Secondary E-mail Address Scam

How the scam works:

If you are selling items on Ebay or Craigslist on a regular basis, you might get approached by another seller with a request. He will ask you for help in order to boost his business.

He will be willing to give you a few hundred dollars if you can add his e-mail address to your profile as your secondary e-mail address. He’ll say he doesn't even need your password or login – just add his address to your info. He might come up with an explanation for the whole story, such as you’ll get more credibility and the number of your sales will double if you have your e-mail address on two different profiles.

How to avoid:

Don’t add his e-mail address to your file, however attractive the few hundred dollars seems. Scammers came up with a way of tracking and logging into your account, by using their own “spiders” in their e-mail address.

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estela paranada

hello! can u please add in the scam list the facebook scam. there has been several cases that UK nationals invite Filipas in FB, they will make friends until a romantic relationship gets developed. When the relationship is established, these UK nationals will get money from the Filipinas by saying that they have a contract and that when they are already with the client, they will declare that there is a problem with the account and the only way to resolve the problem is for Filipinas to lend them huge amount. They will capitalize on the romantic relationship and giving… Read more »

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