Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Fake Invite


Counter-Strike – Global Offensive Fake Invite: How It Works

(with video below) Are you a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player? You might become a victim of a big scam perpetrated nowadays by crooks claiming to be other players on the CS servers, looking for teammates. As many of the players use TeamSpeak, Skype, Mumble or Ventrilo, it is a common occurrence that they would invite each other to play together.

Watch the video below to see in action the CS:GO Invite scam:

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Scam Video

In this latest scam, the criminal approaches you by saying he is looking for some help. He might mention he is in a group and one other guy just dropped out. “I saw your name on the group and I thought I should invite you”, he says.

After building a little bit of trust in you, the scammer invites you to join his team by accessing an IP of a TeamSpeak server that he gives you. Happy to play, you are trying to join but you are given an error, saying you cannot register.

When you tell your new teammate about the error, he says: “Oh, that's probably because you don't have the system updated. Here is this link, update it now – we're starting soon”. Little do you know that if you use that link you will be taken to a website that's a replica of a legitimate one.

Needless to say, once you give away your access you'll lose all your skins and many other items. The update is nothing but a script that allowed someone to trade all the items within his Steam account. Recently, a victim in Australia lost between $8,000 to $10,000 worth of CS:GO items and skins. So, beware!

Watch the video below to watch another scam exposed by a CS player.

Counter-Strike Scam Exposed Video



Counter-Strike – Global Offensive Fake Invite: How To Avoid

There is always a red flag when someone you just met asks you to update software on your computer. Not to mention that he puts pressure on you to do it against the clock.

Whenever you open new websites apparently for upgrading, always look at the spelling mistakes in the browser. Oftentimes scammers create exact replicas of legitimate websites only to have a letter misspelled in the domain name.

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