Scam Scam: Fake PlayStation Site

Today we expose the Scam, an illegitimate website that claims to offer great Playstation deals on Cyber Monday. Whether it is an almost free PS5 or a used PS4, the website pretends to have everything you need on sale. The reviews do not exist, which is also a bad sign, so beware.

However, there is something else that gives away the fraud. The domain name was purchased and registered only a few days ago. Unfortunately, during and after Black Friday, a bunch of similar websites popped out online. The same type of fraud is being perpetrated in the, Computer Mill, and the Amazon Free PlayStation scams.


The Cyber Monday deals that are advertised on the PS Games Group page are extremely attractive but do not buy anything. What kind of attractive? Brand new PlayStation 5 for $239, PlayStation 4 at only $79, extra dual shock controller for $99, and so on. These are prices that are too good to be true, but also impossible to find.

The exact same scheme is perpetrated in the Bergen Reach scam website.

No Reviews

As mentioned, since the domain name was purchased just a couple of days ago, there is not enough time physically to gather genuine reviews. Not enough time to launch the website, promote it, sell the items, and get the buyers to try and leave reviews.

What’s important here is the patterns of every scam site that does the same thing. So even if the domain name gets exposed, scammers buy a new one but keep the website on, with the same design. You can expect that tomorrow that the logo will be different but the content will be the same, so watch out.

The is a typical fly-by-night fake promotion that occurs during special occasions, such as Black Friday, Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s Day. You can also expect that this type of fraud will be happening for the next few weeks as well, as the winter holidays are just around the corner.

The PS Games Group scam is still there. You need to ignore it and report it. See below how you can do that. Since we expose fraudulent offers here, keep an eye on other common schemes such as the PSgamespace Scam, Costco Giveaway, PlayStation 4 Giveaway, and STD Check Text. Feel free to share your experience.

Before getting into how to report scammers, here is something else very useful:

List Of Trustworthy Playstation Purchases Below

If you’re looking online for genuine Playstation products, we’ve put together a list with the highest-ranked items, validated as safe. They are below so you can shop without worries. You can also use the search bar. Here they are: How To Report a Scam

Warn your family and friends online about the Scam by sharing this article on social media. You can officially report crooks, scammers, or any other suspicious activity to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

How To Protect Yourself More

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Chenelle Webb

You would have to dispute it with your bank and provide all this proof to them about the scam

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