Facebook Deleted Account

How the scam works:

(with video below) It is easier than ever for us to stay connected with faraway friends and family with the seemingly endless choices in social networking sites available to us. Facebook remains the most popular of these sites, drawing millions of visitors every day – and accounting for a lot of wasted time at work, too!

Given the popularity of Facebook it’s not surprising that it has been the focus of a lot of scams. This latest one relies on the user’s natural curiosity and unwillingness to lose any of their “friends” on their page.

Victims are receiving this message – supposedly from a friend – on their Facebook page:”I’m serious guys; if you people don’t stop posting this of me I will be erasing my account”, after which is a link to a Tumblr account.

Once you have clicked on the link it will take you to a spammy Tumblr page that will attempt to redirect you back to a fake Facebook login page. Once on this page – which looks very much like the real thing – you will be asked to enter your login ID and password, as well as answer a security question to further “verify” your identity.

Once this information has been entered you will then be directed to a pop-up asking you to download an update of “YouTube Player”. This “update” is actually only loading malware onto your computer which will then require you to reboot your PC. This malware searches your computer to determine if you have Java and if not, it attempts to install it. Once that has happened, a remote server is contacted and several .JAR files are installed on your computer, which contains a miner and a proxy as well.

What that means is the your computer is compromised and your personal information is at scammers’ fingertips.

How do you know if the person contacting you has a fake account? Watch the video below to see how you can easily identify if the profile contacting you on Facebook is a fake.

How To Identify Fake Profiles on Facebook Video

How to avoid:

It is very important to be aware of the plethora of Facebook scams that exist. These scammers have gotten very sophisticated in being able to create fake Facebook pages that are almost identical to the real thing. Be leery of clicking on any link that navigates you away from Facebook, especially a vague message such as the one named above. If you are ever asked to “verify” your login ID or password for any reason, contact Facebook security to determine that they are the ones that are making this request. If not, do not login on the page that has popped up, as these fake Facebook login pages are popping up everywhere.

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