Download Manuals or Keys

How the scam works:

You own a piece of electronics, a car, or some sort of machine – and one day you need to check its manual, which you don’t have. After searching the Internet, you finally come across an online service that will allow you to download the manual, for $2.99.

Happy, you give your credit card info and wait for the seller to deliver the PDF manual in your inbox. Although in most cases you’ll get what you paid for, several complaints have been reported, claiming that the files were never delivered.

In addition, scammers will charge your credit card on a monthly basis, until you cancel, justifying it by saying that you receive unlimited downloads.

How to avoid:

Whenever you need a manual, ask the manufacturer. The scam works the same when it comes to serial numbers or specific online games that require keys to unlock levels.

Make your friends and family aware of this scam by sharing it, using the buttons provided.

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pissed consumer

Anybody heard of

They sucker you into thinking that by becoming a member with them, you will get free downloads to various softwares. Well, i did get membership, and tried to download Kaspersky, but in order to use the software, you have to purchase the product key (which is not then "free") and membership does not give any shortcut or advantage . I could get the product directly from Kaspersky then.

Also, they charged more than the amount taht was shown on their membership signup page(should have been $36 , but they charge almost twice!!) FRAUDS, !!!

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