Weight Loss Scam

Weight Loss Scam: How It Works

In North America alone, over $70 billion are spent annually on weight loss products, many of which make extraordinary claims of efficacy. Television and Internet ads are continually bombarding us with news of the latest weight loss fad product, promising remarkable results if only we plunk down our credit card and pay $19.99, $59.99 – sometimes as much as $199.99! The problem is, the majority of these products are ineffective and unfortunately, some have been proven to be dangerous to our health. How does the scam work for these "miracle" products?

Watch the video below to see the scam exposed:

Miracle Product Scam Exposed Video

Many retailers of fad diet potions use outrageous claims and downright dishonest marketing to hawk their questionable wares. They will claim endorsement by celebrities who have never even heard of their products.

They will often cite “scientific study results” for studies that never occurred, or if the studies did take place, the advertisements would give false results that look more favorable to the company and consumers. People believe, people buy!

The amount of fraud that takes place in the weight-loss industry has grown in epic proportions. It has gotten so out of control that a recent lawsuit has found in favor of consumers and is making four top-selling dietary supplement manufacturers pay millions of dollars in reparations to consumers.


Another angle these hucksters use to separate you from your hard-earned money is through hidden fees, even on sites that claim to offer free trials. These hidden charges can crop up for items like a monthly subscription charge, diet and weight loss e-books, as well as “membership” fees on plans for which you’ve never signed up.

Once you’ve given your credit card information to these companies it is almost impossible for you to cancel the charges before they are taken from your card, and often it takes months to get the charges removed.

The hidden fees are all mentioned in the scammers' fine print, but 90% of the people do not bother to read several pages. They jump straight to the last one, where the 'OK' or 'Accept' buttons are.


Weight Loss Scam: How To Avoid

The best way to avoid being taken in by this blatantly false advertising is to remember the old adage, “Nothing worthwhile comes easy.” Losing weight – and keeping it off – requires reducing your caloric intake while increasing exercise which burns calories. If weight loss came easily in a pill, powder or spray, there would not be an obesity epidemic today.

If you are taken in by one of these fraudulent weight loss companies, contact the FTC and let them know of your experience. The more people speak out against these egregious false advertising practices, the tougher the penalties against them will eventually be.

Also, remember to be very careful to whom you give your credit card or bank account information. Make sure the company uses a secure site and read all fine print on returns, exchanges and supposedly “free trials”. Often these free trials come with a hefty price tag.


Weight Loss Scam: How To Report

Let your family and friends know about the weight loss scam by sharing it. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


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I have ordered Lipozene weight loss from the TV commercial and I was wondering if it is a scam product. They kept trying to get me to order more of the product and additional products then even wanted me to buy delivery insurance. I said know to all other products and told them if I need insurance for delivery then they could keep it and they moved on. If anyone has done this or has any information on this please let me know.


Beware of Pure Clinic in Edmonton. I found it on Facebook. Ended up getting taken, costing email stop payments, random amounts, random dates. WTF … All the people getting ripped out …for nothing. No services rendered. Set up like you borrowed money from them. High pressure, Alex is the one in charge. I might have to change my bank accounts everything …to get my money back. Please I need help. They said it was non refundable, I want this to stop and you money back. Class action suit with everyone together to shut down these crooks! Pure Clinic advertised on… Read more »

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