Bus Accident Witness

How the scam works:

Approached by somebody with a very tempting offer, you are guaranteed thousands of dollars if you join a group of people setting up a staged accident. How? The group will get onto a bus at a specific time the next day – you are told that most of the passengers are part of this scam.

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The plan is: while in traffic, the bus will rear-end another car along the way. The passengers will start rubbing their necks and pretend they are hurt, claiming that it was the driver’s fault. The bus company will then start handing out cash and liability forms, every victim receiving a great amount of money. To join, you are required to invest a $200 fee.

We are sure you wouldn’t do such a thing but if you do… You decide to join and wait for the bus the next day. You get in, start winking and smiling at your fellow passenger accomplices, and wait for the moment. As the bus follows its normal course without any incidents, you realize you have been taken for a ride, literally and metaphorically.

How to avoid:

Don't get involved with shady deals. Be honest.

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