Scam Scam: Bogus Site

Watch out for the Scam, a fake website featuring great deals for furniture and holiday shopping. The reviews are also fake, so don’t fall for them. Let’s explain.

The domain name was purchased a couple of weeks ago, so it makes it very hard for a business to launch the website, promote its products, sell, get people to buy, and receive reviews. Not that we don’t trust new companies, but the HomeDepoten claims on its About page that they’ve been in business since 2016.

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Since it’s been in an online selling business for almost 5 years and having a domain name younger than a month, that’s a huge red flag. Here is a screenshot of the Homedepoten website below:


It is the same type of scam happening on the PSGetting website, as well. The address listed on the website (1000 Hollywood Ave, Clearwater, Florida, 33759, US) is a residential home that barely stands on its own. It is another sign that exposes the legitimacy of the Homedepoten business.

The product deals promoted on the Homedepoten website are low but please do not buy anything from them. TV stands for $54, electric fireplaces for $59, entertainment centers for $57 are competitive prices but they don’t exist. Reviews Are Fake

As mentioned above, since the domain name was registered in the last couple of weeks, it makes it hard to believe that reviews are genuine. Avoid at all costs.

One important thing to keep in mind is how the Homedepoten website looks right now. It is very possible that tomorrow (or next week) the name of the website and the logo will be entirely different, so beware.

The scam is a fly-by-night scheme that takes place usually during celebratory times, such as Boxing Day, Mother’s Day,  Cyber Monday, and many others. You can rest assured that this type of bogus site will pop-up online over the next few weeks too, as the holiday season is here.

The scam has to be reported, folks. Keep reading to see how you can do it. Feel free to share your experience in the comments section.

How To Report the Homedepoten Scam

Warn your family and online friends about the scam. How? Please share this article here on social media. However, you can officially report criminals, scammers, or any suspicious activities to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

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15 thoughts on “ Scam”

    1. I got the same thing today. But here is the deal, I actually have some friends who live in China as contractors. Some really nice rugby loving Brits. I emailed them the address as an attachment, because obviously I have no clue what those lines the write say. I personally don’t care who they take it out on. But I asked for pictures of that $66.82 ass whoopin.

  1. I have sent numerous emails to the same email my purchase receipt came from “[email protected]” and so far they have responded to every email I’ve sent. I have a tracking # that the company provided about 10 days after making my purchase and while I cannot see an image of the package that was shipped thru my USPS Informed Delivery account I can tell that the package has made it to New York and is in the USA. The details on USPS’s website states the package contains “small packets”. Delivery is scheduled for Tuesday Jan. 19th and I will follow up and update as it unfolds.


      1. If its $71.25 worth of anything I’d probably feel relieved.

        Curious….what did your brother get shipped to him if you don’t mind me asking?

        1. I to got screwed I ordered the husky tool set a 1025 peace set and got 8face masks from China , I saw the ad was very hesitant about ordering saved the website to my computer looked at it a few days and then went for it , even then I thought it was most likely to good to be true $66.00 dollars so I guess I paid $66.00 for 8 face masks , I did send them several messages and got the same response every time , The response said the same thing every time ,it told me to send pictures of the item I received,so I did many times and always the same response from them , so yes it is a fraud , if you order from them you will most likely receive face masks , and since the product is already paid for by the credit card company you most likely won’t get your money back , so live and learn if it sounds to good to be true it probably is !

          1. Me 2. Even tough it felt too good to be true, i still fell for it. $66 pair of extremely fake and poor quality “RayBan” sunglasses. Alas, you life and learn 🙁

  2. I too was ready to buy the Husky tool set and was waiting for a new cash back credit card to arrive before pulling the trigger. Well it came today and before buying the tool set I decided to do a little digging on this company because $67 bucks for this tool set is really too low of a price so I had my reservations. I’m glad I took the time to do so. Billy and I both know what this set is worth and hell, it would have cost them $30 to ship it on top of that! Red flags everywhere!
    Merry Christmas and God bless!?

  3. I can’t understand that a company like can have a very lavish looking ad on Google for a tool set by ??Husky for a mechanics tool set 1025 piece for a price of$66.82 and I just about fell for it until I come to your site and found out it is one big “”SCAM”” someone needs to contact ??Husky and let him know that someone is fraudulently representing their product trying to rip off people around Christmas taking advantage of them and the company also so if you would for everyone’s sake drop them a line and let them know what’s going on thank you and have a good night from the guy that almost got ripped off ???

      1. Well I guess I got ripped off I am truck driver and I need tools didn’t take time to check em out ordered tools and still haven’t received them order on December 7 guess I got screwed how can I get my money back on my credit card

        1. Was u able to get ur money back my brother ordered from them a toolset and he was ripped off and needing to know how to get money back

    1. I fell for it as well…. I knew in my head it was too good to be true. I looked up the tool set online and they were going for 2 grand and up. So I knew I was screwed. I got facemasks as well. The first tracking number they gave me. I wasnt able to track it. Then they said we will resend it. So the next tracking number I got it was able to work. Ok so I’m watching Dailey and it made it to the us. Then finally made it to Indiana. So I got somewhat excited. I live in a small town. Like we just have a post office. The tracking said it arrived in my small town to be processed. There was my last red flag. We dont have a FedEx or ups terminal here. And in my research the package was weighing 250lbs. So I knew it wasnt coming my local post office. Then the next tracking update was awaiting the delivery scan. By this point I was emailing them again and saying what is going on and explained my concern. Then I got the next tracking update. It said this package was lost in shipping after making it all the way from chingchang bfe to my little town in indiana. And it’s now lost. I emailed them I want a full refund. Today I got a response if you want a refund its going to be 30% of the shipping costs. And in my head 30% of 60 isn’t much. Then I found this page and I was very mad. So I responded I dont care what it costs I want my refund asap. Even if I get a 20 back its 20 less than they scammed me for. I feel so stupid. Iv never been scammed before. It’s really embarrassing.

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