Facebook: Work From Home Program

Facebook Work From Home Program Scam: How It Works

You might have seen lately on your Facebook newsfeed – or on the other social media outlets – that Facebook is hiring. It seems that they’re looking for people interested in joining their “Work at Home Program” and making money from the comfort of their bedroom. There are mentions of the program being featured on CNN, US Today, or ABC. How does the scam work?

Watch the video below to see in detail the Facebook Work From Home scam exposed:

Facebook Work From Home Scam Video

Similar to the Marketing Kit Scam, this one leads you to believe that the program will bring in thousands of dollars a month. You are required to open the application page, then asked to provide your name and email address to ‘check availability’.

A next page will then pop up congratulating you on being eligible. That’s when you are invited you to download a ‘Facebook Millionaire’ kit for only four dollars. However, little do you know that your credit card will be charged $94 per month for continued access.

The Scheme Is Also Known As Facebook Bonanza

The thing is, tricksters even put this charge on the fine print as well as a “Results Might Vary” disclaimer — so you can’t really blame them! Since very few people read the fine print, the “money-making machine” is not really them, but the scammers themselves. All the best-kept secrets of marketing on the Internet are still to be discovered…

In a different variation of the scam, crooks advertise the term “Facebook Fortunes Home Income Flow” or “Facebook Bonanza”. Displaying a bunch of fake Facebook likes and comments, as well as phony news articles where this program is featured, criminals lure victims to submit their credit card numbers and charge huge amounts on the spot.

How To Avoid The Facebook Work From Home Scam:

Facebook does not have this program. It’s a fake. Ignore the “Make Millions From The Comfort Of Your Home” deals, especially if they come with a “Limited Positions Available” tag. Do not send any money for any wonder money-making kits online. Always do your research and work only for legitimate employers.

If you are really looking for a job and seek to make some money online until you find the next ideal job, join Swagbucks.com, which is the world’s largest free online rewards program. You get paid by doing things online which you might do anyway, such as searching the web, discover products, take surveys, watch videos, or play games. You can also get free iTunes and Amazon cards. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can register for free HERE.


How To Report The Facebook Work From Home Scam:

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More:

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You’ll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.

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  1. diane murray says:

    I did get this email and thought it was true, and put my debit card information on it, and it only continued to show the same page requesting credit card info, instead of confirming my payment and next step to getting started, so therefore I believe this was a attempted scam!

  2. Angela Tyson says:

    I would really like to work on a legitimate website from home thanks for the help because you just saved me from being scammed right now as I type thanks so much.

  3. mohammed hashim says:

    Thanks for saving the citizens from con fellows..

  4. Lawrence says:

    Wow, i almost gave in with that promo. Thanks for this!

  5. Suraj Katyayan says:

    i just read this about this "Work from Home Program from FB".. i knew this was fakr because i had not opened it.. but i was redirected by some oother link… so i searched on the net… and thanks for this..

  6. raven says:

    Its indeed a scam for I got scam and lost almost $140 when I sign up with my visa card. The site says it for free and doesn’t need to buy anything but when you check your account they already transfer your money to their account. It is not money for your pocket, its money for their instead. The site was Homeincomeflow.net and their target are Filipino people for the title of the article say Facebook offers Filipino work from home.

  7. Chelsea says:

    whenever I turn on my laptop, I see an advertisement saying housewife in UAE work from home, they made this advertisement looks very reliable and convincing, that comes with testimonial from others. Out of curiosity I went to subscribe from the link given "Facebook Millionaires" then it directed me to the website starts with http://www.fortune bla bla bla…., it said subscription is not free said about AED79, when I was on the "fortune" page, it showed me FREE and keep flashing "hurry, limited time"… wow…. they really know how to tout business! I stopped when credit card information is needed. Then I went Google to check how true that advertisement was but found this. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. james says:

    I was curious and a had a look at the scam page….it was trying to pressurise me into giving them credit card details while a clock ticked down…glad i stopped when i did……..in dublin

  9. siva says:

    Total fraud.
    given my credit card details.
    They tried Rs 3649.67 at A LIND ENTERPRISES, Rs 6851.12 at SELECT SUCCESS TEC and Rs 10052.58 at HIGGINS TEAM LLC.
    fortunately my card was blocked. Hence no issues

  10. srihari says:

    I got duped of rs.10000+ today.though their site said it was free registration and they need card details to confirm the age only, the minute I entered the details the said money was deducted from my card. Pls don’t fall prey for such ads like me.
    Can anyone suggest if there is any way I can get back money

  11. aeiou says:

    i too was almost deceived by this scams. thanks to this site i didn’t fell to that scam. i hope everyone will know about this site. its great that people get informed whether things online are scams or real. thanks a lot!

  12. Prince Royal says:

    Here is exactly how it works:

    I was a victim of this scam when I saw the page informing that anyone can earn money by just sending message and links to others through Facebook. The website is http://www.fbnewsreports.com/t2/my/index-my.html. The scam also claimed that a person from Kuala Lumpur local, Richard Ng who lost his job earns few thousands of RM in a week. There were also positive comments from other Facebook users. Facebook and a few US Media logos were displayed too as though they had sponsored, recommended or broadcast the program.

    Soon at 11.05 p.m., I filled the particulars asked by the page including my IC, home address, mobile phone number and credit card information. Around 10 minutes later, I had received two emails from support@homeincomeflow.com, the company e-mail which implied my program membership and even processed my ID and password of the program. In the midnight, I had some uneasy feeling about the program so I immediately researched the program via Google and I had undergone a life threatening shock after all the horrible truths about the bogus program was revealed.

    The unidentified scammer who is the person behind this scam program does this promotion to embezzle money from their victims by obtaining their fundamental info. The display of logos are all fake so as the comments. Then, I did as what one of the websites instructed me to do. I attempted to add a comment and reply to comments, both failed.

    I clicked each and every of the so-called Facebook user who gave positive comments and all of it turns false when the page redirects to another Facebook user. Finally, I had concluded that the website and program is indeed a scam. The following afternoon, I had contacted the bank to cancel my credit card. The bank attendant told me to call the bank back 8 days later. She told me that a company with a name of DS Group had charged MYR 575(US$ 171.66).

    The scammer charged the payment without my consent despite they proudly advertise all is ostensibly free. For more info, the bank I had referred is CIMB Bank and the (Mastercard)credit card number is 5400-0711-0010-6919 under UMA DEVI expiring at 08/2019 and its CVV number is 309. Soon after that, I had lodged two reports each to my national Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission(MCMC) and National Consumers Complaints Centre(NCCC) via online, respectively.

    Thus far, I only got response form NCCC. In fact, I had sent two e-mails to the same e-mail address, which is ‘support@homeincomeflow.com’ to return the money and cancel my membership. It is the third day and still I did not get a response as I had expected.

    Today, I clicked the website which I registered the program and now it appears as "Error 400 Visit data was missing when handling click. To redirect a click, you must go through your campaign URL. Details: URL parameter ‘voluumdata’ is missing." I think the scammer knew about the many complaints made and erased the website.

    For more information, there are are many websites claiming as Facebook Fortunes, Facebook Millionaires and Home Income allegedly are operated by a single company which is unknown. Examples of websites are: 1) http://homeincomeflow.net/,
    2) http://homeincomeflows.com/,
    3) http://homeincomeflow.org/,
    4) http://easyonlineincomes.net/,
    5) http://internet-fortunes.com/

    Futhermore, I opened up this page, https://faithandalchemy.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/facebook-fortune1.png and it says it’s all free. Unfortunately, I had discovered that the address is blackened meaning which the scammer is hiding his info.


    first of all i would like two thanks this WEBSITE……..i dnt knw it happnd but i m telling u in brief. just b4 few minuts i was at tht site…..even i was about to start the process to order tht so called kit. but again whtevr nwadayz happng bcoz of tht i thought i wld be better to search in GOOGLE. frm there itself i reached here nd just bcoz of u i cldnt trapped in this ongoing scam. but in such scenario i thnk GOVT. should take instant action. nd one more thng bcoz of u i thnk i hv got sm gd site frm whre v can earn frm online wrk……i m going to try tht. plzzz update regarding ny genuine online wrk if u get correct info…..THANKS!!!

  14. Jason says:

    ABSOLUTE CRAP !!!!!!!

  15. sally says:

    help guys, just tried to buy the kit now, and it said my info was declined. should i still be worried???

  16. MAULIK BARMEDA says:


  17. Scam Detector Team says:

    If you’ve been experiencing this scam, please send us screenshots of the fraudulent websites at: info@scam-detector.com. There are many variations now, we would like to expose them all.

  18. phekane ramarumo says:

    i have been just tricked. please help me

  19. Shrinidhi says:

    tickets@onlineworkscheme.com i lost my money RS2700 please let me know how to get the money back. please help me

  20. ben says:

    I had also been tricked,,, and money was deducted from my account,,,help please

  21. prince says:

    what to do abt it…the money got deducted….nd i have blocked my card..still is it possible that i can get my money bck nd it wont happen in hte future again

  22. Amol Fegade says:

    I am fooled by scam. My account is deducted 2700 Rs. What d hell this is ? Where is fucking country allowing such scam.

  23. shrs says:

    Its fake….
    I want my money back plz help…

  24. DINESH KHARVA says:


  25. prakash says:

    I lost my amount rs 11000 they are saying u r money will back with in 5 working days ,uptonow no response


  26. Manoj kumar says:


  27. Helen says:

    How can I know which one is scam or not???. Since the internet is full of those who claimed to be working from home n making a of money!!!!!

  28. Helen says:

    How can I know which one is scam or not???. Since the internet is full of those who claimed to be working from home n making a of money!!!!!

  29. rameshappa shivanakkanavar says:

    i paid 2700

  30. Indal says:

    I also paid Rs 2700/- just a few days back. Now what should I do ?

  31. shanmathi says:

    OMG I have also paid 2700rs on may’15. what to do now..??
    Plz help me in getting back my money.

  32. Sanjay says:

    I have paid 2700 INR. A booklet and 3 CDs thats all!—- A great pickpocketer

  33. Rahul says:

    wat the f$*#@ I paid 2700 and only have a crappy looking book some shitty CDs.
    where in the hell I saw this and invested my hard earned money.
    screw you scamsters..

  34. basha says:

    I also paid Rs 2700/- today. Now what should I do ?

  35. Keith says:

    yahoo.com.au should be censured for facilitating this scam by linking to it through a disguised sponsored news story on their site.

    https://au.yahoo.com/ on 1 June 2015

    Has Facebook come out and decried the way their brand is being used for this scam? – not from the web searches i have done? WTF?

  36. Nisha Bhagat says:

    thank God i’m saved from getting ripped off my hard earned money….

  37. Yogendra says:

    Thank God. I am safe. I was thinking about this to join. Now it is very clear.

  38. MIDHUN says:


  39. Indra says:

    eager to know the experience of Basha who paid Rs.2700 on 29th May…


    omg now itself i paid money is that fake ? Got nerves now any one help me please out of this .

  41. Shirley says:


  42. joe says:

    why doesn’t FB close down this site ?

  43. marjhun palulay says:

    hy im marjhun palulay… i just read an article and im interested to it…so that i find way to get here in this page..im finding way to earn money for my school payments…im such interested in business or job and doing anything to make it better and for its company and im taking this opportunity to help me.

  44. redna redna says:

    Hello my name is redna I am frome srilanka now working frome qatar please I like the Facebook work please help me

  45. thevas says:

    what is the work from home of facebook email or registration form address?

  46. rajinder says:

    why doesn’t fb close down this site ???????????????

  47. gaurav says:

    Hi my name is gaurav, today in the morning I invested 4400 rs (indian rupees)in an online work from home business which was posted by Facebook.As the fraudulent people were using the name of facebook for business so I invested my money in it.But later on I came to know that it was a trap.Please I would like to raise a complain regarding this in Facebook and please let me know ,how i can recover this moneyAnd how i cn file a complaint against them.Also would like to advise facebook to take a strict action against these kind of fraud peopl

  48. Aruna says:

    Be careful guys, I have been fooled by advertisement of require freelancers to work by this becomefreelancer.net and sent nearly Rs 4500/- to them to register and they have merely sent me a book and couple of CDs of ‘How to be a Rockstar freelancer’ which is of no use.
    While advertising they said that they want people to work online for facebook, afterword also they give one number +14242395022 and show they are very much concerned about you by calling you and assuring you, but be careful it is nothing else but fraud. They are not giving you any freelancing job but selling their rubbish book for Rs 4500. Be careful, be alert.

  49. anburaj says:

    hai.this is anbu……….i don,t know about this scheme……today morning i have registed in that website….can you please help me and dactivate that form….they billed 4400rs on shipping day…..please help me

  50. Bipradas Mukherjee says:

    I realize that I also have become a victim of this scam. Just believing what it said. Though I have not yet received their so called shipment because it is done only very recently.While going through this page now I found that I have been duped. Specially the photo of Pradeep Bali with family made it look very convincing ! However I do feel that Face Book can not ignore these happenings and avoid responsibilities towards hapless citizens being duped every day.They must alert Face Book followers and other citizens about these fraudsters.

  51. saransh dhanvik says:

    hey please tell me is this really fake

  52. Audrey says:

    ALWAYS Google the ‘wonderful deal’ before you commit. The chances are it is a scam as is this facebook millionaire one.

  53. sayed zishan ali says:

    i paid 440 rs today.now what should I do …? please help me

  54. Teha white says:

    I have gotten a message from Brent lorazepam saying I won $5000 and had to send $450.00 for me to get it through ups over nite. She wants me to send it to he. The name for it is Carlisle Richard address Fayetteville Arkansas usa

  55. Marlana Ross says:

    I don’t work from home, but I did get scammed by Facebook Winners I had paid them security tax of $1080 and also #3000, but I aso $480 to go with the taxes to IRS and then they said they would deliver $205,000.00 to my home in person and they never did. I accuse them of scamming me and they said that they don’t scam people and they never will. Well if they don’t scam then why! haven’t I didn’t get my winning funds delivered to me. I need that money or they should give me a refund me what I have into them. Thank You for allow me to report this.

  56. amit nimje says:


  57. Shelly Mills says:

    I just received a phone call and they left me a voicemail telling me they had found me work from home Facebook and the company was called auto staffing. Net I’ll listen to the voicemail then I went to auto staffing.net and there was work from home for Facebook and since I have been scam before I googled it and came up with this page so I just want to thank everybody for posting on this page so be aware of auto staffing.net I tried to call the number back15852368752 and it was busy nobody would answer said thank you very much for letting people know this is very much a scam!!!!!!

  58. Shriya says:

    yes, these scam of work from home with Facebook is real fake ones they make us greedy by showing hoax comments of fake people with fake images of cheques all are fake not real . they take our credit card details also . I also believed their tricky words to fool us but immediately search on google and found out its one of the hoax article to fool innocent people jobless people. Never trust these scamsters. Firstly search on internet or simply google and find out whether its fake or real one. please dont waste a single penny in such hoax emails etc

  59. hem sakana says:

    I am not sure that it is true or fake

  60. Olivier says:

    Good to know….there is a lot of crap there!

  61. Mary says:

    Wow! Just saved me from a scam. Thanks!

  62. Ytur Ythur says:

    This Day Sept.4 2016 It Almost got me with this Too Good To Be True Online Work From Home Scam.

  63. Steve Wurdits says:

    I signed up and paid ($47) for Facebook Bonanza on 9/9/2016.
    I received a "Congratulation" page and "..access to Members Area.."…
    and Websites to Members area.. (http://ezlnk.net/28lh)…etc.
    I found that the websites do not work.
    I can not find any email for contact I am Hopping you can tel me
    is that a scam ?? or something genuine ???
    Please give me a response may be I can save my money.($47).
    Steve Wurdits,
    Tel.# 1-905-271-1146 ( Canada)

  64. Chris Gerlach says:

    It’s funny I thought it was to good to be true so I googled it " is facebook bonanza a scam" and it still tried to route me to the Facebook bonanza scam itself so I wouldn’t think it was bullshit I suppose. There are pretty crafty con’s out there so be careful and I thank you for keeping it real.

  65. Lenore Lewis-Foreman says:

    There’s a new called Facebook BONANZA. Training Videos all for the price of 4.97. Mark Zuckerberg complete body is there as a representative.

  66. Hon Bys says:

    Hello, are you looking extra money? i recommend Clixsense. Free to sign up by clicking above link.


  67. RUCHOT thierry says:

    I subscribed to this very important site for helping me to receive his advice because I have already known enough malicious sites among the sites. Above all, I am a serious part of your site that controls … And now assures me. Thank you very much…

  68. Laris says:

    This is a f***** SCAM… Facebook don’t offer jobs they just rip you off. I was charged 4.95 after UNSUBSCRIBING now today there was 89$ taken out. SCAM SCAM SCAM

  69. David Song says:

    I will be faithful worker for Facebook to Mark Zuckergerg C.E.O.

  70. Paul says:

    I also purchased the Facebook bonanza training app. $4.97USD. No fine print, nothing. Small investment risk I thought. Secretly charged $89USD 5 days later with no advice or receipt whatsoever, discovered through my bank. Contact number in their $4.97 original transaction email is not valid. Cancelled card & bank seeking return of funds. Stay well clear of this scam!

  71. seoa5 says:

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  73. priyanka says:

    You have been selected to access a brand new online opportunity which can earn you over $50,000 a month.

    I’m talking about 4 secret online cash pulling methods that are turning just a few lucky, every day people into millionaires.

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  74. Vanessa Certa says:

    Secret shopper scam

  75. Suleia says:

    Hi There is a lady name Cheryl stringfellow who is making fraud, thank god I was aware and didn’t take any steps before knowing my doubt and wanting people to be aware of it if they get an offer like just invest $150 to earn $1200 per week. I found on fb page that she write whoever is interested to work from and earn good amount asked to contact her. Being an idle currently I was little bit curious and excited so I replied her and asked to come with explanation and the conversation begins she asked me my whatsapp number the better communication. She sent me a picture of her, just a little bit doubt I asked her if we can have a video call, she said that’s impossible and told me you’re not interested about the job then I wrote you’re not an authentic person. Immediately blocked me from messenger Facebook and whatsapp. Just wrote to you for the awareness of the people. I am sure many people have been duped this way.

  76. Sarah says:

    I got a voicemail from a company saying they got my resume and want to hire me for Facebookprofit.org the pay is $17 to $32 an hour. Is this a scam or legit?

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