Social Media Scams

While social media is a fantastic way to keep in touch or interact with people, social media scams are everywhere. 

Social media scams take many forms, and many are native to one particular platform as Facebook scams, Twitter scams, Instagram scams (separate categories), and more are operating and trying to fleece people of money or use their personal information for nefarious purposes. 

Facebook scams include messages from fake profiles, malware hidden in Facebook apps and games that are part of phishing attacks, and classified ad scams in the Facebook Marketplace.


Social Media Scams: List Below

Twitter scams can include emails sent from “Twitter,” and links in messages that are part of phishing attacks. 

Multi-Level marketing scams are also common on social media and their empty promises of easy riches. 

Social media can be wonderful, but be careful. Keep your eye on this space, and learn about the scams on social media as they emerge.

August 12, 2020

Reverend/Pastor Fake Account

How the scam works: Some of the most influential people in the world are reverends and pastors. There is no […]
August 12, 2020

Appearance on Famous TV Show

How the scam works: How would you like to be an  “expert” on television, appearing on Tyra Banks, Rachael Ray, […]
August 12, 2020

Wal-Mart Invoice Fake

How the scam works: Wal-Mart is undisputedly the biggest retail giant in the world. Doing billions of dollars in annual […]
August 12, 2020

Facebook: Malunctioning Store

How the scam works: Many people spend a lot of time on Facebook, and as a result, there are a […]
August 12, 2020

Facebook: Store Malfunction

How the scam works: (with video below) Many people spend a lot of time on Facebook, and as a result, […]
August 12, 2020

Fake RCMP Fine

How the scam works: (with video below) Many people in Canada have erroneously opened a website or clicked a link […]
August 12, 2020

Facebook Privacy Notice Fake

How the scam works: (with video below) A “Facebook Privacy Notice” is making its rounds on Facebook as you are […]
August 12, 2020

Mother’s Day Scams

7 Mother’s Day Scams in 2020 and Top 5 Gift Ideas When you look for Mother’s Day ideas or research […]
August 12, 2020

Influencers, Beware: Blog Advertising Fraud Hits The Online World

  Influencer Advertising Scam: How It Works Blogging has become a big money industry. Many influencers earn a good living […]
August 12, 2020

FTC Fake Message

How the scam works: Business owners are the targets of this scam occuring all over the United States lately. They […]
August 12, 2020

Enable or Install the ‘Dislike’ Button on Facebook

Facebook Dislike Button Scam: How It Works Facebook has been working on the implementation of the Dislike button. It’s official, […]
August 12, 2020

Remove Facebook Timeline

How the scam works: (with video below) This scam is back and is banking again on people’s willingness to make […]
August 12, 2020

Facebook Stocks Sale

How the scam works: Scammers manage to convince people that Facebook stocks are too good to pass up. Smooth talking […]
August 12, 2020

Facebook Gold Member Status

Facebook Gold Membership Scam: How It Works Scam artists claim to be Facebook representatives and advertise on social media that […]
August 12, 2020

Dating Online: Extortion

How The Online Dating Extortion Scam Works: (with example video below) Finding love in the internet age usually requires […]
August 12, 2020

Online Dating: Secret Admirer Card

How the Secret Admirer Scam Works: (with video below) It is always nice to be admired, and being admired secretly […]
August 12, 2020

Portable Breathalyzer Test

Portable Breathalyzer Test Scam: How It Works Owning a portable breathalyzer is always a good idea whether it's for […]
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