Computer Mill Scam

computer mill scam

Computer Mill Scam: Fake PS5 For Sale

Watch out for the Computer Mill Scam, a bogus website offering gaming gear and other electronic devices for super prices, post-Black Friday. They promote a comprehensive but fake Computer Mill PS5 list, so beware. On the other hand, the Computer Mill reviews are also made-up  – which confirms the whole platform is a scam.

The website and scam seem to be created by the same crooks who came up with the HomeTaxMart Scam or the Best Price Home scheme. The Computer Mill page promotes its non-existent products exactly the same way. It only has a different domain name. When do you think it was registered?

computer mill ps5


Is Computer Mill Legit? No, It’s Not

People may wonder, “Is  Computer Mill Legit”. It certainly is not. The biggest red flag? The domain name was registered this week!. For a new site that claims to be popular and has million visitors, this cannot be possible.

They promote Black Friday weekend deals, especially PS5 products (watch out for the scam as well). The prices are incredible but do not buy anything. New laptops for $1000, headsets at $40, or even PS4s for $30 are prices that take your eyes. Rest assured they are fake. Might as well go to the Amazon stores if you want these products (beware of Amazon scams, too).

Inexistent Computer Mill Reviews

Since its domain name was purchased in the last few days, it only makes sense that Computer Mills could not gather real reviews. It would be impossible for them to launch the site, promote it, deliver and get people to play.

One powerful piece of advice is to look at the Computer Mill website and remember how it looks. The chances are that as soon as the perpetrators find out they’ve been exposed, they will change the logo and redirect the domain to a new one.

This is a fly-by-night operation that happens typically during special celebrations. It could be Black Friday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and more. We can guarantee that this scam will be carried on for the next few weeks as well, as holidays are coming up.

The Computer Mill website needs to be reported. Keep reading below to see how you can do it. Since we expose fraudulent domains, check out this list of scamming websites as well as the SDTcheck Prank. Feel free to share your experience as well in the comments.

How To Report a Scammer

Let your family and friends know about the Computer Mill PS5 Scam by sharing this article. You can officially report the scammers to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

How To Protect Yourself More

If you want to receive the newest scams every week, subscribe here to the Scam Detector newsletter. Then, you will receive periodic messages and emails. Also, educate yourself with some other fraud-related articles below, so you know how to stay safe online. As mentioned, please use the comments section below to expose other PS5 scammers.

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I ended up ordering before doing my research on CM. They did cancel and refund my purchase. Also their parent company is also a scam front. If you go to the website, again the testimonials are questionable. They current projects are templates and if you zoom in on the pictures of the websites the text is in Latin. All templates use Latin as fill-in for content. Their examples for the kind of website they developed are not developed by them. Two of them are UK based. I also checked the city they are located and they don’t come up… Read more »


You do realize all companies buy fake reviews right

Derrick Carmichael

My thing is if you and others feel its a scam why haven’t anyone filed complaints with the BBB who accredited them sound like a bunch of haters get folks riled up smh

Eric Del Prado

I just verified with the distributor that Computer Mill is a valid retailer operating under parent company Websitegenics LLC LLC. This is a legit retailer.

Dewan Natoomie

Where on Earth is the proof that this newly created small business is a scam? Has someone preordered a console and received a box of bricks? Has someone’s personal information been compromised by the company? Then how is this a scam? Making such a claim without any real supporting information is libelous!

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