ashby Jr. Is on messenger right now with a woman called Julie Moyer staff reporter at Facebook HQ stating that he won 600,00 dalors from the Facebook World Lottery showing him photos and videos and certificates and now asking for a fee please someone stop her he still on with her

  98. I also received today that kind of message that I won 750.000.00 dollars the sum of 37 million in the Philippines, it says it’s from the 10th anniversary of FACEBOOK but I searched that the 10th anniversary of FACEBOOK was on 2014, lets us search before we believe in this kind of message.

  99. Dirk Arvid Bouman

    i am contaxtit by 5 differnt site how saying the Mark E Zuckerberg , and saying i won 500.000.00! but must pay fee from 300 dollars! have not paying anything ,,,,so whats true from this??

  100. Got a friend request and it was a Tina Hoffmann telling me I won and will deliver by diplomatic Officer John Mckechine . this is $650,000 And they can send it FEDEX The cost is high to send it too me – 550 1day 450 2day 400.00 3 day … on a FedEx Express Logo

  101. shivkant bhardwaj inld

    My name is in the facebook winners list……but i didn’t get my money till now……sir when i will get my winning money….?

  102. Here is another scam, coming as a promotion:

    Every Nigerian needs this, it’s members to members helping community.
    When you register, you will need to donate the sum of N6,000 ($20) to a fellow member, and he will then confirm your donation and then the system (johnson) will put 5 other registered people under you from spillovers who will also pay you N6,000 each, into your bank account, making N30,000. You can also bring people to register under you if you can’t wait for the system to do it for you.
    After having 5 people under you, you can now updrade to Grade 2, which you will also need to pay N12,000 ($40) from your N30,000 to a Grade 2 upline member and now you don’t need to worry on how to get people in this level…,the system will bring 25 persons under you who will pay you N12,000 each making N300,000…
    You can now upgrade to Grade 3 by paying N24,000 ($80) to a Grade 3 upline member and the system will bring 125 persons under you who will pay you N24,000 each making N3million…you can make the grade 2 earnings within 12 days of joining and it continues to other higher Grades up to Grade 10, That’s how it works.
    Don’t worry the system will bring you the 5 Downlines that will donate to you via spillovers.
    All donations are made direct to your bank account.

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  103. Charmaine makawe

    How many times do u have to report or block someone on fb for being a scam before you do anything about it, i done it enough times that this person comes bak with their name altered or different photo and changed email but still they are able to get b as ck on fb and messenger and try to scam again please help me this person is ruining my marriage of 31yrs.

  104. I got msg on 12 December claim your winning amount email 500000 euro’s but this amount yet n o.j. t be transferred in my account SBI bank 33459528070

  105. my profile has been selected December lucky draws i think that is joke because my prize or certification not receiving


    A NIGERIAN woman was recently sentenced to 27 years in prison for stealing the identities of nursing home patients in the united state. and using their information to apply online for about half a million dollars in fraudulent tax refunds from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

    The IRS has reported a significant increase in identity theft-related tax refund fraud over the past several years. This type of crime is perceived by criminals and organized criminal enterprises as relatively easy, seemingly low-risk, and, ultimately, pure profit which can be used to fund other criminal activities—like drug trafficking, money laundering, public corruption, or even terrorism.


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    (2) get your credit card back in order with your own security.
    (3) we can make sure you account highly secure and block from any fraudulent party.
    (4) we can also secure your system and your phone from bad hackers.
    (5) secure your ssn
    And after all this is done then you are totally free to do anything you like and also a free citizen , so if you have any problem with all this message us back that you. you can reach us here so we can take the next step of helping you.

  107. Lmao…My mom just got a message from a Dennis Smith saying she won 900,000.00 dollars and a brand new car. I asked the guy for proof he’s legit and he sent me a picture with his name that said fb i.d and a bar code. I scanned the code with my phone’s camera and it took me to a fake mark zuckerberg page named Mark E. Which is a fake account. Why would the creator of Facebook have 2 Facebook accounts?

  108. Was contacting my a fb friend but a weird name gregory ezell… My dumb self gave him my address and email!!!

    He told me I won fb lottery 180,000 after I gave him my address and email he said he will get back with me its been a hour .. And he has no responded I reported… Now I don’t know what’s going to happen.

  109. I was just on Facebook and a pop up came up from Vodafone and Facebook saying I have won a million dollars. Yeah right. Turns out I have to pay $1 for 80 free spins to win the million dollars all I have to do is enter my credit card details , which Of corse I have not done . Could you look into this scam if not reported yet. Thank you Cathy New Zealand

  110. Carter M Burnet

    David Chris
    June 18 ·
    Grants is the federal government’s online application system. It provides one central portal where organizations and individuals can electronically find and apply for grants throughout the federal government. Grants is THE single access point for over 1,000 grant programs offered by the 26 federal agencies that make grants.

  111. I was asdvised I had won $220,000 by Mr. Arnold Steven Millman and I sent him about $2,500 fees. Subsequently I contacted Mr. Barry Smith telling me in his response that I had won Ticket Number (80776005451789) Ref: 551256600224, Serial #3451907. Is any of his response true? Said I had to respond on how I wanted my funds, sent me a copy of a certificatae and tole me to no longer deal with Millman. I would chose Option C if he is legitimate. Left me no way to respond though. Please let me know. I’m going crazy trying to figure out what to do or what not to do. Thank you very much.


    thank you.. ow about Ms. Maria Davies scam and the bank draft issue even their existing account in facebook of senders?

  113. I also got one but it’s from my own friend on facebook his name MIKE JERSEY he also sent me saying that I won and the other person witch they have a number from text free account her name Lola Aderson

  114. Lalesh Kumar Tarme

    Sir I was Recieve this message in my gmail id i had been All Total Document Complete Send the RBI BANK IN DELHI.. HE Say to me you Are pay the Processing charg amount 5000 and other charg total charge amount 2500.00 paid in RBI BANK IN DELHI THEN YOU WILL be process continue , SIR I I am Student ,I Am Not paid 2500.00 in RBI BANK DELHI , I HAVE NO MONEY SIR. THEN RBI BANK WAS CLOSE THIS MY FORM

    Facebook Charity Award Office, 22 Ganton Street, London, W1F 7B United Kingdom. Tell: (+44)7937429559 Fax: (+44) 7937429559 Visit Us At: http://www.facebook.com
    Dear Award winner, Winning Reference Number: FB-WIN-XPWISA79822 File Number: FB-255/647/2016 Good to hear from you regarding your Facebook Inc.® Lucky Charity Award Payment. My Name is (Dr.) Brandon Williams (Asia Zonal Co-ordinator) Facebook Inc.®Lucky Charity Award. On behalf of the CEO/Founder of Facebook Inc.® We wish announce to you and congratulate you on the award of (£750,000.00 GBP (Seven Hundred And Fifty Thousand Great British pounds Only) & SAMSUNG GALAXY S5, (WITH 16GB) Cash price in the Facebook Inc.® 11th Anniversary Lucky Charity Award, as organized by the Facebook
    Inc.®, held in London, United Kingdom. Celebrating Facebook Inc.®11th Anniversary and reaching 1 Billion Users worldwide. We congratulate you for being one of our lucky winners in the Facebook Inc.® Charity Award. Our winners include both subscribers and non-subscribers of Facebook Inc.®. Social network. The On-line draw was conducted randomly on all active E-mail ID worldwide. We only selected One Hundred And Twenty (120) candidates Per-annually as our winners from each region of the world (America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia) through the On-line Electronic Balloting System. This award fund MUST be claimed by the E-MAIL ID OwnerONLY, within 7 Days from the day of notification. Facebook Inc. ®11th Anniversary Charity Award Department do have the pleasure to officially inform you that you have been dully cleared for payment by the verification department. You will be receiving your winning prize money by a International bank certified DEMAND DRAFT already issued in your NAME. It will be update to you through our affiliate paying bank in your country. You are to Re-Conform your personal details for your payment and send it to Reserve Bank Of Indiavia E-mail;rbi@h.fo DELIVERY CONFIRMATION FORM: 1. Full Names: ……………………………… 2. Address: …………………………………. 3. State: ……………………………………… 4. Age: ……………………………………….. 5. Sex: ………………………………………… 6. Mobile Number: ……….…………… 7. Bank account details: …………………. 8. Country: ………………………………….. 9. Occupation: ……………………………… 10. Nationality: …………………………….. 11. Annual Income………………………. 12. Your Won Amount…………………… DECLARATION: I…………………………………… hereby declare that the above information provided are true and correct for the payment of my Award to my bank account which i will provide as soon as i hear from the bank.
    29-Jul-16https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=55a8b60a3d&view=pt&search=inbox&th=156 …
    You are to send the above information to the RESERVE BANK OF INDIA immediately for your Award Demand Draft, below are the contact details of the the bank. Bank Name:Reserve Bank Of India. Central Office,6, San sad Marg, New Delhi – 110001 E-mail Address: rbi@h.fo
    This is to bring to your notice that you will be receiving your Prize Parcel at your doorstep in India Soon, our management shall be sending a diplomatic delivery agent from UK to India to deliver your Prize Package, Our delivery Diplomat by name, Diplomat MATHEW JOEwill be leaving from England 28/07/2016by 11:45 pmto arrive India On 29/07/2016by 9:30am to Indira Gandhi International Airport NEW DELHI. NOTE: Your prize Demand Draft of £750,000, GBP and your SAMSUNG GALAXY S3, (WITH 16GB) AND ONE H.P LAPTOP , with all relevant documents that will empower you get your winning amount logged in your nominated account with assistance of our delivery diplomat, so he can facilitate payment formalities through the provided customs account in your country, we would have paid the required clearance amount but the custom in your country notified us that the payment must be made by the beneficiary of the prize package and they said the payment must be made from your state of residence to confirm the authenticity of your location. they said is part of their new clearance process. PAYMENT WILL BE DONE ON ARRIVAL OF THE DELIVERY DIPLOMAT (MR. MATHEW JOE) TO YOUR COUNTRY AND HE WILL DIRECT YOU ON HOW TO MAKE THE PAYMENT, YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO GO TO NEW DELHI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, FOR ANY PURPOSE OF RECEIVING YOUR PARCEL, AS WE HAVE ENSURED A HOME DELIVERY SERVICE’S OF PRIZE PARCEL TO YOUR HOME ADDRESS IN ANY PART OF INDIA.YOU ARE TO SEND A SCAN COPY(4×4) PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPH, AND YOUR PHONE NUMBER, Winning Reference Number: FB-WIN-XPWISA79822,TO(MR. MATHEW JOE)ON EMAIL ID (mathewjoe97@gmail.com) Sincerely Yours, Dr. Brandon Willy Williams (Asia Zonal Coordinator) Facebook Inc.® Direct Tell No: +447937429559 Mon-Sat 8:00am-6:00pm (London Time)

    DO ALWAYS CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR FURTHER CLAIMS INSTRUCTIONS!!! —————————— —————————— —————————— —————————– —————————— —————-After 10 years of establishment, Facebook Inc.® is worth over USD $190 Billion with over $1.5 Million workers worldwide making it the best social network ever developed and designed by Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg

  115. Beware of someone called Sandra Teyo claiming to work for Facebookl!!! She says you won $127,000US but you have to pay $127 to get it, for fees!

  116. I received a freind request on Facebook messenger from Joan Williams from Facebook headquarters, giving me a story that I won $350,00.00 grant and after answering questions about me, and getting approved saying they had to verify whom I was, then in order to claim it I had to pay $5,000. I sent back hahaha I’m broke, she instructed me to open a bank in Okl
    Colonial savings bank at 4801 gallardia prkwy #160 okc ok
    73142 with a $100 and to message her when I did. She also solpecified
    When I received the cashiers check to cash it there. Today I called Facebook customer service (from India I think) 1-888-325-3249 and was informed it wasn’t a scam but I had to buy an I-tunes card with $400 then said I could do it with $150 and give them my acct number he gave me and give them the I-tunes code so they can verify its me this all sounds like a scam I regret giving my personal info maybe you can help me. I don’t intend on giving them any money but they need to be shut down

  117. Mr. Jolene nez said I was on a list of winners of $100,000 dollars, but have to pay $400. to receive the money for fees. Like shipping handling. I want to know if this is a scam. before I give them $400, That I can’t afford to lose. I am disable.

  118. Kathleen Rocque

    I received this scam as a friend request via facebook I firstly thought this was ok (just a friend request via facebook and ok because their role stated they worked for facebook).

    I started getting MSN messages, they were casual messages at first, like a friend trying to get to know you. They went onto to say they were an agent for the founder of facebook and that I had been selected has a winner of $500,000. They assigned me some numbers which I was to keep in a safe place. It went on and on I said I would not give out any personal details ie add bank details until I checked that this was legal I am glad that I trusted my instinct this lady was posing as a person called Brandy Louise. If I had gone along with her she said my package would be sent via fedex!!!! before this conversation started I ask how she got to see my profile in the first place and she said it was because she worked at facebook I was doubtful from the beginning because I have had some friend requests and they only contact you via MSN and then try and use it like a dating agency. BIG SCAMMERS.

  119. lalesh kumar tarme

    sir my name is Lalesh kumar tarme from India (Chhattisgarh) mobile no. 9753301845 email id – laleshtarme1992@gmail.com. I have receive the information I won Facebook winer award price 7,500000.00 British currency and sumsung galaxy S5 and laptop. my winer award transfer reserve bank of India .this bank online money transfer charge 10,000 and deposit charge 10,000 and currency charge 5,000 total 25,000 payment by me. but I am unable to payment this amount so please sir help me. and this Facebook winer award is true or wrong/ fraud .please sir and me .because bank officer say told me payment 25000 in reserve bank of India in today so please ans me fast.

  120. prashant yadav

    Facebook 8th anniversary award winners my name I got a massage please asking to me for clearances 24500 rupes in bank you will get money of prize 40700000 rupes its real or fake please tell me..

  121. i was told that my name was on the winning list on f/b the person that told me was Michael tyler he has won and said he saw my name on the list is this true

  122. Gwendolyn Hawkins

    I am being told my name was selected on PCH as this months winner even getting phone call saying this is Dave Sawyers from PCH and I need to send 600.00 in order to receive my prize, how can I find out if this legate or if it is a scam ?

  123. I also received it stated spin now then claim now & again you are our next millionaire,a few weeks ago but later nothing what’s this about.

  124. I wanted to know if this is a scam…a guy named Ronnie Scott said he was from facebook..and I won 2.5 million dollars..Canyou tell me if this is true

  125. Deborah Rogers

    My facebook account was hacked some months ago by some distant relatives who really wanted to monitor the way i live my life. I almost lost control of my account until i met Vlad Bogdan, a Russian hacker who helped me retrieve my account and also helped install a software that prevents further hacking attempts. Now i will be alerted if anyone tempers with my account. His services are fast and legit. Contact him on his email- vladhackworld@gmail.com or Kik- VladTech. congrats in advance.

  126. I’ve got this message.I am delighted to inform you that your Facebook profile name was selected among the lucky people who won the sum of $500,000.00 US Dollars on the Facebook online promo….


    The online draws was conducted by a random selection of emails you were picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the Facebook in other to claim your online Promo program which is a new innovation by Facebook, is aimed at saying a big thank you to all our users for making Facebook their number one means to connect, communicate, relate and hook up with their families and friends over the year.

  127. Chris Wachsmann

    I just got a message saying I had winnings from Facebook by Timothy Phillips Mitchell is he fake or does he really work for Facebook is this a scam

  128. Michael Pickering

    I’ve been a victim of this online scam and have lost over £4,000 pounds
    believing this was genuine paying for bogus delivery fee’s to fake facebook
    agents since being told I’ve won this fake facebook lottery in March this year
    as this lottery isn’t real its just a big scam on Facebook.

  129. adel saad mohamed


    Dear Facebook User,


    Inline with our aim to say A BIG THANK YOU to our Online Users for making Facebook their number one means to Connect, Communicate, Relate and Hookup with their Families, Love Ones and Friends over the years, I wish to sincerely congratulate you, because your Facebook Account won the online draw conducted by a random selection of email in an Advanced Automated Random Computer search.

    The DRAW which was held on the (4TH OF JUNE 2016) by Facebook Inc. selected your Facebook Account attached to Ticket Number (57476084848189) among the 35 Lucky Winners who won US$500,000.00 ( Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) each.

    Kindly contact the Lottery Department via email (facebookwinningclaimdeptagent@gmail.com) for further instructions as regards fund claim. Also signify your interest by providing the following information:


    PHONE NUMBER:0201007128583









    Yours Faithfully,
    Charles Elbert
    Secretary, Promo Coordinator.
    FACEBOOK INC. © 2016.

  130. zaigham aftab

    Posted By:zaigham aftab
    I received a msg from a person name as Tony Browne.He said that you have won $200000 from facebook is itreal?pleasehelp me

  131. Hassan Cheema

    I received a msg from a person name as Tony Browne.He said that you have won $200000 from facbook.Is it real?please help me

  132. christine king

    i have received messages from a susan joyce willaims claiming i have won money ,saying she works for facebook,i have reported her to facebook ,no reply yet

  133. Tammy Pfeifer

    I was told too send 350.00 then said border patrol is holding it and they want another 1500.00 before they can send it I have so many messages saved onto Sim cards text all night really nasty calls because I didn’t have the money there are 6 numbers and people after me what can I do? I block that number and they use a different number. Is this true that I won 600,000.00 and why would border patrol want my money?

  134. I had a friend request sent to me a week or so ago and I have ignored it thus far until tonight. I messaged them asking if we knew each other and what was the reason of the request. Needless to say this person is trying to tell me I am a winner of a large amount of money and that she is a facebook lottery employee. I tried looking up this timeline on my own with out goin thru the friend request but couldn’t find it but I did find an identical account but with a different picture. I thought about messaging the 2nd account to say they were being copied but then thought it was likely the same person. I let this person carry on the conversation via messenger needless to say I got the FBI thing and to end up with they asked me for all my contact details. I have been thinking to make up a pile of rubbish just to waste their time some more but I would be more interested in reporting it to Facebook which believe me is no easy feat. There is no (… More) button on the timeline if I click on the friend request so I’m not sure if I have to accept this idiot first just so I can report her. (I am not doing that!) I have no idea how I can report them to Facebook. Does anyone else know?

  135. It’s May 1st and I was notified by a new friend on Facebook that she was an employee of Facebook. I accepted her friend request because Jessica Harrington looked like a very professional and trustworthy person. But on the other end was someone that didn’t spell right, couldn’t put a sentence together that was grammatically correct nor did they use punctuation or capitalize anything. But they sent me affidavits, and pictures of previous lottery winners. I never really did get excited because frankly I never win anything so if I ever do I will need to get 10 ways and more of proof that I did. I asked them to call and the voice had an India accent, couldn’t speak correctly and obviously never worked in a call center…one of the few. He tried to convince me he was calling on behalf of Harrington, yea they even called themselves Harrington, not Jessica. He told me to trust that this was real and continue sending my name, address, phone number and email address. After which I asked them, how much do you need for a processing fee? He said nothing, no cost. I then just decided to cut it off and told him I wasn’t interested and shut that conversation down. I will advise my friends on Facebook, as now Harrington has access to them via my Facebook and I would hate to see one of them fall for this insanity.

  136. Can you please check this one out for me and let me know if it is a scam . Mick Riek from the Goverment Compensation for helping the community Face Book uses . Private Grant foundation Collobation with IBC imperial invest company . Would you please be able to send me a email about this . They sent me a message to say i won money and are asking for more money. I would be very greatful if you could let me know if this is genuine. Thankyou Jane

  137. I have won 900.00 USD and they said this is the second and last opportunity that I will get to claim in this funds
    they have also given me the claim details with a Batch number, Reference number, winning code

  138. anthony camper

    I was recently contacted by a woman saying that she worked for the claims department at Facebook.she said that i have won a large amount of money.ask me if i could fly out to California a nd get my winnings but i am not supposed to tell anyone about my winnings.what should i do?her name is terri lee trombley

    Timothy Gallagher (timothygallagher1@hotmail.com)
    Edit contact

    To: salfly@hotmail.com Cc: salfly@hotmail.com, facebooklottrywinners2012@gmail.com

    Claremont Tower
    11 Centre Place
    Newark, NJ 07102
    Phone: (973) 792-3000
    Fax: (973) 792-3035

    From the special agent in charge of the criminal division Washington field office.

    Attn: Salome Aguila

    FBI Director James B. Comey named i, Timothy Gallagher as the Special Agent in Charge of the Newark Division. I most recently served as a deputy assistant director in the Criminal Investigative Division.

    Joined the FBI in 1996.I Began my career in the Canton Resident Agency, Cleveland Division, where i investigated all criminal matters, I also served a member of the evidence response team. Throughout my career, I, Mr. Gallagher has held leadership positions in the Criminal Investigative Division, Kansas City Division, Inspection Division, the Washington Field Office, and the Cyber Division.

    I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from St. Peter’s College in New Jersey. Mr. Gallagher will assume this new role at the end of March.
    Madam, it is my pleasure writing you this email and i am glad to be able to have the time to write you today in regards to your facebook lottery claim, kindly note that your winnings is real and you do not have anything to fear or worry about.
    We have mandated the facebook organization to release the winnings two weeks from now or face fine and charges of $2 million USD and return of every fees you have send.
    Madam, kindly do not worry as the CEO of facebook have assured me of the transfer withing two weeks, Kindly cooperate with them and be sure that we are watching your bank.

  140. Richard SALCEDO

    Mark Scott contacted me by message saying that I won. He wants me to send $ 750. Dollars. And that I will received ninety thousands in 7 hours to my address. Is this true.or not true. To whom this my concern. Richard Salcedo

  141. Beware of Rain Joleen Sherena. He has hacked my facebook account and others that I know of. He is supposed to be the manager of powerball. He hacks into your page and contacts all your friends. When he did it to me I started telling everyone what to look out for so he took my email address out and added his own. His is callis0011@outlook.com. I lost my account and don’t intend to open a new one.

  142. My dear friends got one of these notifications and she gave them $1500 and sure enough the ups driver gave her $150,000 in a box. Her bank inspected it and they say it’s true. My name is on that list and I guess I won’t be getting my box because I do not have $1500 for taxes and collectors fee

  143. I was contact by Rain Joleen Sherena who is Manager of powerball. He hacked into my friend facebook account and told me that I have won $390.000.00 but I had to send $890.00 to get it. In the end he took over my page by taking out my email address and adding his own. Now he is pretending to be me.

  144. Dear winner,

    I wish to congratulate you on your victory as one of the Facebook winner in random selection of email address from different email domains.

    In order to grab this award 900,000USD in the shortest period of time, you need to follow up instructions accordingly as stated herein:

    We have two claim procedures; The first is DIRECT PAYMENT while the second is Telegraphic Transfer or bank to bank transfer, as the case maybe.

    -Direct payment, In this option, winners are expected to come to our office here in Washington to sign the Payment Release Order, No fees required but Impersonation is not tolerated. To these effect, winners should send their hotel reservation and flight schedule to enable our protocol officer pick him or her on arrival at the airport.
    Note: Flight expenses and hotel reservations must be secured by the winner.

    -In bank to bank transfer, winners are liable to send their account details, to enable the bank transfer the sum of 900,000USD to your bank account within 48hours. In order to perfect this transfer due to international monetary policy, a Power of Attorney is needed here in USA. This P.O.A will give the bank legal power to remit the said funds to your account without any governmental interposition.

    Kindly choose your best option from the options above to enable us proceed ad send your payment code.
    Yours in service
    Lucas Swat

  145. look man, Im waiting for Dave Sayers This WEEK Because I sent a money Gram for 200 dollars to Margate FL, , Then this DUde named MR. Whitman called me on a blocked number askign for more money for the IRS to have more cash, doesnt it seem awkward that when I recieve a prize that TAxes adn IRS money shall be taken later after I have the Money, i didnt have before. HMMMM. somethings fishy this YEAR. Check this Out. im Waiting on ONE Money Gram completed Ohh Not Another ONE.!!!!!1

  146. Congratulations You Are A Weekly Winner

    " Here Is Your $ 1000 Facebook Gift Card; Urgent shawn,

    The Time Is limited

    We Need Your Shipment Informations

    Open here is what they sent me

  147. May Mi Htet Maung

    I received the message that I won nine hundred and fifty thousand United State Dollars)from Sabrina Jean Hall who is From Facebook Social Organization

  148. Hedrick Alan Roger requested me on facebook last night, I added him this morning and as soon as I did he send me a personal message to my Facebook account. He stated that he is from the Facebook headquarters base in the USA, and that he is a Facebook online coordinator. He also said he contacted me because he had some vital information to pass to me concerning my Facebook account.

    Then he asked me if I had been informed of about my winnings from any of the facebook online coordinators. He apologized for the late announcement and he was delighted to inform me that my Facebook profile name was selected among the lucky people won the sum of $500,000.00 US Dollars on the Facebook online promo. He said the Online draws was conducted by a random selection of e-mails that where picked by an advanced automated random computer search from Facebook. He stated that this was a new innovation by Facebook witch was aimed to say a big thank you to all their users fro marketing Facebook their number 1 means to connect, communicate, relate and hook up with our families and friends over the year. He also send me a picture of what it looks like a few winners holding big checks with Logos of Facebook all around.

    He proceeded by telling me that he wants me to know that my winnings are 100% real and legitimate. And that as a matter of fact, the IRS, BBB, and FBI where fully aware of this on going Lottery Promotions and that they are monitoring and securing my winnings. He said I had to payment options; a diplomatic courier delivery(check delivery) or a diplomatic courier delivery(ATM delivery) I told him that I did not feel comfortable providing my card info and he stated that I will not be providing my card info. that if he was only asking if I wanted my winnings in check for or ATM form? He proceeded saying that my check and some other relevant documents in regards to my winnings will be delivered to me by FedEx courier company. that I was only required to provide my home address, E-mail address, Occupation, and Mobile number. I told him I would get back to him later.

    He was persistent asking when will I have my information ready and that he will be expecting my feedback. I never responded after that. This actually sounded kind of legit, but yet I know the FBI has nothing to do with this and they do not need to know my occupation and mobile number. As good as it sounds is as strange as it felt. I just hope I did the right thing. I am not sure if this was really true or not????????

  149. facebook lucky winner… you choose a prize less then 15 minute….just 3 step behind u…i tried…. but not come 3 steps…its prize are real or fake….just confirm me

  150. Myrna LeClaire

    IDK what to think of it either but Im not stupid enough to send money to get money that’s for sure. this lady Melody Gilbert has been in contact with me several different times wanting me to pay a fee of $320.00 to have this money delivered to my door. Before that it was these two guys trying to get me to send $750.00. they gave me the address: No. 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025 to send the money to, had to be money grammed. She gave me a cell # to contact but couldn’t speak to anyone just tex. As I write this they are trying to get me to send the money…..so I can have it buy this weekend….

  151. Today I was told I won 500,000.00
    On your Facebook lottery and was told I had
    to pay $400.00 by a woman named Ann DY
    Elliston.she gave me the lucky number and ticket number and batch number plus serial number I would like to know if this is a scam.this is addressed. Mark Zuckerberg
    Please write me back and let me know if this is a scam.the lady’s name is Ann DY Elliston.thank you.

  152. I received an email from mary smithberry Stating That Ive won 120.000 USD Via United Nations fund ect Then someone from Alberta Canada emailed me to ask if I won or received the money yet.I said no and she replied with an email with gmail address.Red flag to reply to for more info.I did email them.I received a response two days later.Then Another email from Facebook asking If I had herd from the money people.
    I realized they were working together.Total scam They even tried to use Steve Zukerburgs name and office.

  153. Hi Adriaana, I am from Namibia and also receive a mail like that one for the value of 900 000USD from the Lucas Swat

  154. Kathleen Holliday

    I supossedly won $500,000 in money way back in February thru the Facebook Organization ran by Nickey Hutcheson, Mrs Mobley , and Diplomat Richard Clayton. There has been daily, weekly, texting or Facebook messages from Nickey Hutcheson and Mrs Mibley. Mrs Mobley says she is in charge and they work with the FBI. So they kept sending replies for me to send the processing and delivery fees which they said was $500.00 and now Richard Clayton got caught supossedly by FBI because there was not a Tax Stamp and was never told about that and so now in order to get my money I now need to pay $1500.00 and we don’t have it and it messed us up completely bills wise now. I need my money back . This has devastated us and screwed me up mentally.

  155. Mine is similar to Sharon’s ,they even sent me pictures of winners and keep saying they aren’t out to scam me but I know that a winner should never have to pay fees .this is ridiculous

  156. I am for South Africa and received a email from Facebook<privacy@realtoghe.com> congratulating me in winning 900 000$ in the facebook fiscal year draws held 18th march 2016. including ref number and batch number even a winning ref; the email was sighed by Lucas SWAT FB Regional Representative. Washington D.C 27 Massachusetts avenue Nw. email address swat@christhambers.com. and was sighed by a stamp Mark Scott Facebook Financial Director . there is even a bar code on the "letter" 3073247625. can someone tell me if they received a letter via email like this?

  157. smith r. matie sent me a message that im the winner of facebook electronic raffle draw worth 600,000 usd it is true or not

  158. Was on FB and was instant message from Billie Jean Boykin saying they were FB coordinator from Menlo Park, Calif. and I won $500.000. Scam please check her

  159. Richard Bouchie

    I keep getting a note from Mary Milligan, who claims she is from the FACEBOOK SOCIAL NETWORK OFFICE. She is asking me to send 250.00 to insure a free gift delivery to me for 600,000.00 US dollars. I have repeatedly told her this is a scam, but she insists it is not. Do you have any Mary Milligan working there? And if not how can she be prosecuted for doing this kind of thing to scam people out of 250.00 by using the US Mail to ask for checks to be sent?

    Sincerely, Dick Bouchie

  160. Sharon Stenberg

    I got this scam message from Kenneth Williams Hunter, that I won $600,000 but I need to pay adm and delivery fees upfront

    My name is Kenneth Williams Hunter ,i was authorized to send you
    a friend request from the Facebook C.E.O Mr Mark Elliot Zuckerburg,we
    have a good news for you about your Facebook

    Well, am glad to notify you on behalf of the Facebook Promo Board office that your Facebook Users Name have been selected among the 20 Lucky names in this years Facebook annual lottery promo which is aimed at saying a big thank you to all our customers who have chosen Facebook as there number 1 means of communicating with there friends and families.

    Your name was selected by the Facebook Random Machine among the 20 Listed Names who won the total amount of $600,000.00 United State Dollars from the Facebook Online Lottery Promo.

  161. Hi i am dulal miah
    Me already receive one E-mail in facebook.
    This massaage was warning i am wine facebook lottery.
    This is my winning information
    Below is winning information:
    ? BATCH NUMBER: 6854396709/452FB
    ? REF NUMBER: 990078567
    Please you information me this is real or not.

  162. Got contacted tonight by bumgarna Sharon mins, being on the ball I told her to donate it to one of the many African American charities. She’s not contacted me since lol

  163. I also recently got a message on messenger saying I won 850.ooo dollars I was shown a document with my name and winnings then gave me a email to DHL for delivery purpose with a fee of 500 dollars when I told the lady it was a scam and get a real job she blocked me

  164. I received a message from Roper Dawn Michelle at 12:30 pm today, Oct 26 201500000 in a random lottery drawing. I was shown pictures of previous winners holding checks, an official looking certificate from Facebook, and even a check made out to me for $500,000.00.In the end, 3 hours later, she asked me for a $250 delivery fee.I told her to deduct it from my winnings and just send me a check for $499,750. She said that was impossible and I would have to pay the $250 up front in order to collect my winnings. Among other things, I told her to go f**k herself!

  165. I just got a Messanger Message from a friend saying they won $200,000 dollars and all they had to do was pay $2000 on the New Year Facebook Promo. My friend did not write in correct English which is really abnormal. She gave me a link to click on https://www.facebook.com/profile.php? id-100010510267774 for John Anthony Ford He asked for my name, address, age, birth date, sex, hearing or hard hearing, email, phone number, monthly income, profession, do you own credit card or debit, and monthly income I answered all the questions and said I do not own a credit card or debit card and had no monthly income. He said You are not very honest. Then I get to choose $150,000 and pay 1500, with amount up to winning $500,000 and paying $5000
    Is this the same scam?

  166. Hello how are you doing today
    Tk, quite well. How ’bout u?
    That seems a formula I use but I never can escape it smile emoticon

    Well am pretty doing good hope you are all doing good?I’m everlena jackson from Facebook office and i have a vital information for you from our office
    Does that mean I’ll have to close down my page? Well I’m ready smile emoticon
    It is about time… hehe
    Anyway, u know, everything I put down here is just fun and fun, nothing serious


    Have any of our online agent informed you about the Face-book lottery splash promo 2015?

    Well am pleased to inform you about the online Facebook promo that was organized by C.E.O of Facebook and all Facebook officials The online draw was conducted by a random selection of Facebook Profiles by an automated machine, then your name was selected for the draw
    Oh well, what’s the next to do about it?

    Have you heard from our office that you are the 2nd grand prize winner for this year ongoing Facebook Promo?
    Oh wow, I never even fancy there’s such a prize

    This is a way the Facebook is using to say a very BIG THANK YOU to all our users for making Facebook their number 1 means of communicating with their friends, co-workers and loved ones
    If so, how can I get it?
    How can I claim it? Isn’t Facebook going to send it directly to my home?


    before we proceed on the claim you are to provide some vital information about yourself



    Where will I send the form to?

    Send it here as message okay

    Write it here and send
    Chat Conversation End
    Sent from Mobile

  167. I received an email from this woman claiming to be a FB online claim agent? no mutual friend whatsoever… very suspicious!

  168. Was contacted by a woman named Betty Ann Smith claiming I had won $500,000. Using the about claim. I was fool enough to hope this was not a scam. I corresponded with her for over a week, she claim my winnings were being held in Dallas by the custom officers because of the size of the winnings. She sent pictures of the package, the FedEx plane, other winners, and even told me if I didn’t come up with the $550 balance, the only way the package of winnings could be returned was for Mark Zuckerberg to retrieve it himself and that would cause her to be demoted and fined $250. I have never seen such an organized scam. How sad these people aren’t caught. They prey on the innocent. I fell for it, wanting something for nothing as my Dad would have told me. I still get emails from this woman telling me not to give up she is still working on getting "my winnings" released. She even sent me a picture of the certificate awarding me the prize. What a mess. Wish I had found this site prior to my being scammed.

  169. A woman named Dawn requested a friend conformation, than said I won $5000.00 from Facebook lottery, she said she would send Fed. Express to my door.I would have to pay $200.00 for the cost of insurance, and a document. When I said I only had$80.00 in my acct.until Nov.3rd, she told me to borrow it. She also wanted me to send the80.00. My daughter says it’s a scam. She didn’t ask me for a bank acct. #, but she asked me to send a picture of my licence for ID purposes. Have I’ve beefed scammed?

  170. RE: Award
    Facebook Award (charleysimon@outlook.com) Adicionar aos contatos 14:39 Manter esta mensagem na parte superior de sua caixa de entrada
    Para: Helio Rocha Fachel Chaves Vieira
    Good Day,

    Facebook Management would like to inform you that you’ve been awarded 280,000 USD in this months facebook award program. Your facebook account was sourced from our database after which an electronic ballot was held. Your facebook account emerged as on of the winners for an instant cash award of 280,000 USD.

    * How to Claim:
    In order to establish your claim on this award, you should immediately provide the following details

    Full Names:
    Marital Status:

  171. Jayasheel shetty

    I need some information
    Am Indian I get one news facebook charity 10th universsary award 2.68 crores Indian money. This is true ya false I need answer imidiatly.he told my parcel now hold on Indian customs so clearance wants some money 1350us dollars .so can I send money this is true. Plz plz answer needed mast.regards

  172. Was contacted by a lady called Betty Scroggins via e-mail to tell me I had won $950thousand dollars. Can you verify this please. Thank you. Rebecca OBrae.

  173. Heatherbradbury

    Today 21/10/2015 got messages off a lady called amaro victoria sending me pictures of past winners saying id won 950000000 dollors lol asking for my address and email and phone number another scam

  174. I just recvd a friend from a Katy D Mills, said she works for fb an was advised by the CEO to contact me.. Her profile said she works for fb in Menlo park CA…Same scam beware

  175. rhonda myers-erskine

    On October 19,2015 I was contacted on messenger from a woman named Helen haws saying she was a account manager at Facebook and out of fifteen people picked I won 150000 and all I had to do was give her my name.phone.address.and email..beware

    1601, WILLOW ROAD,


    This is to congratulate you on emerging the 2nd prize winner of $1million U.S Dollars & iPhone 6s apple product cell Phone, in our Facebook Users and Customers award for 2015. Your ticket number 50941465206-529, with serial number 5772-54, lucky draw numbers 17-28-35-44 and consequently won in the 2nd Category

    Fill the form immediately for the release of your cash prize from our HQ California. Write your NAME AS IT WILL APPEAR ON THE CHEQUE
    E-mail To : facebook.usadeptofawards@usa.com

    NAME: …………………………………………..
    DATE OF BIRTH: ……………………………
    GENDER: ……………………………
    OCCUPATION: ………..
    COUNTRY: ……………………..

    NOTE: For easy reference and identification, find below your reference and Batch numbers. Remember to quote these numbers in every of your correspondence with your claims agent.
    REFERENCE NUMBER: LSLUS/2031/8161/15
    BATCH NUMBER: 15/011/IPD

  177. rachel fernandez

    Hi I’m Rachel Fernandez I also was messeged by a carol jane mcneely she claimed to work as a claim agent for Facebook she says my name was picked by head CEO says my namewas picked on Oct.5th 2015 says I won $650,000,00 but had to pay two hundred western union to a Richard ? Who works for fed ex once I paid I will received my money ..she sent me a winning certificate and a Facebook list of all winners she sent different me photos of Facebook lottery and told me not to tellj anyone ..so no one would distract me ..she still is calling me ..but I knew it wasn’t true .that’s why she keeps calling she thinks I’m gonna send them the two hundred ..hell no this bitch a scamming me .but seriously something has to be done to catch these fake scamers

  178. I received a message from a lady named Beth Smith saying I won 500thousand dollars but that i have to pay a UPS fee of 250 to 300 dollars to get my money sent to me. She’s very presisant. She says she’s a Facebook online coordinateorm

  179. I have encounter the same face book you have won 50000 us dollars.the name of the person:Martin Andrea Rachelle
    FedeX agent.David Lincoln.email: agent_David.lincoln@deliveryman.com.to dispatch my winnings they want moneygram.The woman asked for Facebook friend which I obliged….but I had many indicators that she was a fraud and scamste and mentioned this…they are waiting for the payment today!! How do I get rid of them,she is on messenge,Facebook and David linked in.Help

  180. I got a message on Facebook messenger from a lady named Tammy M. Stabbed claiming to be the claims processor for the company. She stated I won 500,000.00 from a random drawing. She gave me a number of 512-815-2391 to call Fed-Ex so they would deliver my check after I payed the insurance and fee on my winnings and it would be overnighted to me. I called that number, it’s an Austin Texas Google number, not Fed-Ex. I called Facebook and Fed-Ex and they both said it was a scam. I reported it to the Federal trades commission and the Texas attorney generals office. DON’T fall for this it’s a big scam!!!

  181. William A. Dlubak

    I just ecieved a message from Deangelis Deangelis claimig I won 800 thousand dollars. She said to moneygram 150.00 to a Rebecca Ann Todd in Pontotoc Missippi! She claimed this is not a scam! She said God snt me a blessing! She said to send it at 1;00 pm tomorrow, sounded so official. She sad I and 25 others won. I am sure its a scam!

  182. I got a email from Sue Whitaker she was acting like a Facebook claim agent I won a random email pick so I would win 500,000.00 dollars if I could get to Facebook hq in California. I told her I can’t cause I don’t have that kind of money to get there. So she said 350.00 dollars to delivery to my address

  183. I just recently got a message from a lady saying she works for Facebook claiming that i won 600,000.00. And wants me to send 560.00 and get the money in 12hrs. I would like to know if this IS a scam she told me not to tell anyone. Her name is Rats Barbara King.

  184. yesturdau i got a messege from my gmail. in this mail they send the winning prizess parcel picture and they are asking the money for delevary charges 22,500 rupees i have a one dout really it is true are false i cant find out, so plese help me some once to me

  185. One of the typical emails that ends up automatically in my spam folder:

    Congratulation you won £750.000.00 GBP in the ongoing FACEBOOK PROMO 11TH ANNIVERSARY.

    Please contact claims officer. Frank Edwards on Email: frank.edwards@vfemail.net and Mobile: +447937447773, for more details with your Ref No (FB11/75011/15) and Serial Number (519034126).

    Vivian Woodgate.
    Copyright © 2015

  186. I received a message this morning at 5:45 a.m. from a woman who said she was a facebook claiming agent at Facebook HQ. Now she is supposed to live in California, which made it 2:45 a.m.in California when she first contacted me this morning. I personally don’t think that the Facebook would have anyone contacting people at that time to notify them that they won anything. She proceeded to tell me that I won $650,000 USD, which would be great if I actually won it, but then I was to pay $300 to have it delivered to my doorstep within 24 hours via FedEx delivery. She then sent me a picture of my winning check in a FedEx envelope that looked like it was a box stuffed into the envelope. I personally know what it looks like to have paperwork delivered, and it sure doesn’t look like a box stuffed into an envelope. Another thing that I questioned was the fact that the envelope was supposed to be coming from Numisastic Conservation Services from Sarasota, FL. If this was real, I would think that the winnings would be coming from California and from Facebook, not some other place. I would also think that if I really won something like that, the CEO himself would be more than happy to hand deliver it. This is completely ridiculous, and I guess they think I am stupid or something because she made sure to tell me that she wasn’t scamming me, and I am quoting her exact words, " i will not want such to happen to you.. Because am a devoted christian and never will i get myself involve in such act". Nice try.

  187. My name memet omer and was announced by Ms. Shelly Marie online lottery agent we chose vost online lottery winner and Frea to inform the house will let me find my personal house as quickly as Nicolae Iorga nr 24 bl … J1 sc b et.2ap.29.

  188. On Monday Oct. 11,2915 I got a friend request from someone claiming she works for fb and I won 600,000 us dollars. She sent several pics of "winners". Funny she contacted me at 7am and was still at the office at7pm.

  189. i got a message stating that i was the random lucky visitor for facebook $1,000,000 giveaway. click accept before 8 minutes, or chance will be given to next person. After clicking accept, I was redirected to a vegas slots game on google play,and was expected to install the game onto my tablet. I think it was a scam to access my information through in-app purchases. I did not install the game.

  190. I got a email from a Jacqueline smith saying she worked at Facebook saying I had won 550000 and she even gave mea tracking number threw some company called Neptune shipping. These people should be ashamed of them selves..I asked if it was going to cost me and she said no this is a bunch of crap they can do this and get away with it

  191. I also got a message that I have won 800 pounds from Facebook promotion. I didn’t reply to them. I shunned them.

  192. I’m not getting Email I just got today from a Shelly Marie Bickerstaff after I saw her trying to befriend me and I accepted. She then said I had won in FB Mess that I had won $500,000. Said they would send it Fedex and there was a fee. So I said what if I go and pick it up. But I am not giving any personal info like card numbers if I won it then a person needs to authenticate a winnings through confirmation.I said all of a sudden flight ticket are too expensive if I won that much money then send some business class tickets and lodging. In other words prove it!

  193. I have been getting text messages from 3 women saying I won so much money one woman said that I went how much do I have to pay she went 340 then u will get your cash 3differet ways what way u want it when I went no I can’t she went when can u pay I went not doing it it’s a scam she went no it’s not I’m tired of fake scanners

  194. 600,000.00 and the Facebook person Patricia Kay Ratliff. agent name was Maureen Williams Grimes and i payd 250us dollars.
    we have reportet on polis and Facebook. But facebook sayd do me that fine-the person Patricia was fake profile and she was working on Facebook?! and all the picture was she send to me? was the picture from facebook company fake or real? its very scary! Nobody can trust-never the internet.
    i must to take new id-everything new-passport and…..
    ……..i m so angry- are this people brain?! how he can to so ……..

  195. I am being contacted right now with a similar scam send in money to A girl in Hanover wanting $400 to get a package shipped by FedEx courier to have said I won $550,000 from Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg

  196. I fell for the scam too but not before I sent in the fees they requested. I was then told the money was being held by the IRS until the UPS person would pay the IRS $2500. I thought I was chatting with a friend who orig. told me about this – he said he got his $80,000 already so I went for it. I finally realized it was NOT my friend and that his FB account had been hacked. He couldn’t answer simple questions he should have been able to answer so I told them I’d fallen for their scam and was not sending them another cent.
    Can’t believe I fell for it!

  197. I have a Anne Nicole white. Claiming that I have one $800,000 or so
    She has some guy call me that can barely speak English

  198. a Brittney n Ramsey messaged me through facebook messenger telling me she is an agent at facebook V.I.P. account, telling me that i was one of the winners that won from the facebook lotto $600,000. And also asked for my personal information, said i would have to pay a fee of $550. To get through usps or atm, but i would have to pay the fee of $550. First
    She even had a ceo of facebook message me to verify my name and she also told me to not tell no one about the winnings. She kept messaging me till 2 a.m. of the morning of 9-15-2015. She even wanted me to open a bank account at a wellsfargo or a chase bank

  199. I was the one who got scammed they told me I won 350.000.00 all I had to do was send 320 to a girl named Brenda Marshall she was an agent so I thought they said it was coming through a delivery team and then I got the message I needed to send 1980 to receive my winnings and then I sent me a certificate through emial and texts and a suite case with money and I told them I didn’t have that money I only had 200 he then told me to come up with 500 on Thursday so my winnings cud be released and send me the money in 12 hours and it really had me and my husband going but them we found this site after doing recerch and it turns out it was a scam o knew it was to good to be true

  200. Rink Ernest Gilbert

    Got a pm today 10/06/2015 304pm from Burnett Gabriel Annette say you won Facebook Lottery of $500,000 and could I give her my name address and phone number. The check of $500.000 would be delivery to my home for $500.00.
    After several pm, I told her no, I did not have $500.00. Then she stated I hope you understand that this fee is requested for shipment of you package for insurance reasons. I then got a text from Mr Mark in the Facebook Head office 650-262-6778 I told them no.

  201. maria Gieringer

    I have a woman of the name of Craven Mandy who is saying she is from the facebook company and that i was selected fora amount of $5,ooo,ooo.ooo. I have the FB #’s. I told her your a scammer and she did not like it!! Well guess what, she will not make a fool out of me !! She needs to be reported immediately !!

  202. I received today through Facebook messenger that I won money. But I had to send $500. I then told them I thought it was scam and to delete my information. Now I’m really worried. It says General manager at Facebook and named Agent Dain Black.

  203. I received a message I had won a million dollars on Facebook and so on. I did not carry out any instructions. If something sounds too good to be true, it certainly is!
    Beware! Never give out any information!

  204. Charles W. Momrow

    I received a message from a McNally Shawna who claimed to be from FB informing me of my winning. She asked for general information and that was all. I gave up nothing too critical to facilitate a scam, but she just stopped corresponding.

  205. Patricia McNeal

    Someone just messaged me about free Govt. Cash. Hers had just arrived via FedEx and that she saw my name on the list. For $250,000. And I needed to contact this person. Even left his info.
    I would like to remain anonymous , scared.

  206. I’ve just got a message of winning USD 750 000 on my e-mail from this address:
    FACEBOOK AGENCY PAYMENT DEPARTMENT (bella.thomas85@gmail.com)
    ????: 02.10.2015 09:27
    Beware. They are miserable, but someone might believe in the luck

  207. Agent David Kevin so he said used my classmates account to notify me that I had won 150k all I had to do was send 1,500 for processing fee when I asked for her to call me for verification the conversation ended. Scams alert she had no idea what was going on

  208. A lady name Ramsey N Brittney facebook messaged me saying i have won $600,000.00 from the Facebook Lotto, but to not tell no one of the winnings. And they keep calling n messaging telling that i need to money gram $550.00
    Then she will release my winnings, then she tells me now i need to send $1500.00. I said no. I started thinking this has to be a scam. That is why I’m reporting it to your dept.

  209. I just got scammed buy some doing this on 9/29/15. They sent me friends request. Then inbox about some Facebook lottery. Now the fact that I’m a daily Facebook user and I never once heard of this my son said mom its fake I said know it not.so I Google and all the information came out that it a scam how come Facebook Don’t do anything about it or put a stop to they know they don’t have any lottery so there for its be allowed if you ask me when they can but a stop it.

  210. Myrtle Faye hisle

    I was told I won 6 hundred thousand dollors from face book wants me to send $850 for a stamp before I get my wings in 4 hours from fed is this true

  211. Kimberly Ridgeway

    My husband was just contacted via his Facebook page by a woman posing as an agent for the Facebook Lottery. She gave her name as Marie Hansen, and told my husband that he was a random winner of $350,000.00. She then told him not to tell anyone about his winnings; she also told him he had to pay the Value Added Tax (VAT) and transfer fees up front (about $650.00). My husband told her to mail the check, minus the needed funds; she then told him the amount had to be paid up front (she even provided legal jargon showing why). My husband ended the contact; when he checked it again just now, this woman isn’t accepting any more contact from him. Facebook users, beware!

  212. There is a man by the name of Cory logan he claim that he is a agent working for u. He said send him 500dollars n I can get 10000 is this a scram

  213. I have just been contacted on Facebook message that I have been randomly selected by their computer and have won $650,000 and asked for information . E-Mail, mobile number and address!! I was suspicious when asked to pay up front for the Fedex delivery charges of $250 .. This woman Thomas Rachel Renea says she works for Facebook as a co-ordinator and keeps insisting this is genuine!!. I told her that nobody pays up front to receive a parcel, the sender pays all of the fees!..this is obviously a big scam!.

  214. Somebody has been messaging me by the name scott derr a mechanical engineer working in a ship now he is in a pirates attack and asking me if i he can send me the money to keep it…then he will come to philippines then i read about same instance that many guys have been using same situations… so i know he is one of them

  215. Alex Brown Oneday

    This is a very dangerous situation going on all around the world and FBI should take its meaningfull attention to save so many who there money is daily stolen through this tactic.
    I recently received the same type of a message that iscamdetect_m a winner of thhe prise of 1000,000 us dollars and before i receive this amount Im supposed to pay one million Tanzanias curency as air port charges and clearance and there stands the laws that no diductions are allowed from the winning reward just it for safety.I havescamdetect_nt done it and I shallnt because I have ditected the trick already.
    I advise everbody to be wise enough and beware about these robbers.My message was sent from the so cold Mr Dien richard of at&t uk informin that te company has sent a man on behalf to bring my wining with a guy named Mr Carlos da silva.This is very bad and these guys are no good,they are dangerous thiefs let everone be informed through internet programs as a remedy to this situation. Thank you,sincerely,Alex.

  216. I have been corresponding with a guy calls himself Agent Charles Grant for over a year now saying that I have $150,000 and I would to pay a tax fee and security fee and I paid them and he told me take I had won an extra $25,000 that was added on to the $150,000 so after I paid all of the fees the day they was suppose to deliver my winning funds they had a accident in Georgia and they ended up in the hospital there and the driver was killed so they want the winners to contribute $1500 to due to the accident well I couldn’t but the Branch Manager said he would pay $1000 and I the remaining $500 well I did this was on Sept. 3, 2015 and they did not deliver, cause Agent Grant said the Branch Manager did not pay,, so the board memebers had told him to pay by this past tuesday well here it is Saturday and still my winning funds has not been delivered and Agent Charles Grant is not answering any of my text message since last Friday. I am really upset over this.I do have more to say but it would take to long. I need that money.

  217. Me too! Last Sept 23,15 a guy send me a friend request from fb. He told me that he is "Scroggin Ryan Wayne from the Facebook social Network
    Inc.. and accdg to him he was authorized to send me a request by the Facebook C.E.O.". And after knowing each other…this is what happens "I am here to pass a vital information to you but before I
    proceed, I would like to know if you have been informed about
    your winning. I am delighted to inform you that your name was
    luckily selected among the 10 lucky winners who won the sum
    of $50,000.00 on the Facebook online lottery international
    draw. Yes,the draw is a form of appreciation from facebook to its customer for chosen facebook as their number one media. NOTE:this is 100% real and legit and the FBI are aware
    of this lottery promo.. You can also check this link to find the
    best history of the Facebook past winners: (spammy link
    containing the words ‘winners’ and ‘Facebook’)" and he still remind me again that its 100 % sure! " i want you to know that your winning prize is 100% real and
    legit and the United state FBI is also aware of this lottery so i
    will like to know if you are fully ready to claim your winning
    prize ? in order to claim your winning prize you are to Reconfirmed
    some Data-Bases in which the Facebook Board will make use
    to get your Winning Certificate and all Necessary document
    available for you before they can release your winning Funds
    to you today. Full Name:
    Full Home address:
    Mobile Number:
    Attach I.D CARD:
    Email Address:
    Those are the details you are to reconfirm in other to claim
    your winning prize Dear. Honorable winner i want you to know that this is 100% Real
    and Legitimate in which the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI
    in Washington DC are also aware of this ongoing Facebook
    New Year Promo, so you have noting to worry about…..
    Okay,but I will like to know if those document required for your winning prize are available? Because it will be use to access your winning prize. We do received your Data-Bases and it will be attached to
    your Winning Certificate and Clearance Document to for the
    prof that you are the real Beneficiary owner of this Funds,We
    want you to know that before we can release your Winning
    Funds to you, you are going to chose between the (2)Below
    listed method of claiming your winning funds such as….
    Via Check
    Via ATM Card.
    Chose the means of payment that will be more convenient to you. i want you to know that we have two ways in delivering your
    Check (1) COME OVER TO OUR OFFICE located at (1 Hacker
    way, Menlo park CA. 650. USA) (2) HOME DELIVERY WHICH
    is more convenient for you winner? Via check is okay by you and is more convenient. You have to pay $350 in order for your winnings to be deliver to you today. it will be sent to you in few minute I just have to attend a meeting now with the facebook CEO Mr Mark zukerberg about your winnings because your winnings will be sent to the delivery company right away. do you have western union there? Through this payment address
    Name: jodie kelly
    country: Usa
    state: pennsylvania
    zip code:15902…..this ist! What do you think about this? Really scam!

  218. I like it Hacker Way lol

    To: pravinsheth@outlook.com
    Subject: Re: CLAIM PROCEDURE
    Dear Winner

    You will regret your actions in due course. This is an opportunity you may never get in your life time again. If my identification which you didn’t request before I sent to you is not enough for you to ascertain the legitimacy of this loyalty reward then nothing else will convince you. By the time you realize what you have just done to yourself, it will be late. I need your information for nothing other than to process your prize claim.

    Mr. Pravin Sheth.
    Claim Attorney, Facebook Reward

    On 22 Sep 2015, at 21:31, Pravin Sheth wrote:

    This extract in red from the first mail you sent to me didn’t say that that you consciously participated rather it states that your email was enrolled perhaps without your knowledge, consent or awareness. If you don’t want to claim the prize you can opt out.

    Facebook Incorporated in compliance with her Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy has successfully organized a Loyalty Reward to mark her 10th year Anniversary. Facebook rolled out over (Twenty Million United States Dollars) for reward to some lucky active users. Email addresses of active Facebook users were randomly selected through a computer ballot drawn from Facebook Database.

    Your Facebook email address was drawn among the Five lucky email addresses worldwide that won the sum of ($1,000,000.00) One Million United States Dollars each in the First Category and has been approved for immediate payment upon fulfillment of claim requirements.

    To: pravinsheth@outlook.com
    Subject: Re: CLAIM PROCEDURE
    Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2015 19:13:08

    On 22 Sep 2015, at 18:48, Pravin Sheth wrote:

    Dear Winner,

    I am Mr. Pravin C. Sheth, claim attorney for Facebook. Attached are my International Passport and Work identifications. Sequel to the winning notification you received from our organization Facebook Incorporated, I want to congratulate you for being so lucky to have emerged as one of the few winners amongst millions of active users we enrolled for the reward bonanza. I have been assigned to guide winners through the processes of Prize redemption and if you have been directed to contact me, I believe some confidential numerical information classified as winning particulars were sent to you in the winning notification email you received. You are hereby required to provide me the below requisite information including your winning particulars for easy and quick processing of your payment.

    1. Full Names:
    2. Full Home or Work address:
    3. Contact Telephone Numbers:
    4. Facebook Id Email: (The Facebook email id where the winning notification was sent to you )
    5. Official Identification: (Picture Page of any of International Passport, Drivers License or National Identity Card)
    6. Amount Won:
    7. Winning Numbers:
    8. Reference Numbers:
    9. Occupation:

    Upon receipt, verification and confirmation of the above information, I shall communicate you further on what next to do. Your identification documents can be sent as email attachments. False declaration of any information disqualifies you automatically. All winnings must be processed and paid to winners within 30 days. All unclaimed prize monies will be returned to shareholders reserve. Payment will be made only to accounts of parents of winners under 18 years of age. Payment will not be made to any winner linked to any terrorist or drug organization. Prize money is subject to Federal and State tax. Most importantly, KEEP YOUR WINNING PARTICULARS SAFE,SECRET AND CONFIDENTIAL UNTIL YOUR PRIZE IS PROCESSED AND PAID because if any other person presents the same winning particulars as yours, the two will be cancelled automatically. Congratulations once again!

    Mr. Pravin Sheth.
    Claim Attorney, Facebook Reward Promotion

    To: zenith@vf.vc; pravinshethfbb@outlook.com; 100007442385708@facebook.com
    Subject: Re: Dear Winner
    Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2015 16:29:55 +0000

    On 22 Sep 2015, at 11:57, Facebook Reward Team wrote:

    The Facebook Reward Team
    1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park,
    CA 94043, USA

    Dear Winner.


    Facebook Incorporated in compliance with her Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy has successfully organized a Loyalty Reward to mark her 10th year Anniversary. Facebook rolled out over (Twenty Million United States Dollars) for reward to some lucky active users. Email addresses of active Facebook users were randomly selected through a computer ballot drawn from Facebook Database.

    Your Facebook email address was drawn among the Five lucky email addresses worldwide that won the sum of ($1,000,000.00) One Million United States Dollars each in the First Category and has been approved for immediate payment upon fulfillment of claim requirements.

    Please keep the above winning particulars confidential for your own good and security until your prize is processed and settled. To claim your prize reward, please contact the accredited Facebook Claim Attorney assigned to you immediately using the information below:

    Mr. Pravin Sheth
    {Accredited Prize Claim Attorney}
    Tel: +1 484 294 2623

    Congratulations once again!

    Mr. Fred Wesson
    Online Coordinator for Facebook Loyalty Reward
    Facebook© 2004-2015 The Facebook Reward Promotions. All rights reserved. Terms and Conditions Apply.
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    <MY />