Notice to Appear in Court Scam

Notice To Appear In Court Scam: How It Works

(with video below) Being called in court could be a very intimidating experience in itself, let along being present there. Needless to say, criminals know that, too. You might have received an e-mail that seems to be from an attorney or the court desk in your city. The reason could be a health code violation.

There are two variations of the scam when it comes to the content of the message and the sender of it.

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Watch the video below to see the first variation of the Notice To Appear In Court Scam exposed:

In this case, the sender claims to be from the local court office. In this case, the text is: “Hereby you are notified that you are expected in [your town] Court for the hearing of your case on [insert date].” The email also has a bogus [email protected] email address listed in there.

In the second variation of the scam, besides the letterhead featuring a law firm (one example is a company called Green Winick, but it could be anything else in your email), the content of the email is:


“Notice to Appear,

To view copy of the court notice click here [compromised link]. Please, read it thoroughly. Note: If you do not attend the hearing the judge may hear the case in your absence.”

Before you read any further, do not click on the link provided. If you will, you will be taken to a website that hosts a version of f the notorious Asprox/Kulouz malware. Once downloaded and installed, the malware attempts to download further malware and allows criminals to maintain control of the infected computer and join it to a botnet.

How to Avoid the Notice to Appear In Court Scam:

Well, if you are called in court by a law firm, it's called something else. Have you ever heard the phrase “You are being served”? E-mails are not the way to be ‘invited' by lawyers in front of a judge.


How to Report the Notice to Appear In Court Scam:

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


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7 thoughts on “Notice to Appear in Court Scam”

  1. Just received an email for a Notice to Appear in Court as well here in Florida. All the same text appeared in my email as stated above, with the added line item that read "This case against you is for US Health Care Service Code Violation." Normally I would have deleted the email, but the fact that the scammers have found a way to personalize their message had me concerned.

  2. Here is what i got today:

    Notice to Appear,

    This is to inform you to appear in the Court on the April 25 for your case hearing.
    Please, do not forget to bring all the documents related to the case.
    Note: If you do not come, the case will be heard in your absence.

    You can review complete details of the Court Notice in the attachment.

    Kind regards,
    Jim Gibbons,
    Court Secretary.

  3. G L Bajaj Group of Institutions

    I have received the following email on [email protected]. This email is forwarded on my Gmail account. It contained some MALWARE that has been blocked by Gmail and therefore the message looks like as:

    The message "Notice to appear in Court #00425658" from County Court ([email protected]) contained a virus or a suspicious attachment. It was therefore not fetched from your account [email protected] and has been left on the server.

  4. Got my first one of these today. When I used SpamCop to reveal the true sender it showed the message originated in Australia ( I report ALL SPAM to SpamCop. Frequently I get a message back "…ISP has blocked further SPAM…" or similar which is nice to know even though the crooks will just keep trying.

  5. I’ve received probably 10 emails at a time in 1 day with this same heading, "Notice to Appear". At first I thought these emails were real but the more I get I realized it must be a scam. I just delete them all now. I still get, at least, 1 email a day with this same heading. Always from a different "law firm" with a different "lawyer" signing the email. CRAZY!!

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