Baby Thrown at You


Baby Gypsy Throw Scam: How It Works

This happens a lot in some of the most touristy places in the worls, so if you are about to travek – watch out! You're getting pickpocketed without knowing.

In order to pickpocket you while in a busy place, a gypsy woman will throw her infant at you after a short introduction. "Look at my baby, he is so hungry, have him for a bit".

This occurs quite often, usually at the Vatican. While you are catching/ getting the baby, a crook will pick your pockets with amazing speed.

You might not see the real danger of it while reading this, but when you have hundreds of people around you, you don't feel your wallet going.


Baby Gypsy Throw Scam: How To Avoid

Always keep your cash and wallet in a zipped up chest pocket or in a zipped belt-wallet under your clothes, especially in Rome.


How To Protect Yourself More

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